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MULTIDATA We integrate your daily business

SHORT FACTS FOUNDATION: 1984 HEADQUARTER: Breitenfurt next to Vienna / AT EMPLOYEES: 41 SUBSIDIARIES: A, D, SK, RO, CZ, BG, PL & HR CUSTOMER STRUCTURE: More than 10,000 workstations, domestic and abroad. PRIORITY SECTORS: ERP at distributors, paper business, retail, confectionary, medical engineering, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, technical wholesale, and much more DISTRIBUTION: Throughout Europe via dealer network, which offers knowhow, experience and service on site. PRODUCT OVERVIEW: - MD-Premium.NET ERP - MD-Premium.NET CRM - MD-Premium.NET Finance - MD-Premium.NET Time tracking - MD-Premium.NET Application Framework - MD-Premium.NET Partner Applications CONTACT US: Multidata Software International Vertriebs GmbH Georg Sigl-Straße 14 A-2384 Breitenfurt T: +43 (0)2239 54 70 F: +43 (0)2239 34 092 E: W:

The Framework, which was created by Multidata Software is a fully into the ORACLE database integrated developer environment for in-house applications or online platforms. This new technology enables a centralized data storage. Within a short time it is possible to realize different EDP requirements (from entering data up to analysing them) into a complete application. An easy consolidation of information like desktop databases or spread sheets into tables of an ORACLE database is possible. So data from different systems (e.g. MS Excel, Access, DB2, Progress, Sybase...) can be brought to a standard data concept.

plication can be controlled without changing the source code. Many other applications use a 3-Tier architecture, but at Multidata the second level (application server) is not applicable, because the business logic lies in the database. Multidata’s technology thus is cheaper and more efficient.

Further advantages •

Business logic can be changed and enhanced individually. It is also the base for the Multidata Software application “MD-Premium.NET” (ERP/CRM software).

High availability by the fact, that only one application and update version for installations — no matter what individualizations were done — is implemented.

Existing software applications can be integrated.

Possibility to enhance the system with further tables.

Fast creation of input masks is possible online.

For the end user the interface always stays the same and thus it is easy to use.

An online help function eases the utilization.

EACH user can integrate tables, create reports etc. without much effort or high technical skills.

Maintenance and administration of data is thus easier, more efficient and cheaper.

Easy handling by drag & drop functions in the whole application.

Usage of central access authorizations.

Integrated OLAP functionality.

Linkage to a scheduler for resource planning.

Increased productivity of each employee.

Because data storage takes place in an ORACLE database, all ORACLE features can be used. This framework is based on Microsoft .Net with SCSF (Smart Client Software Factory) technology. Such consolidated data can be used for different purposes, because the complete business logic lies in the ORACLE database, thus a total encapsulation of the application logic from the user interface, which can be designed individually, takes place. Deposition of field attributes takes place in a table in an XML-based, object-oriented, application-wide repository. Properties of this field attributes like allocated GUI control, text label, tool tip etc. are inheritable. Because of those inheritable field attributes little data redundancy and resource optimizing data management is guaranteed. Furthermore programme processes will be optimized. That means, that at customer implementations only singular attributes have to be changed for individualization of the software. By this way the attributes of an ap-

MULTIDATA We integrate your daily business


Consolidation of data — no matter from which software application.

Realizable in a short time, what means little programming effort.

Display of those data in a uniform user interface, what leads to an easy handling for the user.

Because of a consistent data concept versatile analysis’ are possible.

Reduction of resources for the administration of company-relevant data. Extendable (by own or foreign additional programming or applications).

With MD Application Framework the advantages of the fast, flexible and cost-efficient development were combined with the advantages of a centralized ORACLE database. In a short time the consolidated data amount is available for each user of the company.

Multidata standards like a scalable scheduler function enable automatically processes like e.g. resource planning of employees or equipment.

MD-Premium.NET Application Framework - Flexibility at the highest level!

Analysis are optimally provided by an integrated OLAP cube (multi-dimensional). Multilingual usage is supported by an Unicode base, where a centralized data management on one server takes place. The system is suitable for connecting foreign products like an online shop, because the whole business logic (e.g. pricing or subsidiary stock administration at ERP systems) is applied.

All Data at one server Nearly all companies know the problem with the different information locations for example locally stored data (desktop databases or spread sheets), which contain also business relevant data. It is an enormous effort to have an overview about all those data sources. Centralized security concepts are nearly not possible, backup and recovery in most cases difficult. With MD-Premium.NET Application Framework all this information and applications can be consolidated to a central server.

Advantages of the ORACLE database • Secureness: Whether access controls or encoding systems - the ORACLE database is leading in the security section. • Availability: Applications and data are stored in a central ORACLE database. Data integrity and availability thus are guaranteed. • Scalability: Whether few or many users: the ORACLE database and MD Application Framework grow with your demands.

Your individual application

Select your desired modules & model your own application! For further customization and development use the unique application framework!

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