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Do Penis Extender Devices and Remedies Work? By Dr Gram

Whether you are suffering from having a small penis or a having issues with a bend penis, this report will be of great help you to because here we are going to reveal some of the options you have available if you decide you do not want to live with your condition anymore but are actually willing to change your situation and do something about it. Included in this report is a closer look on certain products you should avoid because of the scam factor.

Suffering From an Undersized Penis? An undersized or small penis is something that can put even the biggest macho guy down on the ground.

Are You Isolating Yourself Because of a Small Penis? A small penis can make us men become extremely small and make us isolate ourselves from going out to meet other people and start dating women, or for that matter men if you are homosexual.

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Just the thought of having a girl pointing at our penis and laugh is something that probably all men deep inside fears and will not put them through.

Live With It or Do Something about It Basically it does not need to be that way and basically you have to options, you can either do something about it or teach yourself to distract from it and don’ t care what women are saying, which can be more difficult that said, but it can be taught. And when it comes to sexual intercourse you can always teach yourselves to use your fingers and hands and different set off toys, so your still girl still will be a happy girl. But for many men, this is just not enough, they want to be on top of things and take charge, which of course is understandable enough. And if you are one of those, you should consider the use of a penis stretcher device such as Size genetics because it can make a difference. Today You Can Do Something about It With today’s technologies this having “to live with it” does not necessarily need to be the only option you have. I am not talking about filling yourself with penis pills or using pumps every time you go out to meet a women, but be willing to do a process that will take a couple of months but then again give you a good everlasting result you can be happy with without ever having to use a penis extender again. Considerations So if you are suffering from an undersized penis there are really some things you need to consider but remember you need to do an effort yourself. You also have to take into consideration what risks are you willing to take? Because you really do not want to end up with a non functional penis, because of a doctor that promised you he could increase the size with a surgery that turned out to be a complete failure. Or for that matter using pills that starts to become life threatening to your health. So again the two best options you have is either to learn to live with it or consider using a penis stretcher device that do not causes any risks or side effects.

For more information on how to treat penile curvature or an undersized penis and how to improve your performance in bed. Check out Sizegenetics at

What is Peyronie’s Peyronie’s is a disease that happens to 338 men out of 100.000, so if you are suffering from Peyronie’s there is no need to worry, because you are not alone with this disease. In fact Peyronie’s hits both young and older men between the age of 40 and 70 years old and it is difficult to say who will get it or not.

The Reason Why Peyronie’s Develops The reason why it develops is because of a fibrous tissue that starts to develop in the middle of your penis and will result in a band of tissues that will cause your penis to start bending. The degree of bending is individual and can be everything from a few degrees to a point where it starts to become painful and cause problems urinating. Having Peyronie’s or a crooked penis is both frustrating and a irritating situation to be, because it can give you the feeling of not being able to perform that well in bed and make your penis not to look that good. Many men start to isolate themselves because they feel embarrassed and do not dare to go out on dating etc. But of course this is nonsense; actually a bend penis can give you certain benefits when it comes to satisfying a woman because you will become better to hit the female G-Spot during intercourse. Extreme cases of Peyronie’s can cause extreme pain and then for sure it is time to do something about it.

Peyronie’s Treatment Methods Basically there are 3 different methods to treat a bend penis and the success rate is pretty high but 2 of the methods can be quite painful.

Surgery First option is to perform a surgery where the fibrous tissue will get cut so your male hood will get straighten out again, the procedure is quite simple and will usually not cause any problems such as losing it or having any impotence problems afterwards. But when it comes to the recovery time you might expect a couple of days in bed that can be quite painful when the anesthetics start to disappear.

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Steroid Injections Second Option is steroid injections done daily over a certain time frame. The problem with steroid injections is that you are not guaranteed any success and the procedure can end up costing a lot of money and take a long time. The thought of having to inject yourself in your male hood is something that keeps a lot of men away from this method, simply because they cannot imagine themselves injecting in that spot and especially not on a daily basis. Penis Stretching Device Finally there is the penis stretching method where you use a penis stretching device such as Sizegenetics that will start to straighten out your penis. The good news with this method is that you will not feel any pain at all wearing the device. The bad news is that you need to do a lot more effort yourself in order to get some good results. First of all this method the results does not happen overnight and you need to expect the procedure to take a couple of months before you will have the final result you can be happy with. This means that you have to wear the device preferable between 4 and 6 hours on a daily basis in order to get results, so you need to be patience here. It is important to notice that despite the procedure taking a couple of months, you should start to see some results already within 2 weeks of use, used on a daily basis. You can speed up this process by doing the so called Penis Health exercises which comes with the Sizegenetics package and is a set of exercises that will speed up the process.

What Is Sizegenetics? Sizegenetics is a medical type 1 penis stretching device that is able to extend not only the size of your penis but also the girth of your penis.

Sizegenetics The preferred Medical Device in the Treatment of Peyronie’s Sizegenetics is also the preferred medical device in the treatment of penile curvature, bend penis also called Peyronie’s, because using this device over a certain time frame will straighten out the penis in up to 30 degrees which is more than enough to give the user a good result. What makes Sizegenetics different from a lot of other penis extender products, is that it is invented by a doctor, Jorn Ege which is one of the leading male surgeons when it comes to penis and erection problems.

For more information on how to treat penile curvature or an undersized penis and how to improve your performance in bed. Check out Sizegenetics at

Sizegenetics Invented By Doctors Sizegenetics was kind of invented by a coincidence because Jorn Ege was working on a device that could help his male patients recover much faster after surgery. But it soon turned out that there was much more into it than that, and Sizegenetics soon became the preferred device when it came to extending the size of your penis and to straighten it out. Getting the Best Results with Sizegenetics Sizegenetics is an extension device that you wear, preferable 4 to 6 hours every day over a certain time frame. This will result in not only a bigger penis but also a much harder penis when it is erect. This is because of the increased muscle mass and blood vessels in your penis, Sizegenetics have created by gradually extending the device which will have an impact on your penis as well. Sizegenetics Clinically Tested Sizegenetics is clinically tested and highly endorsed by doctors all over the world for being the device that takes care of male penis problems.

Sizegenetics New Improved 16 Way System and Multi Angle Technology Recently Sizegenetics came out in a new improved version that includes that new 16 way system, that are developed to give the user even better comfort than earlier. With the 16 way system includes the new multi angle technology and there are really no more excuses for not wearing the device, because everything is adjustable, and Sizegenetics comes with different options such as different types of component that will fit any size and shape. With the new 16 way system and the multi angling technology there is no doubt that Sizegenetics is the best Penis Stretcher available on the market. 6 Month Money Back Guarantee It is important to stress out that Sizegenetics comes with a 6 month money back guarantee in case you are not happy with the results. The Sizegenetics package with a lot more than just the extender device itself, included is also the Penis Health system which is a set of exercises that will increase the size much faster than only using the device alone. Also included are creams and powders that will make the extension procedure much more pleasurable. Sizegenetics are build on materials on the highest possible quality, to ensure that you will not feel any discomfort using the device and will not end up with allergic reactions because of badly chosen materials. For more information on how to treat penile curvature or an undersized penis and how to improve your performance in bed. Check out Sizegenetics at

How Does Sizegenetics Work The way Sizegenetics Work is very similar to when you go to the gym to work out and pack on some muscles. When you train your muscles what happens is that you break down and destroy muscle tissue in order to force it to begin a rebuild procedure that will result in a much stronger and bigger muscle. When you continue to do that you will become stronger and much more muscular. The same thing can happen with your penis, but so far it has been quite difficult to perform actual exercises to improve and enhance the Corpus Cavernosa area which is where the muscle tissue and blood vessels are located. That is the reason why Penis extenders such has Sizegenetics has become important, because a penis stretching device is able to gradually extend the penis, so a further muscle build up and increase in blood vessels will be forced upon and result in a not only a bigger penis but much harder as well when it is erect due to the increased amount of blood vessels. This will result in not only a bigger penis but also a much better performance in bed.

Does a Penis Extender Like Sizegenetics Really Work? So does Sizegenetics really work or is this all nonsense? First of all you are much better of using a penis extender device, than eating fake penis enlargement pills that will not give you any results. One of the key secrets when it comes to the use of penis enlargement products and become successful with them is that you need to be motivated to do an effort by yourself else it will not work, it is as simple as that. So if you are looking for an overnight solution, you will probably never find anything that work. If you are unhappy about the size of your penis or for that matter suffering of a penile curvature, you need to be serious about and be willing to take and use the time it takes to get the desired results. And here Sizegenetics is the best option available for that simple reason it is based on the principle in order to increase muscle mass and size, you need to breakdown muscle tissue so it can be rebuild and grow in size and strength.

How Many Inches Can I Expect To Gain Using Sizegenetics Basically it is all up to your and how long you are willing to wear the device.

For more information on how to treat penile curvature or an undersized penis and how to improve your performance in bed. Check out Sizegenetics at

But of course there are limitations and you will not be turned into the next John Holmes superstar using Sizegenetics. But realistically you will be able to gain 2-3 inches in a couple of months, which really makes a big difference, when your penis will be fully erect. But of course there are individual differences but as a minimum you should expect to extend 0.30 inches per month. You also need to remember here we are not only talking about length but also an increase in the girth of your penis. There are a lot of positive testimonials and before and after pictures, even BBC Channel 4 has tested Sizegenetics for whether it worked or not, and the conclusions has been quite positive. Sizegenetics does work and is able to increase the size of your penis, if you are willing to do an effort yourself.

Watch Out For Penis Enlargement Scam Products There are quite a few products available out there when it comes to penis enlargement, erections and improve your semen. But you need to watch out here because not all products can keep their promises and will end up being just another scam product not giving any results at all.

Penis Pills Prescription drugs like Viagra and Cialis are quite effective to give you an erection if you have impotence problems, but they will not make your penis bigger more than normal, even when it is erect. Then we have the second type of penis pills available, and those are the ones that a based on natural products such as Pomegranate 70% Ellagic Acid which is probably the most effective of them all and are found in the product called Performer 5, which is the best product available in this category. But it does not give the same everlasting results such as Sizegenetics, and are more based on giving you a better erection. Other Penis pills available on the market are pure scam containing nothing that useless powder. In order to get a bigger male hood what you need is more tissue in form of muscles and blood vessels and it is very unrealistic that penis pills should be able to provide you with that.

For more information on how to treat penile curvature or an undersized penis and how to improve your performance in bed. Check out Sizegenetics at

Penis Pumps Do work but only temporary and are more based on pumping a lot of blood into the penis that will go back into your body when your penis is not erect anymore. So Penis pumps are to be considered more as sexual intercourse device you can use temporary. Penis Extenders Are relatively new on the market and is today the most successful method in order to get a bigger penis. But here you need to watch out for scam products as well. When choosing a penis extender it is extremely important you choose one that is build on component of the highest quality possible. Some extenders are build on cheap materials that can cause allergic reactions on your skin or cause direct pain when using the device because it does not fit 100%, this will probably finally end up in that you have to terminate the process and will think the penis extender as a scam product, which is not always the case but more a question about choosing the right penis stretcher product.

The Overall Conclusion As we mentioned in the report you have 2 options you can either learn to live with it or do something about it. And the good news is if you want to do something about, compared to earlier, you do not really need to put yourself in any risks and getting any nasty side effects. Hopefully you have learned with this report that there is no such thing, increasing the size of your penis overnight, and it is impossible to grow the size of your penis permanent with pumps and pills, because an increased length includes increased muscle mass and number of blood vessels. If you are seeking to increase the size of your penis, the recommended method is to use a penis extender device, and the best available on the market is Sizegenetics for following reasons. -

Type 1 medical device Endorsed by doctors Clinical tested Invented by doctors Highest quality materials New improved 16 system for more comfort Multi Angle Technology 6 months money back guarantee

For more information on how to treat penile curvature or an undersized penis and how to improve your performance in bed. Check out Sizegenetics at

Remember Sizegenetics is not a fast overnight solution it does take some effort from you to get the desired results which includes that you wear the device, recommended 4 to 6 hours every day for a couple of month, but then you can expect some good realistic everlasting results.

For more information on how to treat penile curvature or an undersized penis and how to improve your performance in bed. Check out Sizegenetics at

Do Extenders and Remedies Work?  

This report is a must read if you are suffering from an undersized penis, penile curvature or Peyronie's. Here we are going to reveal which...

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