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A foodie will love the feel of the grilled BBQ ribs as it slowly melts in the mouth. There are some who would prefer the spicy outcome, while others would like to have a wet rub. Whether it is pork ribs, baby-back ribs or beef ribs, it is undeniable, that they have a huge fan following all over the world. Here are a few best BBQ ribs recipes for the foodies. The Texas pork spareribs recipe is considered as an all-time favorite among the Southerners. You will need 4 racks of spareribs taken from pork along with 1/4 cup of salt. Along with it you will need white sugar the amount of which will be 1 to 1 and a half. Black pepper and 3 tablespoons of paprika are also needed. The amount of black pepper will be 2 to 2 and half tablespoons. Along with it you will need chopped onion and garlic powder. It is better not to forget the cayenne powder, the amount of which will be 1 teaspoon. You will also need 3 cups of hot water and last but not the least brown sugar the amount of which will be 4 tablespoons. For all best BBQ rib recipes, there is one thumb rule. If there is any excess fat, it should be removed. Sugar, paprika, black pepper and salt should be put inside a medium bowl and stirred for sometime. After some time you can add the pepper, garlic powder and the cayenne powder. The spice after it is prepared should be rubbed over the ribs. The ribs will have to be placed on roasting pans. The measurement of the pan should be preferably 10x15 inches. Two racks of ribs must be piled on the pan. After the pan is covered the whole thing should be refrigerated for more than 8 hours. The oven should be preheated to 275 degrees for baking the ribs. The baking should be done without uncovering the lid. It should be baked until the flesh become almost juicy. In order to make the sauce, some dripping can be removed from the pan and placed on a skillet. It should be cooked in medium heat. In the same pan, the onions should be cooked until they are almost brown. Ketchup should be added and stirred for 3 to 4 minutes. The mixture should be stirred without respite. Water and brown sugar will have to be added and the whole sauce will have to be seasoned with salt, pepper, and cayenne. You need to cook everything in low heat and allow the substances to simmer for an hour. If you feel that it is getting too thick, you can add water to dilute it. The grill will have to be pre-heated in low heat. If you have a smoker box, you can add soaked wood chips. The grate of the grill should be covered with cooking spray. The ribs will have to be placed on the grill side by side. You can cook them for 20 more minutes and turn them from time to time. Before serving them, you can apply a thick coat of sauce and allow it to grill for another 10 minutes. And all this while you will have to resist your temptation to have a bite on the tender flesh!

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