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Use Craigslist To Grow Your Online Home Business The Craigslist phenomenon has been one of the internet success stories of the last few years and you can use its success to grow your online home business. It started up in 1995 and now has an amazing 20 billion page views every single month, making it the 7th most popular US site and the 33th most visited in the world. Craigslist covers 700 locations in over 70 countries and offers a mixture of free classified ads, jobs ads, community notices and forums. Here we will look at how you can improve and grow your online home business using Craigslist. There are a couple of different techniques which you can use in order to make money using Craigslist, and we will look at both of them here, so that you can work out which one would be best for you. The first technique; small business owners can reach out to more potential customers using Craigslist by posting ads. Of course, before you do this you need to think initially about the type of people you are looking to attract and the kind of ads which they might be interested in reading. Consider the following things when doing this. 1. Post a free ad and spread the word about your product or services. 2. Choose the most appropriate category to target the right potential customers. 3. Use the discussion forums on the site to increase your visibility. 4. Renew your ads on a regular basis with automatic repostings. 5. Try out different types of ad with altered wording, to find the best approach. 6. Add an image to your ads for more impact. 7. Check out rival ads to pick up hints and ideas. 8. Think about when would be the best time of day to post your notice. 9. Stick to three ads a day to avoid getting flagged. 10.Make the offer more enticing by offering something free or for a limited time. Some of your ads will work while others won’t. The key point now is to work out which ones have brought you in new leads and how. You can then use this information to tailor your future postings. If you are going to be using the forums then one thing to be very careful of is not falling foul of the moderators by posting spam messages. Of course, sometimes a well intentioned message can come across as spamming if the poster doesn’t pay too much attention to the words and phrases they use. To avoid this you should be careful to read over your messages before posting them. You should also make sure that each one has some sort of useful information or offer for the people who are going to view them. The second technique; Craigslist offers home business owners the use of the independent contractors section to find people who are looking for exactly the type of service which you are offering. This feature can be used by ticking the contract box in the search options box. If you can’t find anything of interest to you then you could also post your own ad advertising your services.

Most business owners find that the first idea listed – posting free classified ads – is the best and most profitable way of using the site to increase their traffic and revenue. However, getting started by trying all the options possible is a good way to explore all the avenues open to you and not missing out on something which you could use for your benefit. You certainly wouldn’t be the first person to make a good living from income derived from Craigslist traffic, and if you can find the right type of approach for your business there is a very good chance of you making as big a success of it as others have already done. One of the benefits to be had from this type of online advertising is that it is very quick and easy to do. Because the Craigslist site limits you to 3 free ads a day you won’t be spending much time on it on a daily basis anyway. A good idea is to give it a couple of weeks of trying different approaches and ideas, to see if you can make Craigslist work for you. To get more help and information follow the link to grow your online home business.

Use Craigslist To Grow Your Online Home Business  

When you decide to start up your own online home business there are no doubt a lot of reasons behind your decision to go ahead and try this...