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Your Questions About Stocks With High Dividends

Mark asks‌

Any recommendations on good large cap stocks with high dividends to buy now? So far we've had a 3 day gain streak, do you think the streak will continue or are you expecting some bad news from Europe's debt problems to suffocate US markets soon that'd drive our stocks down again. What stocks would you recommend to buy now? Some of my favorites in my portfolio consists of BGS, AA, BMY, MO, MU, NVDA, T, UTX, INTC, and X. Recently bought BGS and UTX and I'm thinking of buying CAT, DD, PFE and maybe LVS and DB. What are your thoughts, what else is good to buy now or later?

Steve Winston answers: Don't forget there are others, such at KMP, CIM, etc. You just may have to watch out that the dividends don't go over $1,000, since brokerage firms can and will add an extra fee onto MLP (Minimum Liability Partnership) type of stocks.


Jenny asks‌

1$ stocks with high dividends? can anyone help me out?

Steve Winston answers: Stupid question. Well, right now PFE is at $23 and it pays 5.70% dividend. If they did a 23 for 1 stock split, PFE would be at $1 a share. That hasn't happened to if you buy PFE, think of it as a collection of 23 $1 stocks in a good company. There. 99.9% of $1 stocks are at that price for a reason because they are garbage and would NEVER be able to afford paying out a dividend and maintain operations.

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Your Questions About Stocks With High Dividends  
Your Questions About Stocks With High Dividends