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STEVENSON STYLER Volume 21 – Winter 2019/20

What are SHS students & teachers wearing in the halls?

Keep your face healthy this winter with tried & true skin and beauty products

Hip hop fashion from the 90’s to today

How to style this season’s hottest color: BURGANDY

Find some of our favorite thrifting tips and finds!

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Fashion Show Chic Impact of Fashion Industry Images Style in the Halls – For the Guys The Fashion of Athletes Style in the Halls – for the girls Glowing in Satin New York Fashion Industry Tour Burgundy for all Seasons Evolution of the Fashion of Hip Hop Top Beauty Products to Hydrate Colors for Winter How to Style 3 Winter Trends Day to Night Style - Plaid How to Style Mom Jeans Winter Coats Trends Nail Art Fall Fashion Trends Under $20 Thrifting Thrift Flips Winterfest Trends Zendaya Coleman: Icon of our Generation Fashion History of the 1800’s Winter Room DIY Holiday Gift Guide Teacher Style Famous to Fraudulent Fashion & Film: Clueless Behind the Curtain of the Musical: Chicago Winter Make-up Ideas Best Make-up Collections Product Review: Allure Beauty Box Looking Cute While Staying Warm The 1970’s Fashions that are Back Fashion & the Environment Winter Bucket List Winter Playlists ot osho Phot es!!! k outa


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WINTER 2019/20 As the snow and cold become a daily event, we know that keeping warm and cozy during the winter months will be at the top of our to-do list. Join us in this, the 21st edition of the Stevenson Styler as we reflect on the past and forecast the future. Look forward as we present the up and coming fashions for winter and see what should be at the top of your wish list. Our photo shoot highlights different ways to style one of our favorite winter colors: burgundy. Hopefully, you’ll pull inspiration from this issue and show your style in the halls and at your winter special events! On the Cover: Charlene Chu & Annicka Caprariello who created this cover as a project in their Business of Fashion & Design class! If you are interested in learning more about the fashion industry, consider signing up for the class! Photo Shoot Credits

Photographer: Elyssa Gavenda Shoot Stylist: Megan Leissner Models: Annicka Caprariello, Angelia Cheren, Emery Etzel, Gianna Lauletta, Gabrielle Mattes, Muskaan Nath, Chisa Otsubo, Jason Raemer, Anjini Thomas, Anhelina Vasylieva, Allie Wassermann, Mackenzie Wren

Club Sponsor

Christina Erickson A very special thank you to Stevenson High School Administration Dr. Eric Twadell, Superintendent Mr. Troy Gobble, Principal Mr. Ted Goergen, Student Activities Director

Fashion Show Chic April 18th marked the day of the 6th annual Stevenson Styler Fashion Show. The fashion show was not only an event to showcase local boutiques and student made garments, but it was also a fundraiser for the organization Dress for Success. The show, held in Performing Arts Center, brought in around 350 people, and raised over $1000 for the charity. The fashion show was the result of the work of a team of student leaders, volunteers and designers. Mrs. Erickson, the faculty coordinator, said, “I wanted to involve as many students as possible this year in both the planning and execution of the show.” To do this she encouraged more students to submit designs, and expanded the volunteer opportunities. The head producers were Lana Bentson and Devin Smith, both of the class of 2019. They were assisted by a strong team of students including assistant coordinators Alexa Boden, Ella Kalis, Nicolette Lucas, Emaan Kahn, Sami Kieffer, Payton Nierman, Aarti Jain, Ava Rasty, Jessie Masursky, Megan Zenner, Hafsah Malik, Olivia Coutre and Amber Schall. This year everyone had distinct roles which really helped things run smoothly.

Want to be a part of the 2020 fashion show? We are looking for models, hair and make-up artists, and anyone that wants to help make the show run smoothly! We will be having our volunteer and model meeting on Wednesday, February 12 in room 1612. We will have one meeting at 7:45 am and another at 3:40 pm. This year the fashion show will be held on FRIDAY, APRIL 17 in the PAC at 7:00pm. If you don’t want to be involved in the show we hope to at least see you there! If you cannot attend the meeting, contact Mrs. Erickson at cerickson@d125.org

Over 3/4 of the garments featured in the show were made by Stevenson students and all were made Photos: to the left the 2019 by the students in the Clothing & Design and Advanced production team, Clothing & Design classes. Some were basic skirts, others below: Cheryl were elaborate dresses. The show debuted 20 original Chen models a looks created by the students in Advanced Clothing & look by Abeera Quarni and, Jace Design. “I am exceptionally proud of the students that go on to design school and fashion related careers after high Rice models a look styled by school. I know that I helped them discover their life’s himself. work.” The leadership team reached out to Bella Donna Boutique and Olivia’s Boutique, both in Long Grove, to showcase the fashion at their stores. “I feel it is important to include the community in events such as these. Small business offer more unique and fashion forward choices than many larger retailers.” Said Mrs. Erickson of including the boutique looks. The number of students collections grew again this year too. If a student had more than four garments in the show, all their garments were put together in one section. This highlighted the students who went above and beyond the work of a typical student. Eight students showed collections and they included: Helena Ebeling, Athena Kolli, Ella Kalis, Sami Kieffer, Marissa Osowski, Abeera Qarni, Mariam Reichert and Bina Scheufler. Overall, 33 students showed their garments in the show. 2

Social Comparison: people compare themselves to others in order to get an accurate representation of who they are.

The images being advertised to young women on social media are heavily edited, in addition to the hours it takes to get a perfect photo.

What do you picture when someone mentions a model? What race is she? How small is her waist? What does her hair look like? Does she have acne? If you don’t live under a rock, you’re probably thinking of a white, underweight young woman with shiny long hair framing a makeup clad face, free of any acne and/or blemishes. This is precisely what is wrong with the fashion and makeup industry today. This $532 billion dollar epidemic is what’s costing young women their confidence and self respect. The images the media portrays of women are unrealistic and frankly impossible to achieve. Makeup and clothing brands flood young women’s feed with skinny, smiley models on beaches in Hawaii, further insinuating the idea that women who look a certain way are happy. Most of the women in these ads are not a clear representation of women in real life. They’re all unusually tall, very young, extremely underweight but not completely flat, and have clear skin with shiny, long hair. Even going to Los Angeles or Malibu Beach, finding girls like this is extremely challenging. Researchers at Saint Mary’s University found that among modeling agencies, around 80% of models were underweight or severely underweight, and the other 20% met the weight for what’s considered anorexic.


Why fashion industry images are harmful to young women By: Scout Kubow

How your brain reacts to the edited and manipulated advertisements posted on social media

Graphics: dreamstime

A lot goes into making these advertisements look appealing. The model is surrounded by teams of makeup artists and hair stylists, along with hundreds of pins to make the clothing fit the model perfectly. Even after the photoshoot is over, editing experts airbrush every inch of the photo, making all cellulite disappear and occasionally shade over the showing ribs and collarbones. This all creates an impossible vision for what women have to look like. Deep down, women know that the photos are obviously heavily edited and distorted, but, if a teenager looks at a photo for long enough, she starts to wonder if she can look that way. Teenagers are rarely not logged on to social media. It consumes the lives of many young people. But with that comes a cost. Girls are being constantly reminded of how they are supposed to look according to the fashion industry. The messages sent by ads are very clear: being skinny, tall, and pretty determines one’s happiness and success in life. Although only 3% of the world is underweight, American culture makes it clear to women that in order to have a good life they must look like a model. It’s no wonder young women feel so uncomfortable in their own skin.

Style in the Halls Miguel Camargo, Sammy Epstein, and Eubin Ham

A daily outfit in the life of this Stevenson student will surprise you. When comfort meets style you find Jahleel Perrin. Jahleel is a senior at Stevenson High School and has a unique style. When asked about how he chooses his outfit every morning he said, “I just throw on something comfy and cool.” Jahleel enjoys shopping at places like Nike, H&M, Under Armor, and Finish Line. He likes to get cool clothes that aren’t too expensive and he feels like he can do that at these stores. Jahleel’s favorite colors are red and black as evident from his outfit.

Photo taken by Eubin Ham

This student’s style is much different. Samuel Epstein is also a senior but he goes for a more formal look. He says “I like to dress to impress. I’m constantly looking on Pinterest for a cool outfit to wear. "My style icon is ASAP Rocky and I enjoy trying to dress like him.” Samuel likes to shop at stores like Zara, Express, Hollister and Nordstrom. His style is a bit more expensive than our previous model, however, he likes to dress with a higher end look. He likes to dress according to the weather and season. Samuel wears bright colors in the summer and dark colors in the fall and winter. Photo taken by Samuel Epstein



As years have gone by, the fashion for athletes has changed drastically.20 years ago, no one really paid attention to what these athletes wore. However in this day and age where athletes are spokespeople for brands and are influencers on their own, more and more attention is being paid to the red carpet and pre/post game attire.

During Michael Jordan’s years of the ESPY’s he, along with many others, wore more basic suits and clothing with maybe an unusual color. Now, at the recent ESPY’s, athletes are wearing more unique clothing during these and other events.

As you can see in today’s red carpet occasions like the ESPY’s , men’s fashion is being greatly affected by athletes compared to what athletes used to wear. As time keeps moving forward, more unique clothing will be seen in men’s fashion along with athletes influencing fashion. More fashion based and athletic brands will even be designing red carpet fashion for everyone.


Draymond Green, one of the Golden State Warriors best players, was wearing a green suit with black suit shorts. This caused many people to start wearing suit shorts during occasions like the ESPY’s .


Odell Beckham Jr, a wide receiver in the NFL, wore a very unique outfit during the ESPY’s as well. It consists of a white button up and what seems to be a khaki vest with a large pocket on the front as well with matching khaki shorts. He is also wearing a pair of white, red and black Nike Air Force Ones.

Another example is James Harden, shooting guard for the Houston Rocket, is seen wearing a Versace snakeskin suit with suit shorts before dropping 50 points against the Lakers.





By: Megan Zenner

Balancing school with fashion can be difficult. When you want to be comfortable but also fashionable, what can you wear? We have got some cute and trendy inspiration for you based off what we are seeing in the halls this fall.

Loving this handmade look. A simple jogger(made in Clothing & Design) with a sweater material armed jean jacket. Comfy and, cute!

Got a little more energy in the morning than usual? An adorable blazer thrown together a loose fit jean and a trendy boot will always have you looking stylish! 6

Does your closet need an update? Here are some looks to shop or add to the top of your holiday wish list! Can never go wrong with a fuzzy coat! BDG Carmella Reversible Hooded Teddy Jacket $79.00

Chunky Boots are in! Dr, Martens Leona Temperley Boot $170.00


Love flannels but getting bored with the same old look? This color blocked flannel top is the perfect classic yet versatile piece! UO Corey Spliced Flannel Button-Down Shirt $64.00

Protect your eyes from the winter sun with these Nova Slim Cat-Eye Sunglasses $18.00 These hair accessories are all over this season! Lana SIlk Scarf Scrunchie $12.00

Glowing in Satin

By: Sarah Sorrentino

Satin can be incorporated into your outfit in many ways or it can even be your full outfit. Satin is mainly seen in dresses or tops, however, there are also satin accessories that can make your outfit stand out. Satin can be easily be dressed up or down but be careful because it wrinkles easily!

Missguided $25 Satin blush blouse

TOBI $21

Nordstrom $55

White satin pants

Satin skirt



Fuchsia satin clutch

Satin beaded headband

PRETTY LITTLE THING $45 Satin rose dress


By: Annicka Caprariello

New York Fashion Trip: The Review I signed up for the fashion trip to learn more about fashion. What I didn’t realize is that I would know so much more than that. This trip is like layers. At first, I thought that all I would learn is from the brochure and the itinerary. We went to Tommy Hilfiger and Rebecca Taylor, where they talked about how they merchandise and how they sell their clothes to others. We talked to a nail artist and a designer of hair accessories and they discussed how they made their way into the industry. These were all ideas that I knew I would learn about, and I was excited to do so! The second layer was the discovery that fashion was not just clothing. The society we live in creates this bubble that fashion is just girls be obsessed with clothing and the next trend. However, there is so much behind the scenes work that I learned through this trip that I would have never learned anywhere else. New York City is the fashion city of the world, so every day, there is constant designing, selling, buying, and more. Holland, our tour guide, spent 20 years in the fashion industry.

This picture highlights my excitement over visiting the MET!

Are you interested in taking advantage of this great travel opportunity? This trip will be offered again in the summer of 2021. Be on the lookout for information at the end of this school year!

Mrs. Erickson & I on top of the Empire State Building!


She spoke about her career and life stories of making it in the industry and the sacrifices she also had to make for her career. She was a vice-president for Tommy Hilfiger for 8 years and her experiences were stories that I wouldn’t have heard anywhere else and really helped me pop that stereotypical bubble of what the fashion industry is thought of. The third layer didn’t have to do with fashion at all. I learned that I loved the city life. The idea of going on the subway and being able to head anywhere gave me a sense of freedom that the suburban lifestyle could never give me. I was transported into another world. From going to The Metropolitan Museum of Art (my favorite part) to going to see Mean Girls on Broadway, created a sense of culture that I wanted to be apart of. Even though I am still undecided with what I want to do for my future, I still got an experience that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. I learned more about a passion of mine, and discovered a city that I now hold near and dear to my heart. •

Burgundy for all Seasons Members of the Stevenson Styler Club gathered some of their favorite burgundy fall and winter clothes and used them to express their own individual style. From preppy to edgy, dressed up to dressed down how would you style one of this season’s favorite colors? Take some notes and add some burgundy to your winter style.

Makenzie Wren paired her burgundy dress with a classic denim jacket and on trend white headband 10

Photographed on campus at Stevenson High School by Elyssa Gavenda. Styled by Megan Leissner

Angelia Cheren covered up her burgundy with two of this season’s top trends: puffy coat and metallics

Anhelina Vasylieva incorporated her burgundy into a colorful striped patterned cold shoulder top. Paired with skirt overalls and heavy tights, she will be able to weather the winter cold.



Allie Wasserman layered her summer weather lace cami with a denim jacket and zip front skirt to move her summer clothes into her winter wardrobe.

Even in winter it is nice to get outside and enjoy the bearable days when we can. Jason Raemer dons a hoodie to keep out the cold.


Annicka Caprariello pulls from the 90’s trends with her thigh high socks and vans. She pairs them with her fringe skirt that she made in her Clothing & Design class and a striped t-shirt with just a hint of burgundy.


Audrey Tutty is bringing in shades of burgundy with blush and burnt orange in her sweater. She half tucks her sweater to provide some shape to the bulky top. She pairs it with dark rinse jeans and her burgundy boots.


Edgy &

Anjini Thomas (left) rocks her burgundy thigh high boots with crystals and pairs it with a black trench coat to keep out the chill Head to to leather isn’t all bad. Gianna Lauletta (center) is keeping it cool in leather leggings and biker jacket. She softens the look with a plush burgundy tank. Pairing burgundy jeans with an off the shoulder lace top is the perfect way for Muskann Nath (right) to dress it up for a holiday event. 17

Chisa Otsubo (left) is going lux with a cashmere wrap edged with fur. The off white wrap pairs perfectly with the burgundy velvet top and jeans to keep the winter at bay.

Winter Night Out

Burgundy outer wear is the perfect choice for Gabrielle Mattes (right) to take New Year’s Eve by storm. The faux fur dresses up the black and white plaid skirt and burgundy long sleeve top.


FROM BIGGIE TO LIL: THE EVOLUTION OF MEN'S Maddie Schmitke & FASHION IN HIP-HOP By: Abigail Osuch gottahaverockandrole.com

From the very beginning, hip hop artists had a very distinct style. The trends consisted of baggy pants, baggy tops, chains, and hats. Rappers incorporated practically their whole closet in their style, by putting streetwear in their everyday wardrobe. Artists would incorporate multiple brands, and styles all in one outfit, to best incorporate themselves in the luxury of the designer brand. Fashion was completely about redefining oneself to the fans. Now, fashion in the rap world has the same effect of hoping to inspire fans. Now, the fashion has transitioned to more “decked� out outfits, by using big name brands in every outfit. In style now, we are seeing more beads within the accessories vs chains, which were much bigger in the 90s, but the chains have not disappeared, they have become a staple in contemporary society. Throughout the rap world, rappers incorporate their favorite brands within in their songs, to showcase the brands, and brag their wealth.




Run-DMC (Jam Master Jay, Mr Joseph Simmons and Mr Darryl “DMC” McDaniels) in Hollis Queens, New York, 1986. Photograph by Ms Ebet Roberts/ebetroberts.com

Early 90s fashion practically took over the style of rap as we now know it. Whether it be chains, belts, or name brands, they all came back to take over hip-hop today. Chains seem to be the most influential accessory that is in the hip hop world today, rappers wear them across the board, they are easy to dress up with suits for awards, and easy to dress down with sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Name brands have been a consistent trend for all rappers throughout the ages. Something about having the logo on every article of their clothing gives these rappers even more credibility, but wearing the logo isn't just about flashing the logo. Most rappers get paid to “sponsor” these name brands to their fans. Since 1990s, brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Adidas and Versace have brought forth staples in rappers closets and lyrics in their songs. Run DMC (pictured above) was the first group to be sponsored by a brand in 1998 with 3 special edition shoes. Adidas track suits soon became a look desired by b-boys and rappers alike. In fast it is still a trend today that we see around the halls of Stevenson.


Top Beauty Products to Keep Hydrating, Healthy Skin in the Winter By: Charlene Yu

Winter time can be cruel, especially on your skin. The cold air can dry out your skin easily and can cause skin irritation such as eczema. Winter air can take the life out of your skin and make you look pale. It may seem difficult to keep hydrated, radiant looking skin in the winter, but these top beauty products are sure to make your skin look fresh and radiant all winter long.



1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! LUSH Cosmetics “Dream Cream” body lotion is a blend of oat milk, lavender, and chamomile. It is the best lotion for sensitive skin. One mom even claimed that it healed her son’s eczema! It’s my personal favorite moisturizer not only in winter, but year-round as well. It’s smooth, made of natural ingredients, and hydrates your skin instead of just sitting on your skin like others.

2. Yes, there are still UV rays in winter


3. “Glow-up” your makeup look


While there are less direct UV rays are weaker in winter, it’s still important to protect your skin from them. UVA rays can cause premature aging and damage to your skin. This finishing powder has SPF in it which protects you from the sun’s UV rays. This is easy to incorporate into your everyday makeup routine. It’s also compatible with all types of skin: oily, sensitive, dry, and normal.

Marc Jacobs Dew Drops are a favorite of many makeup users. It is a liquid highlighter that you apply over a layer of foundation. In winter, our makeup tends to look a little too matte due to the dry air. These dew drops add a little “glow (up)” to your makeup look, perfectly capturing the high points of your face. It’s easy to apply, and perfect for a glowy holiday makeup look.


4. Add some extra moisture into your face


SK-II facial mask is a facial mask that adds intense hydration into your skin. It also helps with uneven skin tone. A hydrating mask is very important especially in winter. Not only does it add extra moisture but it also gives your skin a more healthy glow the more you use it. SK-II is a brand used by celebrities including Chrissy Teigen and Kate Bosworth. This high quality Japanese brand is sure to do the best job at keeping your skin extra moisturized and refreshed.


5. Soft lips are the best lips! Chapped lips are huge problem in the winter! The dry air plus the repeatedness of licking your lips makes it worse. Chapstick is a must in winter if you want to prevent dry, peeling lips. SoftLips chapstick is smooth and easy to glide on. It’s a chapstick that doesn’t make your lips even more chapped (yes, there are brands that do that) and it’s not too oily either. SoftLips chapstick also has SPF in it, which we mentioned is needed even in winter. Plus it is available at most Walgreens stores for under $10.

6. H20, H20, dehydration no, no, no! This is not a beauty product, but it is one of the most important things you need in winter. Water helps with digestion by flushing out toxins out of your body. Water also does wonders for your skin. It locks in the moisture in your face, unclogs pores, and reduces the puffiness on your face, just to name a few. Drinking more water throughout winter will make your skin look more healthy and glowing. Bonus points if you use a refillable water bottle like this Hydroflask from Amazon for $34.


Colors of Winter 2019/20

Great Beyond

Do you want to know what’s the most fashionable color of winter? What color is everyone going to be wearing? Could it be in your closet right now? Well here is all the information needed to look trendy, but cozy during this winter season. When you’re walking down a busy avenue seeing many windows ranging of stores from Levi’s to Gucci all during the winter time have the ‘it’ colors of the season. One of the many popular colors have been introduced by Christian Siriano with a playful take on feather boas, and a very structured evening dress. This color, Galaxy Blue, also had a more serious tole by Sies Marjan with a very fit tailored leather suit (as shown in the picture). This mysterious color was chosen as one of the many Vogue colors by one getting easily lost in this color, as coming close to the mystery of the great galaxy.


Coffee Lovers Taking a turn on the color wheel, Chicory Coffee gives a calming feeling of a warm flavorful coffee being brewed. As much as caffeine lovers adore their coffee, Dries Van Noten adored this color by the love of fashion. In Dries Van Noten’s winter line there was an unique twist on the design of the jackets, and suits with a beautiful flower print taken from the designers own garden. This color is a rich combination of clothing that black just won’t give the same effect.


Snow Time! Just like the soft look of the snow, Rutabaga is a gentle beige color moving away from the true whites. Rutabaga has been brought to the light in winter fashion by having a monochromatic look seeming dazzling. In many Pinterest boards you could be possibly looking at Rutabaga colored fashion for many aesthetics. As a popular clothing item amongst the teenage youth with puffy soft material jacket brought by Salvatore Ferragamo in the winter 2019 line. This color has been a really big part in the inter fashion world and may bring inspiration to younger generations.



Sources: Harper’s Bazaar, Nordstrom, fashionnarrow.com, American Eagle, Pinterest, Revolve, Gilks, Dolce & Gabbana, PacSun


Pair your trendy moto boots with a classic pair of black jeans, your favorite oversized knit sweater, and a stylish scarf to keep you cozy in the winter air.




Warm up your long winter coat with your favorite ripped jeans, a snug turtleneck sweater, and a stylish statement belt that will hold in all of your Christmas cookies.

Style down your favorite tulle skirt with a statement graphic T, an edgy cropped jacket, and a pair of fashionable booties that are perfect for wandering the city on a winter day.


Plaid’s Right for Any Day or Night By: Gabrielle Mattes Plaid can bring a hint of preppiness and flair to a simple look, along with being both sophisticated and fun. The best part is, plaid is right for just about every occasion - both classy and informal. Here are some ideas for your ideal plaid ensemble whether it be formal or casual!

Dress It Up Shown in both look: High-Waisted Plaid Mini Skirt, American Eagle, $49.95; Sterling Silver Heart Key Necklace, Links and Charms, $118

Dress It Down Casual Look: Vans Slip-On Baby Blue & White Checkered Skate Shoes, $49.95; Aeropostale Blue Quarter-Button, price unkown; Blue Gem Earrings, persoal wardrobe, price unkown

Dressy Look: Vince Camuto heels, price unkown; Ribbed One-Shoulder Mock Neck Top, Forever 21, $13.99; Small Endless Hoop Earrings, Nordstrom, $19

Just can’t get enough of plaid? Here are some more plaid garments to help spice up your next look! Urban Outfitters, UO Mary Plaid Pleated Mini Skirt, $59

Forever 21, Boxy Glen Plaid Tee, $14.99

American Eagle, AEO Super HighWaisted Plaid Legging, $34.95


How to Style

By: Albina Ikizli

Mom jeans are great for any season. They come in variety of fibers of jean fabric, color and style. Mom jeans will give you the freedom to pair them with anything you want. It allows you to create a comfortable/casual outfit for every day or a fancy/evening look by pairing your tops, jewelry, and shoes with these jeans. Thick mom jeans from Zara will nicely fit your hips but will need the help of Michael Kors belt to fit your waist

Dress Up 27

A Ralph Lauren turtleneck will add the professional look to the outfit but will still need the help of full-on white heel boots to make it complete.

Mom Jeans Patch On Blue Mom Jeans - PacSun

Mom Fit Jeans - Zara

Check Mom Jeans- Nordstrom

More Styles

Akira ripped mom jeans will perfectly go with H&M cropped top pair it with a moto jacket to keep away the winter chill.

White low top Converse and a Fjällräven Kånken mini backpack will add that little bit to the outfit that would be missing without them.

Dress Down 28

If you want to avoid a wind, it is the BEST item you ever tried. Stradivarius $50.00 Wear with high neck tops

Wear this when you go to school or hangout with friends. Zara, $70.00 Wear with black trousers

2020 Winter Coat Trends Staying warm this winter can be easy by following these simple style tips. Don’t want to splurge, just find something similar at a lower price!

Be a PRINCESS Blumarine $6190.00 Pair with high heels and have a small black bag 29

Furry Fuzzy outerwear Nordstrom $100.00 Go casual with jeans and booties

Fall / Winter Nail Art cause’ climate change

By: Anjini Thomas

Wanna step up your nail game? Here is a dramatic and seasonal nail DIY 1. Paint a white base on your middle and pinky finger. Paint a black base on your pointer finger along with a dark brown base on your thumb.

2. Cut out and lay two strips of tape in a diagonal cross motion on the tip of your nail 3. Get a sponge and paint an ombré of beige, maroon and dark red. Pointing the the top of the sponge down 4. 5. 6. 7.

to the edge of your nail, dab all across the nail in a straight horizontal motion. Use a white polish, swipe of the excess polish off the brush and dab to make a tree Choose 6 separate colors for the thumb, and make a small triangle in the shape of a leaf. Repeat 5 times, then use white polish and dab underneath your leaf pile For the ring finger use two separate colors and paint in between the untape’d spaces Peel off tape from ring finger and paint a layer of clear top coat. Paint only a strip along the point of the nail for the pointer finger in black 30


Fa Fa h

e a d de ed b : A d e T Ph g a hed b : A a a T

Edgy Girl This look consists of a cropped grey T-shirt paired with some dark wash ripped jeans, a burgundy motto jacket and some burgundy booties. This outfit is a great choice if your someone who likes to dress edgy. The best place to where this Jacket Amazon outfit would be to the mall, to school, or if your going somewhere with friends.

From where

This outfit you could switch up the cropped T-shirt for a normal one just tuck it in and it doesn’t really matter what color as long as it goes with the motto jacket. Also you don’t even need to where ripped jeans you could where non ripped ones to. For shoes you could just where sneakers or combat boots which would make a great shoe alternative.

Top Hollister Bottoms Levi s Shoes Kohl s

Edgy Lumberjack

This outfit consists of a white T-shirt tucked into a pair of ripped jeans with a warm fleece flannel and some silver sparkly combat boots. This outfit is a great choice if your always cold since the jacket is nice and warm. You could where this to fall activities such as a pumpkin patch, corn maze, or farm. This outfit can be super versatile because you can wear any patterned flannel and any matching T-shirt tucked in. As well as for pants you don’t need to where ripped ones either. For shoes you could where sneakers, booties or any colored combat boots will do.


From Where

Jacket Costco

Top Target

Bottoms Levi s

Shoes Kohl s

I only like Sweats (Fall Take) From where Top Hollister Bottoms I made Shoes Kswiss

This look is as simple as a T-shirt and sweat pants. I paired my burgundy hand made sweats with a grey T-shirt with a burgundy rose on it and embroidered Hollister on the front tucked into my sweats. As well as my black and white sneakers. This outfit is a great choice if your the type of person who lives, breaths, and sleeps in sweat pants. You could where this to school, sleepovers or to the movies. This outfit has so many combinations since it’s just a basic T-shirt tucked into a matching pair of sweats. For shoes you could just wear sneakers or UGG boots.

Fa Fa h



Fall Casual From Where Top Hollister

This look is just a cropped burgundy hoodie with some plain dark wash jeans and some burgundy booties. This outfit is great if you are someone who just wears oversized hoodies and skinny jeans once it starts getting cold outside but you want so spruce it up a bit this year. This outfit is great to wear with friends, going to fall activities, or going downtown for the day.

Bottoms Levi s Shoes Kohl s

Some alternatives for this outfit could be any colored cropped hoodie and any skinny jeans ripped or non ripped as well as for shoes booties, sneakers, or UGG boots is a great choice.

Going to Chicago   This look consists of a striped off white sweater and a button down dark wash denim skirt and some colorful burgundy booties. This look is great for people who are obsessed with wearing sweaters once fall starts. You could wear this to Chicago, outings with friends, fall activities or going to fancy restaurants with family. This look can be very versatile because it only needs a sweater with any matching denim skirt and some sort of shoes like booties, combat boots, or sneakers.

From where

Top Amercain Eagle

Bottoms Hollister

Shoes Kohl s


Thrifting Looks For Under $20 BY ALLIE WASSERMANN

At the store, a small clothing haul can get expensive fast with a single item costing thirty dollars or more. Thrifting is a fun way to get entire looks for much less than what you could find at the store. These clothes are practically new and gives endless possibilities for how to style them. Many garments even are new with tags! Some great stores include Salvation Army, Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, and many small thrifting businesses on Instagram. ————————————— Goodwill Locations - Mundelein, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, and more

Under Armour Shorts Plato’s Closet: 5.99 Eastbay.com: 25.00

Pink Tank Top Plato’s Closet: 3.99 Pink: 19.95

Express Jeans Goodwill: 6.99 Express: 52.80

Antigua Ryder Cup Quarter Zip Goodwill: 3.99 Pga.com: 48.99

Plato’s Closet Locations Libertyville, Schaumburg, and more

Quarter Zip: 3.99 Shorts: 5.99

Total Cost: $9.98 33

Yellow Windbreaker: 4.99 NASA T-shirt: 2.99 Jeans: 6.99

Total Cost: $14.97

Los Angeles Sweater: 8.99 Jeans: 6.99

Total Cost: $15.98

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Fall 2019 Stevenson Styler - Part 1  

The fall 2019 edition of Stevenson’s student-created fashion magazine.

Fall 2019 Stevenson Styler - Part 1  

The fall 2019 edition of Stevenson’s student-created fashion magazine.