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Week One: Natural environment influences cultural environment. E.g. Melbourne: bluestone=basalt Sydney:sandstorm(different colour) Perth: Clay of bricks and limestone. Conclusion: Landscape is the fundamental background to the constructed city.

Construction material diagram:

Force: Any influence that produces a change in the shape or movement of a body, which is a vector quantity (Ching, 2008, p. 2.11).

Tension Force: When an external load pulls on a structural member, the particles composing the material move apart and undergo tension. They stretch and elongate the material. The amount of elongation depends on the stiffness Cross Section area and the magnitude of the load (Newton, 2014). 1

Compression Force: Produces the opposite effect of a tension force. The particles of the material compact together result in the shortening of the material (Newton, 2014).

Loads On The Building:


Wind Load: the forces exerted by kinetic energy of a moving mass of air, assumed to come from any horizontal direction (Ching, 2012, p.2.09). The structure, components, and cladding of a building must be designed to resist wind-induced sliding, uplift or overturning (Ching, 2012, p.2.09).

Wind exerts positive pressure horizontally on the windward vertical surfaces of a building and normal to windward roof surfaces having a slope greater than 30 degrees. Wind exerts negative pressure or suction on the side and leeward surfaces having a slope less than 30 degrees (Ching, 2012, p.2.09).

Earthquake Loads:


Load Path Diagram:


Activities: Build the tower as high as possible using the least amount of material.

Firstly, we built the good foundation of the tower so that we can build as high as we can.

Secondly, we made the door for the object when we reached a certain high.


Week 2:

Structural Systems:

Construction Systems:


Building Systems:

Carbon Footprint: a measure of the amount of greenhouse gases generated during the fabrication, transportation and use of a particular product

Common Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) strategies:


Structural Joints:





Se Yan Logbook Univeristy of Melbourne

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