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Your Questions About Bonds Underwear

Robert asks‌

myspace background for BONDS underwear...? hey guys, not sure if BONDS underwear is a international brand or not, but even if so maybe some Australians could answer, is there a myspace background/layout for the BONDS underwear brand? i have been looking but found nothing... thanks heaps for your time guys, have a good night!!! PS just realised no Australians would be online considering its the middle of the night.... oh well!! haha... xxoxxo

Steve Winston answers: I suggest you find a picture that is large enough (1024x768 pixels or better) or scan a magazine ad. Then you host it with and then have the code generated so you can use it in your layout. has nice tutorials for that.


Betty asks‌

Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the bonds underwear commercial airing now (Aug07)? It's the one were all the girls do that synchronized dance in there underwear.

Steve Winston answers: The best way to get the answer is at - just use their search feature and type in "Bonds (or Bond's)", and/or a key visual idea from the commercial, e.g. "underwear", etc. Make sure you set the search time frame to the max - one year, I think - so you don't miss any possible older results. Add details if you can, like a snippet of the lyrics. Back-up choices are sites called or For UK ads, try:

2/4 or Hope that helps - the answer should be on one of these! It's possible, however, that it might have been created specially for the ad.

David asks‌

Is the bonds factory outlet in south yarra any cheaper than at the shops in regards to underwear?

Steve Winston answers: Idk, I think they are because factory shops are generally cheaper than normal shops (:


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Your Questions About Bonds Underwear