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The Colorado Teamster Hispanic Caucus is a non for profit organization that is determined to aid the Hispanic Community through hard work and education. The CTHC was initially formed by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to empower the Hispanic Teamster Members, and to give voice to the concerns of the Hispanic community. The Colorado Teamster Hispanic Caucus believes that education is the key to the future of our culture and people. We invite everyone to join the Colorado Teamster Hispanic Caucus! You do not need to be a Teamster Brother/Sister or be Hispanic as long as you are motivated and willing to help the Hispanic Community; YOU are WELCOME! ________________________________________________________________________________ To Join the Colorado Teamsters Hispanic Caucus, please complete the form below: Name/Nombre:_______________________________________


Home Address/Domicilio:____________________________________________________________ Street & No/Numero y Calle _______________________________________________________ City/Ciudad

___________________ State/Estado

________________________________ Zip/C.P.

Phone #/Telefono:________________________

Local Union #:__________________________

Email/Correo Electronico:____________________________________________________________ Yearly Membership Fee/Cuota Annual: $20.00 Yearly Affiliate Fee/Cuota de afiliacion annual: $10.00


Signature/Firma:__________________________________________________ All Completed Forms must be mailed to the CTHC at 10 Lakeside Lane, Ste. 3A, Denver CO 80212