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Rotary News Rotary Club of Rolling Meadows Meetings are Monday and called to order at 12:15 @ RM Holiday Inn - Algonquin & 53

June is Rotary Fellowship Month

Dates to Remember June 7 Bobbi Baehne Shelter Inc. June 14 Pa- Vile Volunteer Expedi+ons June 21 Chamber Speaker TBD June 28 Installa+on Dinner

----------------------------------------------------June Fine Master Don Wenzel June Sgt. at Arms Any Volunteers???

Rotary Four Way Test Is It The Truth? Is It Fair To All Concerned? Will It Build Goodwill & Better Friendships? Will It Be Beneficial To All Concerned ?

From the President If each club in the district retains its current membership and adds one new member the District will be at its highest membership ever. Club runner is up and running. The website is looking great! Thanks Steven Vogt Community support forms have been distributed by Jim Turi. Sunday June 27 Govern Bruce Installa.on Dinner. Sco/, Deb, Fred, Mark, Krista & Charles all served on the Scholarship interview commi/ee. There were 4 Academic Applicants and 1 Voca.onal. The commi/ee reported that the students had excellent qualifica.ons. Charles has recommended .ghtening up the wri/en applica.on. Flowers at the “Plaza” have been planted by Don, Larry & Fred. They look great. The read-o-rama speakers received thank you notes from the children. 20 minutes of reading ne/ed the school $5,500 earmarked for technology. Great program Barbie!

Where to Make Up

Club Officers 2009/10 President: Mark Purcell Pres. Elect: Deb Caruthers IPP: Jim Turi Treasurer: Rob Fredrickson Secretary: Fred Vogt Commi,ee Chairs Membership: Sco/ Clemetsen Community Service: Deb Caruthers Club Service: Interna.onal: Dick Beals Programs: Larry Sca/aglia Fundraising: Jeff Jerdee Newsle/er: Amy Charlesworth

Happy Birthday To You!

June Birthdays Deb Caruthers

Tuesday AH Sunrise Long Grove Northbrook

Double Tree Hotel Red Apple restaurant Seasons of Long Grove Mission Hills CC

7:15AM 7:30 AM 7:15 AM 12:15 PM

Wednesday Schaumburg Park Ridge Wheaton

Poplar Creek CC Summit Square Wilton Square

7:00 AM 7:00 AM 12:10PM

Thursday Arlington Heights Buffalo Grove Elk Grove

Wellington Lou Malna.’s Charlies Char House

12:00PM 12:15PM 12:15PM

Golf Center Club Chevy Chase CC Double Tree Hotel Poplar Creek CC

12:15PM 12:15PM 7:30AM 12:15PM

Friday Des Plaines Wheeling Mt. Prospect AM


On May 24th City Manager Sarah Phillips was our guest speaker she gave us an update on the “State of the Meadows” highlights included: Still working on rebuilding at 12 Oaks from last years fire, a couple of interested buyers on that property. Sam’s club has hired a marketing company to try to sell the space. Non Compete makes it difficult. A marketing studying for the Dominicks site is being conducted. Jewel is under construction for the drive up pharmacy and over all face-lift. Northwest Community Hospital is moving into Sears building. Chase Bank is building in the lot across from McDonalds. Starting to see an increase in business at the commercial buildings. RIM (Blackberry) is still improving 5 floors, Continental Towers has some interest. Lots of road projects going on and a possible lighting project on Alqonquin Road. Fire Station 17 on hold.

Club Directory

Beals, Dick (Jane) Plas.cs Manufacturing 2288 South Westwood Lane, IL. 60067 847/397-2868 (H) Birthday 3/21 Caruthers, Deb (Carl) Special Recrea.on NWSRA 3000 Central Road Rolling Meadows, IL. 60008 847/392-2848 Birthday 6/15 Charlesworth, Amy (Mark) Parks & Recrea.on Rolling Meadows Park District 847/397-9201 (H) 847/818-3220 x 111 (W) Birthday 8/19 Clemetsen, Sco, (Michele) Minuteman Press 2224 Algonquin Road Rollng Meadows, IL. 60008 847/577-2411 (W) Birthday 9/12 Fredrickson, Rob (Sandra) Senior Accountant City of Rolling Meadows 3600 Kirchoff Road Rolling Meadows, IL. 60008 815/274-9223 (H&C) 847/394-8500 (W) Birthday 5/11

Goldman, Joel (Varda) A/orney 5105 Tollview Drive Suite 199 Rolling Meadows, IL. 60008 847/870-9660 (W) Birthday 3/20 Jerdee, Jeff (Pam) Director of Careers & Tech Township HS Dist. 214 2121 Goebert Road Arlington Heights, IL. 60005 847/718-5610 (W) 630/254-1205 (C) Birthday Johns, Dr. Charles Principal Rolling Meadows High School 2901 Central Road Rolling Meadows,IL.60008 847/718-5610 (W) Birthday Paul, Krista (Linas) Internship Coordinator Township HS Dist. 214 2121 Goebert Road Arlington Heights, IL. 60005 847/718-7947 (W) Birthday 5/15 Purcell, Mark (Anne,e) Opera.ons Director Buehler YMCA 1400 W. Northwest Highway, IL. 60067 847/410-5214 (W) 847/756-4662 (H) Birthday 3/11

“It made me a better leader and a John, RYLA student better person” Other very Important Folks District Governor - Bill Ferreira AG - Larry Kanar Gov Elect - Bruce Baumburger Honorary Rotarians Linda - Phil Burns -

Rothbauer, Barbie (Wayne) Principal willow bend School 4700 Barker Road Rolling Meadows, IL. 60008 847/963-7300 (W) 847/658-6449 (H) Birthday 7/13 Sca,aglia, Larry (Amy) Amerprise Financial 18 East Dundee Road Suite 100, Building 6 Barrington, IL. 60010 847/898-9910 (W) Birthday 4/27 Turi, James (Pat) Vice President, Clearbrook 1835 W. Central Rd. Arlington Heights, IL. 60005 847/385-5017 (W) 630/681-7528 (H) JTuri@ Birthday 4/24 Vogt, Fred (Cynthia) Director of Public Works City of Rolling Meadows 3900 Berdnick Street Rolling meadows, IL. 60008 847/963-0500 (W) 847/259-6232 (H) Birthday 2/24 Wenzel, Don (Dori) Supt. of City of RM Public Works 3900 Berdnick Street Rolling Meadows, IL. 60008 847/963-0500 Birthday Birthday 7/3 Wollnik, Walter (Carol) Edward Jones 1539 W. Campbell Street Arlington Heights, IL. 60005 847/788-0959 (W) 847/253-6974 (H) Birthday 8/9

Rotary Club of Rolling Meadows

Once again we had excellent representation at RYLA this year by Fremd High School Junior John Rising.

Past Presidents

John was complimentary of all of the volunteers that helped make RYLA what it is. At school he is involved in Varsity Basketball, The Viking Logue (school newspaper) as well as on the class leadership team serving as VP. The week of RYLA he was feeling a little overwhelmed with deadlines, tests and games but once there all was forgotten and he had an excellent experience. The RYLA speaker with the biggest impact was Rick Metzker he was both interesting and inspiring. The topic was random acts of kindness. He met new people and saw a depth of character that he wasn’t aware kids his age had. When he got home he already had more than twenty friend requests on his face book page. Through this social networking they all shared stories and memories of their RYLA experience.

June 28 is the Installation Dinner for Deb Mark is working on a location.

Red Apple - Here we come!

More info to follow!

Billy McMinn 1971-73 Joe Palella 1973-74 Ray Blakeman 1974-75 Evan Shull 1975-76 Bill Adams & Rollo Kuebler 1976-77 Robert Cormack 1977-78 Allen Yuen 1978-79 Peter DiRenzo 1979-80 Rudy Nelson 1980-81 Robert Keough 1981-82 Alvin Carlsen 1982-83 Steven Henaughen1984-85 Don Cundi 1985-86 William Ahrens 1986-87 Richard Beals 1987-88 John Rock 1988-89 Corbi/e Henry 1989-90 John Lynch 1990-91 Frank DeRosa 1991-92 Ron Errico 1992-93 Larry Fleming 1993-94 Carole Medal 1994-95 Phil Burns 1995-96 Amy Charlesworth1996-97 Jim Turi 1997-98 Karen Milligan 1998-99 Ma/ Hill 1999-00 Jim Heyden & Mark Nannini 2000-01 Mark Nannini 2001-02 Ed Connolley 2002-03 Ma/ Hill & Amy Charlesworth2003-04 Dick Beals & Mark Nannini 2004-05 Joel Goldman & Rod Blane 2005-06 Walter Wollnik 2006-07 Fred Vogt 2007-08

June Newsletter  

Rolling Meadows Rotary June 2010 Newsletter