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MULTIDATA We integrate your daily business

SHORT FACTS FOUNDATION: 1984 HEADQUARTER: Breitenfurt next to Vienna / AT EMPLOYEES: 41 SUBSIDIARIES: A, D, SK, RO, CZ, BG, PL & HR CUSTOMER STRUCTURE: More than 10,000 workstations, domestic and abroad. PRIORITY SECTORS: ERP at distributors, paper business, retail, confectionary, medical engineering, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, technical wholesale, and much more

MD-Premium.NET provides newest technology by object oriented programming and modern programming languages. The allin-one ERP package covers with its standard version all common fields of business management and furthermore CRM, distribution, project management, resource administration and finance. The summary of all the fine features make an ERP system to a technologically up-todate product. A product, which you can use in your company secure and easy — no matter which detailed requirements you have. Because with MD-Premium.NET you have a versatile and individually designable and usable tool, which supports you in following working areas: CRM Sales Marketing Field Work Purchase Statistics Order processing Stock-keeping Documentmgt. Ressource planning Projectsmanagement

DISTRIBUTION: Throughout Europe via dealer network, which offers knowhow, experience and service on site. PRODUCT OVERVIEW: - MD-Premium.NET ERP - MD-Premium.NET CRM - MD-Premium.NET Finance

MD-Premium.NET was developed on base of Microsoft .NET and C#.

Further advantages: •

Changes in the user interface are independent from the database and thus business processes are not considered.

XML based information filing guarantees an easy change to an other user interface or operating system.

- MD-Premium.NET Partner Applications


Drag & Drop eases working in the whole system.


Logging of automatically jobs.

Multidata Software International Vertriebs GmbH Georg Sigl-Straße 14 A-2384 Breitenfurt

Easy definable masks.

- MD-Premium.NET Time tracking - MD-Premium.NET Application Framework

T: +43 (0)2239 54 70 F: +43 (0)2239 34 092 E: W:




Some functions of MD-Premium.NET CRM Make potential analysis, use the reminder system for calling customers after offering them something, or enter your customer

appointments or reclamations directly at the customer master data and thus automatically into the integrated scheduler. Commercial Register Data Synchronization You can synchronize the master data via mouse click with the data, which are entered in the Austrian Commercial Register. Furthermore you can call the balance sheet of companies. Integrated Resource Administration The scheduler function is for entering employee appointments and for planning customer and maintenance orders and brings those appointments directly onto the cellphones of your employees. Document Management and Filing Ease your working flows in the purchase department and book all incoming invoices and the whole incoming goods automatically and file the documents electronically. Mobile Logistic Make following logistical tasks with mobile handhelds, which only have to be online for the data transfer to MD-Premium.NET: Inventory entry, incoming goods entry, order entering, stock consignment, stock transfer postings, customer order processing, outgoing goods control, dispatch. Service and Rental Services or periodically services like maintenance works or rentals require precision and a good documentation. With to-do lists and a good traceability MDPremium.NET supports you at all periodically orders. Flexible Reporting Each company has its own idea of business analysis‘ and statistics. Therefore each of the about 100 in the standard software scope of supply contained reports can be adapted. Of course totally new reports, statistics and analysis can be compiled at any time.

MULTIDATA We integrate your daily business

INDUSTRY DIVERSITY: Glance at our Reference Variety Animal Nutrition Beverage Wholesale Chemical Production & Products Confectionary Container Construction Electrical Wholesale Trade & Electrical Engineering Engineering Environment technology Equipment Distribution Foodstuff Wholesale Heating Distribution

Integrated OLAP system (Online Analytical Processing) for compiling multidimensional analysis in the reports explorer. An advanced and feature complete pivot table control provides unrivalled insights into daily operations. With this tool you are able to slice and dice information efficiently and you will have an extremely intuitive end-user experience. The tool delivers numerous layout customization options with total end-user control over each individual on-screen report. •

The analysis tool has the power to convert hard to read and difficult to dissect dataset information into compact and summarized visual reports, thus addressing your customer‘s real-time business analysis needs.

Print and export data - instant crosstab reports in PDF, XLS, HTML formats and on paper.

Pharmaceutics & Pharmacy Wholesale

Different levels of details for flexible data analysis.

Photographic Wholesale Trade

Hierarchical data display - raw and summarized data in a single report.

Automatic and manually calculated totals.

Sort data and display top or bottom numbers - easily access the most important information.

Hygiene Products

Do you still report or do you already analyse?

Cleaning Material Import/Export Medical Technique Mills Office Supplies Paper Wholesale

Photographic Appurtenances Plant Construction Roller Blind Trade Security Specialized Market Service Sport Construction Transmission Structural Devices Textile Equipment Tools & Machines Veterinary Medicine

Your benefits: • Profit by software directly from the producer: Fast reactions to your demands and furthermore competent and quick realisation of individual programming works. • We have the fitting solution for everyone: By focusing on individual customer support, industry branch specificity and flexibility each customer gets exactly that solution he really needs. • ORACLE database MD-Premium.NET uses all advantages of the worldwide biggest database provider and thus has not to accept performance deprivations by different layers. You profit furthermore by the continuous development of ORACLE at every release with new functions. • No limits By embedding the Oracle database you have the advantage of a nearly endless scalability and thus no limit at the number of users. • Data security Data reliability is given by mirrored databases. • Location comprehensive installations are no problem by shared database installations. • Partners Long-lasting close cooperation with many other companies: This manifold IT know-how is included in the software range and avoids “business myopia”. Furthermore many employees of different companies can support our software!



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