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STYLO SEED PRODUCTION Department of Agriculture Livestock Division RFU 7, Cebu City

What is Stylo (Stylosanthes guainensis cv. Cook)?      

A forage legume from Columbia, South America Erect herb or small shrub 2 to 6 ft tall Has densely hairy stems Dark green leaves Yellow orange flowers

Why Stylo ? 

nutritious forage legumes (15 to 20 % Crude Protein)  palatable and high in digestibility  highly adaptive to marginal and acidic lands  shade tolerant  enhance soil fertility  seeds is available at Ubay Stock Farm

How to establish the stylo?

1. Prepare the area for stylo establishment


Complete land preparation (2 plowing and harrowing)


2. Scarify the Stylo seeds through (1:1) hot and tap water combination (Ubay Stock Farm style)

Depending the normal land preparation practiced of the locality

Step on stylo scarification: 1. Measure first the water needed for scarification depending on the seeds quantity. 2. Boiled half of the water (50%) until it reach to its boiling point while the other half (50%) will be placed in the other container. 3. Place the seeds to a container with 50% tap water. 4. Once the other half of water reaches to each boiling point. Get it from the fire and immediately mixed it to the other half with the seeds. Stir it thoroughly. Leave it until 30 minutes or longer. 5. After 30 minutes, remove the water using empty sacks or strainer. 6. Bring the seeds to the planting site and mixed it inoculants/fine sand for easier broadcasting or drilling.

Seeding Method 

Broadcasting – seeds are broadcast by hand zero depth o Seed drilling – seeds are distributed by hand through the furrows and covered with thin soil. o Bagging – using plastic or indigenous materials (banana and buri leaves)

When to establish? 

Onset of rainy season

Where to establish?      

Upland plain Hilly land Road sides Under plantation crops Intercropped with crops Can be combined with other forages grasses

Fertilizer Application: 

Increase its yield (DMY or seed yield) o for speedy growth o to lessen weed problem

Recommended rate of fertilizer application: 

30-60 kg/ha P2O5/ha. (PCARRD 2001)

Weed control of Stylo: Note: Weed control is essential for successful stylo seed production, because weeds contaminate the seed which makes it unsaleable

Ways of controlling:   

Cultivation (younger weeds is easily control through cultivation) especially in row spacing Mowing or cutting/grazing/slashing (most broad-leafed and perennial weeds) Digging (used for weeds that cannot be control by cultivation or mowing like hagonoy)

Cutting Management: Note:

Cut/graze the established stylo not later than 1 mo before the onset of flowering

 to produce crop shoots of similar age  to produce shoots at high density suitable for environment  to produce shoots ready to flower under suitable weather environment

When it flowers? November When to harvest ?

 Late of December to March

Time harvest :  early morning and late afternoon (6 to 8 am and 4 to 6 pm) Expected Yield :  100 to 200 kgs

Harvesting of Stylo

 determine the right time of harvest (color of stylo pods is brownish and rub the stylo pods in your palm for seeds evaluation)  harvest it early morning and late afternoon (6 to 8 am and 4 to 6 pm)  hand harvesting through terminal cuttings using sickle

 dry or place the harvested stylo to the trapal

 Paddled the harvested pods using wooden stick

 separate the seeds  clean the seed

Seed Packaging:  placed it to sealed container (improvised galvanized container or plastic bags) if placed in room temperature or place empty sacks when placed to air conditioned room Note:  18 – 20 % moisture seeds will ferment  12 – 14 % moisture molds will grow  8 – 10 % moisture insect activity will cease

Seed Storing  Stored the seeds in air conditioned room with 15 – 18 0C temperature with 40 % relative humidity

stylo seed production in central visayas  

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