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Sweating is the human being itself. Although sweating is odorless, bacteria which develop mainly in the armpits, do have odor and as it is an industry body that is characterized by hot and humid then you are more likely to expel not very pleasant fragrance. deodorant is a product that helps prevent sweat (mainly in the armpits) take bad smell, which is generated when microorganisms that inhabit our skin break down substances secreted by the body deodorant "cover" the scent. The excess can cause odors deodorants and fragrances which may be mixed and confused with lotion or ointment.

• The teeth are cleaned with toothbrushes using fluorine-rich pasta. Also commonly used dental floss and mouthwash. These products help prevent cavities, plaque, among others.

The hands are, after the face, the most visible of our body. It is often necessary to wash (and permanently in contact with bacteria). Also look by cutting nails with a nail clipper or shaping them.

• In uncircumcised men, especially during the shower, you need to remove the foreskin, expose the glans and thoroughly clean, especially balanopreputial space. Many tend to shave pubic hair. It is considered a good deed for hygiene. In women it is necessary, apart from the soap, using products that exist on the market for vaginal washing. Also, shaving pubic hair could be a good deed.


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