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An occasional beer, pub and cheese & biscuits newsletter published by the inebriates who run the train wreck of a website called

The 5th Hand & Heart St George's Beer & Music Festival 23rd April - 27th April

We are indebted to Bram & Sue of the Hand & Heart for sponsoring our first little issue of Beer & Crisps.

As most will know the 'Hand' is one of those rarefied establishments which bucks the trend and continues to thrive in a difficult economical climate. It's probably something to do with the quality of the beer or the fact that it's off the beaten track and has the aura of a well kept secret! The beer festival is firmly in the calendar of any serious beer drinker as the choice is eclectic and diverse. Bram, it would seem knows a bit about beer and goes out of his way to call in favours from brewers far and wide who provide him with a number of 'festival specials' which are probably only available here. Lets have a look at a few of the beers on the list shall we? Firstly we have Cherry Mysterious by our very own CAMRA Young Members Co-ordinator Kara Williams, a specially concocted little number created at Bexar County Brewery in Fengate (pronounced 'bear' for those not in the loop). You can

read all about it elsewhere in this newsletter. Bexar County is well represented at the fest as we have 4 of their other brews to sample, one of which is a collaboration with Hand Drawn Monkey of Huddersfield. It's inevitable that once brewers get together and start chatting over too many beers they're bound to come up with a play on words when it comes to what to name their beers, so they've christened it 'Does A Bexar Shit In The Woods?'. Duncan Vessey of Castor Ales has been at it again and come up with a couple of brews. One is 'Posh at Wem-BEER-ley' which may be a reference to a local football team but I could be wrong as I'm no expert! His other beer may be named after a song he heard at a recent open mic night at the Hand by the locally renowned song writer and musician, Fyzz Wallis (see her on stage Sunday of the fest). I think it's one of her best songs and I'm sure the beer will be equally as popular. The song is 'I’ve Got An App For That' and the ever inventive Duncan has added 'beer' to the name. Although Elland Brewery is far away oop North it does have a local following and it is partly owned by our good friend Dickie Bird who lives in staggering distance of many a good pub north of the city. There are 3 beers on offer, one of which is the award winning 1872 Porter and has been aged in an oak cask and comes in at a very respectable 6.5% ABV. Mile Tree Brewery of Wisbech St Marys is well liked around the area and I'm fortunate to have my birthday beer on offer. The 3.8% 'From Dallas With Love' was available at my coming of age (OK I admit it, it was my

51st birthday but who's counting?). The name is in recognition of myself and my son being trapped in Dallas airport last December on our way to (and from) a beer trip to Texas. I thank Richard the brewer for reminding me that psychological mind games are an ever present aspect of flying with a well known American airline. Our most recent brewery Xtreme Ales will be offering 3 of their beers at the festival. I've yet to try all of their brews but the ones which I drank at the recent Iron Horse beer fest in Market Deeping proved to be good ideas! I may just try them again.... The beers will be available gradually from now until the Bank Holiday Monday (5th May) but the main event is 23rd April to the 27th April. Some beers will be in the pub via handpump, others will be in the beer shed and live music will be on during the festival. All further details can be gleaned from their facebook page (just type in Hand & Heart and you're bound to find it or

Hand and Heart, 12 Highbury St, Peterborough, PE1 3BE

CAMRA Young Members Co-ordinator brews 21st Birthday Beer Kara Williams, local CAMRA Young Members Rep got the chance to brew a beer for her 21st birthday at Bexar County Brewery in Fengate back in March. Brewer and owner, Steve Saldana was on hand to supervise and advise on the recipe. The beer is named Cherry Mysterious and will be available sometime at the Hand & Heart Beer Festival. The beer has an ABV of 5.3, has a pinkish hue and will be using cherries to make it really ‘girly’!

Old Pub Snippets

Stanground Albion in the yard of the Bluebell, Stanground It may seem unlikely but Stanground had a football team of some note during the 1920's. Named the Stanground Albion they were based at the now closed Bluebell in South Street (opposite Tuckers Court). The landlord Charlie Tucker (second from left back row) had moved into the pub with his wife and two children in 1918 following his career in the army. Mr Tucker had been a member of the British Expeditionary Force and was one of the first to be sent to France at the outbreak of the First World War. His son George was team mascot and can been seen as a 6 year old at the front of the team.

Forthcoming Beer Festivals

Ruddy Duck, Peakirk – 26th April Coalheavers Arms, Park St, PE2 9BH – 1st – 4th May Prince of Wales Feathers, Castor/Ailsworth – 8th- 11th May

Jolly Sailor, Ramsey – 23rd -26th May

Instant Pub...Just add Customers, beer and Mine Host!

A company in Bristol called Airquee have a fine range of inflatable buildings including a range of traditional English pubs. One model comes complete with mock Tudor beams, traditional fireplace complete with a stuffed trout in a case above to give that traditional feel to the place and the whole thing can be inflated in the time it takes to say two pints and a bag of crisps please barman. Beer, bar and optics obviously have to be added and we assume that the game of darts is positively frowned upon but it looks like a nice alternative to the usual bouncy castle. It also makes a difference to being able to build a pub, albeit a temporary one in 5 minutes instead of knocking one down in the same amount of time!


Beer & crisps april 14  

An occasional newsletter about pubs and beer in and around Peterborough, Cambridgshire.

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