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Here’s a question for ya – if I gave you the chance RIGHT NOW to become a porn star and have sex with some of the HOTTEST females on the planet, would your performance get you a round of applause or laughed out of the building?

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The sad truth of the matter is, most guys spend more time on their hair or their car than they do on their performance in the bedroom, specifically their climax. Think about it – this SHOULD be a guy’s biggest concern. A massive cumshot means a longer orgasm and a more intense sexual experience, for you and your lover. Get the FORMULA at

Women love it when a guy has a massive cumshot, because they feel like they REALLY turned you on.

No, they won’t admit it because that wouldn’t be very ladylike, but believe me they WILL talk about it on ladies night, and what better place to be famous than when your lover and her girlfriends are comparing sexual experiences? Get the FORMULA at

Fact is, you can’t have a massive CUMSHOT unless you have the porn star FORMULA and those little “semen enhancers” you see online just don’t cut it. They’re a weak attempt at best, and some of them are just plain scams. It’s like playing roulette with your sex life; is that really what you want to do? Get the FORMULA at

What you need is a FORMULA – something that attacks the issue from MORE than one angle and shows you, step by step, how to take your WEAK cumshot and turn it into a MASSIVE cumshot. Think you can find that in Semenax or Volume Pills?

Think again. These “one-size-fits-all”, cookie-cutter solutions are a pathetic attempt at making money by promising to make you a porn star with only two pills a day. Get the FORMULA at

Even worse, they give you the ingredients, but hide the dosage behind the words “PROPRIETARY BLEND” which simply means they don’t have to tell you how much (or HOW LITTLE) of each ingredient they are using. Talk about open and honest! Why all the need for secrecy?

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The truth is, if you want a REAL, honest, WORKING formula then you need Secrets of a Porn Star Cumshot. It is the complete formula to a MASSIVE cumshot, from start to finish. Ditch the pill, get the FORMULA!

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Massive Cumshot - Leave Her GASPING For Air and COVERED In Spunk!