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One of the great things in life is that you’re never too young, or too old, to start learning. Ever since I was a very small child I have been fascinated with nature and, over the years, I’ve discovered that the more I learn the more exciting my experiences with nature become. We’re fortunate — Australia offers such a rich diversity of native animals and plants, many of which are found nowhere else in the world, and some of which have become national icons. The Steve Parish KIDS Early Learning Range showcases some of these favourite Australians and helps teach kids simple concepts such as counting, addition and subtraction, the alphabet, telling the time and opposites. I believe that if we can encourage an empathy and understanding of Australia’s great outdoors and the animals and plants that live and interact there, kids will be more likely to embark upon their own journeys of discovery. By increasing understanding, the journeys will be made even more fun. Enjoy!

Alphabet & Words

c a b




Aa See the Anemonefish in its Anemone home, Ants and Angelfish are all nearby,

Bb beautiful Beetles, Butterflies and Bilbies back away from a Bat showing how it can fly.

Cc As Caterpillar creeps, Crab and Crocodile crunch at Cassowary and white Cockatoo.

Dd Dingo pups peer at a dazzling Dolphin, diving Ducks and a Dragonfly too!

Ee Ff Look! A spiky Echidna, an eager Emu, and an Eagle with wings even wider,

Gg face Flowers, a Frog, a Frilled lizard, Goanna, a Gecko and even a Glider!

Hh A Hermit crab scuttles, a Hammerhead swims, Honeyeater’s up high while Heron stands tall,

Ii Ibis is perched on a jutting-out branch, and invading Insects flutter and crawl.

Jj Jabiru journeys on long, red legs, Sea Jellies jiggle while Joey jumps,

Kk King-parrot and Kookaburra share a kiss, and Koala grabs gum leaves in clumps.

Ll M While Lorikeets laugh and preen on a log Lionfish and Lizard look at a Leaf,

Nn m a Mallee fowl, Moth and Magpie notice a Nailtail wallaby and Numbat beneath.

Oo P Octopus observes a very odd Owl, peeping Parrot and Possum see Potoroos pass,

p Qq a quarrelsome Quokka makes baby Quolls quiver and hide quickly in their nest of grass.

Rr S Rainbows and Rosellas radiate red, a sleepy Seal sees Seagull glide,

Tt s Sea Stars and Shark slowly swim in the sea, while Turtle and Tassie devil play in the tide.

Uu V Urchins and a Ulysses butterfly are under a gecko with Velvety skin so sleek.

Ww v Weedy seadragons watch as Wombats waddle by a Wattle tree down near a creek.

Xx Y Excellent paintings that exist on cave walls are exhibits of X-ray art.

y Zz A Yellow-billed spoonbill yarns with a Yabby and Zebra finch says “now zoom back to the start!�


Ant, Angelfish, Anemonefish, Anemone


Butterflies, Beetles, Bat, Bilbies


Caterpillar, Crab, Crocodile, Cassowary, Cockatoo


Dingo pups, Dolphin, Ducks, Dragonfly

Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii

Echidna, Emu, Eagle Flowers, Frog, Frilled lizard Goanna, Gecko, Glider Hermit crab, Honeyeater, Heron, Hammerhead shark Insects, Ibis


Jabiru, Joey, sea Jellies


Koala, King-parrot, Kookaburra


Lorikeets, Lizard, Lionfish

Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr

Mallee fowl, Moth, Magpie Nailtail wallaby, Numbat Owl, Octopus Potoroos, Possum, Parrot Quokka, Quolls Rosellas, Rainbow


Sea stars, Seal, Seagull, Shark


Tasmanian devil, Turtle


Urchins, Ulysses butterfly


Velvet gecko


Weedy seadragons, Wombats, Wattle

Xx Yy Zz

X-ray art Yellow-billed spoonbill, Yabby Zebra finch

Steve Parish is a world-famous nature photographer. When he was a kid, he loved animals and wanted to know everything about them. He papered his bedroom with posters and drawings of animals and had a great time looking for Australian animals, watching them and reading about them. Later he explored the world beneath the waves, photographing the amazing creatures there. He even discovered new species! Today he continues to make discoveries and hopes that children will be inspired to learn the secrets of Australia’s fascinating wild creatures and their habitats.

Published by Steve Parish Publishing Pty Ltd PO Box 1058, Archerfield, Queensland 4108 Australia © copyright Steve Parish Publishing Pty Ltd All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission in writing of the publisher.

Photography: Steve Parish Additional photography: zebra finches, Peter Slater Text: Catherine Prentice, SPP

ISBN 978174021952 5

Design: Gill Stack Editing: Ted Lewis; Michele Perry & Karin Cox, SPP Production: Tiffany Johnson

First published 2007. Reprinted 2008, 2010.

Produced in Australia at the Steve Parish Publishing Studios

The Steve Parish KIDS range of Early Learning books helps young minds learn simple concepts, such as time, ordinal numbers, alphabet and opposites, by applying them to the natural world. Vibrant images of native wildlife help place these concepts in a “wild� perspective. Collect all four titles to complete your Steve Parish KIDS Early Learning library.

First Facts Young minds are always inquiring, and sometimes it is difficult to provide all the right answers. With the Steve Parish KIDS range of First Facts, questions are encouraged and answers are provided, filling young minds with the information kids want to know about some of their favourite Australian animals.



Collection: Steve Parish Early Learning Age range: 3+ Text level: early childhood Text type: informative, factual Skills: animal recognition, general knowledge, alphabet recognition

Alphabet & Words  
Alphabet & Words  

The Steve Parish KIDS range of Early Learning books helps young minds learn simple concepts, such as time, ordinal numbers, alphabet and opp...