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Delhi Is Famous for Its Rich Culture and Heritage Delhi is an amazing place in India. It is no doubt a traveler's paradise. With numerous sightseeing places and the plenty of eateries present here, one can just lead a perfect life. The most fascinating thing about this part of the country is that, it is the only state in India where one can find people from different religion and other parts of the country staying together in perfect harmony with each other. Hence, you can spend much time on your tour to Delhi by knowing its culture. Whether, it is the Gujaratis, Punjabis, Bengalis, Haryanavis, Muslims or the Christians, all kinds of people play a very important role in shaping up the culture of the capital city. If Old Delhi is famous for its strong roots to the Indian culture, New Delhi on the other hand is a reflection of the modern era. There are four important components that form the culture of Delhi. They are the arts &crafts, food, people and religion. To begin with the arts, it can be said that art plays a really important role. Delhi is home to some of the best painters, dancers and musicians. Throughout the year, the city remains busy in holding art exhibitions, organizing musical events and dancing competitions in various parts of the city. All of them are held in famous auditoriums such as the India Habitat Centre, Air Force Auditorium, Rabindra Bhawan and Siri Fort Complex. Many theatre groups also carry out the plays of literary master pieces from Hindi, English and other literature. Moreover, handicrafts have also played an important part since the ancient times. The embroidery work of gold thread is an exceptionally good example of the city's famous handicraft work. Among the other crafts of Delhi are the potters, Kite makers and craftsmen. Tourists can view the works of handicrafts by visiting the State Emporia at Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Crafts Museum at Pragati Maidan and the Dilli Haat. As is mentioned in the beginning, Delhi is a place where one can find people from all religion together. One can find here Temples, churches, Mosques and Gurdwara in large numbers. People from every religion are allowed to enter at the religious shrines of every caste. Lastly, it is the people of Delhi that will just steal away your heart. The Delhiites are always cheerful and are ready to lead a helping hand to the needy. They always enjoy each and every moment of life and love to celebrate each and every festival with zeal and enthusiasm. You will be overwhelmed b the hospitality that you will receive upon visiting this place. Foreign Tourists find the place quite interesting as they get to interact with some of the best people. Staying in a Guest House in New Delhi will make you feel like staying in your home. They are designed in an Indian way thus making the guests feel at home. Moreover, the food that is prepared is also less spicy and includes ingredients that are healthy for the body. HOME@F37 is your perfect destination for residing on your holiday trip to the city. This low accommodation in Delhi will enable you to save money and provide you the ultimate luxury. It is one of the finest hotels in South Delhi which has got all the basic amenities. Source : Know More Click here :

Delhi is famous for its rich culture and heritage  

Delhi is an amazing place in India. It is no doubt a traveler's paradise. With numerous sightseeing places and the plenty of eateries presen...

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