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2014 AMBASSADORS COACHING TOUR INFO SHEET The vision for Ambassadors Football coaching tours is to use soccer to envision, assist, and partner with local churches to reach out to the people in their communities for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children and their families. The churches then follow up and disciple new believers.

What will I do on an AMBASSADORS Coaching Tour? AMBASSADORS coaches travel as a team to different areas of the country to participate in soccer camps. Most camps involve a 5-day program which begins at 9 AM and generally ends around 3:30 PM. The evening may involve a church sponsored event, an AMBASSADORS activity or spending time with your host family. AMBASSADORS works in partnership with the churches that sponsor and promote the soccer camp in their community. Our staff has the opportunity to be an encouragement and blessing to the church and to the host families. Coaches are expected to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ.

*Some scholarships may be available. Inquire if needed. *all applications require a $100 (£100) non-refundable deposit to be paid immediately upon acceptance. Those accepted for the Coaching Tour may request a Short-Term Preparation Packet which will assist in raising the necessary support for this project. Note: All currency is in US Dollars unless otherwise stated.

What Does the Tour Cost Cover? We ask the team members to raise money to help cover their uniforms, training course, ground transport, food, lodging, training equipment and materials, and so forth. Anyone who is accepted for the coaching tour will be sent support raising materials from AMBASSADORS to assist in the support raising process.

What’s next? How do I pay for the Tour? The players on tour raise the money through their church and through friends and family. AMBASSADORS is a faith-supported mission. All AMBASSADORS missionaries and tour members raise their own individual support, by depending on God to move through the hearts of individuals, churches and organizations. We will provide materials to assist you in that process.

You complete an application form (available from an AMBASSADORS office or at our website,, and return it to AMBASSADORS. After it is received, along with your pastor’s reference forms, a committee will review them. Once accepted, a letter is sent to you followed by a packet including your tour notebook (includes tour info, AMBASSADORS info, packing list, etc.) along with support-raising materials. When you receive these, review them and then begin your support-raising.

How much do I need to raise? Target Support Goal: (includes Sports Ministry Training Course, housing, food, travel, equipment, etc.):

 Applying from the United States: $1250 All Inclusive. (AMBASSADORS will fly you from your home city in the USA (if necessary) and back again after the coaching tour, as a part of the tour cost.)

 Applying from the UK: £300. This does NOT include the cost of travel to Cleveland and back home at the end of the coaching tour.

 Applying from anywhere outside the USA or the UK: $500. This does NOT include the cost of travel to Cleveland and back home at the end of the coaching tour.

An AMBASSADORS staff member will be in contact with you throughout this process to assist you, answer questions, etc. Your tour director will also be in contact with you to help prepare you for the ministry phase of your tour. The first step of your tour begins today. Spend some time praying to discern if this is where God is leading you this summer. Then fill out an application form and send reference forms to your pastor. Now it is up to you!

At every AMBASSADORS Soccer Camp, it is our goal to: • Provide the highest quality of soccer instruction. AMBASSADORS believes in striving for excellence in the coaching and program we provide. • Provide a positive and loving Christian environment. Each coach has the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Jesus through activities and therefore have a positive life-long impact on the lives of the children. • Challenge and present the children with the opportunity to put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The soccer camp includes Bible times, testimonies and assemblies that clearly present the Good News. • Have fun! We desire that the soccer camp is a positive experience for the children, moms, dads, coaches and all involved!

Coaches Training AMBASSADORS is committed to training and developing coaches to be effective in soccer ministry. As part of the soccer camp program, AMBASSADORS has the desire to see every coach develop in their coaching abilities. The first week of tour, just prior to the first soccer camp, AMBASSADORS soccer coaches will attend SMTC, a sports ministry training course in Cleveland, Ohio. This course will prepare you to effectively coach children in the fundamentals of soccer as well as disciple them to Christ. This coaching tour begins in Cleveland, Ohio with a five-day intensive sports ministry training course followed by four weeks of coaching at camps located around the USA. Housing is provided by families of each host church.

2014 USA COACHING TOUR DETAILS Dates: June 30-August 3, 2014 Individual Support Target:  Applying from the United States: $1250 All Inclusive  Appying from the UK: £300 plus travel costs  Applying from anywhere outside the USA or the UK: $500 plus travel costs To Apply Please Submit the Following:  FULLY COMPLETED APPLICATION  PASTOR’S REFERENCE FORM For more information, contact: Ambassadors Football - Soccer Camps 3819 E. Aurora Rd. Twinsburg, OH 44087 330-963-6599 (office) 425-922-2434 (cell)

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