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Steve Smith President & Founder “There is no greater way to reach your goals, enhance your performance and become the professional you want to be than to work with a coach. In addition to helping you overcome the challenges getting in your way and supporting the strengths that will move you forward, coaching provides a level of feedback and accountability that cannot be found with other forms of professional development. Contact me today and find out how I can help you improve your team, your company and you!�

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A Distinctive Coaching Approach GrowthSource Coaching is an Orange County, CA based business and executive coaching company. We provide high quality, personalized business development services to business professionals who wants to perform at the top of their game. We focus on helping you clarify your vision and goals, upgrade your skills, and hold you accountable for actions that drive growth, stability, and the confidence to stay that way. Our business and executive coaching programs help you improve how you run and grow your business. From developing your people and managing your operations to dominating the markets you compete in, we help you think and act differently so you can achieve the results that have eluded you. We place a high priority on understanding what strategies help you make the fastest progress. We’re straightforward in our approach to help you clear hurdles and harness opportunities that lead to your success. Call today: 949-951-9163 or visit us at

Coaching Specialties Leadership Impact We help you develop your ability to think strategically, communicate compellingly, delegate effectively, make well thought out decisions and achieve your goals by influencing the efforts of others.

Management & Operations Through effective management practices, you learn to control the direction, speed and cost of running your business. You will learn to plan, organize, direct, measure and evaluate your operation to eliminate waste and maximize profits.

Sales & Marketing Marketing and sales are the only two functions that generate revenue! Learn to create compelling marketing strategies and the sales teams to support a healthy, consistent flow of ideal clients.

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Coaching Programs Business Coaching This coaching program addresses all the key facets of a business owner’s role and responsibilities. From creating your vision, developing your goals and designing a plan to get there, you also learn how to manage and market your growing operation. We focus your development on mindset upgrades, communication strategies, and decision making techniques.

Executive Coaching It’s all about the confidence and ability to lead others! We focus on relationship building skills, interactive techniques, communications, delegation and helping your people create and drive their own performance plans. By displaying a clear, committed strategy for where you are going, you create loyal followers who will help you get there.

Management Team Coaching If your management team is not playing well together, this needs to be addressed so your most influential resource is serving your company’s best interests. Our team coaching includes a variety of training and team building resources to enhance your team’s focus and efforts.

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How Our Coaching Works Coaching is the act of helping the client transform their beliefs, thinking, behaviors and actions to better align them with the role they have and the responsibility for achieving the success they want.

I help my clients make successful transitions using the following coaching methodology:

• Discovery- Using an extensive diagnostic tool, the client reveals their primary challenges, deficiencies and goals to be accomplished.

• Awareness- Connects the client’s actions with the consequences of their situation. Client accepts responsibility for the actions needed to reach their desired level of success.

• Development- Builds the necessary skills and adopts the required strategies to produce the behaviors and action identified.

• Implementation- Puts the new thinking and learning into practice to develop confidence and create a superior outcome.

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Learning Tools All of our coaching is supported with learning modules that can speed comprehension and implementation. Our library of skill development resources exceeds 50 learning modules. Our training series focuses on the majority of management and leadership challenges that our clients want to address and overcome. Training can be requested individually or in combination with team coaching services.

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Clients Served Our clients share many common traits about their pursuit of business success. They want experience, professional guidance and the kind of resources that will help them become successful business leaders. We think our track record demonstrates a commitment to their individual accomplishments.

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Client Success Stories The CEO of a yacht shipping company in Mallorca, Spain hired us to help him expand his business. Initial revenue was $3.2MM annually. Revenue is now $8.9MM. Owner expanded into support services that enabled him to reorganize and optimize his primary business.

Coached the President of a pharmaceutical drug testing company. Focus was on getting the owners to establish more defined operating roles, hold employees accountable and create a strategy for more deeply penetrating the animal drug manufacturing market. They earned two multi-million dollars contracts and hired a national sales manager.

Coached the executive team of a magazine publishing company to stabilize their leadership and operating performance, and improve their sales results. After 2 years, they have greatly reduced turnover, brought in new CFO and marketing talent, opened 2 new markets and increased revenue by $2MM.

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Development Resources We continue to challenge your thinking and create insights with resources you can use to sharpen your mindset and stay focused on what’s most important. Personal journal to capture your transformation journey and document accomplishments

Reference guide for learning and practicing new leadership skills

Weekly podcasts devoted to business building and professional development strategies

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Steve Smith is considered the ‘Catalyst for Change’ by the California Business Journal. He has delivered performance based coaching and strategy focused business techniques to over 400 businesses across the US and around the world. His specialties in leadership, management and marketing make him an ideal coach for professionals preparing to become world-class business owners or company executives. Steve speaks to various business and trade groups, writes for a collection of online publications and hosts a weekly podcast show called ‘Business Wingmen’. He graduated from Frostburg State University, Frostburg Md. with a degree in business management and minors in accounting and sociology. Steve and his wife Sharon of 39 years live in Lake Forest, have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. In his spare time, he and Sharon travel on their motorcycle. You can reach Steve at: 949-951-9163 or visit him at

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GrowthSource Coaching Company Brochure  

Learn how our coaching approach and services can help you upgrade your professional performance, your team's performance and your company's...

GrowthSource Coaching Company Brochure  

Learn how our coaching approach and services can help you upgrade your professional performance, your team's performance and your company's...