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Stevenson STYLER Fall/Winter 2017, Volume 17


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As the leaves fall and the weather gets chilly, we know that the cold winter months are here to stay. Join us in this ediEon of the Stevenson Styler as we present the up and coming fashions for fall and winter and look forward winter break and the relaxaEon it will bring. We are excited to announce that we will be going digital! You can now view the Stevenson Styler online at www.d125.org/ stevensonstyler. We have also included some delicious recipes and brain fuel for final exams. Hopefully, you’ll pull inspiraEon from this issue and show your style in the halls! We encourage you to shop local this holiday season! Long Grove and Buffalo Grove have many small bouEques and shops for you to find the perfect giTs for those special people in your life! Thanks for reading & stay stylish Stevenson! Jenna Moy, Magda Odraz & Alexa Weres


Gabi Heinzen & Annicka Capariello Photo Shoot Stylists Gabi Heinzen, Magda Odrowaz, Ava Rasty, Devin Smith Models Bella Donna BouEque, Long Grove LocaEon & Clothing Provider Annicka Caprariello, Jules Duffin, Nataly Flores, Litzy Flores, Natali Freihammer, Abigail George, Tanisha Gunashaker, Gabi Heinzen, Christin Irlbeck, Taylor Irvin, Joyce Kang, Sami Kieffer, Jessie Mazursky, Jenna Moy, Magda Odrowaz, Jasmin Saggu, Sabrina Scheufler, and Alexa Weres Magazine Contributors ChrisEna Erickson Club Sponsor A very special thank you to Stevenson High School AdministraEon Dr. Eric Twadell, Superintendent Mr. Troy Gobble, Principal Photo shoot shot on locaEon at Bella Donna BouEque Mr. Ted Goergen, Student AcEviEes Director 420 Robert Parker Coffin Road in Long Grove 1

Fashion Show Chic

April 21st 2017 marked the 4th annual Stevenson High School Fashion Show. The fashion show was not only an event to showcase local bouEques and student made garments, but it was also a fundraiser for the organizaEon Dress for Success. The show, held in Performing Arts Center, brought in around 350 people, and raised over $1000 for the charity. The local bouEques that parEcipated included Illusions by Jill, SElebo’s, Francesca’s CollecEon, Olivia’s BouEque & Bella Donna BouEque. The fashion show was the result of the work of a team of student leaders, volunteers and designers. Mrs. Erickson, the faculty coordinator, said, “I wanted to involve as many students as possible this year in both the planning and execuEon of the show.” To do this she, encouraged more students to submit designs, and expanded the volunteer opportuniEes. The head producers were Avery Klondar and Hailey Kleinstein, of the class of 2017. She was assisted by a strong team of students including assistant producers Alexa Weres and Gabi Heinzen.

Over 2/3 of the garments featured in the show were made by Stevenson students and all were made by the students in the Clothing & Design and Advanced Clothing & Design classes. Some were basic skirts, others were elaborate dresses. The show debuted 20 original looks created by the students in Advanced Clothing & Design. “I am excepEonally proud of the students that go on to design school and fashion related careers aTer high school. I know that I helped them discover their life’s work and to see their work on the runway is really exciEng.” The number of student collecEons grew again this year too. If a student had more than five garments in the show, all their garments were put together in one secEon. This highlighted the students who went above and beyond the work of a typical student. Fourteen students showed collecEons: Selin Akad, Nora-Kathleen Berryhill, Grace Day, Maya Gold, Gabi Heinzen, Mab Han, Hailey Kleinstein, Avery Klondar, Youn Lee , Magda Odrowaz, Julia Reiter, Carly Roseman, Becca Weiner and Michelle Wexler. Overall, 29 students showed their garments in the show.

This year the show will be on Friday, April 20th, 2018 i n t h e P e r f o r m i n g A r t s Center. It will run from 7:00pm – 8:00pm. If you would like to volunteer for the fashion show, there will be a meeting on Wednesday, February 7th in room 1612 at 3:30. We need models, make-up artists, and general volunteers. We hope to see you there, if you have any questions, please e m a i l M r s . E r i c k s o n a t cerickson@d125.org. Nicolebe Lucas in a dress made by Gabi Heinzen

Amber Schall In a kimono made by Maya Gold.

Group photo of some of the volunteers, models and designers.



Top from leT to right: Sami Keiffer is ready for the holidays with this off the shoulder velvet shirt. Andrea Mazur can pair her purple knit top with leggings OR jeans. Bobom from leT to right: Bonnie Han made this flowy dress with on trend bow detail in the back. Students get into the giT giving spirit by taking a blanket from J.Crew and using classroom equipment, monograms it for a giT 3

Top from leT to right: ThriTed shirts aren’t just for fashion! This keychain tassel is made from an old shirt! Dana Juarez is looking forward to summer in her floral romper. She can even pair it with Eghts and booEes for a holiday event!

Center: Emmeline Chung chose a metallic blush fabric to make this off the shoulder shirt with sleeves. Bobom from leT to right: Ella vanGerven made this knit wrap shirt in one of the most popular colors of the season. Same shirt in a different fabric creates a whole new look in this off the shoulder shirt made by Athena Kolli.


Want a career related to FASHION? Many students are interested in a career related to the fashion industry. However, many students don’t really know what types of jobs and opportuniEes there are related to it. Luckily, you abend a high school that offers a lot of classes and learning opportuniEes that can give you a taste of what the fashion industry has to offer. They also provide important skills that can help you in your college course work. A former SHS student, Taylor Dini (class of 2012) , who abends FIDM (Fashion InsEtute of Design and Merchandising) in Los Angeles, is majoring in Product Development. She didn’t think she would have to know how clothes were made, but boy was she wrong. In her first year she was taking clothing construcEon courses, fashion history, and merchandising. Luckily while she was a Stevenson student, she took advantage of classes such as Clothing & Design, Fashion Merchandising & Design and MarkeEng. These classes provided her with a great basis of knowledge that gave her an advantage in her college courses. Here are a few classes that you should consider taking and why they will help you. You need to be sure to register for these elecEves in advance! If you don’t, you may not be able to switch in later!

Fashion Merchandising & Design

This class covers both the business side and the design side of the fashion industry. Visual merchandising, product development, adverEsing, retailing and fashion markeEng are covered. Every business principle in this course directly relates to the fashion industry. On the design side, you cover the elements and principles of design, product design, and fashion design. For your final exam, you design your own fashion line and store to sell it in!

Clothing & Design and Advanced Clothing & Design

In these classes you learn how clothing is made. Even if you want to go into the business side of the industry, having an understanding of how clothing is constructed will give you an advantage over other students. As you move into the advanced level, you learn how to make your own paberns and edit exisEng paberns. Now you can get a dual college and honors credit when you repeat the Advanced level! Students have the opportunity to show their work in the annual fashion show, held in April!

Not only will you gain some valuable experiences in these classes, but you have the opportunity to be a part of FCCLA which is a compeEEve club where you can gain amazing leadership and presentaEon skills, deepen your understanding of fashion related areas, and compete for state and naEonal recogniEon. If you have quesEons about any of these classes or opportuniEes, contact Mrs. Erickson at cerickson@d125.org 5

Tales from the Sales Floor: Working at a Small BouEque By: Gabi Heinzen

I started working at Bella Donna BouEque at the end of my junior year and went in not knowing what to expect. I had never worked in retail before, much less a small family run business in the middle of downtown Long Grove. I had been a customer there for months before and fell in love with the aestheEc and clothes of the bouEque. There are very few stores like Bella Donna in the area, and I jumped at the chance to be able to work for a small business. My dream is to have my own store one day so I decided that the best experience I could get was working in a bouEque I loved and for a boss I admired. From the start, I was involved in every decision made for the store. From the online orders my boss made to which necklace the mannequin would wear. I was shocked by how much my opinion mabered and how my boss genuinely wanted to hear my thoughts on everything. Working for a small retail business is something I would wholeheartedly suggest for anyone interested in fashion, there is nothing beber than having your ideas and creaEvity valued and listened to and that is something you will only get by working for a small business. I will be forever thankful for the experiences I've had and how much I've learned from working there.


POP OF COLOR By: Jessie Mazursky, Jules Duffin, Tanisha Gunashaker

Tired of the boring oranges, and browns that would make anyone want to curl up under the blankets with a and take a long nap? So are we. Here are a few ideas on how to spice it up with bold colors that are sure to take your outit to the next level- all while sEll keeping you cozy!

Ribbed Ringer Tee Charlobe Russe $11.99

Men’s Windbreaker Columbia $49.99

Men’s Dickies Plaid Flannel Hooded Shirt Kohl’s $55.00


By: ChrisEna Irlbeck

From wacky wavy eyebrows to 80s throwbacks, fashion is ever changing-for beber or for worse. When one change occurs in the fashion industry, it can inspire more and more looks. Stevenson may not be the Paris Fashion week runway, but it sEll has its own sense of style. It’s students have added their flair, and many make bold choices in order to express themselves, avoiding negaEvity and leung clothing speak for itself. Throughout the years, Stevenson fashion has been modified by each class to fit their different characterisEcs and let the world see them as they are. As of now, fashion at Stevenson ranges from baffling black to relaxed and simple. Everyday is a new one, so you never know what to expect. The guy you saw walking the hallway wearing a suit and Ee will be wearing his sports sneakers and a t shirt the next day. Or even the girl who chose to wear bright orange lipsEck and a romper will wear a purple lip and a flowy maxi skirt. With the rise of thriTing and resale shopping, more and more students are finding creaEve and inexpensive ways to show their personal style. These may be inconsistent, but one fact will never change: fashion is uncontrollable. In order to understand these changes at Stevenson, several teachers who previously graduated spoke of the different opinions of fashion at Stevenson. Mrs. Zizzo, who is apart of the Spanish team, graduated from Stevenson in 1993. In her Eme at Stevenson, she says, “The kids wore baggy sweatshirts, turtlenecks, and untapered jeans.” She added, “I even bought men’s bubon down shirts to wear to school!” The 90’s were a Eme of flannels, chokers, Doc MarEn’s, and hip hop. Which is not that different from what students are wearing now. Fashion is a cycle and in 20 years Stevenson hallways might not look that different than they do now.

Mrs. Zizzo’s actual school ID!!!!

When looking at pictures of the past we must look forward to the future and make a decision, for better or for worse. As Ralph Lauren once said, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” So keep that personal style walking the hallways of Stevenson! 8

Simple & Fast Breakfasts By: Magda Odrowaz Spinach and Cheddar Microwave Quiche Mug:

Ingredients: •  ½ cup chopped spinach" •  1 egg" •  1/3 cup milk" •  1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese" •  1 piece of sliced cooked bacon" •  salt and pepper" 1.  Put spinach in the mug and microwave covered with a paper towel for one minute. Drain the liquid by pushing the spinach with a spoon and pouring out water." 2.  Crack the egg into the mug and add milk, cheese, bacon, and salt & pepper. Mix with a fork." 3.  Cover with a paper towel and microwave for 3 minutes."

Frozen Nutty Bananas: Ingredients: •  1 banana" •  1 tablespoon of nut butter" •  Various toppings for banana" •  1 popsicle skewer" 1.  Cut 1 firm banana in half, and un-peal it. Arrange the bananas onto a baking tray." 2.  Spread almond butter (or any other kind of nut/ sunflower butter) onto the sides of the bananas not laying on the sheet." 3.  Stick whatever toppings you would like onto the sides of the bananas. Some ideas: raisins, chia seeds, nuts, granola." 4.  Insert a popsicle skewer into the banana and freeze them on the tray for at least 2 hours. " Avocado Egg Toast:

Ingredients: •  2 slices of whole grain bread" •  2 eggs" •  1 avocado" 1.  •  1 teaspoon of lime juice" •  Salt and pepper for taste" 2.  •  Parsley (optional)" 3. 

Toast the bread in any way you prefer, and mash the avocado in a bowl with a fork." Add the lime juice, salt, and pepper into the mashed avocado and mix." Fry both eggs in any way you prefer. Poached, fried on a pan, and scrambled work well." 4.  Spread half of the avocado mixture onto 1 piece of toast, and spread the other half on the other piece of toast. Place an egg on top of each piece of toast." 5.  Add chopped parsley if desired."


Topping the Charts

What music is hot right now? By: Natali Freihammer 1-800-273-8255 Logic Featuring Alessia Cara and DJ Khalid

Havana Camila Cabello Featuring Young Thug

Mi Gente J Balvin and Willy William Featuring Beyonce

Bath/ Sorry Not Sorry Studying Demi Lovato For those stressful days when you need to ease your mind - Lible Bird by Ed Wolves Sheeran Feel It SEll Selena Gomez Portugal. The - Roslyn by Bon Iver T. with X St.Vincent Man Marshmello - Romeo and Juliet by Tchaikovsky

Too Good at Goodbyes Sam Smith

Sweater Weather Sipping tea or cocca and bundling up in a warm blanket - Sweater weather by The Neighborhood - Arabella by ArcEc Monkeys

...Ready For It? Taylor SwiT

AWenEon Charlie Puth

Driving Road trips to ski lodges and shopping sprees - Myth by Beach House - From the Dining Room by Harry Styles - Beach Bummer by no vacaEon

Turkey, mash, and all that jazz Music to listen to when enjoying holiday dinners with the family - Back to black by Amy Winehouse - Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra - La Vie en Rose cover by Louis Armstrong

Baby it’s cold outside! Cuddle up by the fire and sing along to your favorites! - That’s Christmas to me album by PTX - Sleigh Ride cover by The Ronebes - Christmas album by Michael Bublé

Music by Occasion

By: Litzy Flores & Nataly Flores 10

Gifts For Everyone On Your List! By: Alexa Weres

Credit Card SEcker & Phone Stand Amazon $8

Face Masks Target $10


GiT Alert: LipsEck GiT Set

Girl’s Night Out

Flaunt fesEve lips all season long with this limited ediEon lipsEck collecEon. Each shade features a brand-new formula that lends vibrant color payoff, a moisturizing saEn finish, and fresh peppermint flavor. These lipsEcks get their moisturizing touch from plant-based ingredients such as jojoba esters and their light minty scent from peppermint oil—not from syntheEc flavors, fragrances, or chemicals that may have harmful health effects. Buy one for you and one for a friend at www.beautycounter.com!

First Date

Lible Black Dress

About the brand: Beautycounter is commibed to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what’s required by U.S. law: they’ve banned the use of more than 1,500 quesEonable or harmful chemicals through their "Never List”—all while ensuring their products perform and that they’re as indulgent as any other luxe shampoo, lipsEck, or oil in the market.

9 to 5



By: Alexa Weres

Jewelry Swap Party

Tired of your Jewelry? Do you want new Jewelry but don't have the budget? Well that's an easy ďŹ x! One of the newest ways to get new bling is by holding a jewelry swap party! A swap party is where you trade your accessories in exchange for another person's accessories. Here's how to do it: 1) Set a date and send out an invite to friends and/ or family asking them to bring as many pieces of jewelry they would like to trade. 2) Prepare by making or purchasing ďŹ nger foods. Lots of jewelry trading will result in hungry guests, small bites are the way to go! 3) Set up a table so your guests can display their jewelry. 4) Let the trading begin! Pick a number and then each guest gets to choose 1 piece of jewelry, rotate through the numbers keep going unEl there is nothing more to trade!

Not only does a swapping party work for jewelry, but you can also throw similar parEes to trade other accessories and clothes! Consider throwing a Winterfest dance dress swap! 13

How To Take The Perfect Insta Pic By: Taylor Irvin and Joyce Kang

In 2016, Forbes reported that over PreparaEon 95 million Instagram photos were •  Don’t Be Afraid of LighEng. SomeEmes, “bad” lighEng can be good lighEng. Play with shared everyday. As we scroll for shadows, and Emes of day. hours through our feed, double tap, •  Take advantage of natural lighEng. A and comment, someEmes we can't good Eme to take pictures outside is known as “golden hour” which is either help but be jealous of how well right aTer sunrise or right before pictures turn out for some people. sunset. How did they get that light effect? How did they get that angle? How •  Take Advantage of EdiEng Apps. There are some really great ediEng apps available for did their camera focus like that? you. These can completely transform your QuesEons like these circulate in our photos. mind as we wish we could have •  Some really great ediEng apps: VSCO Cam, ATerlight, Adobe Photoshop photos like that. Here are some Eps Express, Snapseed to help you get that perfect pic for your feed. •  Use a Grid. Your camera has a seung where it turns on a grid. Go to your seungs, then photos and camera. •  Use rule of thirds: Your iPhone grid is split up into nine squares. The horizon line should line up with the top or bobom horizontal line.

Tips •  •  • 

Stop using your front facing camera for selfies. It’s convenient, but the rear facing camera takes much beber photos. Having lighEng problems? Make it black and white. Don’t just see what’s at eye level, it pays to look up. Dynamic architectural angles are everywhere. Look up! Look down! 14

Local Shopping Spots

This holiday season shop small and discover the local shops, bouEques and specialty stores close to home. The level of customer service and quality of the merchandise is much higher than what you will find online and an even bigger benefit is that you are supporEng a small business. You will find high quality and someEmes one of a kind pieces that will make your giTs and style stand out. So check out some of our favorite local shopping spots, you just might be amazed at what you might find. Long Grove has 2 of our favorite local fashion bouEques! Plus there are an array of other specialty stores and restaurants to find ways to waste the day away. Be sure to stop at the Long Grove ConfecEonary for a chocolate pick me up to keep you going! Not to menEon Long Grove is a picture perfect spot for your Insta feed. Stop 1: Bella Donna BouEque (pictured above and to the right) is located at 420 Robert Parker Coffin Road carries accessories, dresses and tops for everyone. In fact or photo spread for this ediEon was shot on locaEon at their store and all the clothing featured was compliments of Bella Donna BouEque! Stop 2: Long Grove ConfecEonary is located at 220 Robert Parker Coffin Rd, Long Grove. Who doesn’t want a chocolate covered strawberry to sweeten their day?

Stop 3: Olivia’s BouEque located at 144 Old McHenry Rd, Is our other favorite fashion shopping spot in Long Grove. They specalize in fashion forward fashion and accessories.


InfluenEal Icons in Fashion Today By: Sami Kieffer and Sabrina Scheufler

Kaia Gerber: Daughter of Cindy Crawford, American model of the 1990’s, is a 16 year old model who signed with IMG models. She began modeling when she was 10 years old for Versace’s Junior Line. She’s not only a young and talented woman, but also an influenEal person for teenage girls since she is only 16. Zendaya: Originally an actress, singer and dancer, she is now known for her work as an arEst. Although her style does not fit into one category, it is always interesEng. Whenever she abends an event no one knows what to expect from her but it is always assumed that her choices will be bold. Her willingness to embrace a variety of different looks makes her influenEal and allows women to feel more confident when choosing a bolder look. Selena Gomez: Selena Gomez is a Texas born celebrity who started off her career acEng, later becoming a pop princess and influencing fashion all around the world. This year, Selena has taken the fashion industry and used it as an inspiraEon for young women. She is currently the spokesperson for Coach, a huge fashion brand, also accompanied by Puma, Louis Vuibon, and many more high brand stores.

Rhianna: Rhianna is a pop star who has become a fashion powerhouse. Not only are her looks influenEal, she has also taken the next step in the industry by the creaEon of her makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Rhianna is a key figure in promoEng the importance of diversity and acceptance of all people. She has a great appreciaEon for culture and preserves culture in fashion while sporEng new trends.




Winter 2018 Trend Report Clothing Provided by Bella Donna Boutique in Long Grove

Furry details on hats & bags

Plaid blanket scarves metal trimmed bags

Floral sweaters with a dark background

Embroidered sleeves & fur lined vests

Army green & capes for nights on the town

Flawless skin, defined brows neutral lips

Ruffled tops & tassel accessories

Fuzzy sweaters for cozy nights

Full sleeves, fur bags and detailed denim

Deep red lace & dramatic sleeves

Open backs, black lace and leg slits

Vertical stripes, ruffled sleeves metallic details

Winter Outerwear 31



Need a quick makeover of your outerwear for this winter? We have wrapped up the top 4 trends for this winter to keep you warm and stylish.




Modcloth, Pardon My French Quarter Cape, $89.99

Plaid Prints Maje, Double Sided Wool Cape, $650



EILEEN FISHER Plaid Alpaca Blend Coat, $498 Levi’s Plaid Top Coat, $70

Oversized RUNWAY REALWAY Madewell Atlas Cocoon Coat, $298

Forever 21 Brushed Knit Wrap Coat, $78

MICHAEL Michael Kors Fox-Fur-Trim Wool-Blend Walker Coat, $599



Fur Trim

Forever 21 Faux Fur Trimmed Coat, $52.90



Velvet is a material the adds shine, richness, and depth to any look from We found 2 looks for you to try

Dress it up

Crushed Velvet, cold shoulder top: TJMaxx, $18.00 Barbara Barbieri Open Toe BooEes, $75.00 Vintage Black Clutch, ThriTed

Shown in both looks: Black zipper angle skinny jeans, TJ Maxx, $25.00 Gold Hoops, something similar, Nordstrom, BP. Hoop Earrings $10.00 Tassel Necklace, TJ Maxx, $35.00

We found more great velvet looks for Old Navy, Relaxed Ruffle-Trim Velvet Cami, $24.99 CL BY LAUNDRY JODY VELVET SANDAL, $39.99


Forever 21, Crushed Velvet Moto, $32.90


casual to dressy. It is perfect for the winter, especially the holidays. dress it up, dress it down, you choose!

Dress it down Velvet kimono Nordstrom, $30.00 Franco Sarto BooEes, $90.00

you to try no maber the occasion! Violet Ray, Mini Star Backpack, $34.95

Old Navy, Velvet Wide-Leg Jumpsuit, $40

J.Crew, Velvet Lounge Pants, $75.00 34

Changes in Fashion By Annicka Caprariello

The fashion of each decade represents not just how people dressed, but the way of life each person had. Jackie Kennedy was built upon modesty and clean lines, just how it was reflected in her choices of clothing, and her acEons as a human being. Peace progressed, and the hippie era spread it’s wings. Spontaneous colors became the new sense of modesty, and jumbles of lines replaced cleanliness. Most of the world was in distress for many years, and relieving the anxiety of the atmosphere was a difficult task. Loose clothing and bright colors helped relax the world and change the it into a peaceful place. The bell sleeves and flowy skirts allowed one’s wild side to prosper. The chunky heels and cool vibes created the sevenEes. The jeaned and leather skirts fibed the decade and were training wheels for the 80’s. As the decades surged on, lengths, colors, and words were all tested. Each having their own sense of style, but all known as fashion.

Bright patterns and big glasses of the hippie era.


Modesty and simplicity were a big movement of the 60s.

Get trends like these at Modcloth, Nasty Gal, 619 vintage, Etsy, and Top Vintage.

Are you “FALL”ing in love with SWEATER WEATHER? By: Abigail George

INGREDIENTS for FALL !  !  !  ! 

Leaves The iconic PSL from Starbucks Weather Books

OUTFITS !  Knit Sweaters ”Spice it up” with a beanie, fuzzy socks, leggings, and sneakers. Plus, remember to “hook” up with your friends. !  Cardigan Sweaters Love yourself a “labe” when you wear your cardigan sweater. Cardigan sweaters can be paired with any kind of band t-shirt, along with jeans and your Doc MarEns, with a typical 90’s black choker. !  Ugly Holiday Sweaters Let it Snow! Let it Snow! The holiday season is coming soon and what could be beber to wear during the holiday season when you have that ugly sweater in the back of your closet. Get in the “holiday spirit” by wearing this sweater with black leggings and black boots. TIPS “Sleigh” your style with chokers, necklaces, and maybe a messy bun. Words can’t “expresso” sweater weather but remember to “beleaf” in yourself and be creaEve. 36

Nordstrom Rack, Women’s Sweatshirt $30

Express Women’s Jeggings $80 Women’s Sorel Major Moto Boot $180

Sweater Styling for the Fall By: Magda Odrowaz, and Alexa Weres

Banana Republic Women’s Merino Blend Cable-Knit Pullover $118 Women’s Sorel Major Moto Boot $180

American Eagle AEO Denim X Jegging Dark Green $59.95


Madonna Concert Tee- Weekend Getaway Cardi - Free People $128 AEO Denim X Jegging - American Eagle $50 Gills- V - Steve Madden $90

Gap Textured Mockneck Pullover $40

Chenille Sweater - H&M $30

Ugg Women’s Lida Boot $320

Women’s 6-inch Premium Waterproof Boots- Timberland $170

Abercrombie Women’s Low Rise Super Skinny Jean $78

Mid- Rise Skinny Jeans- Forever 21 $18 38

By: Jasmin Saggu

1. Take an old Eos lip balm and clean out the lip balm from the container. 2. Pop o the grate with a knife. 3. Take your favorite colors of non toxic crayons and cut o the Aps. 4. Cut small chunks of the balm and take each chuck and a piece of crayon and melt it in the mircowave for 30 seconds and then add a pinch of cosmeAc gliEer to it and pour it into the lid of the Eos and cool let each layer before adding in the next layer so the colors don`t mix together. 5. Screw the grate back and ďŹ nish adding in the last layer covering the grate so the balm has something to aEach to. 6. Store the balm in freezer for 15 minutes to harden. 7. Then take it out and snap the lid back onto the boEom part of the Eos container and unscrew the lid and your sparkling colorful lip balm. 8. Take gliEer foam, fake hair, and Ansel to decorate the container to look like a unicorn. 39

Magnetic Jackets Multi-Way By: Magda Odrowaz

La Marque CollecEon Magnets, they’re not just for hanging your artwork on the fridge anymore! Designers are using them as a way to make more versaEle pieces for your fall and winter looks! Magnets in the hem and more in the collar allow for mulEple looks. Here are 2 for you to check out!



Book Inspired Nails By Jenna Moy


by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

Picture from www.newleafliterary

The story follows Andromeda Racella, known across the Mirabel Galaxy as a powerful mercenary. Aboard her ship, The Marauder, she gets to be known as just Andi, a leader and friend. As their mission starts to take a turn for the worst, they find themselves facing a bounty hunter from Andi’s past. In another part of the Galaxy, a leader paEently waits on the planet of Xen Ptera unEl she can extract her revenge and destrucEon on her people. The Mirabel Galaxy hangs in the balance as Andi and her crew set off on a journey, through the unknown, to stop Xen’s awful plan. If you love futurisEc technology, space adventures, and aliens, I highly recommend checking out this book!

Picture from www.yabibliphile

Sasha Alsberg


Lindsay Cummings

Zenith Inspired Nails Step #1:

ATer clipping your nails to your desired length, paint a layer of bobom coat on your nail.

Step #3:

Then, to make sure nail polish doesn’t get on your skin, surround the skin around your nail is tape.

Step #5:

Step #2:

Next, paint about three layers of white nail polish.

Step #4:

Using a makeup sponge, using your three colors, paint them beside one another. ATer that, sponge on mulEple coats. Reapply nail polish on the sponge about every Eme you dab on another coat.

ATer sponging on the nail polish to your desired saturaEon, remove tape, clean around the edges, and apply a top coat. 42

“Sty le is you a wa are y to w —R ache ithout h say who avin l Zoe g to spea k


Profile for Stevenson HS

Stevenson Styler Fall 2017  

The fall 2017 edition of the Stevenson Styler, Stevenson High School's fashion magazine, features local shopping spots, the newest trends fo...

Stevenson Styler Fall 2017  

The fall 2017 edition of the Stevenson Styler, Stevenson High School's fashion magazine, features local shopping spots, the newest trends fo...