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EUROPE COACHING TOUR APPLICATION FORM Name: ___________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Mobile Number: __________________ E-mail address: __________________________ D.O.B: ___________________ Occupation:_______________________________________________________________ Passport #: _________________ Country of Issue: __________________ Expiration: _______ How did you hear about Ambassadors and the European Coaching Tour? Do you have previous experience with Ambassadors?

What are your reasons for wanting to go on the tour and what do you think you could bring to the team?

What experience, if any have you had in Christian outreach and/or youth work? Do you have any previous coaching experience?

How would you describe your relationship with God? Are you willing to publically share your testimony?

In your own words, explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

Do you have a home church? Are you a member? Describe your church involvement:

Do you have any training in first aid, CPR, or physiotherapy?

Do you play an instrument?

Do you have any medical conditions that we should be aware of? Are you currently taking any prescription medicine?

Emergency Contact Information: Name:


Contact telephone number:

Clothing Sizes: (Please note these are men’s sizes) Tshirt: S M L XL Tracksuit: Shorts:









Which Tour would you prefer to coach at for 2nd and/or 3rd week? The Czech Republic _____(10th-17th)

The Netherlands _____ (10th -24th)

*Note: The Europe Coaching Tour is either a 2 week tour with one week in Czech (at a cost of £250) or a 3 week tour with 2 weeks in Holland (£300). Have you ever been investigated, charged, or convicted of a felony offense? Y/N If Yes, please explain: ___________________________________________________________ Has there ever been cause for concern regarding your conduct with children? Y/N If Yes, please explain: ___________________________________________________________ Would you allow AIS to request a police back ground check on you? Y/N For the tour, you will be required to forward the details of 2 references: One should be from your church or a Christian organisation.

Name: Address: Postcode: Contact telephone number: Name: Address: Postcode: Contact telephone number: Please return application to: Email – Mail – Katelyn Reuther c/o Ambassadors in Sport 8 Derrylettiff Road Portadown Co Armagh BT62 1QU

For your information: What is it? It is a chance to learn how to be a coach, travel and experience a new culture and help run football camps with a Christian message in Northern Ireland and abroad in either Holland or Czech republic. It’s also an opportunity to serve God, make friends and grow in your faith. Brief itinery of the Tour Schedule: Training / orientation weekend 1st -4th August. Northern Ireland Camps: Begin 5th - 9th August (2 camps per day - Morning and Evening). Travel 10th. Czech camp begins 12th August and fly home 17th August. Holland camp begins 12th August and fly home 24th August.

The cost for the tour will be £250 for the Czech Republic and £300 for the Netherlands. This covers training, coaching equipment, food, and accommodation. You will be required to purchase your own flights: to Northern Ireland if necessary, then a flight to the Czech Republic or the Netherlands, and finally your return home. You will also be responsible to get travel insurance. There are a limited number of spaces on the team and acceptance is at the discretion of Ambassadors Football. After reviewing your application, we will inform you of your acceptance status. Successful applicants will be chosen on a first-come basis. Applicants may have to attend an interview. Upon acceptance we will require a non-refundable deposit of £50. All tour costs must be paid in full by the end of April 2014. If you have any queries or just want to know a bit more about the tour, please get in touch with Katelyn Reuther at or 07512463635.

Application deadline is 30th April.

Europe coaching tour app 2014  

Description and application form for the Europe Coaching Tour

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