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Getting Your Business Found on Google Local Google Maps/Local is a great way to get your business found on the 1st Page of Google for Free. Millions of people search Google Local every day, a free listing enables your business to be found. People are increasingly searching online for products and services in their locality, a listing on Google Local means that you are placing your business in front of potential customers. It is simple to get your business listed. This document explains how to add and edit your business on Google Local. Below is a screenshot of the 1st Page Results of Google for the keyword phrase “Ayrshire Cash Register” with one of my clients listed #2 due to his optimised Google Local Listing. Optimised listings are key to achieving 1st page ranking in the search engines.

Claim or add your listing Your business probably already shows up on Google Local and, but you should still claim your listing and make sure its details are correct and thorough. You will need to use Google’s Local business centre to claim or add your business details.

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Log in to the Local Business Centre The first step to creating your Free Google local listing is to go to

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Here you can login to your current Google account, or if you don’t have one you can sign up here. The sign up is simple, a screenshot of the sign up page can be seen below.

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Once you have an account set up, you will need to go to the main page of Google Local and add your business. The listing creation page is fairly straight forward, all you need to do is enter your valid business into the fields. Don’t worry if you don’t want to add your email or website address, you do not have to! We recommend that you add an accurate description here and use any keywords that you feel are related to your business.

You will then need to select some categories for your business to appear for. Please bear in mind that at least one of these must be in Google’s database. You can add up to 5 categories.

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Once you have clicked “Next” and gone through to the next page you may be provided with a screen asking if you are already listed. Google may have populated this themselves or you or someone from your business may have added your listing for you. So don’t worry if it is already there, it is unlikely that anyone is pretending to be you. The best option here is to claim the listing so that you don’t have repeat listings in Google Local.

If you are claiming your listing, you will need to click on the “Edit” Listing button to add your additional parameters. If you are adding a listing it will take you straight there.

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In this section we recommend that you add as many parameters as you can so that Google can display as much information about your business as possible. The more information you have the more likely the customer is to convert and purchase from you. The next page that will be displayed is the verification method, you will be given 3 options, Telephone, SMS or postcard. We recommend that you choose the telephone option, as this is the quickest method.

You will be called by an automated system that will give you a pin to verify your business, this needs to be added on the main page of your Google account as seen below.

This is just the start to getting your business found on Google and the rest of the search engines. We also offer many other services that can increase your website’s presence on the web, if you wish to find out about our SEO Products, go to or simply click here to request a free no obligation Seo Business Consultation.

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Get Your Business Website Found on Google Local  

Below is a screenshot of the 1 st Page Results of Google for the keyword phrase “Ayrshire Cash Register” with one of my clients listed #2 du...