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Edgy Girl This look consists of a cropped grey T-shirt paired with some dark wash ripped jeans, a burgundy motto jacket and some burgundy booties. This outfit is a great choice if your someone who likes to dress edgy. The best place to where this Jacket Amazon outfit would be to the mall, to school, or if your going somewhere with friends.

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This outfit you could switch up the cropped T-shirt for a normal one just tuck it in and it doesn’t really matter what color as long as it goes with the motto jacket. Also you don’t even need to where ripped jeans you could where non ripped ones to. For shoes you could just where sneakers or combat boots which would make a great shoe alternative.

Top Hollister Bottoms Levi s Shoes Kohl s

Edgy Lumberjack

This outfit consists of a white T-shirt tucked into a pair of ripped jeans with a warm fleece flannel and some silver sparkly combat boots. This outfit is a great choice if your always cold since the jacket is nice and warm. You could where this to fall activities such as a pumpkin patch, corn maze, or farm. This outfit can be super versatile because you can wear any patterned flannel and any matching T-shirt tucked in. As well as for pants you don’t need to where ripped ones either. For shoes you could where sneakers, booties or any colored combat boots will do.


From Where

Jacket Costco

Top Target

Bottoms Levi s

Shoes Kohl s

I only like Sweats (Fall Take) From where Top Hollister Bottoms I made Shoes Kswiss

This look is as simple as a T-shirt and sweat pants. I paired my burgundy hand made sweats with a grey T-shirt with a burgundy rose on it and embroidered Hollister on the front tucked into my sweats. As well as my black and white sneakers. This outfit is a great choice if your the type of person who lives, breaths, and sleeps in sweat pants. You could where this to school, sleepovers or to the movies. This outfit has so many combinations since it’s just a basic T-shirt tucked into a matching pair of sweats. For shoes you could just wear sneakers or UGG boots.

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Fall Casual From Where Top Hollister

This look is just a cropped burgundy hoodie with some plain dark wash jeans and some burgundy booties. This outfit is great if you are someone who just wears oversized hoodies and skinny jeans once it starts getting cold outside but you want so spruce it up a bit this year. This outfit is great to wear with friends, going to fall activities, or going downtown for the day.

Bottoms Levi s Shoes Kohl s

Some alternatives for this outfit could be any colored cropped hoodie and any skinny jeans ripped or non ripped as well as for shoes booties, sneakers, or UGG boots is a great choice.

Going to Chicago   This look consists of a striped off white sweater and a button down dark wash denim skirt and some colorful burgundy booties. This look is great for people who are obsessed with wearing sweaters once fall starts. You could wear this to Chicago, outings with friends, fall activities or going to fancy restaurants with family. This look can be very versatile because it only needs a sweater with any matching denim skirt and some sort of shoes like booties, combat boots, or sneakers.

From where

Top Amercain Eagle

Bottoms Hollister

Shoes Kohl s


Thrifting Looks For Under $20 BY ALLIE WASSERMANN

At the store, a small clothing haul can get expensive fast with a single item costing thirty dollars or more. Thrifting is a fun way to get entire looks for much less than what you could find at the store. These clothes are practically new and gives endless possibilities for how to style them. Many garments even are new with tags! Some great stores include Salvation Army, Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, and many small thrifting businesses on Instagram. ————————————— Goodwill Locations - Mundelein, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, and more

Under Armour Shorts Plato’s Closet: 5.99 Eastbay.com: 25.00

Pink Tank Top Plato’s Closet: 3.99 Pink: 19.95

Express Jeans Goodwill: 6.99 Express: 52.80

Antigua Ryder Cup Quarter Zip Goodwill: 3.99 Pga.com: 48.99

Plato’s Closet Locations Libertyville, Schaumburg, and more

Quarter Zip: 3.99 Shorts: 5.99

Total Cost: $9.98 33

Yellow Windbreaker: 4.99 NASA T-shirt: 2.99 Jeans: 6.99

Total Cost: $14.97

Los Angeles Sweater: 8.99 Jeans: 6.99

Total Cost: $15.98

By: Jessie Mazursky



For Beginners

No one goes to the thrift store and finds exactly what they want but with a few adjustments an “ugly” or ill-fitting piece of clothing can become cute! Painting on denim can be as simple or complex as you want. I decided to personalize this jacket by painting stars on it. In order to do this you need to cut out cardboard stars to trace then fill them in with fabric paint. This isn’t just limited to a denim jacket or the star design, you can personalize your denim any way you’d like.

This sweater was the easiest to flip, but one of the biggest transformations. When I saw this at Goodwill, I was excited because it was Tommy Hilfiger, however it was a men’s large. So I chopped off the bottom and rolled up the sleeves and now it looks so much cuter without having to spend a lot of money.

I got these pants from goodwill two years ago and had since outgrown them. However, since they were Levi’s and I got them for only $4, I was determined to make them fit me again. So, I measured my waist and compared it to the waist of the jeans. Then, I cut two long strips of fabric around the width I needed to add while also leaving room for seam allowance. Finally I seam ripped the side seams of the pants and sewed in the stripes. This is one of the more difficult ways to flip something but a fun way to personalize jeans!

Youtubers who have helpful thrift flip videos include: ThreadsObsessed, Nava Rose, Emily Elizabeth, bestdressed


Winterfest Trends

By:Angelica Cheren

As Winterfest approaches it’s time to get planning for what to wear. Here are a few style ideas for you to start your list off with! Pull some inspiration and no choice is wrong as long as you stay true your own style and wear something you love! This year short Winterfest dresses with bright elements are in trend. You should wear dresses that are formal and elegant.(clbxg.com)

Do you want to have the best look in the school? Then you should wear silver jewelry! It can also have elements with color of your dress. (dressesask.com)

Girls who want to to have perfect look should wear high heels. Your shoes need to be the color of your dress, so it will make a good complement to your look.(quinceprom.com)


2020 Dance Dress Trends ARTICLE BY IZZY ZDRZALKA

Have you started looking at dresses for Stevenson’s Winterfest 2020 in February? Well what better way to look at options then by learning about the newest dress trend; this season… sequins! The perfect element to spice up your dress and you’ll light up the room the second you walk in! The two dresses pictured below are from a Californiabased brand named Lucy in the Sky, which is currently only an online store. They currently have tons of dresses online in different styles and many of them featuring sequins.

Lucy in the Sky- $59.25

The dress on the left has a gorgeous contrast between white and charcoal colored sequins with a low v-cut neckline. Pairing this with a long silver necklace and some cute heels will complete this dazzling lookl. The dress on the right uses white reflective sequins that shine off a pink or green hue in certain lighting. The neckline on this dress is also deep and a layered necklace would look amazing. Each is reasonably priced around $50. So whether you are looking for a Winterfest dress, or just a dress for any upcoming event, sequins will definitely be featured.

Lucy in the Sky- $51.75


Zendaya Coleman: THE Icon of Our Generation By: Megan Leissner

If you don’t know who Zendaya is, chances are you live under a rock. From her impressive list of talents, to her follower counts, to major roles and awards, Zendaya dominates popular culture. Many of us have grown up with Zendaya, watching her from her Disney era to now; with her own fashion line, multi-billion dollar film leads, and controversial TV shows. There’s no question that Zendaya is an icon through and through, from her status as an all around star to her humble and inspirational character.

Follower Counts (as of 11/09/19) 63.2 million 16.8 million 2.5 million 37

Fun Facts! ● Her name comes from Shona name Tendai, which means “to give thanks” ● Zendaya is the face of "X-Out", Madonna's clothing line "Material Girl", CoverGirl, Chi Hair Care, and Lancôme ● She’s vegetarian ● She has an adorable dog named Noon

Career Timeline

Childhood ● ●

born in Oakland, California on September 1, 1996 Began her career as a model for Macy’s, Mervyns, and Old Navy

2010: ●

2012: ● ●

Starred in Disney Channel original movie Frenemies, which premiered on January 13 Signed with Hollywood Records on September 2

2013: ●

2014: ●

Played the lead role in Disney Channel original movie Zapped, which premiered on June 27

2015: ●

Produced Disney Channel Sitcom “K.C. Undercover,” and starring as the title character “KC Cooper,” until the show ended in 2018

2016: ●

First clothing line, Daya by Zendaya, went on sale on November 4

Voiced Meechee in Warner Bros. animated film Smallfoot, which premiered on September 28 Signed with Tommy Hilfiger to be new global women’s ambassador in October. The role included appearing in main line campaigns and designing Tommy x Zendaya capsule collections

2019: ●

Starred in season one of HBO drama “Euphoria” as Rue, the main character and narrator, which premiered on June 16

Zendaya was the youngest contestant, at age 16 on the 16th season of Dancing With The Stars, where she came in second place (*later succeeded by Willow Shields, at age 14, in season 20) Released single “Replay” on July 16, which reached #40 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became certified platinum Studio album Zendaya released on September 17 and debuted at 51 on the Billboard 200 chart

2017: ●

2018: ●

Starred as “Rocky Blue” on Disney Channel Sitcom “Shake it Up,” which premiered on November 7. The premier was the second highest rated premier in Disney Channel history

Supporting role in Marvel superhero film Spider-Man: Homecoming, which premiered on July 7 “Rewrite the Stars” (from The Greatest Showman) released as a single on November 17. It reached the top 20 of UK and Australian national charts and was certified platinum in the UK and US and double platinum in Australia Supporting role in the musical drama The Greatest Showman, which premiered on December 20

2019 (continued): ●

Played a main role in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, which premiered on July 2 38

Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya Line

As part of her role as the Tommy Hilfiger Global Women’s Ambassador, Zendaya creates capsule collections with the help of stylist Law Roach. Her collection takes inspiration from the ‘70s and ‘80s, with the goal of celebrating strong, confident, and unique women by revolutionizing power dressing for the modern woman. The collection highlights individuality by allowing the mix and matching of various pieces through consistency in color palette and patterns, allowing women to form unique looks.

Meet her Stylist and Iconic Outfits

Zendaya has worked with celebrity stylist Law Roach since she was just 13 years old. Law is also known for styling Ariana Grande, Celine Dion, Tiffany Haddish, Jameela Jamil, Tom Holland, Tracee Ellis Ross, Monica Brown, Jessie J, and many more. He recently won the Instyle Award for Stylist of the Year. Both Law and Zendaya have been known to push the boundaries of fashion and challenge the common perceptions of style. Zendaya is well known for consistently iconic looks, many highlighting her hair as well. At the Oscars in 2015, Zendaya wore dreadlocks and received comments from “Fashion Police” host Giuliana Rancic, who claimed her hair probably smelled like “patchouli oil” and “weed.” Zendaya responded on twitter, expressing that racist stereotypes are not a joke, elaborating by stating “My wearing my hair in locs on an Oscar red carpet was to showcase them in a positive light, to remind people of color that our hair is good enough.” Many came to know Zendaya from this interaction, which resulted in Mattel honoring her with a custom Barbie doll featuring her locs. In addition, Zendaya has become a focal point at the Met Gala year after year. At the most recent, Zendaya rocked a Cinderella inspired dress, transformation and all, as a tribute to her career’s beginning with Disney. The iconic looked served as a final goodbye as she closed the Disney chapter in her life by beginning new, more mature projects, like “Euphoria”.



2013: Radio Disney Music Awards- Best Style 2014: Teen Choice Awards- Candie’s Style Icon 2016: Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards- Favorite TV Actress- Kids’ Show (“K.C. Undercover”); Teen Choice AwardsChoice Style: Female 2017: Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards- Favorite Female TV Star (“K.C. Undercover”); Teen Choice Awards- Choice Summer Movie Actress (Spider-Man: Homecoming) 2018: Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards- Favorite Movie Actress (Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman); Teen Choice Awards- Choice Movie Actress: Drama (The Greatest Showman), Choice Movie Ship (shared with Zac Efron, The Greatest Showman), Choice Collaboration (shared with Zac Efron, “Rewrite the Stars”) 2019: Saturn Award- Best Supporting Actress (Spider-Man: Far From Home); Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award- Favorite Female TV Star (“K.C. Undercover”). Teen Choice Award- Choice Summer Movie Actress (Spider-Man Far From Home) People’s Choice Awards- Favorite Female Movie Star (Spider-Man: Far From Home), Favorite Drama TV Star (“Euphoria”)

Upcoming work: ● ● ● ●

Filming for “Euphoria” season two begins filming in January 2020 Set to appear alongside Ansel Elgort and Jake Gyllenhaal in the crime thriller Finest Kind Signed on to star in and co-produce A White Lie as Anita Hemmings with Reese Witherspoon Cast as Chani in the upcoming Denis Villeneuve adaptation of Dune alongside Timothée Chalamet in the leading role

Image sources: Page 1; elle.com en.wikipedia.org, pinterest.com, workingwithdog.com, philosopher.eu, unife.it Page 2; N/A Page 3; usa.tommy.com, thestar.com.my, gofugyourself.com, vogue.com, elle.com, teenvogue.com, instylemag.com.au, harpersbazaar.com Page 4; imdb.com, fandangonow.com


A step back in history, A look at the Fashion of the 1800’s By: Anjini Thomas Fashion comes in many shapes and styles, many of today’s fashions are influenced by the historic fashions of the past. Thankfully today’s fashion is much more comfortable easy to acquire. Historically clothes were tailor made and “ready-to-wear” clothes were not available in stores until the mid 1850’s. Here is a peek of what the men and women of the 1800’s wore.

Dresses and Coats Women wore ankle length dresses made of “natural cloth” known to be woven cotton and linen. They were dyed, preferably in darker colors from flowers, plants and insects. Because women had over sized puffed sleeves their coats were a shall wrapped around their shoulders and buttoned at their waists.

Bonnets and Corsets As many know, women in the mid 1800s wore mushroom shaped hats called “bonnets”. Bonnets were made out of linen, cotton, silk and straw. Round and circular on top the tied down with a ribbon that was tied under the chin. I had some lovely volunteers help me bring you readers back in time with the 1830s winter style. We worked on taking photos outside and inside. I decided that having a family portrait was one of the most 1830s thing you could do to show off your family and wealth. As I gathered my helpers we took a series of photos both together and in pairs. We got all our clothes together, some of us put on our top hats and even helped gel another’s hair back and took off for our little adventure. Enjoy our photos that are continued on the next page. 41


A step back in history




1. Cut your sticks. Use pruning shears to cut some fairly straight pieces from sticks. Any kind of wood will do. 2. Drill holes for legs & neck. Use a drill bit just slightly larger than the sticks you plan to use for the legs and neck. Drill a hole in the top of the body, and at one end of the head for the neck. Make the holes about 3/8ʺ – 1/4ʺ deep.


3. Drill holes for the antlers. Swap out your drill bit for a much smaller bit. Make holes on the top of the head piece, at the same end as the hole for the neck. 4. Glue your pieces. After you’ve dry fit everything, you can assemble the reindeer. Put a little hot glue in each hole, and press the sticks into place.

• By: Anhelina Vasylieva



Drill & assorted bits Hot glue gun Garden loppers (for the big sticks) Pruning shears (for the little sticks) Sticks (any kind of wood) in these approximate sizes: ● Body: 3ʺ long x 1ʺ diameter ● Head: 1ʺ long x 3/4ʺ diameter ● Legs: 2ʺ long x 3/8ʺ diameter ● Neck: 3/4ʺ long x 3/8ʺ diameter ● Antlers: Skinny stick with interesting branches, ~1 1/2ʺ long

5. Trim the legs. Even if you initially cut all your sticks to the same lengths, you may need to trim up the legs to make them even. The holes may be slightly different depths, or angles.

Some more ideas for handmade room decorations and gifts:



y a d i l o e H d i u G t f i G

By Annicka Caprariello

From subscription boxes to eco-friendly products, these gifts are sure to bring a delight to the receiver!

Subscription Boxes

The perfect gift for a curious friend! My top three picks:

Try the World: Snack Box (19$) A food friendly box that gives a taste of Birchbox (15$)* worldly flavors. Perfect for the foodie in This skincare and makeup box that is sure to bring their your life! complexion to the next level!

Stitch Fix (22$)* Most wonderful for the fashion forward friend! (It has men, women, AND children fashion!)

*I recommend getting gift cards for these boxes because the receiver must fill out their personal complexion/style guide. Technology WONDERBOOM Speaker (60$) Why is this speaker great for any person? 1) it’s portable, 2) it’s long lasting, and 3) it’s WATERPROOF!


Anker PowerCore Charger (19$) This portable charger is perfect for any phone user and is one of Amazon’s top picks!

Feel-Good Gifts

From eco-friendly to charity donations these gifts are for any caring friend!

Love Your Melon Pom Hat ($45) These soft, warm hats will give the receiver much joy! Half of the proceeds go to children’s cancer, so you are not just getting something for your friend, but also giving hope to children!

4ocean Bracelet ($20) Each bracelet bought cleans 1 pound of trash from the ocean! These bracelets are cute and empower change!

Pela Phone Case ($45) These soft and protectable cases are 100% compostable!

Gift Cards

These gifts allow the receiver to choose what they want!

Amazon Gift Card Amazon has absolutely everything one would need!

Target Gift Card Target is affordable and the receiver can get anywhere from fashionable scrunchies to nutella!

Spotify Gift Card This card can hook up to your friend’s account, and is perfect for the music-loving friend!

I hope these gifts make your holiday season a little less stressful! 46


Teacher Style Fashion According to Miss Gerber

Miss. Gerber, a history teacher and style icon for many at Stevenson, graciously met with me to answer some of my questions about her style, especially in relation to her personal self expression and the styles of students. 1.Do you think there are any rules for fashion? I have rules for myself, but they shouldn’t be the same for you- you ought to create rules for yourself. There are no ‘rules’ with a capital R.

Miss Gerber’s style, as pictured above! There is influence from the transition of men’s workplace style towards the feminine realm with her navy, lightly pinstriped pants.

2. How does being a teacher affect your self expression? My personal styles, my personal icons, are easily translatable into the workplace. I love menswear looks for women, so I struggle more with nonwork events, where I have to dress down.

3. Are there any favorite brands of yours? I actually avoid being branded- I don’t wear anything with a logo or brand. 4. As a teacher, you have a unique perspective of being able to see how style changes as years of students go by. How have you seen fashion evolving? More has actually stayed the same! However, there are new-old fashions, like denim, high waisted, mom jeans. One artist that I feel is interesting is Billie Eilish, who plays with shape and form.

Billie Eilish, Teen Vogue 47

Fashion According to Panderson


Teacher Style Panderson, a beloved American Studíes and Government teacher, shares with us his views on the fashion scene. 1. What are your rules for fashion? A: Jeans, belt, flannel, shoes that can be worn on a trail. Get a job where you can wear a baseball cap, no crocks, and big-boy socks. 2. What are your favorite brands? Patagonia Marmot Mountain Hardware North Face

Panderson’s trademark flannel and jeans combo debuting in the beloved ILC. 3. What changes in high school fashion have your seen over time?

The forbidden fruit of Panderson’s regardRIP any soul who dares wear them.

Everything has come back from 20 years ago. Champion is huge, polo, things that you thought were dead and gone have resurfaced. If you take a photo from the 90s and now, it’s the same, other than the hairstyle.

{ Cyclical Fashion

Both Panderson and Ms. Gerber discussed how the fashion, like mom jeans, or Champion logo sweatshirts is cyclical. Take a look for yourself!

Tola Vintage

Tamana Zmarii on Instagram


Fashion & Film The influence of fashion from films is not a new concept. Even from the the very first motion pictures, Hollywood TV and films have influenced what people wear, how they do their hair and even the furniture they buy. One of the biggest fashion influences of the 1990’s was the 1995 movie Clueless. The the film is an American romantic teen comedy movie set in Beverly Hills. A rich Beverly Hills princess tried to win the guys but it’s the fashion that really shines in this film. The clothing set in clueless was loosely based off of bringing in a more feminine look in the characters, as you see in the photo to the right. The director of clueless wanted to incorporate the daily trends of the 1990s while also inventing new looks which is what makes this movie more memorable. As shown in the picture to the right, the characters are wearing plaid, this look has now evolved into a trend that is very common. As seen in this particular movie in the first 5 minutes of the film established a trend of bright or rich colors, plaids, and a variation of feathers, fur, fuzz, and frills. These looks at the time were used to represent her princess attitude as well as trying to impress the boys!

By: Makenzie Ong

This photo shown to the left is a photo of a more modern look off of the movie Clueless. This image is a representation of how this movie made an impact on our generation, the plaid fabric is a softer palette but packs the same punch. You can get Clueless influenced clothes at stores like Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. Clueless was one of the first films to incorporate a look that has impacted many teenagers as of right now. One of the major differences between the film than and how we wear the style now is that the films’ clothing was a way of showing off to boys and showing off a sassy attitude where as of now people where this particular outfits to keep up with the trends.


Costumes Want to take a peek behind the curtain of the latest Stevenson musical? The musical Chicago is set in the 1920’s and the costuming was a huge undertaking with a team of students working on hair, make-up and wardrobe design concepts. From the first scene to the last the costuming was a huge part of the successful performance. Let’s learn more!

Wigs Many of the actors in Chicago wore wigs. If an actor did not wear wigs their hair was gelled to match the style of the 20’s. Storage racks backstage held wigs heads where our wigs would stay until it was time to be worn. When wigging, a thin wig cap is bobby pinned over their braided hair and mic. On top goes the wig secured with many wig pins around the head. After every show the wigs where reshaped with wig combs and spray on wig conditioner to keep the 20’s style to the wigs.

Costumes There are many costumes that are needed for every show and Chicago was no exception. Each person has a section of a rack to neatly hang their costumes and bins to hold their accessories such as hats and shoes. Those who have quick changes would also place that costume in the wings so they would be ready for the change when they come off stage. Our costumes are also both made and rented. The director of costumes for Chicago, Tania, made some of the costumes with the help of costume crew. Others where rented form the nearby theater, The Marriott. 51

Behind Chicago By: Amanda Klein

Quick Changes Quick changes are any time when an actor does not have enough time to go to the dressing room to change into the next costume and needs some help putting on the costume to make it on stage in time. Super quick changes are normally a time when a person has to layer costumes to be able to change fast enough. By either taking off pieces to reveal a new costume or by putting a new costume over the previous one. As a part of costume crew I had to assist with three quick changes two of which where super quick changes.

F ● ● ●

ts c a f un

The reporter to baby costume quick change took only 27 seconds The newspaper articles were actually a series of 0’s and 1’s There was so much glitter involved that we had to lint roll the counters backstage to get all the glitter off

All photos: http://Clipartlibrary.com, ptc.chicago.hse 52


Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette $67


Urban Decay Naked3 Palette $27 Tarte $15 Party Time Trio Color Collection

For the holidays a glam makeup look would be perfect. For this look, a glittery eye is very popular and you could never go wrong with a bold red lip. A black winged eyeliner would be perfect to make the eye pop even more. An easy trick to make the eye pop is putting your highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes. The highlighter can also be used on your brow bone.

EVERYDAY WINTER With an everyday makeup look many may want to go for a more natural look. For a everyday natural makeup look a lighter foundation or BB cream could be replaced instead of a regular foundation that is more full coverage. A light coat of mascara with eyeliner is perfect for this look. A touch of blush and bronzer on the cheeks will make you look sun kissed. This look will make your face look light and glowy.


BEST MAKEUP COLLECTIONS THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Looking for some fresh makeup for the holiday season? These brands have created holiday collections to fit your every need. HAUS LABORATORIES Lady Gaga’s makeup line, launched earlier this year, has released a gorgeous holiday collection, including a red Sparkle Lipstick, as well as new shades of their liquid eyeshadow Glam Attacks. You can buy haus labs holiday products on their website, or on amazon, where you can get free shipping as a prime member.


credit: haus labs

Too Faced Cosmetics has released a holiday themed, gingerbread centered collection of all the makeup products you need this holiday season. As always with Too Faced, the palettes stand out, and are likely to be their best seller. You can shop Too Faced online, and at your local Sephora or Ulta.

credit: too faced


Benefit released adorable makeup kits shaped like camp trailers for this year’s holiday. There is a lip kit and an eye kit, each one fits your makeup needs. You can buy these kits on their website, or at Ulta or Sephora.

credit: beneFIT


credit: MAC Cosmetics

Mac Cosmetics has released their “Starring You” Holiday campaign, where they have a plethora of star-themed glosses, eyeshadows and more. On their website they have models displaying different looks with the collection if you need inspiration. You can buy the collection on their website or at MAC stores. credit: Kylie Cosmetics


credit: elf cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner’s makeup brand, recently released a whole line of holiday themed lipsticks, eyeshadows, glosses and more, with candy cane themed packaging. You can buy this collection on kyliecosmetics.com , the brand website.

ELF COSMETICS Elf Cosmetics recently released cute candy-themed packs of eye shadows, lipsticks and more. Elf offers a great selection of makeup at an extremely affordable price, and is a great stocking stuffer. You can buy Elf products on their website, but also at your local convenience store (Walgreens, Target, etc)

credit: elf cosmetics


Box The AllureTheBeauty November Box By Hafsah Malik

Bliss That’s Incredipeel Pads

Trarte Color Splash Lipstick

Curology The Cleanser

Vichy Charcoal Mask

ELF Poreless Putty Primer (my favorite item from the box)

ELF Gentle Peeling Exfoliant

Freeze 24-7 Anti-Aging Serum

The November Box Review: Every Allure box seems carefully thought out and the November box this year was not different. Allure’s focus for this month was skin care. With the colder months upon us it makes sense to design the box around skincare and highdration. They always seem to do a good job making sure most products work well with all skin types which is greatly appreciated and my fairly sensitive skin seemed to respond well to most of the products. The only flaw I found in this months box is the lack of makeup products but that’s more of a personal preference than a issue with the box itself. The Box As a Whole: I love the concept of trying different beauty products every month. The box allows me to step outside my comfort zone with trying new products that I usually wouldn't reach for while shopping for makeup. The boxes tend to have a mix of both makeup and skin care and even collaborates with make artists and brands from time to time. I would recommend this box to beginners to moderate makeup users interested in trying new products. You can sign up for your own at www.allure.com

Sneak Peek into next month's box: A collab with Allure and Anastasia Beverly Hills! 55

Hats & Beanies

Fall & Winter Fashion Trends of 201 By Hafsah Malik

Off the shoulder adds extra layers and elevates any look

While booties work better as a more everyday look thigh highs add to any look and requires minimum effort

Boots- Booties to Thigh Highs

Looking cute while staying warm!

This cream and fur mix screams elegance while staying on theme of warmth

Sherpas are insanely warm and easy to throw on when your pressed for time

Shawls and Off the Shoulder

Puffer jackets are super popular within celebrity fashion-from Hailey Biber to Lizzo

Puffer Jackets & Sherpas

While keeping it neutral can make mixing and matching easier you an always dress your look up with a pop of colorNeons are super on trend!


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You Don’t Care About the Environment By Lilly Djunaedi






When was the last time you wore your shredded jeans from 2015, your velvet shoes from 2016, that Baker Boy hat from 2017, or even that neon green top you bought last season. You were probably so excited at the moment buying those things from Forever 21 or off of the Shein website, only to have it buried deep in your closet a season later. The environment and its health has been a hot topic in politics and in general due to the recent shifts in the environment known as climate change. One huge problem that is constantly brought up in conversation is the amount of plastic in the ocean. Now it is clear to see how bad the problem is by just looking at the surface of the water, plastic bottles and grocery bags floating along the shore, but that is just the plastic we can see. Scientists actually discovered that “most of the plastic is below the surface” (Shapiro 7) in the form of microplastic. “Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic. Some Synthetic Textiles make up 35% of the microplastics originate from larger microplastic in the ocean. https://www.statista.com/chart/17957/wherepieces of plastic that gradually break the-oceans-microplastics-come-from/ down, while other microplastics are intentionally manufactured. They retain many of the properties of traditional forms of plastic and do not fully break down over time” (Biscontini 1). Synthetic textiles are the biggest problem when it comes to microplastics in the ocean, making up 35% of it. Most of it comes from washing clothes. Fast fashion also contributes to the massive amounts of waste that clothing is contributing. In “2013, the average North American consumer During this year, of the 58 million metric tons of purchased 64 garments – about five per month” (Weber 2). While that fiber produced for clothing, approximately 73 percent were sent to landfills or incinerated. doesn’t seem like a lot, if you consider just the US population by 2018, in https://www.statista.com/statistics/790294/clot one year, US citizens will have purchased 20,940,800,000 garments. That is hing-material-flow-worldwide/ just the United States, not including the rest of North America or even the world. On top of that, many citizens throw away or donate clothing after just one season because it is no longer stylish or longer trendy to wear. 59

Even if you donate all your clothing, “84 percent of all unwanted clothes end up in landfills” (Durfee 2). Textile waste is obviously a huge problem, so it is up to our generation to change it. Sustainable clothing, clothing that is made ethically and from either organic or recycled fabric, is a good option to turn to in order to lessen the synthetic textile waste. The easiest thing to do is purchase from sustainable clothing brands like bbc.com Reformation, People Tree, and Eileen Fisher. While it’s an easy option, it can be pricey since most sustainable clothing costs between 50 to up to 300 USD per clothing item. If you don’t have money to just throw around, thrifting is a great option. You can find unique and in style fashion from thrifting, and you can even sometimes find a brand new, modern piece of clothing that someone just didn’t want anymore. If buying used clothing does not appeal to you, then you can sew your own clothing using recycled or organic fabric. While this is the most time consuming, this will guarantee you can follow the trends you desire and you can make completely unique garments just for yourself. A great website to check out for recycled fabric is fabscrap.org. To reduce your release of microplastic from synthetic textiles, wear clothes more than just once, typically 3 or 4 times before washing. All you have to do is be conscious about your clothing decisions, and you can help the environment one small step at a time.

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This statistic illustrates the amount of waste generated by Nike, Inc. World Headquarters from the fiscal year 2011 to the fiscal year 2017. In 2017, approximately 4,891 tons of waste was generated by Nike Inc. World Headquarters. https://www-statista-com.eu1.proxy.openathens.net/statistics/551721/nikeinc-world-headquarters-waste-generation/





Winter Bucket List

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Go Ice Skating

rinks in the area: Glacier Ice Rink in Vernon Hills ($9 admission) and Skate Room in Hawthorn Mall ($15 admission) Watch Holiday Movies movie suggestions: Elf, The Polar Express, Home Alone, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and The Christmas Project Bake Cookies cookie suggestion: I highly recommend baking Pillsbury Cookies, they are really good and you can find them at your local Target. Snow Photoshoot photoshoot ideas: Outside when the snow is fresh and clean, by the fireplace, and matching pajamas. Send Holiday Greetings suggestions: Reach out to old and new friends and send them a little greeting, either by text or even send them a card. Go Outside suggestions: Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, go sledding, catch a snowflake on your tongue, and just enjoy the snow while it lasts. 61

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There’s a lot of things in life you can’t control, but how you look is one of them

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Fall 2019 Stevenson Styler - Part 2  

The fall 2019 edition of Stevenson High School's student-created fashion magazine.