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Get ready to jump ...

Reading Readiness

Joey is going to jump.

…   p Get ready to jum .

m u j   . ..

r p

e r v grassh o t h o ig

ppe r.

We can jump together.

? y d Are you rea


t over frog h g i r p .

Frog tells joey he can hop.

o j w o Help frog sh

o h ey

.. .   w

h o t   . ..

t over pos h g i r su op


Possum says, “Follow me”.


. .   s t n

Follow possum’s f

i r p oot


 . to

s i v

it k

o t p e h of the t t a a l t re a o


“Come and meet my friend,” says koala.

. . .   h c n a r b s Climb thi






i r n the t e d i l g r r ee t a g o u s ps t

“Let’s say ‘Hello’ to my neighbour,” says sugar glider.

o g s Come on, let’

. g n i d gli

id l G

t k e o e o m k a o b t u r r e ra. v o e

Kookaburra loves to fly.

Let him s

u o y how

. w ho


u ’s head m e r e v . ly o

Emu can’t fly but emu can run. Can you?

! o g Get ready,


to echid p u t h g n i r a. n

Echidna can’t run fast, but he can hide.

Show joe

o t e r e h yw

. e hid

d i H

tching wo a r c s mb d n i h a e t. b e

Wombat can’t jump. Wombat can’t hop. Wombat can’t climb, glide or fly.

c t a b Wom

! g i d n a


s ’ sleepy y e o j d m n u um o r a . g i

“Jump into my pouch,” says Mum.

Show joe y where to

. p ju m


u m M ’ s e d pouc i s n i h. p

Joey likes to jump, but after all that hopping, climbing, running, hiding, and digging, he’s very tired.

t ’ n e Ar

? u yo

STEVE PARISH As a child, Steve Parish was fascinated with animals. As an adult, he has devoted his career to photographing them, and through publishing has promoted an informed awareness of Australia’s unique and varied wildlife. With each photograph, Steve aims to capture a little of the character of the animal, giving us a sense of being immersed in the animal’s environment. Steve has a passion for teaching children about nature. What better way is there to develop this appreciation than through the joy of reading?

KERRY KITZELMAN School teacher, university lecturer, and author, Kerry Kitzelman understands the importance of reading to children. It rewards the child in the early years of schooling and prepares a foundation for reading enjoyment later. As a parent, Kerry knows that reading together is a pleasure for both parent and child and enriches this special relationship. Read to your child at every opportunity. They love it!

Published by Steve Parish Publishing Pty Ltd PO Box 1058, Archerfield, Queensland 4108 Australia © copyright Steve Parish Publishing Pty Ltd All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission in writing of the publisher. ISBN 978174193517 2 First published 2009. Photography: Steve Parish. Additional photography: p. 18, echidna, Queensland Museum Text: Kerry Kitzelman, SPP Cover design: Thomas Hamlyn-Harris. Design: Leanne Nobilio. Editorial: Cathy Vallance & Michele Perry. Production: Jacqueline Schneider. Colour management: Greg Harm. Produced in Australia at the Steve Parish Publishing Studios

ABOUT SAY “HELLO” BOOKS Featuring some of Australia’s cutest animals, this series is an enchanting way to introduce children to books. A child’s perception is very different to an adult’s perception. Children don’t automatically know how to progress through a book — a skill that is a precursor to learning to read. Each book in the Say “Hello” series not only acquaints children with captivating Australian animals, but also promotes a specific set of skills to help prepare children for reading. Say “Hello” to an Aussie icon and start your child on the road to a lifetime of reading pleasure.



Say Hello Joey  
Say Hello Joey  

This newly created range of Steve Parish KIDS books features some of Australia's cutest animals and is an enchanting way to introduce childr...