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Previously: The siege of Antioch, 1098 A.D. Titan, one of the Nephilim and survivor of the great flood, is tasked by the archangel Gabrielle with one last mission before his final rest. At the end of time a mysteriousman ‘Omega’ prays for a miracle, an end to his torment. A few years from now the synthetic combat soldier Unit 219 ‘Nova-X’, breaks free of the bonds of his creators and escapes. He is hunted down by Unit 218 ‘Frostbite’ and Unit 210, his partner. But just as they find him a mysterious portal opens behind them...

Written by Stewart Cook Art by Robert Hall

The Nexus Point and all characters are copyright Stewart Cook and Robert Hall © 2013

earth. now.

Her name is Rachel Pyre. She is a detective. that means long hours, shit pay and lots of stress. but rachel loves what she does.

So when (in the midst of her third morning espresso) she spotted the man known only as ‘Mendoza’ crossing the road and entering the nate stark warehouse she followed.

she also called back-up

back-up is late. ok everyone, hands in the air and step away from the ...

we agreed five million up front!

... jewellery?

hands in the air. NOW!

Mendoza you useless asshole, you brought a fucking cop to the party!

you misunderstand your position here old man.

ugh... what the...?

and you detective pyre, definitely misunderstand your position here

what... the... not now...?!

who are you?

where am I?

at last!

fuck you old man!

not until I get my money!

hey! don’t think I’ve forgotten about you mendoza!

geosensors aren’t responding!? where the hell am I?

rachel pyre. such a firey tempremant

this is your last warning mendoza hands where I can see them!




what did you do to her?

we have to go.

the police are here.

hey mother fucker! i want my money! now!


What is that supposed to mean asshole?!

Enjoy it while you can!



gotta risk another jump!

if he’s here now, that means the others are..

everybody freeze!!

hands where we can see them!

to the shadows

you there, step out into the light.

rook, you ok?

We need help over here, we got an officer down

I really gotta lay off the booze...


Who are you? Where am I? Speak sorceror!

Stop! I am the one responsible for you being here.

get your hands off me!

later that evening, after filling out reams of paperwork, rachel has arrived home to some much needed relaxation...

... national defense refused to comment on the story, but rumours persist of a so called ‘super-hero’ team operating under their banner.

in other news the U.N. today passed the international genetic database bill, authorising the permanent record of genetic material for use as evidence in criminal investigations across the globe.

Whatever it was that Mendoza did to her has left Rachel exhausted.

what the shit?

where is...


a small piece of rob and stew history here. this letter dated october 29 1996 was Wildstorm’s response to a submission we’d sent A FEW MONTHS PRIOR. SOMEHOW OUR NAMES GOT MUDDLED UP IN DAN NAkrosis head, mistaking rob as the writer and stewart as the artist, but the feedback was still fantastic and at the time a real shot of enthusiasm to keep making comics. by the way the ‘P.S.’ about the steak knives was in response to a letter we sent with the artwork, promising the reader a set of steak knives if they responded... ...I hope that somewhere in the world, poor dan isn’t still waiting by the mailbox for them to arrive.

An unfinished take on the first page of issue #2 by Robert hall. This dates from around 1996-97.

An unfinished take on the second page of issue #2 by Robert hall. This dates from around 1996-97.

An unused cover rough by robert hall. this dates from around 1996-97.

The Nexus Point #2  

Det. Rachel Pyre is having a very bad day. Available in print at