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FORTUNE INNOVATIONS IS A LEADING IT FIRM IN BIRMINGHAM Fortune Innovations is one of the leading web application development companies offering our services to our clients in Birmingham. We offer onsite and offshore services to our clients based on their requirements. We offer services to our clients based in UK and overseas. We provide quality and affordable solutions to our client on web application design and development including mobile applications, ecommerce and SEO services. Our customized web applications are user-friendly and a one stop solutions for our client requirements. We develop CMS based websites using Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, ecommerce Magneto etc. At Fortune Innovations, we provide the best quality performance and productive results which has helped us to win our client trust and satisfaction. We work with our client to understand their business needs, give practical advice and guidance and develop the best web solutions to our clients based on their requirement.

Our developers have profound knowledge and understanding of latest industry trends and are capable of developing quality-driven web solutions for our clients. We have well experienced developers, creative designers and SEO experts. We at Fortune Innovations, aligns our business goals with client objective which has helped us to create a clear vision of our goals and objectives.

If you are looking for a customized web application in terms of design, development or staffing, we have a solution for you. You can directly approach our professional team and talk on the requirements. Our professional team will analyze your requirement and provide you with detailed proposal and recommendations. After a thorough discussion and final approval and sign-off from you, our team will implement the project based on the agreement. Our project managers will be in coordination with your team during the project implementation to ensure that we deliver a quality product based on your requirement. Our unique approach of working ensures that we provide you with quality product specially designed to your business requirement.

2.Web Application Development Service Birmingham

Fortune Innovations is one of the leading and dedicated web application development companies in Birmingham and across UK. Our objective is to build a strong powerful web application solution to enable you to perform smooth business and enhance your profit. We have experienced developers who have extensive web design and development skills to make sure smooth and successful execution of business. At Fortune Innovative, we inculcate latest technology to our web applications and technology solutions which are userfriendly, minimum glitch and are well adapted to the changing needs of our clients. We offer wide range of services ranging from designing, developing, testing, hosting, implementing and maintaining web applications and websites. We provide latest technical solution that enables you to provide quality service to your customers.

As a leading web application development provider, we invite our clients to work with us to get the best, affordable and quality web solutions from us. We extend our services to clients from various domains like IT and communication, Real Estate, Shopping Cart, Social Networking, Construction and Management, Financial Services, Automotive, Healthcare, Education, Retail and many more.

If you have a requirement, we have a solution. Our experienced and talented developers are capable of turning your requirements into reality at the best quality and affordable cost. With our experience we are able to deliver innovative, trustworthy and most desirable web solution to our clients. Our highly skilled professional team of developers understands your requirements and business objective to ensure that you have the best web solution for your business needs. We have professional offshore team based in Bangalore, India. Hence, we work globally by providing services from offshore to our client, which serves as an added advantage to our clients in terms of quality, cost saving and better return of investment.

Our Web Application Development Services

We offer following web application development services to our clients:

Content Management System (CMS)

Project Management System

Enterprise Information System

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Portals Design and Promotion

Web Application Design and Information Architecture Consulting

Web-based Open Source Software Integration

Web-based Database Programming

Web Application and Website Design and Development

Payment Gateway and other E-Commerce Solution Integration

Website Marketing (SEO, PPC, SEM, SMO)


Web-enabling Legacy Solution

3.Web Design Service Birmingham

Fortune Innovations with its experience and creativity has evolved as one of the best web designing company in the competitive market. We offer our website design services to various small and large organizations in Birmingham. We provide creative, affordable, and timely services ranging from initial concept

design to successful implementation and delivery of web design solutions. We understand your requirements and provide you with the best services with our technical expertise and creative designs. We ensure that we provide your website a user-friendly and look good feel the way you want it to be.

At Fortune Innovations, we have different team of specialists for different component to make a perfect website for you. Our expert team collaborate and work as a professional website design team to provide you with innovative website which will enhance your business. We extend our knowledge in different web designing technology which includes basic HTML, XHTML, DHML, CSS, Java Script, XML, PHP, PERL, CGL etc. Our functional team includes highly trained professionals inclusive of project managers, web and graphic designers, web developers, programmers and search engine optimization experts etc. Our objective is to provide efficient and professional websites to our esteemed clients. Our well trained web designers and graphic designers work with the marketing consultants and project managers to create an innovative and attractive website for you. Our Web designing services

We offer the best and affordable services in website design, redesigns, graphic design and template design. We make sure that we understand your requirement completely and design a website that you desire.

We offer following services to our esteemed clients:

We offer expert technical advises on your design requirement

Designs that makes navigation easy

Designing and redesigning of websites to the latest web 2.0 standards

Designs that differentiate your websites from the rest


Simple designs that can load faster

Please Visit: Web Design Birmingham

4.Drupal Development Service Birmingham

Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. It is a publishing platform and used to create blog and enterprise applications. Drupal gives a strong base for organizing, structuring, creating, developing and managing web presence. Drupal has standard structure which makes it easier to access basic functionalities and source code to anyone who wants to work on it. It comes with multiple user features which allow creating multiple users and each can be assigned different roles and permission. Drupal has thousands of add-on modules and designs which enable to you to create a unique website that you desire. Its PHP based platform allows the safe and secure management of websites.

Fortune Innovations help you create customized website and web application as desired by you based on your requirement. We provide the best, reliable, cost effective and high quality Drupal customization services to our client based in Birmingham and across UK. We inculcate our innovations, creativity and experience in our each work to provide you with a unique website as per your requirement.

Drupal Custom Development Services

Fortune Innovation provides onsite as well as offshore development services. We have our offshore team situated in Bangalore, India and provide virtual assistance in Drupal Custom Development Services. Our custom development services in Drupal include:

Fortune Innovations offers the following Drupal oriented services:

Design integration

Drupal consulting - Requirements analysis and information architecture

Rich user interface development with Drupal JavaScript Libraries

Drupal theming - Our Drupal theming services are comprised of the creating new themes, customizing, modifying and updating the existing themes etc

Creating personal web blogs using Drupal

Delivering podcasts

Managing content on sites

Customization of core and contributed Drupal modules

Maintenance of Drupal based sites

Custom Drupal templates – Customizing Drupal according to the client’s requirements

Hire Drupal designer / Hire Drupal programmer

Peer-to-peer networking

Static site conversion – Converting static websites to Drupal CMS based web applications

Drupal updates – If older version of Drupal website needs to change the theme and features to a newer version

Features of Drupal

Customize Layout: You can customize your contents in Drupal as per your requirement.

Templates: There are more than thousands of template in Drupal to give your website a unique look

Multi-site: his feature allows you to share a single Drupal installation in many sites

User Authentication: Drupal allows administrator to create users, groups and assign permissions to users and groups on the basis of roles

Control Publishing: The content can be published /unpublished on a given schedule

SEO friendly: Drupal can be configured for friendly URL’s. The content output is designed to be standard which can boost the SEO

Tracking and Analysis: Drupal can generate browser-based reports with information on referrals, content recognition and user navigations of the website

Cost effective: Drupal is a open source free Content Management System, without any licensing fees or development costs

Modular and Extendible: Extended versions of Drupal allow adding features like blogs, forums, e-commerce etc

Content Group: Drupal can export the RSS and RDF content format for increasing the website visibility


Database Independence: Drupal has an inbuilt database abstraction layer that enables to use it with databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL

Please Visit: Drupal Development Birmingham

5.WordPress Development Service Birmingham

WordPress is an open source PHP and MySQL based blog application to publish your business and personal contents online. WordPress is a modern, user-friendly publishing platform and contains advanced template system to publish your content online. WordPress provides you advanced features like link management, a search engine and support for tagging of post and article. At Fortune Innovations, we provide you with excellent service related to WordPress. We offer extensive support in website designing, development and consulting service. Currently, we offer services to our client in Birmingham and across UK. We offer various services to our clients, which includes WordPress Template conversion, plug-in development, WordPress customization and template design. Our WordPress CMS developers are highly qualified and experienced to serve the clients need. Fortune Innovations has the flexibility to customize WordPress exactly to meet our client’s requirements. We also make our client’s blog SEO friendly to enhance their business and help them generate more revenue. We can customize and simplify WordPress to provide necessary blog support to you.

WordPress has in-built web template system and users can use this feature to arrange widgets without changing PHP or HTML code. They can also install and switch between themes. At Fortune Innovations we integrate WordPress themes into your blog and website to make it look catchy and attractive. We also

customize themes, create new themes with existing designs and upgrade the current WordPress website with latest themes according to your flexible needs. Features Of WordPress

Flexibility: WordPress offers in-built blogging, Social networking and news support facility

Simple and Easy: It is user-friendly and allow developers to quickly produce CMS websites

Multiple Authors: WordPress has advanced system which allows multiple users with each level having different features related to publishing editing etc

WordPress Themes: WordPress has in-built template system which can be easily applied to the websites

Password protected: With this advanced feature, you can make your posts password protected

Our WordPress Development Services

We offer following WordPress services to you:

WordPress theming

PSD to WordPress

WordPress customization

WordPress plug-in development

WordPress blog development

Hire WordPress designer / Hire WordPress programmer


WordPress CMS development

Please Visit: WordPress Development Birmingham

6.Joomla Development Service Birmingham

Joomla is an open source Content Management System which helps to build websites, powerful online applications and publish online contents. Joomla is written in PHP language using object oriented programming techniques. It is a user-friendly and cost saving CMS which help to build strong websites. Joomla

uses MySQL to store data and mainly deal with all web content. It has in-built plug-ins feature which enhances the development process and makes it simpler.

Joomla theming is one of the features in Joomla which allows changing the look and feel of the website. Joomla Theming is easy to use and apply. We provide wide range of Joomla theming services including creation of new themes, customizing, modifying, and updating the existing themes.

Fortune Innovations has powerful CMS Web Development team who build websites based on your requirement. Currently, we provide services to our clients based in Birmingham and across UK. We have experienced team of Web Development who create simple and composite websites and web application in Joomla. We offer a wide range of services to you, which include Joomla web design, development, consulting and related services. Our expertise and knowledge in Joomla enable you to create website of any kind of functionalities based on your requirement.

Features of Joomla

Some of the features of Joomla include:


Open Source: Joomla is an open source CMS and has in-built text editor which allows easy editing and formatting of web content


Template management: Joomla has custom templates to make your website look the way you want. It has option to apply single template to who page or different template for each section

Modular and extendible: Joomla enable features such as Page Caching, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, polls and website searching etc

Language Manager: Joomla support many global languages and UTF-8 encoding. It supports multiple language features which allow you to use one language for website and another for administrative panel

Search: Helps user navigate through most common search items and provides the admin with search statistics

Report Generation: Joomla provides extensive tools to generate and view user statistics reports

Database Driven: Joomla is a database driven CMS where the element (images, templates etc) are stored in a centralized database

Joomla Custom Development Services

At Fortune Innovations we ensure that we keep ourselves updated with latest functionalities to provide best services to our clients. We offer following custom development services in Joomla:

Joomla custom design services and template design

Joomla component & module development

Joomla ecommerce development

Integration of Joomla with other web applications

Joomla theming

Hire Joomla designer / Hire Joomla programmer

Joomla search engine optimization

7.Ecommerce Website development Birmingham

Magento is an open source eCommerce tool with administration and supervision interface capability in patterns, style, themes and colors on online web content. It has features of marketing, SEO and catalogue management tools. Magento has advanced features which enable you to change the functionality and design of your web content based on your requirement. Magento also has theming feature which enables to create new themes, customizing, modifying and updating the existing themes etc.

Fortune Innovations offer services to our clients based in Birmingham and across UK which includes eCommerce magneto web design, development and consulting services. We have flexibility to change to look and design of your website as per your requirement. Our unique approach helps you enhance your business. We follow established industry analytics and inculcate latest design and modern technologies to help you achieve extraordinary result. We have active team of Magneto designers and developers who keep themselves updated with latest technology and design. Our Magento developers are well experienced in

Magento and provide you with complete customized solution with unique features. eCommerce Magento Custom Development Services

We provide various services to our clients, which includes design, development, programming, payment gateway integration and customization of Magento eCommerce platform. We can offer you the best solution in Magento custom development that can enhance your business. Some of our custom development services include:

eCommerce Magento design & development

Customized Magento themes design & integration

Magento themes development based on existing design

Website / Online store development using Magento

Hire Magento designer / Hire Magento programmer

SEO for online store using Magento

Payment gateway integration

Magento eCommerce features

International Support: Magento is an open source global platform. It supports multi language and multiple currencies option to meet the requirement of client across the globe

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): It is 100% SEO friendly and gives full control of URLs

Order Management: You can view, edit, create and complete orders from admin panel

Site Management: Magento controls multiple websites from single administration panel and has the ability to share information. You can create a complete customized design using templates

Analytics and Reporting: Magento is integrated with Google Analytics with admin dashboard for report overview. It helps to create sales report, tax report and RSS feed for new orders and new tags

Strong Data Encryption: Magento offers fully secured solutions through its strong encryption and security standards

Please Visit: Ecommerce Website Development Birmingham

8.Airline GDS Integration Birmingham

Global Distribution System is a computerized network which provides a single roof for reserving airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars and other travel related

services. GDS is used by common users, travel agents, online reservation sites etc. GDS is a multipurpose booking tool which serves various purposes like multiple search criteria, total pricing, check rate, availability, booking status and complete back office integration. In today's world with increased use of computers and introduction of World Wide Web has promoted GDS to a great extend with millions of people accessing GDS system for booking transactions. GDS is becoming major sales channel for online booking through various booking websites. Many transactions are carried out through GDS systems have created a great impression on the commercial airlines, hotels and travel industry. Consumer portals provides all the necessary data on airline fares with the help of the information provided by GDS. GDS provides answers to various queries of the users across the world. GDS provides quick solutions for queries like airline fair details for various competitive airlines, information about flight direction, departure times, durations and connections. GDS data provides essential information to the user during the booking process. For example, represent seat inventories and link requirements for a particular journey. GDS industry has served the consumers across the world in terms of queries concerning price, travel timing and schedules.

Fortune Innovations – As GDS integrated system service provider Fortune Innovations is one of the best service providers of Global Distribution System. We provide our best and excellent services to travel agencies portal website development. Our expertise developers are well versed to develop Internet Booking Engines (IBE). In the past, we have developed different IBEs and integrated well with various GDS which has created a remarkable history. Fortune Innovations provides various services to our clients based in Birmingham and across the world with various IBE development and GDS integration services. We offer one stop solution to our clients as per their requirements. We provide services with different available modes of operation (Online, B2B, B2C, B2B2C etc). Our services include CMS website/ Online Travel Portal development services, designing services, IBE Development and GDS integration services, SEO, SEM services etc. Fortune Innovations offer services through various premier GDS

Systems like Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Travel Port, Worldspan, Travelocity, Travelweb, Expedia, Hotwire, Tripadvisor, Navitaire and Abacus. As a leading GDS integration provider we ensure that we provide most efficient and effective services to our clients. We have developed many complex GDS integrated system for our clients which have provided them with best online travel booking experience ever. Our customized application has helped our client with powerful travel booking system which enables them to perform live booking. The introduction of internet and World Wide Web has encouraged the usage of GDS system for online travel booking. This has proved effective in terms of time saving and accuracy. Fortune Innovations with complete understanding of all the major GDS system has been successful in providing excellent application development services to our clients. Our GDS integrated system has helped our consumers gain access to information related to travel time, travel price, availability and schedules. Fortune Innovations is flexible to client requirement and provides various GDS integrated services such as GDS for Travel, GDS for Hotel, and GDS for Airline etc.

Advantages of GDS

Easy to access information

Capable of multiple booking in single time

Live data, pricing and availability

Response time in a fraction of seconds


Perfect virtual market for travel industries like hotels, airlines and car rental system to showcase their best and competitive wares to their consumers


Provides accurate and efficient information


Distribute content and channel management

Please Visit: Travel agency Portal Development

9.Facebook Application Development Birmingham

Facebook is one of the most famous social networking sites which connect people with their friends and family. Users can register and create their personal profile with photos and add their friends, chat and send messages. Facebook is also used as a media for business wherein you can get connected with your customers and publish the information you want to share with your customer.

Fortune Innovations is one of the fastest growing Facebook application development company. We have dedicated and experienced team of Facebook application developers who are highly proficient in next generation web technologies and emerging visual design trends in market. We ensure that we provide you with the best application to give you desired result in a cost effective framework. We are one of the leading Facebook application developers in Birmingham and across UK. Our objective is to provide you with the best and most reliable application.

We work together with our client to understand their requirement and collect all the required details for developing the desired Facebook application for our client. We invite our client to approach us with their requirement on Facebook application. Once we collect the requirement, our expert team analyzes the requirement in detail and suggests the best possible solution to our client. We have detailed discussion with our client and come up with the sample user interface designs and graphical mock-ups. After we get the approval from client

we start implementing the proposed design and start the coding and integration part. Once we finish the coding and integration, we perform the testing and versioning of the application and make it completely functional to go live on Facebook.

Our Facebook service for you

Facebook Application Development: Design, develop and integrate applications

Social Plug-ins: Creating Plug-ins for your site to interact with Facebook

Facebook Consultancy: We develop systems and strategies for driving traffic, creating awareness, branding and increasing revenue of our clients through creating apps and campaigns which people wants to interact and share with

Facebook Fan Page: Designing and developing custom made applications for profile pages

Facebook Connect: Developing and enabling an interaction with Facebook users and your site

Please Visit: Facebook Application Development Birmingham

10.Digital Marketing Service Birmingham

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique to rank your website highest among the millions of other websites in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Users usually visit the websites that are at the top of the list in search engines. Hence, it is important to rank your website highest among others. SEO makes it possible so that your website can be easily accessed by the users and you get maximum visit. SEO makes the contents in your web pages

more attractive, eye-catching and easily readable for search engines. Optimization of a website includes modifying its contents, coding and introducing specific keywords to make your website appear at the top of the search result. SEO is a cost effective method for online business marketing. SEO optimizes your website by pulling more traffic by promoting your website. In this manner making your website at the top of the search engine which will bring more visitors to the website and this in turn will bring more business to you.

Fortune Innovations is one of the pioneer SEO providers who provide various web related services to our esteemed clients. Currently, we operate as SEO provider in Birmingham and across UK. We provide web promotion for the websites and to their internal pages to increase its relevance by increasing specific keywords which enable them to appear among the top 10 ranking list in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN.

Fortune Innovations understand that SEO is the first priority of our client and provides the best optimized solution including the keywords as per your need. We are flexible to your needs i.e. to make your website appear in local searches, nationally, internationally etc. We provide mobile SEO services for mobile phones and handled devices and ensure that mobile web browsers can view the website properly. We make this happen by making the contents short and by using specific keyword. Our other services include map optimization to get listed on Google local business listings via Google map optimization and also other business search engines links like Yahoo and Bing. Our technical expertise with SEO and our innovative SEO technique helps you to get listed on top of search result with specific keyword. If you are looking for your website to appear at the top of search result in search engine then we have the solution for you.

SEO services at Fortune Innovations

Fortune Innovations offer services in internet marketing, regional SEO, ALT optimization, blog submission, competitor’s website analysis, Pay Per Click (PPC),

e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing etc. We offer following SEO services to our clients:

SEO techniques like search engines copy writing and content provision

SEO services, such as article capitulation and natural link building

SEO keyword / key phrase research

RSS and content syndication

Community structuring such as web logs and online forums

Low cost SEO solution like Pay Per Click campaign management

Deep link submission and directory submission

Google analytics integration

Google base submission

Google indexing

Google site map - development and hosting

Please Visit: Digital Marketing Birmingham

11.Mobile Application development Birmingham

In today's world, technology is expanding progressively especially mobile technology. With the increasing demand for various mobile applications, it has become important for mobile application developer to update their skills and knowledge to serve the consumers needs. Fortune Innovation is one of the leading companies in the mobile application development catering to the clients requirements. We have our professional team of developers who deliver various mobile applications suite for our clients based in Birmingham and across UK. We cater various services to our clients which includes mobile games development, iPad application development and various other mobile software functions. Our experience in mobile application development services and our developer’s expertise in this field have helped us to perform effectively in live environment.

We offer mobile application solutions to our client that helps their organization to stay connected with the outside world and also internally among their employees. With a significant variation in the customer needs which in turn yields a need for customized mobile applications development has routed us to develop value added mobile application which include iPhone Applications, Windows Mobile Applications, Applications on Google Android etc. We are technically skilled and deliver superior quality, cost-effective and practical mobile application for several major platform including Java/J2ME, WAP, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile platform, Palm and Symbian.

Some of the advantages of choosing Fortune Innovations for your custom developed mobile applications are:

We have experienced team of professionals who work extensively on Mobile Application development

We provide cost-effective solution

We develop user-friendly mobile applications

We work well within the time constraints

We develop mobile applications that are equally competitive in market

Advantages of Mobile Apps

Convenient and effective to use

SMSC Gateways integration

Connectivity with GPRS and other locations based services

GPS Systems

User friendly features, videos, sound etc

Please Visit: Mobile Application Development Birmingham

12.Android Application Development Birmingham

Android is a Linux based open source operating system used in mobile devices that improves the mobile application for the users. It acts as a software stack for mobile devices with operating system, middleware and key applications. It is one of the most innovative applications developed by Open Handset Alliance led by

Google. Android works on an application framework with java-compatible libraries and comes with unique application development capability.

Fortune Innovations is one of the most innovative and leading company in development of android application. We develop android apps for small and large scale organizations. We have experienced developers who work actively in developing android applications. Our developer possess clear understanding of Android SDK, framework and API's and have excellent command over Java programming. Above all, our developers have a great passion for developing apps. Their dedication and innovation enable us to provide world class services to our clients based on their requirements ranging from casual applications to complex business and enterprise level application.

Our Services

Our world class services are extended to our clients in

Office / commercial application

Internet application

Multimedia application

Fun application

Utility application


Why use Android?

The customized Operating System can be used in Laptops, Net books, and Smart books etc. Android has following features:

Send and receive data across mobile networks using Wi-Fi, GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Bluetooth, EV-DO and UMTS Technology

Multi language support

Used for VGA, 2D and 3D graphics

Comprehensive libraries for 2D and 3D graphics

Support many video/audio formats e.g. WebM, MPEG, MP3, WAV, AMR, JPEG, PNG, GIF etc

Includes Micro SD slot for external storage

Export and signing apps for publishing

P2P using Google talk

Please Visit: Android Application Development Birmingham

13.IPhone Application Development Birmingham

iPhone is a multi usage device used as a video camera, a camera phone, a portable media player and internet facilities with e-mail and web browsing capabilities. Fortune Innovations is one of the leading companies in iPhone Application development. Fortune Innovations provides various services to our client which helps them to achieve their business objectives on social media development for smart phones. Our iPhone developers has developed smart, trendy and user friendly applications with outstanding features that separates it from rest of the iPhone application available in the market.

We develop various iPhone applications for small to large scale organizations based in Birmingham and across UK. We have a dedicated professional team of iPhone Application developers who constantly work on developing innovative iPhone apps for their clients. Our developers deliver the latest and efficient iPhone apps with their expertise of knowledge with latest technology, SDKs and frameworks. With our innovative thinking and in-depth technological knowledge, we are capable of developing user friendly iPhone applications which has proved to be the best for our clients and their business needs. Our iPhone applications are cost effective and stand up to our client’s expectations. With our great innovative work we have won our clients trust in iPhone application development service.

We deliver following iPhone application development services:

Office / business application

Internet application

Multimedia application

Fun application

Utility application


Please Visit: IPhone Application Development Birmingham

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