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PRESIDENT's MESSAGE /l\ s I begin my tenure as /-lthe new IAJFL President, l would like to raise a toast

IAJFL 31st

Annual Conference

to all of our past Leaders for their collective vision and stewardship in bringing our organization to 31 years strongl

:lt has:been said thatl have interest-free lending


60 attendees gathered in Atlanta October 6-8 for the



3 Conference,

by the Jewish Educational Loan Fund (JELF) and Jewish lnterest Free

flowing through my veins as I have volunteered

loan of Atlanta (JIFLA). This year's theme "/nterest-Free Lending - An ancienttradition

my time and passion since inception to the growth

for modern tirnes" was quite apropos for the group. We participated in educational

of our lotal South Florida agency which begins its

sessions about the Jewish origins of interest-free lending, strategic planning, board

25th year of service to the community in 2014. ln

developmenq innovative loan programs, and fundraising. HighlighS also included a

addition, I have been on the IAJFL Executive team

visit to the Atlanta History center, a southern style home hospitalig dinner, an evening

for the past 20 years in various capacities.

honoring the presidency of susan Luterman and recognizing the leadership and tenure

So I am a free loaner from way back and have

of Mark Meltzer and Ed Cushman, and a bluegrass duo performance.Another year

had many opportunities to learn our craft from so

filled with camaraderig excitement, energy and the strengthening of our mutual bond

many professional and lay leaders within our 50

in providing a helping hand, not a handout.

plus agencies. I have been empowered and

entrusted to lead this dynamic organization forward and


do so with pridg honor and enthusiasm.

with our executive team in promoting a cohesive strategic growth and I am excited to work

development plan to raise awareness and allow us

to collectively reach out further in providing our

helping hand, not a hand-outto those in need. HappyThanksgivukkah to one and all!



President's Award Presented to Ed Cushman ln recognition of your many years of Leadership and commitment to the lnternationalAssociation of Jewish Free Loans. Dear Friends and Colleaguel During my years in San Francisco, I have been so fortunate to have

I am extremely disappointed that my lr...nt medical setback is making it

worked with such an outstanding colleague and dear friend as Cindy Rogoway. Cindy and I have been blessed these last 5 years to have

impossible for me to be with you at the

Franciscq and thus, most likely my last

had Jordan Gill on our team as well and he has been a wonderful addition and has become an extremely important element to our success. I have also worked with great lay leaders and a dedicated board of directors who have moved our agency forward in so many

conference. I am sorry I cannot be there

important ways.

conference this year. As I am sure you

all know by now this is going to be my last year at the Hebrew Free Loan in San

Our collective mission is to take an ancient Jewish value and practice

in person to say goodbye and to let you

and to continue to find ways that enable this biblical injunction about interest-free lending to continue to provide meaning and relevancy

all know how much I have enjoyed and appreciated my contact with you.

in today's changing world. lt is not easy, given the demographic and

When I first started at Hebrew Free Loan in San Francisco almost 11.5 years ago I was quickly brought into the lnternational leadership

structure by my wonderful colleague Mark Meltzer. Under Mark's guidancq I found the contact with other free loan agencies to be one of the more meaningful aspects of my new position and I soon found a wealth of colleagues and friends from around the country.

During Glenn Gopmant presidency,


Execulive Board began to hold

monthly conference callt and we began to function in a more serious and involved fashion. I followed Glenn as president and throughout the years I have been privileged to have worked closely with so many outstanding individuals; Mark Glen, Richard Broder, the wonderful pair of Alan and Susan Luterman,AndyWeinberg, Cindy Rogoway,

Nic$ Madoff, Manny

Druker, Elana

Vorspan,Ina Sheinbein, and

many others.We have been able to innovate and help make the entire

additional challenges we are facing. I hope we will all choose to continue to take chances, be open to innovation and to continue our dedication to excellence. Only from that spirit will we be able to grow serve as many people in need as possible and continue to build relevancy. I will leave you all with my favorite saying about change. lt is a quote associated with Yogi Berra, the famous old Yankee catcher. the saying is that "Progress always involves risk; you can't steal second

base and keep your foot on first." So my final wish for all of us is that we take a little more of a lead-off of first at times and strive to get ahead. We owe that much to the generations of individuals in our communities who started our agencies and the donors who so generously funded our institutions. May we all continue to go from

strength to strength.

enterprise strongerwiffr more communication between individuals and

Ed Cushman

between agencies in different cities. I am proud of my tenure as a result.

f \I

oel lsraelwas created in June 2013, Uy


group of members of tre Jewish

' We have:already

guarantor and must show how he/she will

for several cases and are very proudto be the first official Guemaj of the Panama

repay the loan within a 24-mon*r period.

Community in hnama.lhese members saw' the economic problems of many Jewish families in *re communfiy and decided to qreate an

Ihe initial areas we are lending for are



creatq the Bylaws'of this Guema! (Gemach)


interest*ee loans wi*t low monthly paymenE

may need the'loans..' : :A Rabbinicalconsultation committee is also

arise from having to ask for ?edakah.

being aeated to help the board rnembers in

to tre


Allthe funds are being donatedby members of *ie Panama Jewish community.'The basic

that can be used as loans for commercial or

the opportunity to members of *re Jewish

â‚Źrimmunig in hnama,to receivefinancial


membem of the

to give

and the requirements that need to be fulfilled btt tie local Jewish members that

any Halachic issue that maybe

Ihe mission of Goel lsrael is to offerto the hnama Jewish community

mihrahs, and heahh issues among o*res.

Ihe main idea of Gel lsrael

assistance, avoiding


any humiliation frat may

tte "MiWah


of lendinq,rnsney to his fellow Jewish bro*rer, as urell as making the lvliztfa LoAseh of not

charging interest on loans.

personat needs Our vision is to give


And at the same time give tre opportunity fund's donor to do

several loans outstanding

Jewish Community.

busines$ debt cancellation, weddingq bar

interest-tee loan fund to address ttose needs; A'13-person board was created in order

requiremen8 for the bonower is to have one


opportunity to

of *re.Fanama Jewish community :

to get economic help without asking


:donationr Avoiding the need to askfor






Andrew Weinberg Susan C. Luterman Richard Broder Edward L. Cushman Glenn H. Gopman Mark Meltzer Allen N. Luterman lrwin Weiner Bernard Granor Ruth Marcus Irving Levine* Efraim Joffe* Mark Meltzer Harry Adler* Julius Blackman Henry Leopold

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Detroit, Michigan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania San Antonio, Texas Los Angeles, Cal ifornia Phoenix, Arizona San Francisco, California Detroit, Michigan *deceased

CINDY ROGOWAY Associate Director, Hebrew Free Loan of San Francisco fI

or the past 25 years, Cindy has worked in fundraising and non-profit management for the Jewish community. Cindy is decidedly a west coast person. She was born and raised in Seattlg lrtlashington

and spent a decade in LosAngeles. After graduating from UCLA, where she majored in Conttnunication Studies, Cindy moved to the BayArea and began her career in the college textbook publishing business. After a few years, she decided to transition to the non-profit world. Cindy has found meaning and purpose in working for organizations that strenghen community and provide support to those in need. She worked for the Jewish Community Federation for '14 years. She's spent the last 1 1 years at the Hebrew Free Loan Association, where she! currently theAssociate Director. ln this capacity, she oversees the marketing and internal operations ofthe agency, assists with board development and fundraising, and is in charge of the loan program.

Cindyhasbeenimpressedwiththeprofoundandlastingimpactamicro-loancanmake' ln addition to her professional involvement in the Jewish community, Cindy has also been an active volunteer for political campaigns and several local Jewish organizations, including Congregation Kol Emeth, the South Peninsula Hebrew Day Schooland

Ihe Friendship Circle. Cindy lives in San Carlos, CA, with her husband, Joe Goldberg, and their sweet and precocious four-year old son, Alan. 0n weekends, they can be spotted around town riding their new triple - tandem bicycle.

f,pffiHk 6505 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 715 Los

Angelel CA 90048

Tet. (323) 761-8830 Fax (323) 761-8841

President Andrew B.Weinberg


Vice Presidents David Contorer (Ml) Lara Dorfman (GA) Cindy Rogoway (CA) Iina Sheinbein (AZ)

Treasurer Mannie Druker (Vancouver)

Secretary Ginny Gendleman (Wl)

Administrator Natalie Fainberg (CA) RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

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