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: HP HP0-D03 : Implementing HP Insight Dynamics - VSE Solutions

Version : R6.1    

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1.You need to compare Scenario reports.Where do you accomplish this from the HP Systems Insight Manager Menu bar? A.Optimize --> Capacity Advisor --> Create Scenario Comparison Reports... B.Reports --> Capacity Advisor --> Create Scenario Comparison Reports... C.Options --> Capacity Advisor --> Create Scenario Comparison Reports... D.Tasks & Logs --> Capacity Advisor --> Create Scenario Comparison Reports... Answer: A

2.What application data can be imported into Capacity Advisor using the Optimize menu? (Select two.) A.HP Storage Essentials host data B.HP ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) data C.HP ProLiant Management Pack (PMP) data D.HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) data E.HP OpenView Performance Agent (OVPA) data Answer: CE

3.Which statement is true about paravirtualization? A.The guest operating systems run at the standard Ring-0 architectural layer, removing the need for ring compression.B.The hypervisor resides on the server hardware and the guest operating system is aware it is running on a virtual machine. C.The virtualization layer is hosted by the underlying operating system and the applications are controlled by the hypervisor. D.Portions of the system hardware are emulated, providing the guest operating system with virtual server hardware and devices. Answer: B

4.When creating system utilization reports, which static information does the report header contain? (Select two.) A.platform B.idle power    

C.workload description D.contained in system E.contained in complex Answer: AB

5.An HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure is populated with full-height server blades with default DIP switch settings on the Virtual Connect Fibre Channel module. Which Virtual Connect Fibre Channel uplinks are used if the server blade has the Fibre Channel HBA mezzanine card in mezzanine connector 1 or 2? A.1 and 2 B.1 and 3 C.1 and 4 D.2 and 4 Answer: A

6.In Virtual Connect Manager, how many uplinks can be used on a specific Virtual Connect Fibre Channel module? A.1 or 3 B.2 or 4 C.1, 2, or 4 D.1, 2, 3, or 4 Answer: C

7.Which access methods are provided by HP Systems Insight Manager? (Select two.) A.browser-based GUI B.HP Server Management GUI C.Server Management and Scripting Utility D.command line interface for network access E.command line interface for local or serial access Answer: AD    

8.Which tools can be managed from the HP Systems Insight Manager GUI? (Select two.) A.HP Onboard Services B.HP Storage Essentials C.HP Remote Control Pack D.HP Compatibility Tracking Tool E.HP Version Control Repository Manager Answer: BE

9.You are working in an HP Systems Insight Manager console. First you click a virtual machine host and then click the System tab.If the console is using VMware ESX Server, which button displays? A.the Launch VC button B.the Launch SC button C.the Launch VCVMM button D.the Launch SCVMM button Answer: A

10.HP Virtual Machine Management Pack enables you to perform an immediate backup of a virtual machine guest, schedule a single backup, or schedule a recurring backup on a daily or weekly basis.Which virtual machine type is restricted to offline backup? A.VMware ESX Server B.VMware GSX Server C.HP integrated Citrix XenServers D.Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 virtual machine Answer: C

11.To migrate a Microsoft Windows domain controller, which SMP Universal component must you put into Directory Services Restore Mode? client B.source client server    

D.source server Answer: D

12.What should you keep in mind when running Capacity Advisor reports? A.Total system utilization is always greater than the sum of its workloads.B.Scenario-based reports use historical data to create the simulated workload data. C.The time required to run a scenario report is significantly longer than the time required to run a system-based report. D.Simulated reports are more accurate than those from a direct specification, because the simulated reports do not add workload on the systems. Answer: B

13.What must you do in HP Capacity Advisor before using the Smart Solver for a workload? A.Apply at least one utilization limit. B.Specify a utilization limit for each metric. C.Specify load balancing for virtual machine guests. D.Verify that the headroom rating does not exceed three stars. Answer: A

14.What does a single star rating mean in the context of HP Insight Dynamics - VSE Capacity Advisor? A.One or more resources do not fit. B.All resources fit in the system but little or no headroom is available. C.All resources fit and at least 25% headroom for any single workload is available. D.All resources fit and at least 75% headroom for any single workload is available. Answer: B

15.Which tasks does Capacity Advisor allow you to perform? (Select two.) A.decide where to put a new workload B.manage utilization for individual Integrity servers C.create VC domain groups of similar servers to virtualize    

D.automate workload balancing between physical systems E.reduce footprint by moving to systems with a smaller footprint, but with the same processing power as older, less powerful systems the services will run Answer: AE

16.You configured Capacity Advisor to collect data from several managed hosts.In the HP Insight Dynamics - VSE environment, where are data collection functions accessible? (Select two.) A.HP VSE Optimize --> Tasks and Logs menus B.VSE Capacity Advisor tab from the Tools menu C.HP Virtualization Manager: Tools --> Data collection D.HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) Capacity Advisor tab E.the command line using capcollect (1M), capovpaextract(1M), or cappmpextract(1M) commands Answer: BE

17.When moving a logical server to a different host, which statement should you verify? A.that the target system is a physical machine B.that the target system star rating indicates a good fit C.that the target system is identical to the source system D.that the target system is running the same operating system as the source system Answer: B

18.You want to implement logical server migration as a simple high-availability solution. What is a basic requirement? A.a separate pool of physical resources located at different sites B.the same amount of physical resources on the designated target systems systems identical to the source systems and large enough to fit the resources D.shared storage for the operating system boot image, application image, and application data Answer: D    

19.Which hosts can be configured using the HP Systems Insight Manager Configure or Repair Agents tool? A.Windows only B.Windows and Linux only C.Windows and HP-UX only D.Windows, Linux, and HP-UX Answer: D

20.Which statement is true about Virtual Connect (VC) or Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) when logical servers are deployed in virtual machines? A.VCEM is optional. B.VCEM only is required. C.VC modules must be redundant. D.VC and VCEM are both required. Answer: A

21.After you install HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) on a system, mxstop and mxstart commands do not work.What should you check? A.make sure your firewall allows the HP SIM service to run B.make sure User Account Control (UAC) for the service account is disabled C.make sure the mxstop and mxstart services are run as domain admin accounts D.make sure you sign in to HP SIM using the administrator account that the services will run Answer: A

22.What is the globally assigned default utilization limit for the CPU in a Capacity Advisor scenario? A.75% for more than 10 consecutive minutes B.80% for more than 10 consecutive minutes C.85% for more than 15 consecutive minutes D.70% for more than 15 consecutive minutes Answer: D    

23.How is HP Insight Dynamics - VSE licensed for managed ProLiant nodes? A.per core B.per server C.per workload D.per virtualized system Answer: B

24.You are implementing a new HP-UX Central Management Server (CMS), and you want to check the HP Insight Dynamics - VSE CMS configuration of managed node communication. Which command should you use? A.vseassist -a B.vseassist -c C.vseassist -l D.vseassist -r Answer: C

25.What is the default location for the Insight Control Environment Advisor distribution? A.HP IT Resource Center B.HP Insight Dynamics - VSE DVD C.HP Insight Control Management DVD D.HP SmartStart Management CD Answer: C

26.Which configuration is unsupported? A.RDP and SQL 2005 Express loaded on the CMS B.RDP not loaded on the CMS, SQL loaded on a third server C.RDP loaded on the CMS, SQL 2005 Express accessed remotely D.SQL remotely accessed by CMS, RDP loaded on a third server accessing SQL on a fourth server Answer: C    

27.Your customer has a mixed environment consisting of Microsoft Windows running on HP ProLiant servers and HP-UX 11i on Integrity servers. The customer wants to manage the entire environment from a single Central Management Server (CMS).Which solution would you recommend to this customer? A.Windows CMS with HP SIM NFS plug-in B.HP-UX 11i CMS with HP SIM CIFS plug-in C.Windows CMS with extensions for HP SIM on Windows D.HP-UX 11i CMS with extensions for HP SIM on Windows Answer: C

28.Which operating system is supported for a Windows based Central Management Server? A.Microsoft Windows XP B.Microsoft Windows Server 2000 C.Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition SP2 (64 bit) D.Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition SP2 (32 bit) Answer: D

29.Which protocol is used to log in to the HP Systems Insight Manager command line interface securely? A.NFS B.SSH C.rlogin D.telnet Answer: B

30.You are verifying a design for an HP Integrity customer whose main concern is heat dissipation.Which component must be included in the bill of materials? A.HP Insight Power Manager (IPM) B.HP Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO 2) C.HP ProLiant Essentials Performance Management Pack (PMP) D.HP ProLiant Essentials Virtual Machine Management Pack (VMM) 2005 virtual machine    

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