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Welcome to SIOEN INDONESIA Seven years after the start-up of the first coating line, the Sioen Group became active in 1967 in the production of garments for the Industrie and outdoor brands. To supply the increasing demand of its customers, Sioen Industries N.V. decided to start up an Apparel division in Indonesia in 1996, with PT. SIOEN INDONESIA. As the acquisition of this production facility was a success, another production plant PT. SUNGINTEX was start up in 1998. Both production facilities cater to the high-level market of welded and taped technical garments. All our customers are all welknowed Brands in Outdoor, Casual, Lifestyle and Sports Wear. They are particularly interested in our “ 1 STOP “ solution a service that PT. SIOEN INDONESIA and PT. SUNGINTEX offers. This means: sourcing of the fabrics, developping of the designs, patterns making, producing prototypes, salesman samples and finally produce the high quality garments under a permanent Quality control. Also we offer you a Worldwide distribution of the goods .



PT. SIOEN INDONESIA and PT. SUNGINTEX are more than just a garment production facility. We offer added value in all aspects of business and take up your project from conception of the style (design, fabric selection, special trimmings,‌) till the final distribution. We give on your request advice on the fabric choice, design, personalized trimmings, and information about the latest state-of-the-art production techniques. All the above result in a competitive advantage of your high quality garment range. PT. SIOEN INDONESIA

We assist you on all levels:

Fabric choice Innovative design Merchandising Trimmings and Accessories Quality control and Audit Transport Distribution

A new and modern building, with internet- and LAN connections in every room facilitates doing business at Sioen.


Production process >>> Design & Patterns Modern Gerber & Lectra stations and qualified personnel guarantee an optimized and fast consumption calculation. Last minute changes can still be accommodated. Digitizing tables ensure the correct reproduction of complicated styles.

>>> R&D departement Following performance tests are

developped in-house: • Waterproofness of fabric and taped seams • Adhesiveness of coating and tape after multiple washes • Color bleeding • Fabric weight • Color correctness under D65 daylight and UV rays • Usable Fabric width


>>> Marker and Cutting Markers used for salesmen samples are modified upon the request of the customer. Production marker will do fine-tuning and grading. Strict control on the efficiency of the marker by combining sizes avoids wastage.

>>> Production PT. Sioen Indonesia: Total Capacity of 1000 operators PT. SIoen Indonesia is specialized on High Frequency Welding Seam garment but also do Tape Seam garment. PT. Sungintex: Total capacity of 2000 operators. PT. Sungintex is specialized on Sew Free garment and Ultrasonic Seam garment.

>>> Line Conception Short line concept: 25-30 operators in the line. Allows quick change of the styles and immediate feedback with corrective action. Line balancing (less slack time/operator) Fast production of salesman samples

>>> Quality Control and Audit A well-engineered Quality Assurance plan with multiple inline checks, end-of-line and after packing inspections meets the highest quality standards. Our QA team works in dependent from production. All our garments have an individual traceability code.

>>> Distribution & Logistics for Export Worldwide We have expertise and an efficient IT network for distribution over all the continents which meet the highest quality standards.






We are at home in many different markets offering clothing solutions for various environments where safety; comfort and security are major issues:

Our high tech clothing offers maximum protection in changing working and weather environments. The high tech range is a combination of solid experience and interesting innovation.

The high visibility safety range of Sioen includes a broad selection of fluorescent workwear for summer as well as winter periods. Thanks to our high-vis range the wearer is seen and accidents can be avoided.

Protection and safety in the chemical and petrochemical industry is becoming more important every day, not least because of the stringent European regulations. Sioen offers a complete range of chemical and flame arc resistant clothing that complies with these norms and regulations.


Quality, comfort, value for money, speed, reliability and flexibility combined with Ethical business practice, are our hallmarks.




• Industry: Petrochemical, chemical, heavy industry... • Utility companies: water, gas electricity • Emergency services (police, ambulance..) • Fire fighting

• Transport • Roadworks and maintenance • Foodindustry • Agriculture, horticulture • Safety at sea

Clothing for agriculture and horticulture has to be practical, waterproof, breathable, friction resistant and supple. Farmers and growers have to be able to work comfortably in any condition.

Flexothane Kleen ensures that our clothes comply with all hygienic and safety regulations in the food industry. The Nicewear range of Sioen offers protection up to -40°C. It combines two high tech tissues that are supple and water repellent on the outside and on the inside Iso-soft guarantees a high insulation.

In the Sio-fit range you will find T-shirts and polos in many colours and with many kinds of retroreflecting stripes and a high wearing comfort. The range includes our new Sio-cool concept, clothes made of multi-functional yarns with fast drying, anti bacterial and deodorising characteristics.



Sio-fire / vidal

Belgian Fire fighter suit

Sip® protection

Siofire-Vidal develops protective clothing for fire fighters. SIP protection guarantees safety and chainsaw protectio in forestry. Sioen Armour technology specializes in bullet- and stab proof solutions for police, defence and security companies. Mullion produces flotation suits, life jackets and survival suits. Baleno aims for outdoor, hunter and fishermen’s clothing. Siomed produces textiles for medical sector and Military produces uniforms and protective clothing for all kinds of military applications.



Dutch suit

More and more fire fighter brigades chose the intervention clothing of Sioen. These top quality suits guarantee optimal protection against the many dangers this profession engenders. After an international tender, the Belgian ministry accorded the multiyear contract to Sioen. Satisfaction surveys show that the fire fighters clearly appreciate Sioen garments.

Governmental services

Tree surgeon

For more that 25 years, SIP protection has invested in the development, design and production of protective clothing for foresters and people using chainsaws.Due to this constant investment, we can commercialise products that comply with the stringent European EN381 norms and that are ‘at the same time’ light, comfortable and easy to clean.

Police overt


French suit

Police tactical


Sioen Armour Technology produces a range of body armour products for a large number of threats. Since its creation, the range has extended to a large product portfolio. SAT specialises in bullet and stab proof solutions for police, military and security.






Flotation suits


Mullion specialises in life jackets, flotation suits and buoyancy suits for offshore, commercial navigation, governments and saving brigades.




Baleno is the Sioen brand for modern, comfortable yet functional sports and leisure wear. This extensive range is specifically designed for the protection of outdoor sports and leisure and for hunters and fishermen. At the same time, the Baleno clothes are elegant and functional for daily use.

Surgeons aprons

Operation sheets

In 2005 Sioen started producing medical textiles for amongst others operating theatres. We offer a full range of surgery aprons and sheets for hospitals.



Body Armours

Flotation suits

Military applications are a growing market for Sioen and we offer a variety of products. This extends to uniforms and protective clothing and many forms of ballistic protection. We are active in Belgium and abroad and have a very strong project approach.




For more information, please contact:

Europe Sales Olivier Bossuyt Tel. +32 51 740 800 Kasper Tindemans Tel. +32 51 740 800

Indonesia Sales Murali Krishnan Tel. +62 21 825.22.22

Indonesia Sales Yos Rizaldy Tel. +62 21 4485 3222

SIOEN Indonesia - Production plants  

Seven years after the start-up of the first coating line, the Sioen Group became active in 1967 in the production of garments for the Indust...