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IncreaseSperm Volume – Put Those Baby-Makers on STEROIDS! Ladies,do me a favor and turn away from the screen.This messageis NOT for you. This messageis intended for a different audience – an all MALEaudience! Seewhat I have to say is not something that guys want their girls seeing, becauseI’m going to lay out some truth right now and it might sting just a bit, but it needs to be said. GUYS,listen up – it is time to stop being pussies! I say that with all kindness and love, becauseI know you’re not trying to be; after all, we are MEN. We move the earth and bow down before nothing – well, almost nothing. With the advent of technology, we as MEN are becoming less man-like and more lard-like. Our obesity rates are climbing at a staggering pace and the habits we have picked up in our free time are stripping us of our masculinity! I’m talking about the excessof alcohol, the lack of exercise, and God forbid, the few of you out there that still think Wranglers and those other assorted tight-fitting jeans are a good idea! All these bad habits are stripping away the ONEthing we hold moredearto us than anything else on earth – our very manhood – our SEXDRIVEand VIRILITY. Scientific researchers, loveable little nerds that they are, have discovered that men who drink TOO MUCH alcohol and exercise TOOLITTLEactually become LESSmanly! Yes you heard that right – you are actually becoming LESSof a man. Testosterone, the very essenceof manhood, goes running for the hills when you start pounding away those beers and hiding out on gym day.

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Increase Sperm Volume – Put Those Baby-Makers on STEROIDS!