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MULTIDATA We integrate your daily business

SHORT FACTS MULTIDATA SOFTWARE FOUNDATION: 1984 HEADQUARTER: Breitenfurt next to Vienna / AT EMPLOYEES: 41 SUBSIDIARIES: A, D, SK, RO, CZ, BG, PL & HR CUSTOMER STRUCTURE: More than 10,000 workstations, domestic and abroad. PRIORITY SECTORS: ERP at distributors, paper business, retail, confectionary, medical engineering, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, technical wholesale, and much more DISTRIBUTION: Throughout Europe via dealer network, which offers knowhow, experience and service on site. PRODUCT OVERVIEW: - MD-Premium.NET ERP - MD-Premium.NET CRM - MD-Premium.NET Finance - MD-Premium.NET Time tracking - MD-Premium.NET Application Framework - MD-Premium.NET Partner Applications CONTACT US: Multidata Software International Vertriebs GmbH Georg Sigl-Straße 14 A-2384 Breitenfurt T: +43 (0)2239 54 70 F: +43 (0)2239 34 092 E: W:

MD-Premium.NET Partner Applications At the POS quickness is required, the best service is provided, and quality products are expected. It is necessary to serve customers well, to entertain guests excellent, to use your staff efficient and to motivate them, to calculate and dispose goods correctly, to eliminate time-consuming administration work and to earn more profit. The sophisticated system solutions with a range of services provide the basis for profitable operations and healthy growth. POStronik provide working tools that are well matched. POS solutions for all industries - whether as a stand-alone office or branch solution with complex inventory management program in classical design, or using the latest touchscreen technology. Various additional devices such as scanners, Oderman, MDE devices can also be found in POStroniks POS-oriented range. Business needs movement Uninterrupted, unimpeded flow of data is the lifeline of many businesses. Maximum failure safety at the POS and complete integration of the entire product cycle in a complete system are a must-do for successful companies. POStronik offers variety With an attractive assortment of products, which have been designed specifically for the POS area, processes will be rationalized and transparency and control will be created. POStronik systems boast a simple user interface. POStronik offers solutions from international brands, proven software, local industry experience and handles the technical support. Consistent implementation Accurate planning based on clearly defined project specification ensures that schedules and costs run at predefined

paths. POStronik ensures that hardware, software and business-specific project data provide the agreed time, the desired result for the projected costs. Systems need care Once completed projects POStronik provides timely support and quality service with a qualified service team. Hotline and remote maintenance are established components of the offered services. Of course POStronik provides also consumables for cash registers, such as ink ribbons and cash register rolls, or standard PC hardware and peripherals.

Overview of POStronik products POS systems for all industries: •


Classic Design

Standard PC

Mobile Terminals & Scanners •

Wireless Terminal Orderman


Hand scanner

Desk stand scanner

Table scanner

Software industry •

Retail & Tobacco Shop


Canteen & Cafeteria

Beauty & Style

Security & promotional concepts •

Video Surveillance

Advertising Monitor

Service & Accessories •

On-site Service

Modem Maintenance



MULTIDATA We integrate your daily business

MD-Premium.NET Partner Applications YOUR BENEFITS: •

Easy to organise a future date price change

Personalised interface per user (suited to tasks)

Task lists with integrated calendar for the schedule management

CRM module for customer management

Evaluations at the touch of a button: logical and clear presentation of valuable reports and evaluations

Automation of the newspaper Import and Exports

Automatic cigarette / tobacco price maintenance

MD-Premium.NET for tobacconists A new business software for tobacconists conquers the market Modern and efficiently tobacconists cannot and will no longer work without the popular tool „cash register“. Anyone who is familiar with the technology will no longer work without it. „Even faster even better was the challenge for the new Tobacco-management program. According to the findings and needs from years of active programming time, a new generation of software with all the market features for the Austrian tobacco shops has been created. A program was born, that integrates all relevant modules for tobacconists. There have been questions about the daily processes as well as analyses about the submission processes to revolutionise the system for the use in kiosks,“ said Manfred Niehsner, managing director of POStronik. Now we have successful done our work and the new generation is here: MD-Premium.NET for tobacco shops: the perfect integration. Those who decide for a software package got themselves some real help. You might see how successful it is within the system functionality and how much time you saved yourself at the end of the day. A modern system is able to provide users more efficiency and a better overview of everyday life in easiest steps. So it is possible to save money, valuable time and moreover you will have the possibility to choose where you are going to work. Users of this system could work comfortable at the home office, from where all operations in the Tobacco Shop can be pursued online at any time.

Strong partner - Mutlidata Software & POStronik In collaboration between Multidata and POStronik a new generation of software that includes all the market features the

Austrian tobacco shops have been created after years of active programming time. Within this system, all industry-specific work processes are integrated and perfectly linked. Comfort and convenience are here uncompromising united. MD-Premium.NET for tobacconist is a complete solution which offers a lot of features of merchandise management for tobacconists requirements. This is done through the use of MD Premium.NET, a proven enterprise software and the proper interaction with POStroniks POS systems. MD-Premium.NET offers a variety of program functions that are easy to use and you can always keep the overview. MD-Premium.NET for tobacconists is the first fully integrated business software for kiosks. All industry-specific processes are integrated into the system, perfectly linked. Comfort and convenience are combined without compromise.

MD-Premium.NET for tobacco shops at a glance •

Automation of routine processes

Fully integrated EH-2000

imple organisation of a future date s price change

Live-stock level by on-line booking

ash accounting in A4 format / C customer account at the collecting point of sale

Sophisticated access rights

Order proposals

epositable D master

rticle A management: more packaging units per item possible

OLAP Analysis

table ORACLE database structureS Built-in calendar and task lists





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