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Windsor Castle - Personal Discovery

Personal Discovery Now is your time.

When you decide to join us for this unique event at Windsor Castle you will be choosing to spend time at the heart of a thousand years of history. The rooms you will stay in have witnessed 1000 years of events, lives, successes and challenges. During our time together we will look at our lives, our challenges and plot your success. As the saying goes time is the witness of our lives and also the harshest critic. And now is the time to make your change. Your personal timeline for this event is set out in this document.

Before you arrive Stevie will help

In the weeks before you come to

you complete a personal goals

the Castle we will arrange an

list that will frame your objectives

initial coaching session for you

for this journey. This will help you

with Stevie Kidd. The objective will be for Stevie to listen to you,

Preparing for your journey

discover who you are and understand what you want to achieve.

accelerate in the areas of your future that you want to change

A member of our team will be

(Please be prepared; Stevie may

in contact with you to identify

send your wish list back if he feels

any dietary and accommoda-

it requires more work).

tion needs, and to organise your personal end to end journey with Stevie Kidd.

Travel to Windsor Castle We want your attendance at this special event to be a total experience, one you will not forget. We do not want you to arrive “frazzled” by bad traffic or missed connections and we do not want you to have to “duck out” to organise your trip home after the event.

Let us know where you will be travelling from and where you need to travel to after the event and we can help you arrange the easiest journeys for you. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Arriving at Windsor Castle On arrival, you will be welcomed, shown your room, then brought to a light lunch where you will meet your colleagues for the next 3 days. Everyone will be asked to adhere to our no phones and no watches rule. We cannot prevent you from catching up at the end of the day but for your own personal benefit, you will gain so much more from this time if your phone is left switched off in your room – consider this as personal retreat, leave your watch at home give yourself a break and kill the phone!

Click on the above image to view your personal message from Stevie Kidd

Windsor Castle Programme Wednesday 13th March

“Looking back Reflecting on your time line and starting to unravel who you are. Are you where you want to be? • Who is Stevie Kidd • The Paragraph circles of who you are! • Understanding you! ( Its your nervous system that drives you) • Life Map • Values and Beliefs- What’s important • Internal to external communications dialogue • Language in all areas of your life • Awareness- Twinning Rt Hon David Blunket 18:03hrs to 19:02hrs, Dinner at 20:23hrs,

Wednesday Evening Session A Personal Dinner with Rt Hon David Blunkett MP David will share features of his own personal journey of challenge and success. Followed by Midnight Tour of St Georges Chapel Night cap, reflect, Bed. Total reflection on days timeline, aligning remainder of the week

Thursday 14th March Thursday Morning Session 6..03 am meet in centre of Windsor Castle before breakfast. “Time Travel” - Meta jumping to the end of your timeline and checking you lived the life you were born to live. • Understanding neurology ( Heart ) • Time Travel – Your Destiny • Your stories • Defining our individual goals – Discussing strategies values and beliefs • Innovation and leadership driving force

Thursday Afternoon Session “Neurology modelling”- Freezing time and enabling you to vision the future you will live.

• Awareness in life circle and business • The creative room • Team within your circle – Driving force-how it focuses your movies within your mind • Step one for individualised plans Learning different approaches– • Step two for your plan - Real life game changing

Thursday Evening Session A personal dinner with “Walking the Wounded” at 20.07 hrs • Time to share another personal journey of challenge and success. • Question and answer session • Total reflection in time , supreme evaluation, visit creative room

Friday 15th March Friday Morning Session 6.07 am meet in centre of Windsor Castle before breakfast. “Future thinking and Quantum jumping” - Learn how to move into the future and make your transformation. • Challenging our thinking • New ways to operate • Step three in creating your plan • Strategies to help commit to new you • Strategy elicitation • Controlling your sub modalities •The long game “from Paisley to the Castle to Sydney 2014” – Strategies for you and for those around you – Developing individual plans

Friday Afternoon Session Winding up the clock, pressing “Start” and going beyond the unknown - Action planning, setting milestones, energising and pressing go on your own journey. • Going beyond the unknown • Living and breathing Innovation • Pre Birth, your decisions impact the generations who are not born yet. • Quantum jumping – commitment • Supreme leadership/ Supreme evaluation in awakening state • Mental rehearsal – your movie • Who AM I, What am I committed to from this day forward

Diary room, for people to share experiences, cars arrive to take people to airports and train stations. Welcome to the beginning of your journey!!

Post event follow up Actively managing your success after Windsor Castle - follow up, tracking, pacing, challenge and celebration. When you return to your life after the Windsor Castle event things may feel different. You will see more and you will hear more. The detail in your life will feel more intense. You may experience changes in the ways that you think and in how you view time, don’t be alarmed simply go with the changes and embrace this new more alert reality. Now is the time when you must take action. After taking a few days to let everything settle you will contact Stevie’s support team at Roy Newey Limited to arrange the 3 support sessions that you will have with Stevie over the next three months. Stevie wants to help you to follow through, to make the changes that you wish for and to accelerate personal growth be that in your personal life, or in your business and work life . To this end we want to work with you get the next phase of your personal journey on the road.

Make the first step in your journey You have now read our brochure and we hope you agree that this is an exciting and unique event, one which can help you step up to make the changes that you want in your life. Hopefully you feel that this is the right event for you. At the all inclusive price of ÂŁ5000 we know this is both good value and a great investment to make real life changes. The next step for you is to tell us that you want to be part of the event.

To reserve your place email we will confirm your booking and will be happy to discuss group and other booking rates . We are truly looking forward to welcoming you on this journey.

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13th - 15th


13th - 15th