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MEET YOUR ALWAYS YOUR ALUMNI RELATIONS COLLEGE We have recently enhanced the MCR/SCR facility. The Heighington Room, some of you may remember it as many other things as the space has changed use so many times! The space has an area for meetings, a television, a fully functional kitchen, dark room and more! The room is available to all MCR/SCR members to use at any time. Please email for more information about this facility.


The Alumni Relations Team will be your first point of call with anything regarding Alumni. Kate Thompson (left) College Projects Administrator Virginia Glithero, Stephenson 2012 (right) JCR Steward, Treasurer & Alumni Relations

WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR IN 2013/14 Alumni Relations London After Hours Event The George, on the Strand, London Friday 21st February 2014, 6.30pm




A relaxed event for Stephenson Graduates to reconnect.


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ANNOUNCEMENTS Stephenson Postgraduate wins the Prime Minister's "Big Society Award" Stephenson Postgraduate student Maria Catterick, who is studying towards her MA Managing Community Practice, has been recognised for her on-going dedication to young people. Maria, who has been a foster carer for nine years, caring for 26 children, has also tirelessly worked to raise awareness of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Maria is a credit to the community and is very deserving of such an award. For more information on Maria, Contact Jane Dove.

Stephenson Graduate lands DSU President If you missed the last edition of The Rocket, you will have missed our article on Daniel Slavin becoming the first ever Stephenson (and Queen’s) graduate to become DSU President. Dan Slavin graduated in 2012 in the discipline of Biomedical Sciences. He was then elected as the JCR President for the year of 2011/12. He was then elected as DSU President for 2013/14 winning the last round of elections by 300 votes. The Durham Students’ Union has seen many changes this year, with a re-branding being the most obvious. Dan seems very much at home in his position, but assures us that Stockton is where the heart is.

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The first ever London Reunion Stevo has ever put on is here! Page 4

REDISCOVER STOCKTON Stockton like you won’t remember it.

We are always looking at other locations to hold a Stephenson Reunion. If you think you’d like to help us plan a reunion in your areas get in contact and we’ll get Stephenson Graduates back in the loop!

Mrs Mary O’Halloran, Student Support, is set to retire To those of you who studied here while Mary was a part of the Stephenson team, the thought of Stephenson College without Mary O’Halloran is just devastating. Mary has decided that the time has come to retire. Mary will be leaving the college in February 2014. If any of you would like to share your good luck wishes with Mary, do not hesitate to contact and we shall pass them on. Mary has been a valuable part of the College since 2007 and will be sorely missed.

How to contact us Tel: 019133 40040 Stephenson College Alumni @Stevo_Alumni Stephenson College, a subgroup of Durham University


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Stephenson Graduates, I’m Virginia Glithero, Stephenson College’s first ever Sabbatical Alumni Officer.

Christmas time there is also free parking at certain times of the day so shoppers can get the most of Stockton! St John’s crossing is now complete, the big round about we once knew is now lights and lanes, making journeys through Stockton much smoother.

So what does this mean for the alumnus of Stephenson College? Well, a lot. Your time at Stephenson was (hopefully) one of the best times of friends for life and you received some of the best education there is on offer! Then you left and the fond memories became distant ones, the friends you once spent every waking moment with now live across the world and those 12.00pm lectures turned into 8.00am starts. We understand how easy it is to forget about your time


your time at Stephenson with events, magazines, news stories, pictures etc; the aim of my job is to make it easy for you to remember the good times! I do hope you enjoy this magazine, if you have any

Bye for now,

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I hope to see as many of you as possible at the London

For more information on the development of Stockton go to

LINKEDIN We are a subgroup of Durham University

questions, comments or would like to write in the next me.

SHOPPING In 2013 Stockton has seen 36 new business open in the town centre, from Cafés to shoe repair shops, the Town Centre is

WHAT’S ON Stockton have secured £4million from the Heritage Lottery Fund to reinstate the Globe Theatre (Grade 2 listed building) back to it’s former glory, so watch this space Stockton!

will be available in March 2014

here, life just gets in the way, that’s why we now have a Sabbatical Alumni Officer! It is my job to remind you of

The redevelopment of Stockton is far larger than you would think. The bits such as the redevelopment of the high street are obvious, but it goes so much deeper than that. Rediscover Stockton focuses on six areas: Heritage, Travel, shopping, Riverside, The High Street and ’What’s On’.

getting rid of the empty units and filling them with thriving businesses. Stockton now hold a ‘pop up shop’ scheme where smaller business showcase their wares in the Shambles. This allows growing young businesses to trade on a day-to-day basis with no lengthy lease. Perfect for an up and coming business! Markets, specialist and traditional, Stockton has them all!

RIVERSIDE There is now a light installation along the riverside which makes HERITAGE Local famous pioneers include the inventor of the friction match, a beautiful walk at night. Infinity Marine & Leisure have undergone the task of attracting more to the river side. We are John Walker, and the furniture designer Thomas Sheraton, who have helped to form the heritage of Stockton-on-Tees. The yet to see the makings of this, but what has been proposed sounds amazing, we’ll just have to wait and see! birth of modern-day railways in Stockton heralded an era of economic prosperity and focused the attention of the world on THE HIGH STREET the town. Stockton Council are showing pride in our heritage There are six phases on the High Street development. Phases with focus on statues and buildings celebrating this heritage. 1 and 2 have now been completed and the town centre is unrecognisable. A large water centre piece is to shortly be built TRAVEL in the centre of the High Street. Updates on how this looks will Parking in Stockton High street has never been done before, but the redevelopment has seen parking spaces for all! Around be frequent in THE ROCKET.

A warm hello to all

your life. Unforgettable memories were made, you met

What’s changing?

WE WANT TO KNOW. Get in touch and let us know about your alumni friends, and we can help that network expand with more Stephenson Alumni!

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STEVO IN STOCKTON Did we really get the short straw? Every October, when the new in-take of students arrive at Stevo you’ll hear concerned parents telling their ‘babies’ not to go wandering the streets of Stockton alone. Or asking reps if they have had any trouble in the area and pleading with them to be honest. Or even some students miraculously telling tales about how they arrived late due to the fact they went up to Durham City. Or for the most part, you just get the looks, those concerned looks, the one you get from people you tell that you live in Stockton.

Throughout my whole time at Durham I would always get that generic “wow, that’s amazing, such a beautiful City” from people when I would tell them that that is where I studied. And I would always will them to end the conversation there. But no, they always ask about what it’s like to live in Durham. And after that question, their face changes, bewilderment and a forced smile takes over the wonderment they once had. “So… it’s not Durham University then?” is always the first question I get. Then comes in the explaining and partly defending my College but you know that there is no need, you lost them when you said you didn’t live with the Cathedral in view. By no means is this prejudice confined to those outside of the Durham Bubble, I think we are all aware, as QC graduates, that those students who go to a Durham City college laugh down on us at Stockton or even as one tipsy Durhamite (that’s what I have named those types of students) once asked me ”Why are you making colleges up?”. Just mind-blowing. Yet, worst of all is those QC students who move to Durham because Stockton is ‘just positively awful’. Well no, it isn’t actually, have you ventured out side of the Campus? The most detrimental thing to the Campus is negative advertising by those who live here. Of course a Durhamite will look down on Stockton if every QC student they meet says that Stockton is awful, what do we expect. So why is this being addressed? Well, Stockton Council and Town Team (made up of local business owners) have realised that 2,000 students are just across the river but



never venture into the town. And instead of just ignoring the fact, they are doing something about it. Admittedly it may be because they have realised that they are spending millions of pounds doing the place up and need more people to come for it to be worth the money! But still, they’re trying.

New principals are always asked want they want of their College, usually as if there are no constraints to actually achieving it. As an economist and therefore of a dismal disposition, such questions are always rebutted with and “what is the budget constraint under which I am being expected to achieve this nirvana?”

They have been closely working with the JCRs and have developed a student discount scheme, with a smart phone app included. So students are more inclined to go into Stockton. They hosted a student market, which was very successful and our weekly night out has moved from Middlesbrough to Stockton (a brave move from the President this year) which works! It really is very successful. I have been in the area for five years now and I have discovered wonderful places which I never knew existed, gorgeous little courtyards which would fit right in in Durham, bars which are classy and host the best live music nights around and shops which I thought ’didn’t have what I wanted’.

Nonetheless, especially if the new person is working from a strong base as I have been at Stephenson and not dismissing consolidation and traditions, having no vision is a recipe for achieving very little. What follows therefore is a view of how the College moves from its primary school period to its ‘difficult teenage years’ without undoing all positive aspects of the college that I inherited. I found a college with Excellent Student Facing Activities, Departmental Relationships, Administrative Procedures and Physical Structure; that is, the basis of a good college are in place for us to take the college forward. To do that we have asked the question, “What Will Stephenson Be?” and determined that there should be no more than ten aims, nine of which are below and the tenth is the one that we have left like the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. The ‘9’ are:

The past year has been an eye opener to me and I am glad that I live in Stockton. I’d rather get a bus that takes 45 minutes to get to a night out then walk 45 minutes everyday to lectures. For my three years of studying I was close to being bitter, but now, I’m glad. I just hope you look back on your time in Stockton and don’t be one of those who still wishes the College was in Durham City, I hope you saw what I now see, even if it has taken me a while! With any luck, the current students will love Stockton with all the effort that is being put into it. There will always be Queen’s at Durham, and those Durhamites will just have to get used to it, embrace it, as we’re everexpanding. We’re a force that can’t be stopped. And to my bitter friend who didn’t get into Durham when I did and to this day classes my degree as ’not a proper Durham degree’The parchment says it all. Durham has my heart and Stockton, you do too. Stockton captured on film. Photo’s top to Bottom: Rediscover Stockton: An artists impression of what the High street will look like after development. Les Giraffes at the SIRF Festival in August. Diwali Dancers at the Festival of Light in November. Stockton Fireworks 2013. Stockton Christmas Market.

Be a fully Inclusive Collegiate Community for all members – past and present, staff and students, liversin and livers-out. Support the academic endeavour (teaching and research) of the University (and crucially QCS) – this is support for UG, PG and staff. Create a ‘scholarly community’ of relevance to each constituent group (taking account the disciplines of the Campus). Have an enabling and empowering support system that enhances the academic endeavour and student development. Have all accommodation of the College on one site.

Have an active alumni group. Have a full college experience with a number of returning resident UG (and PG) students, and (visiting) research fellows. Working with the central teams, have a strong supportive relationship with the academic departments, research centres and the local community A consistent and professional approach to all collegiate business – inside the university and out-with. This is what we have set ourselves to achieve. The more distant alumni will be no doubt pleased to hear that I think that the physical structure of the college is good – the port-cabins are but a distant memory – though, of course, there is scope for enhancement; the recent alumni will immediately realise that some of the above are a statement of intent – there remains little scope for returning students in college and we do indeed run a split-site arrangement for Freshers’ so we are only part of the way to our goals but that does not mean we should not have intent. You will also see that we believe that you are an important cog in a successful college. To that end, this publication is as start of keeping in touch with you, as are alumni events and I hope to see as many of you as are able in February when the College comes to London. For those of you closer to College, we are always pleased to see you when you are in the area and welcome to join us at our various events and naturally we are delighted if you wish to support us in our efforts in any way as growing numbers of you are. Professor John Ashworth December 2013






Email your enquiries and university stories to:


ACTION FROM YOUR ALUMNI ASSOCIATION On 19 September 2013, a local alumnus event was held in the Waterside Restaurant alongside the KPMG leavers Dinner. Local alumni attended to the dinner, pictured opposite.

At Stephenson we have developed a schedule of events which are organised by the college for all of our members. The events advertised in the calendar are there to compliment their academic interest alongside developing their skills, knowledge and understanding of multiple disciplines, thus enhancing them to become more than ‘just another Durham graduate’.

The night began with a drinks reception in the Heighington Room, champagne flowed alongside tales of the graduates’ time at Stephenson. The porter cabins were remembered, the quirks of being a ‘Stockton’ college were discussed and the alumni team were delighted at how glad the graduates were to be back. Friends were reunited and new ones were made. The dinner was extremely enjoyable and the catering staff welcomed back familiar faces. The night was small but perfectly formed and we cannot wait to host another with even more local alumni attending next year.

Stephenson Graduates and Alumni Team (L-R): Standing Ricky Lee (2013) JCR President, Nijole Skerves (2012), Kate Thompson - College Projects Administrator, Deborah Wood - Colleges Liason Officer for DARO, Dr Jill Tidmarsh -Vice Principal, Virginia Glithero (2012) - Alumni Relations Officer, Daniel Slavin (2012) - DSU President, Julie O’Keefe (2004). Sitting Lindsey Wood (2012), Emma Morgan (2012).

ALUMNI GIFTS: WHERE DO THEY GO?! At your time at Stephenson, you may not have witnessed the good that alumni do for the college, in fact you probably didn’t really know or care who alumni are or what they did. The weren’t present, once they graduated they never looked back. However, that’s not the case. The gifts we have received from alumni, not just monetary, have helped shaped the college into the diverse, helpful, college that we are today and the help all alumni give will help us to further our success. In the past Alumni gifts, unless directly given to a specific area, have been directed towards those students who have financial problems, this has enabled many students to continue their studies without financial hardship which has been very valuable to those receiving this aid.

As we strive to be a scholary community, we hope that this will encourage others to achieve what we know they can achieve and therefore encouraging Stephenson Students to be the best and stand out from the crowd, therefore making them more employable when they leave.


Prina Shah 3rd Year, Marketing Student

Over the next few months you may receive a call from the Durham Alumni Team contacting you regarding gift-giving. Hopefully you will be contacted by one of our lovely telephone callers, Prina Shah or Lucy Buckley. These girls beat off tough competition to get the privilege of calling you, to update your info, get tales for your time at Stevo and reconnect you with Durham University.

We would like to continue to support our students financially whilst also recognising their achievements. We are aiming to set up an alumni fund which is directed towards prize giving to those who have academically achieved, in every year and every discipline. 3


Lucy Buckley 2nd Year, Marketing Student

If you do get a call from either of them be friendly, don’t scare them off!

We strive to make our Stephenson students stand out from the crowd and by hosting events which will develop all kinds of skills we hope they will gain expertise to do so. (It is important to note that this is not the full calendar of events for the year as the JCR also has a separate event programme, these freshers’ are going to have one very busy year!) Why the collegiate programme? From JCR meetings to Book Clubs; the diverse range of things that the College has to offer people is proof that university life can be fun without having to party all day long. The JCR is extremely good at organising events such as Balls, sports, Stevo Day, and so on, however; the College feels the need to ensure that the experience of those at Stephenson is well rounded and caters to everyone. We want to encourage people to realise their potential, go for things and for them to strive to be the best. They won’t astonish the world without a little help to start with. By putting on different events also opens up people’s minds to what’s out there. Our ‘Day in the life of…’ series brings back graduates and tells students honestly on what it’s like to do their job, the struggles and rewards they face every day. It shows students what it’s like when they leave the Durham bubble. Similarly, the Scholar’s supper’s guest speakers range from astrophysicists to Marketing Directors, Therefore catering to the widest of audiences and ensuring that our students stand out from the rest of the crowd.

THE LAMING SERIES A part of the collegiate programme which we are extremely proud to host is the Laming series. The Laming Series is an interdisciplinary approach to learning, Which explores themes such as difference, stress and leadership. The interactive sessions are free for all students to attend and will be helpful for students in all disciplines. The first of the series which explored ‘Difference’ commenced on Wednesday 30 October in the Waterside. Open Clasp Theatre productions begun the session with a thought-provoking tale, taken from their UK tour. The play was based in a dementia care ward where people were stressed, over-worked and under pressure. The performance was heart-wrenching and tears were shed from some audience members.

After the event, those who attended had felt that they had gained valuable skills from attending the session and that it would help them in future. The second in the Laming series on ‘difference’ was held the following week. Professor Roger Smith, spoke to the audience about how valuable interdepartmental communication was. How understanding the differences of people (and professional differences) can aid us in our life and our work. Discussions were then held by the audience about stereotypes, why we apply them, how they have developed and how they affect us working effectively with one another.

Both workshops were indeed, very valuable and thought provoking. Those who participated are very much in anticipation for the next group in the series, next term which is about The actors then invited the audience to ‘stress’. a workshop where the themes of the play were explored. Discussions were Thanks go out to Open Clasp Theatre held, it really broadened your mind to and Professor Roger Smith for the first think as the combination of watching a events in this series. performance and then discussing the issues raised was extraordinarily thought provoking and an immediate success.

We hope that the programme is well received and the students gain valuable life skills from attending each event.


A WORD FROM THE JCR PRESIDENT 2013/14 Ricky Lee, BA (Hons) Studiesd Primary Education and graduated from Durham in 2013. He has always been one to be involved with the University. He’s been a Student Ambassador for three years , was vice- captain of Stevo Lacrosse and Welfare officer in his third year. Now he is President of the JCR.

Life at Stephenson has changed tremendously since I first arrived here in October 2010, long after many of you will have graduated. My introductory view of the college was a large, modern building located in the centre of college accommodation, aptly named Stephenson Central. Soon I was to learn that this was a brand new addition to the place and I have been lucky enough to see it transform from a new-build that students were unsure how to use into the heart of our college life and community. As JCR President, it has become my daily privilege to witness our students making the most of their experience at Stevo. Rarely could you pass through Central without something interesting happening: hearing the AcapellaSoc practising around the piano in the Societies Room; students coming together to learn about each other's cultures through food, music and games at Hong Kong night; or some second years attempting to make at least one person laugh during our regular comedy evening. We strive to provide even richer and greater experiences for our students through the JCR, and seek to ensure opportunities to try new things. After all, where else will you be immersed in a community of over 30 different nationalities? Get a chance to play Ultimate Frisbee for your college? Join ChopSoc? Don't ask. This year we have invested in a state-of-the-art public address sound system so that we can host Central Fridays. Each Friday evening we host a chilled-out, laid-back and relaxed evening which varies from acoustic nights to the exec pantomime. The speaker system has been a great addition to JCR events and has served



to promote music and the arts on a much wider scale- as well as being a great way to wake up first years on the morning of Matriculation! In addition to our events in college, the JCR has been developing its interactions with our Alumni. Our 'Day in the life of...' series has sought to invite local Stephenson graduates to discuss their careers with current students to allow valuable personal development and careers guidance.

The first London alumni reunion organised by Stephenson College is here

21 February 2014

The upcoming Alumni reunion in London will be another great opportunity to maintain this relationship with yourselves as Alumni. After all, the lessons which JCRs need to thrive often can be found within the memory of former students. I very much look forward to meeting many of you in February.



Reunite with old friends and meet fellow alumni in a relaxed

In the meantime, life at Stephenson goes on and continues to improve as each year group seems to be more engaged than the last... a definitely not-so-vicious cycle and by-product of the improved engagement of former years - credit to my predecessors.

atmosphere with nibbles and tales of your time at Stephenson. To book please visit

If you are ever passing by or in the local area, please do drop in and say hello. We like to tell our freshers’ that we are Stevo for life and not just for first year. Needless to say, a visit from any Stephenson graduate would always be warmly received. Please do come and see how we're getting on; it may have changed here and there, but it's still your college.


If you would like to give something back, talk to existing students about your experiences please contact the alumni team and we can put you in contact with Ricky.

How to contact us: Stephenson College Alumni @Stevo_Alumni Stephenson College, a subgroup of Durham University 4


This year, the JCR has put an emphasis on catering to all of Stevo’s students so has encouraged a wider range of activities amongst the student body. With more societies than ever before seen in Stephenson’s history, we are catering from those who like sticking bread on their head (don’t ask) to those who love to paint. We currently have around 11 fully functioning societies, (the rest are not yet fully established).

KPMG, the professional services firm, in partnership with Durham University and ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants, England and Wales) have designed a unique programme incorporating work and study. The innovative six year programme offers an alternative to the traditional university route. Students study part time for the first three years and are resident in College during the summer months. After leaving College in mid-September, students begin their working lives in their KPMG office, whilst balancing their academic studies and exams throughout the year. In year four of the programme, students spend a full academic year at College, studying alongside our full time students. This full study year is unique to Durham’s KPMG School and College Leavers’ Programme and allows students to engage fully in student life and take every opportunity that University and College offers to them. At the end of their fourth year, students graduate from Durham University with a BSc in Accounting. Two further years will see students achieve full Chartered Accountant status through the ICAEW. Students are employed by KPMG from the outset, working as part of the Audit team and earning a starting salary of around £20,000 (in London). KPMG also cover tuition and University accommodation costs, as well as professional qualification fees. Students are primarily based at one of the many offices throughout the country and from day one they have hands on experience, working on real cases, for real clients and gaining valuable experience. A lot of the work is carried out at clients’ premises too, so there are many opportunities to travel.

STEVO SOCIETIES At Stephenson, we seem to acquire those who are extremely talented musically. We now have three societies which showcase these talented students. All three were set up at the beginning of this year, Acapella Soc, Live Music Soc and All Male Voice Choir. All three are kept busy with performances for all sorts of college events and are very popular societies. As well as high participation in our musical societies, we have a large number of students attending IMT (Infinity Musical Theatre, officially a John Snow Society). This year the leads in ‘Grease’ have gone to two Stephenson Students.

Professor Adrian Darnell, Laura Mansell and Vice-Chancellor Professor Chris Higgins at the 2012 Matriculation Ceremony Amy Yuan, a KPMG Student enjoying a formal.

The programme saw the first cohort arrive in August 2011 and we are delighted to welcome all students of the Durham- KPMG programme as members of Stephenson College, building a greater and more diverse College community. Stephenson welcomed the third cohort of School and College Leavers’ this summer, giving us over 150 students on the programme. We are very much looking forward to having our first cohort join us as full-time students in October 2014.

Film Soc regularly meets to, well, watch films, and discuss them at length. Then we move on to our ‘Liquid Soc’s’ Beer Soc and Water Appreciation Society. Similarly to film soc, they are quite self-explanatory in what they do. Market Watch Soc the same, where members watch the trading market, very popular with our business students.

Chop Soc… what to say about this society. Any members of this society agree to go out in public in a non-conventional way. On nights out, the members must not be construed as normal in any way, but must look We also have students talented in the other arts horrendous. Variations may ACT Theatre company, set up in 2011 is till up and include attaching a loaf of running, although no performances have yet been bread to the side of your head announced, workshops are conducted regularly. or a slice of toast. It is a Photography Society is going strong too, with our very strange one which requires a own dark room, this society is very popular. Members are certain type of student. often recruited for JCR and college events as official photographers. This year, they were even given honorary The launch of rep-team status during Freshers Week and had their own societies this year began in shirts. Most of the photo’s this year are taken by the Induction Week. Instead of the Photography society, but they also do other work which is typical other option to going displayed around college. out in Freshers Week: ’quiet nights’. Student’s this year Paint By Numbers Society is basically an arts were offered the choice of the and crafts society, which originated by a group sitting in typical night out or a society night experience. This meant Central watching TV whilst doing Paint By Numbers that those nights were student lead, by the societies basically every single night in Easter Term. This themselves so students got a real taste of what they are society is one of the most popular of the arts society. all about! Members regularly make decorations for JCR events and their artwork is clearly displayed in Central for all to see. You will often hear students adding ‘-soc’ to a lot of things to suggest that they enjoy it so much they’d Another popular arts-related society is form a society. It has now become a thing at Stephenson Cheerleading. Mixing dance, athleticism and gymnastics, which just goes to show how much students are loving cheerleading is a surprisingly popular sport amongst our the societies we offer them. We aim to have at least 20 Stephenson girls (not a huge uptake for the boys) With societies ratified by the end of this year, something one of the highest turn outs of the societies this year, the which would have been laughable a few years ago. This girls are already throwing each other in the air. Not yet just goes to show how much more engaged our Students having performed, I am informed that they are holding are becoming in all things Stevo! out for a big Stevo V Snow match.

2013 KPMG Cohort 5


The Rocket: Issue 2, Volume 1, December 2013  
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