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stevenspapen portfolio 20062012


Steven Spapen


driving license B

º 21/07/1988 - Vilvoorde, Belgium


address: Koningin Fabiolalaan 26



1830 Machelen


Brussels Area, Belgium

french german

mobile : +32 474 88 22 10 e-mail: Professional experience

nv Styfhals-Partners - september 2011 - now


Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst Master, Architectuur 2006 – 2011

Part-time Diploma in Arts:

software skills Autodesk AutoCad Adobe CS (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) Google SketchUp MS Office (Excel, Word) Vray

Academy of Music, Word and Dance Vilvoorde Higher degree - Music - Drums / Percussion


music, drums, guitar running, football, swimming former board member YouthClub Sjaloom Machelen sketching and photography

stevenspapen Universidad de Sevilla Master, Arquitectura 2009 – 2010

Basic knowledge of: Rhinoceros C3A (flanders)

house=city 2nd Master 20102011

Investigation about the borders between a house, an alley, a street, a neighbourhood, a city, ...

conceptual scale model

S t u d i o Open-School School expansion in Appelterre 3rd Bachelor 20082009 Project





Shielding the children from the local. To focus them on the world, the future. view from the back of the school learning, reflecting, dreaming, ... front view / facade translucent screen


concept sheme + scale model pictures

Bachelor p r o j e c t

Appartement block in Brussels 3rd Bachelor 20082009 Masterplan






Social housing, interest for quality space on small areas. overview render from the central place circulation flows are the carrier of the design scale model images implementation scale model images

floor plan unit organisation

Turist Extension of village

1st Master 20092010 Project



flats existing







overview plan Unit organisation, connected by one leading wall all over the site This wall also determines the grade of privacy of the space

Collective H ousings Development of a new quarter in AlmerĂ­a

1st Master 20092010 Project






overview plan standard unit centralization of the wet rooms

H ousings Housing project in Brussels 2nd Bachelor 20072008

storyboard unit sections site section

Scientific center in the sand dunes Design of a research center for biologists in dunes at the Belgian coast


1st Bachelor 20062007

exploration models scale model image


altenative setting

R e v i v a l basiliek van Koekelberg

new image and programes for the basilic

Theoretical and programatic thinking about new possiblities and chances for this Basilic located in Brussels 3rd Bachelor 20082009

Masterplan together with Sam Dieltjens and


Brecht Van Duppen, Pieter Cloeckaert

analyse & toekomst kerkgedeelte

Dirkydomes Exploration of creating domes 2nd Master 20102011

Design of the mixing of an upright dome combined with a lying down dome. Constructed from a selection of parallelograms structural scale model tests / resultant forces structural analysis overview image top view

M a s t e r p r o j e c t s t o r y s p e c i f i c

As a starting point, there was a rather vague and broad-based idea to do something about performing and the use of the scene, which originated in my personal p e r f o r m a n c e p l a t f o r m interests. Talking to different people in 2nd Master 20102011 the world of performance helped me to calibrate my idea. They talked about the failure of the multipurpose (polyvalent) theater and multipurpose venues and this fact was an important trigger for the finetuning of my question, my issue. If we are going to ask a question: What if we do not depart from the generally applicable (as is the case for versatility) but on the contrary, starting from the very particular and specific? What if we take a specific story and we use that to design a performance platform? Can we distill from this specific performance platform design generic qualities that we again can use in other circumstances? This question can also be placed within a wider context: What is the value of another art form (literature, theater, music) as inspiration, design guidance to architectural design? On the basis of my project design I try to answer this question.

platform scale model sketches main section

standard situation plan

M a s t e r p r o j e c t s t o r y s p e c i f i c performanceplatform 2nd Master 20102011

promenade plan

environmental scale model overview image site section

E x p expressive r e s s iprojects on several Bachelor years 20062009

reversible arc veins duality

Professional Experience nv Styfhals & Partners interprofessional studio


september 2011 - now

Kanaalpark Tybeert collective housing


design by nv Styfhals & Partners + Robbrecht en Daem architecten • weekly construction site supervision (november 2011 now) • drawing of construction details • contact with developer, building contractors, engeneers, ...

LCL Belgium data center design



nv. Styfhals

• 3D model • presentation documents


Diegem &


C o n c i e r g e w o n i n g woonzorgcentrum Vilvoorde caretaker dwelling, passage for deliveries at ground level

Other on at

projects Styfhals

I &

worked Partners

• Hooi & Werfkaai Brussels: working and thinking of details. Mailboxes, entrance halls, ...

• complete design of a unifamiliar house • building permit

• DMI Vilvoorde: collective housing project general plan, working on appartement units, testing with colours and shapes, ... • Zenneproject Halle: social housing project 3D model, presentation, photo editing, ... • Vitra: new facade for the vitra showroom • Basisschool Berg: elementary school

PPS Academie - Heist o/d Berg academy of arts

design by nv Styfhals & Partners (BAFO competition) • site analysis, measuring, ... • 3D modeling, presentation • contact with acoustic engeneer, developer, (acoustic) product information, comparing prices and solutions, ... • measuring state

several other projects ...

PPS Academie - Heist o/d Berg ground floor plan

Kanaalpark Vilvoorde


• construction site supervision

Photography + photo editing

+ photomanipulations Current camera = Panasonic Lumix GF3 + 14-42 MFT lens

photography Puente de Alamillo - Sevilla (2010)



logo for buzzkiller sound studio home recording 2007 sketches/drawings onion samurai



Inspirational s k e t c h Thinking theatre, 2010

about the

the stage

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my portfolio, version may 2012

portfolio may 2012  

my portfolio, version may 2012