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June/July 2014 My Dear Franciscan Friends, For over fifty years St. Francis has held our annual book sale. As you know almost all the proceeds go directly to outreach. This vital ministry takes a village to put it on every year. Many of you have served God through the book sale multiple times. Some served this year for the first time. Thank you! To keep this ministry vital there have been generations of people who handed off the baton and others who have picked it up. There are even some who were here at the beginning and still are committed in action as well as in prayerful support.


Let's pause for a moment to think about some of the different tasks that have to be done and some of the people who are involved. A DISCLAIMER: I am sure that this will not be a complete list, nor is it ranked in any way! So here goes. -The book sale committee that meets through the year making sure every thing is covered and finding innovative ways to improve the sale and market it. -The people who sort the books all year through heat and cold -The Outreach Committee that sends the funds after careful review to meet human needs -The staff of the church, both office and Day School that help with logistics, planning and physical support -The choir who move their things to free up space -The people who put on the Preview Party and those who come to support the sale -The people who set up and clean up -The people who move the books, and those who bring food for the volunteers -The people who set out the books in a way that helps people find what they want to buy. -The people who manage the marketing and contact different media -The youth who help move the books (Continued on page 13)










Dear Franciscans, As we’re transitioning into summer, we are also moving out of the Discernment Phase of our proposed Capital Campaign. Led by our Senior Warden, Jim Tanner, we are off to a great start. Jim has put in countless hours, going far above the standard “job description;” please be sure to thank him for all of his good work in service to St. Francis. So far in this process, we have been focusing on our dreams for the future of St. Francis. We have captured and presented these hopes and will soon be moving into the next phase of planning for our future. But I’ve been considering a related, but different question, and I hope that it is one that we all can answer as well- how is St. Francis called to be a part of God’s dream?


In her classic work, The Dream of God, Verna Dozier writes about God’s hope and desires for us and the Church. She describes that dream by writing “I believe that the genius of Christianity is not creed or institution, but the vision of a new possibility for human life rooted in an ancient understanding of God, and articulated and lived out by a Nazarene carpenter from that tradition.” What new possibilities is God dreaming for us? Methodist Bishop Will Willimon is fond of saying in his sermons that “Jesus isn’t our way to get what we want out of God; but rather, Jesus is God’s way of getting what God wants out of us.” And so it is. What dream do you think God has for your life? What is God summoning you to be and do? What is God calling St. Francis out of and into? As we all know, this proposed Capital Campaign is about money (after all, it’s right there in the name), but the money is simply a means to realize and invest in those dreams. You’ll be hearing more from the Steering Committee in the coming weeks, but be pondering not only your dreams for St. Francis, but pray about what God is dreaming for us. Blessings,

The Rev. Robert Black








Left: 2014 St. Francis Youth Confirmation Group


The youth had a wonderful time on our End-of-the-Year Extravaganza! We rafted, zip lined, went on several ropes courses, and had a BLAST! We followed that up with a great lock-in and a terrific Youth Sunday celebration.

End-of-the-Year Extravaganza!








PROPOSED CAPITAL PROJECTS As part of the Discernment process for our proposed Capital Campaign, we have solicited the dreams from the congregation and ministries of St. Francis. We have carefully listened to these suggestions and have divided them into proposed capital projects, projects that can be completed over the next few years with available and budgeted resources, and programmatic goals and issues. Although we will be addressing all of these categories in the coming months, we are now focusing on proposed capital projects. Below is a list of the major capital projects that have been identified for St. Francis by our parish and estimated costs associated with each one. Keep in mind these are estimates and subject to change once formal bids are solicited. Our immediate goal is to give our congregation a realistic idea of what our major capital needs are and roughly how much they cost. The Feasibility Study is the next step in the proposed Capital Campaign process and this will be happening during the Summer months. We will be asking our parish for permission to launch a Capital Campaign this Fall. The Feasibility Study will give us all an opportunity to prioritize and vote on these project proposals and also provide us an idea of the financial support we can expect. Momentum is building for what promises to be an exciting time for our church family. Through being good stewards of St. Francis' needs, and giving current and future Franciscans a place of worship they can be proud of, we will be able to focus on the true missions of this unique place of worship. The Steering Team LIST OF PPOPOSED CAPITAL PROJECTS Capital projects incurred during 2013 – During 2013, St. Francis experienced significant and unplanned capital needs that led us to consider a Capital Campaign. We had no other option than to address these capital projects immediately. This experience began with the discovery of leakage from a buried oil tank. Eventually, the church ended up removing three old buried oil tanks as required by the state of NC and installed a monitoring well to test the ground water for oil infiltration. Next we replaced the main boiler serving the church Sanctuary because it failed completely (we had to have services in the Parish Hall while it was replaced) and converted the system to natural gas, which is a less expensive fuel. During the Summer, we learned there was a mold infestation in the Sanctuary, requiring both remediation and air conditioning system modifications. It was also discovered that the boilers serving the Day School needed to be replaced, as did the roof on the St. Mike's facility. Finally, it became apparent that our many trees needed pruning, which was accomplished during the fall. Given the scope of these challenges, we engaged an engineering firm to evaluate our facility needs, which was finished late last year. We were able to finance these items internally, but these funds must be reimbursed from a proposed Capital Campaign. Total cost: $115,000.00 4







LIST OF PPOPOSED CAPITAL PROJECTS (CON’T) Narthex renovation – With the size of our church, the narthex is currently not large enough for our needs. There is not enough room to start services without some of the choir, clergy, and acolytes being outside. There is no place for family with young children to go if their infants are crying and it is unfair to expect them to go outside the church. A renovation of the narthex would enlarge the current capacity, add a crying room for families with young children, and include necessary ADA (handicap accessible) upgrades. Architectural drawings and plans for this project have been obtained. Estimated total cost: $500,000.00 Parish Hall renovation – The parish hall is the centerpiece of our campus and many church activities occur in this space. We can all agree that the space has served us well, but is in major need of renovation. It would be great to have a multi-use space where we can have quality Christian education, events for our parish, wedding receptions, Day School activities, and church social events. The renovation would include updates to flooring, new paint or wall coverings, improving the acoustics, a new sound system, new light fixtures, general repairs to the facilities, and new signage. Estimated total cost: $100,000.00 Complete all repairs and replacement of heating and air conditioning systems – Did you ever notice how uncomfortable the Parish Hall, Library, and education wing can become? The air conditioning needs to be replaced in the Parish Hall and Education Wing. Please note that these are the only heating and cooling systems that were not replaced in the past few years. Programmable thermostats throughout the campus would improve efficiency and save us energy dollars long term. Estimated total cost: $158,000.00 Sanctuary remodeling and carpet replacement – If we take a close look at the Sanctuary, there would be agreement that the carpet is wearing out and that the pews could use refinishing. We would like to be able to replace all existing carpet, refinish the hard wood floors, replace or refinish the pews as needed, and upgrade the lamps in the existing light fixtures. Estimated total cost: $47,000.00 Roof replacements – We had a roofing estimate two years ago and were told the roofs on the Sanctuary, Parish Hall, and the Administrative and education wing were in imminent danger of failing. Any roofing leaks at this point in time could result in severe damage to many of our buildings. St. Mikes's roof has just been replaced and the flat roof over the education wing was inspected last year and deemed to be in great shape. Estimated total cost: $108,000.00 Americans with disabilities (or ADA) improvements, access ramps, bathrooms – Our current status for properly and adequately serving the needs of disabled or handicapped parishioners and visitors on the campus is inadequate. To bring our church in compliance to current ADA laws and more importantly to help those who have trouble getting around, we need to make several changes. We would like to make bathrooms in the office, education wing, and Parish Hall ADA compliant, add a handicap accessible ramp into the office, and add a handicap ramp to allow access to the Parish Hall. Estimated total cost: $64,000.00 5







LIST OF PPOPOSED CAPITAL PROJECTS (CON’T) Re-pavement and reconfiguring of parking and driveways – One of the advantages of our church is the ample parking we have, but it also means that these areas need periodic maintenance and upgrading. Current drive ways and parking areas are becoming buckled and the pavement is breaking and cracking. Some areas of the parking lot lack proper drainage at time of intense rain and require more permanent repairs. We would like to do asphalt repairs as needed, realign the drive at the south exit onto Lawndale, make some drainage repairs and add a concrete dumpster pad. We would like to pave the handicap parking in front of the Sanctuary and designate it with lines and new signage. Estimated total cost: $63,000.00 Campus Security features – We want everyone who visits St. Francis to feel safe and protect ourselves as much as possible as the world around us is changing. Current safety and security measures on campus are totally inadequate or non-existent. We have an obligation to limit access into our facilities in a controlled and structured manner to provide a safe environment for everyone. Paul Kilmartin has investigated this extensively and has come up with a plan for our church that includes video monitoring, new lighting, access control, emergency/first aid signage, a security system, and adding panic bars to all doors on the church campus. Estimated total cost: $60,000.00 Landscaping – We would like our campus to look clean and functional, yet provide areas for walking and reflection. Some items being considered are: a welcome center, landscaping along walkways, a meditation and/or butterfly garden, an outdoor worship area, pruning and new plantings, a sound buffering fence for the memorial garden, cutting back the large tree hanging over Lawndale, removing pine trees along the driveway, tree removal as necessary to improve parking and repair areas where there has been root damage. Estimated total cost: $50,000.00 Church van – A church van for St. Francis would provide may benefits to our youth groups and aging parishioners. Many of our older parishioners are living in local assisted care facilities and cannot get transportation to St. Francis. A church van would allow these parishioners to stay in contact with our church and take advantage of what we have to offer. Estimated total cost: $40,000.00 Space audit – Before undergoing any extensive capital projects, we feel it is important to have a comprehensive space audit done of our entire facility. Some of our needs might be best met through efficient use of our existing facilities. Estimated total cost: $5,000.00 Total estimated costs of all proposed capital projects: $1,310,000.00









CONFIRMED: Madison Clark Connor Johnson Heather Sigmon Emma Thyer REAFFIRMATION: Michael Marshall Jane Marshall Allice Willey RECEPTION: Ken Clarke Regional Celebration at Phillips Chapel at Canterbury School On May 14th, St. Francis participated in a Regional Celebration at Phillips Chapel at Canterbury School. Our worship was led by Bishop Suffragan, the Rt. Rev. Anne Hodges-Copple, who preached on the Good Shepherd, reminding us that we are all part of one flock. St. Francis presented four candidates for Confirmation (Madison Clark, Connor Johnson, Heather Sigmon, Emma Thyer), three for Reaffirmation of their Baptismal Vows (Jane Marshall, Mike Marshall, and Alice Willey), and one for Reception into the Episcopal Church (Ken Clarke). The Rev. Robert Black organized and planned the Regional Celebration.

SUMMER WORSHIP SCHEDULE The Summer Worship schedule begins on June 1st. • 8:00 am – Holy Eucharist • 10:00 am – Holy Eucharist, Rite II and Children’s Chapel


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Thanks to all who made the 56th St. Francis Annual Book Sale a great success. Below is a list of volunteers who showed up to move books, organize books, sell books, feed hungry workers, and put on the marvelous preview party, as well as those dedicated workers who sorted books all year long in the sorting garage. If we missed your name, be sure and sign the volunteer poster next year so we can include everyone who participated! Leigh Abraham Virginia Achey David Aderholdt Linda Allgood Karen Arnold Thomas Augustin David Baker Kitty Baker Darlene Ball Sandi Banner Anna Barclay Bob Barclay John Barclay Savannah Barclay Stephanie Barclay Betty Barry Dick Battle Chris Beaman John Beaman Jenan Benson Robert Black Doris Bradley Jim Branson Mark Brigham Cindy Butner Lauren Cahalan Lee Cahalan Lesley Cahalan Reid Cahalan Phyllis Campbell Nancy Clark Fran Collier Lynda Cook Kris Cooke Jim Cox Vara Cox Ann Crandall

Jane Crandall Ken Cressman Paul Crowell Steve Damrel Jane Darnell Dick Decoste Dima Doroshevich Eugene Doroshevich Max Doroshevich Marilyn England Mary Flinn Steve Foley Bet Frassineti Alice Gaines Vass Gaines Suzie Gardiner Leigh Glasgow Shirley Gough Angela Greiner Melissa Harrelson Julie Haviland Ginger Hinton Karen Hodgin Elaine Hyatt Cathy Isaacs Bill Johnson Cameron Johnson Connor Johnson Dan Jones Al Kamperman Laura Kilmartin Paul Kilmartin Melinda Kimble Andrea Knupp Ralph Knupp Eric Koehler Michelle Koehler

Robert Koehler Paul Krauss Sally Krauss Linda Lambe Donna Lee Anita Lindsey Dare London Bruce Lyon Ellen Lyon Brian MacKenzie Cory MacKenzie Bob Madtes Melinda Madtes Jane Marshall Mike Marshall Kay Matthews Bridget Maxwell Halstead McAdoo Karen McAdoo Harrison McDowell Robert McDowell Don Mellen Dick Miller Katherine Miller Susan Miller David Miller Peter Miller Jean Miller Maggie Molnar Carol Mooney Emily Moss Marianna Newton Wendy Nitsos John Oakley BK Oodee Laura Otterberg Mary Plybon


Andrea Pollina Marcella Preuss Michael Preuss Johnny Reckerquest Claudia Reich Bill Ronemus Millie Ronemus Scott Russell Ginger Sallez Mary Fran Schickedantz Don Shafer Ginny Shafer Martha Shafer Carol Shearin Sandra Shields Charlie Skinner Dan Smith Don Smith Peggy Smith Shirley Smith Midge Spong Joseph Stiefel Van Stubbs Jim Tanner Jeremy Thyer Susan Tysinger Carol Van Tine Happy Waller Philip Weathersbee Ruby Weathersbee Geoff Wehe Gina Wehe Sherry Welch Ella Wertz Thuy Whyte

2 0 1 4


The profits from the book sale efforts have continued to hold fairly steady over the last couple of years despite the popularity of e-readers and the decline in dealer spending. We are constantly trying new things to try to maintain (or even increase) these profits, such as offering credit card capability, more visible street signage, and extending our advertising efforts to encompass a lot of small towns surrounding Greensboro. This year, the total from our efforts includes sales from the book cart (fiction and nonfiction published in 2013 and 2014) which sits next to the volunteer desk in the church office, sales at the Day School's Holiday Bazaar, and online sales throughout the year of more valuable books and textbooks. A summary of all sales is as follows: Book Cart Holiday Market Online/Dealer Assistance Sub total before Sale Days:

636.40 1,187.25 3,692.51 5,516.16

Preview Party Thur-Sat Sales Sub Total (Wed-Sat)

4,338.41 38,355.19 42,693.60

Final Total:


Our expenses (food for preview party, table rental, advertising, paper, etc.) usually run between $4000 - 5000, so we hope to clear about $43,000 once all the receipts are collected. As always, this money will be used by the Outreach committee to benefit a number of worthy charities/ organizations here in our community. As we begin our efforts once again for next years' book sale, please continue your generous donations of books, textbooks, small electronics, movie DVD's, video games, audiobooks and music CD's. Also, please consider donating some time in the sorting garage – a commitment of even 2 mornings every month by several interested parishioners would significantly lighten the load of those who have been showing up twice a week, 50 weeks out of the year! We would be happy to provide training to anyone who feels drawn to this vital ministry. If you are interested, please contact Anita Lindsey at or 336-621-8043.
















The St. Francis Vacation Bible School will be August 4th-8th, from 9am-noon each day! Our theme is "Welcomed by God: Comes as Strangers, Leave as Friends!" We will have games, crafts, music, and FUN! Children aged 4 years old - 5th grade are welcome, and VBS is open St. Francis families and others, so spread the word! Cost is $25 per student, to include snacks and a t-shirt. Please mail a check to: 3506 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro, NC 27408 or bring on opening day of VBS. **Please note that cost should never be a reason why your child(ren) can not participate. For assistance, please email Amanda at

Mission Trips This year we will have TWO Mission Trips: one for Middle Schoolers, and one for High Schoolers. The Middle School Mission Trip will be June 18th-21st. This trip will focus on the needs of our local community, and is open to rising 6th-rising 8th graders. We will stay at St. Mike's and shower at the YMCA. Cost for this trip is $120, with a deposit of $50 due ASAP! We will need chaperones, please contact Amanda at to sign up for the trip as a student or as a chaperone. Our High School Mission Trip will be June 29-July 5th! This trip will be in partnership with the High School students at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Winston-Salem, NC. This trip is open to all rising 9th graders-graduated seniors. We will be going to Glory Ridge, NC and working to repair and rebuild homes for those in need. **We especially need chaperones with experience in roofing, construction, plumbing, etc. Cost for this trip is $250, with a deposit of $75 due ASAP! To sign up for this trip as either a student or a chaperone, please contact Amanda at 11





All Parish Luncheon – We will kick off the summer June 1st with a parish wide hotdog lunch in the courtyard following the 10am service. The Fellowship Committee will provide the dogs, dressings and beverages. Each family attending should bring either a side or dessert to share, with utensils for serving if necessary, which can be dropped off in the kitchen before the service. We will have a few tables and chairs, but you should plan to bring chairs and/or blankets of your own. The dress is casual and we will have the event rain or shine!! Quench your thirst for Fellowship – Please join the Fellowship Committee for 'Lemonade on the Lawn' after every 10:00am Sunday service this Summer in the Courtyard starting June 8th. Come enjoy an ice cold Lemonade and socialize with your fellow Franciscans! Spring Tennis Social – Unfortunately we had to cancel this event due to lack of participation. We will be rescheduling this event for sometime late summer. If you are interested in finding out more details, please contact

If you are interested in singing with the Choir for the summer, we would love to have you! We will begin this Sunday, June 1st. The rehearsals are from 8:45am to 9:45am, preparing anthems for future weeks. The service begins at 10:00am. High school and college singers are also welcome.




( CON’T)

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-The people who have to manage the various challenges that come up and the emotional/spiritual toll that takes. -The people who are not members but give their time and energy. -The people who donate their books So, all of this and more is what it takes each year to transform used books into an opportunity to read, learn and enjoy the art that it takes to write, and most importantly to transform these books into compassion in the name of Jesus. Yesterday I did some rough figuring regarding the aggregate amount of money we have collected over the 50 plus years. With some guesstimates and minimal allowance for inflation I believe that we have raised at least $750,000 and likely more than $1,000,00 in today's dollars. Think for a moment how many people have received help: finding a job, getting medical or emotional support, being fed or clothed, receiving school supplies, and many more compassionate needs met in the name of Christ. This is huge, and I am very proud of the way the people of St. Francis love God, love their neighbor and in that process of loving discover love for themselves. While I have only been able to write about part of the 'Book Sale Story' I hope that the truth about the import of this ministry comes through as well as the fabulous opportunity we have each year to be a part of God's deepest yearnings for love and compassion. Your servant, Michael

St. Francis is definitely Change-ing Lives! Many thanks to everyone who so generously participated in this year's Lenten Change-ing Lives program for Family Service of the Piedmont! The baby bottles we collected full of change, cash and checks will help so many of the children and families in our area who are experiencing domestic violence, abuse and other hardships. During the Lenten Season, as our St. Francis family reached out to others in our community, we were able to collect $3,431.28! It was a wonderful outpouring of God's love and caring for others through the generosity and giving spirit of all in our parish family. Many thanks! 13

CHURCH FINANCES DON’ T GET A S U M M E R V A C AT I O N Did you know that you can now easily schedule your contributions to the church through the online Franciscan Connection portal? Some of the benefits include:     

Secure transactions Easy to set-up recurring payments Earn credit card rewards points Help the church by giving in 12 equal payments that keep going even when you’re out of town Franciscan Connection also gives you access to the most up-to-date church directory and allows you to view your financial contributions Click “Franciscan Connection” on the right side of our website ( to get started. Contact the Church Office at or 336.288.4721 if you have any questions.

St. Francis Relay for Life 2014





C H OO L Sun protection lesson "Slip, Slop, Slap": Slip on a t shirt, slap on some sunscreen, slap on a hat! Pre K Class - Slip, Slop, Slap Program Presentation - Mrs. Sheneka Moses Cone Hospital

The St. Francis Day School was treated to a Bike Rodeo compliments of Trek Bikes! Featured in the photo above, bursting with excitement to ride a new bike are from left to right: John Harper, Christian and Guy. Their classmate, Avalon, is featured in the background coasting with Mrs. Allison Mize her teacher. 15


F R A N C I S E P I S C O PA L C H U R C H A Parish of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina The Rt. Rev. Michael B. Curry, Bishop The Rt. Rev. Ann Hodges-Copple, Bishop Suffragan P ARISH

The Rev. Michael Moulden, Rector The Rev. Robert Black, Assistant Rector Amanda Harmon, Director of Children's and Youth Ministry Rae Augustin, Day School Director Sam Doyle, Choir Director Pat Copley, Organist

S TAFF Jane Woody, Junior Choir Director Linda Allgood, Parish Administrator Bonnie Thyer, Communications Coordinator Linda Lambe, Bookkeeper Ken Cressman, Facilities Manager Rigoberto Bautista, Custodian

On the web at: Phone 336-288-4721 Fax 336-288-4760 St. Francis Day School 336-288-4740

ST. FRANCIS EPISCOPAL 3506 Lawndale Drive Greensboro, NC 27408


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