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SHORT FACTS FOUNDATION: 1984 HEADQUARTER: Breitenfurt next to Vienna / AT EMPLOYEES: 41 SUBSIDIARIES: A, D, SK, RO, CZ, BG, PL & HR CUSTOMER STRUCTURE: More than 10,000 workstations, domestic and abroad. PRIORITY SECTORS: ERP at distributors, paper business, retail, confectionary, medical engineering, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, technical wholesale, and much more DISTRIBUTION: Throughout Europe via dealer network, which offers knowhow, experience and service on site. PRODUCT OVERVIEW: - MD-Premium.NET ERP - MD-Premium.NET CRM - MD-Premium.NET Finance - MD-Premium.NET Time tracking - MD-Premium.NET Application Framework - MD-Premium.NET Partner Applications CONTACT US: Multidata Software International Vertriebs GmbH Georg Sigl-Straße 14 A-2384 Breitenfurt T: +43 (0)2239 54 70 F: +43 (0)2239 34 092 E: W:

MD-Premium.NET Time tracking With Multidatas new software tool, called MD-Premium.NET time tracking, manual time cards or manual time records are past. Instead Multidata Software offers a flexible and comprehensive system for the recording of staff time and not only that also daily and weekly models can be created as well as the possibility to book attendances / absences or to manage / control vacation requests. Moreover, legal and floating holidays are included automatically. Calendar data can be imported by pressing a button. Different balance lists (overtime / missing hours) can be displayed. Another special of MD-Premium.NET time tracking is the total integration in MDPremium.NET. It can be used as standalone module on an external terminal as well as being implemented on a soft terminal (using a PC).

Insights of the time tracking Time of day models By the time of day models the evaluation of the time reservations are controlled for every day of the week. For this it is necessary to capture the time type (fixed or flexible working hours), the target time, the frequency for the postings and the pauses (fixed intervals, variable breaks and timedependent breaks) are recorded. So it is possible to register not only the times of come and go but also the daily balance (overtime and missing hours).

ces” any employee can register his comeand-go-transactions on the basis of the personal ID and a password; the password is important that the times of the employee cannot be manipulated. Only the administrator is allowed to correct the time when something went wrong. Holiday management The displayed holiday data at the personnel master data in the group “vacation” (leave remaining from the previous year, claim, posted, sought rest of year, remaining aliquot) are always up to date. They were adjusted automatically after every holiday-related time booking or upon approval. Basis for the remaining vacation days is always the entry date of the employee. Calendar Data Import A special significance is attached to the calendar caption. If a booking has been created and the presence / absence is combined with a calendar script the transfer of the booking is made automatically in the calendar of the MD-Premium.NET.

Benefits •

clear display and processing of personal data in a central window

account balances at the push of a button (day, month or year-balances)

option to set different time models

leave requests, holiday management and approval of leave requests at the touch of a button

automatic calculation and display of the remaining vacation days – total (rest of the year) aliquot (remaining aliquot)

overview of bookings in the journal (e.g. sick leaves, nursing leave, special leave, training, medical, administrative route, etc.)

automatic transfer

Weekly models In order that an evaluation of time posting is possible, it is necessary to allocate every employee a weekly model. For this purpose, every weekday has to be connected to a time of day model. In contrast to the time of day model the week balance list can be viewed here by pressing a button. Attendances / absences Using the window “attendances / absen-




Factsheet_MD-Premium.NET Time tracking  
Factsheet_MD-Premium.NET Time tracking  

Factsheet_MD-Premium.NET Time tracking