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Record of Philanthropy Table of Contents

Provost’s Message......................................................................... 2 President’s Message...................................................................... 3 Edwin A. Stevens Society............................................................... 5 Legacy Society............................................................................13 Varsity S.....................................................................................17 Donor Profile: Dr. Jasvinder Bhatia ’94........................................ 21 Gift Profile: The Tutoring Center.....................................................23 Undergraduate Class Giving...........................................................25 Donor Profile: Maureen Weatherall ’78......................................... 57 Graduate Class Giving...................................................................59 Senior Class Gift..........................................................................67 Telethon.....................................................................................69 Bequests....................................................................................71 Honoraria...................................................................................72 In Memoriam..............................................................................73 Parents......................................................................................74 Individuals..................................................................................75 Corporations...............................................................................81 Foundations............................................................................... 85 Organizations............................................................................. 86 Office of Development Directory.....................................................87 Thank You................................................................................. 88

Record of Philanthropy 2011



Provost’ s Message


t was my distinct honor to serve as interim President during an historic year in the life of this University. Our talented students and faculty won much-deserved recognition for many outstanding achievements in our classrooms and research laboratories and on our athletic fields. Our contributions to the nation, in spheres ranging from homeland security to STEM education, earned us praise and appreciation from the highest levels of government.

The Stevens community came together with renewed energy and purpose in 2011 to celebrate the inauguration of our seventh president, Dr. Nariman Farvardin. His determination to build upon the formidable Stevens legacy, while advancing the University in important new directions, has inspired and motivated us all. Your enormous outpouring of pride in Stevens and your continued belief in our mission was clearly communicated through your philanthropy, which included a number of thoughtful and strategic gifts from individuals and loyal participation in the Stevens Annual Fund. A new gift from Sandeep Mathrani ’83, for example, exemplifies the power of philanthropy to directly transform our students’ lives in multiple ways. By substantially increasing funding for student tutoring programs, his gift enabled us to open a walk-in center dedicated to one-onone peer tutoring. This center supports the ambitions of Stevens scholars at all stages in their respective educational journeys, from freshmen grappling with their first serious academic challenges to more experienced students who wish to invest additional time and effort in their studies. We thank Sandeep on their behalf. (For more on this gift’s impact on our students, see page 67.) We were also thrilled to celebrate the completion of a beautiful and strategically important new building, the Kenneth J. Altorfer Academic Complex. The vision of Kenneth Altorfer ’50 and his wife Mary, this high-tech

facility provides us with state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms as well as additional space for our growing — and internationally renowned — faculty. As we move forward, the Altorfer Complex will enable us to expand programs in many new areas of scholarship and research. We are so grateful that the Altorfers’ generosity will make this strategic growth possible. I have truly relished the opportunity to spend time with so many of you during the past year. Stevens’ remarkably accomplished alumni are the foundation of this institution, and you remain vital to its future. Your generous gifts allow us to continue to fulfill our mission of training the next generation of technologists and thinkers who will provide innovative solutions to the world’s increasingly complex technological challenges. What follows is a literal Record of Philanthropy that both celebrates every one of the generous individuals and luminous gifts of the previous year by name, setting a high bar for future giving, and also tells some of the stories of the alumni who have given so graciously and the students who have benefitted. These are your pages; we acknowledge your generosity here, because Stevens would not be the same institution it is without your continuing support. We hope you enjoy reading this Record. Please have a safe and wonderful year, and please keep in touch with us.


George Korfiatis

Provost and University Vice President Stevens Institute of Technology

  Provost’s Message    2 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

President ’s Message


ach time I walk across our beautiful and vibrant campus, I am reminded anew of the power of philanthropy to energize our mission, enrich our lives and fuel our potential. From the DeBaun Center for Performing Arts to the Babbio Center to the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. Athletic and Recreation Center to an important new addition, the Kenneth J. Altorfer Academic Complex, your generosity has transformed this university in diverse and profound ways. Indeed, every exceptional and motivated student I meet who is supported by an endowed scholarship is a potent affirmation of our community’s capacity to not only strengthen the University, but to change lives and advance our society. The Stevens of today — a place of innovation, enterprise and accomplishment — has been shaped over the decades by the trailblazing spirit of our founders, who at a critical juncture in our nation’s history understood the central role that deeply skilled and inventive problem-solvers would play in building a bright and prosperous future. I would argue that in this globally interconnected world, a place of both enormous opportunities and complex challenges, our unique brand of education — a broad and demanding curriculum enhanced by immersion in cutting-edge technology, research and real-world issues — is needed more than ever.

We are proud to report the university is making noteworthy strides in many key areas of research, from nanotechnology designed to boost the capacity of alternative forms of energy, to cybersecurity, to gamechanging innovations that build capacity, strength and resilience into the systems that manage organizations. Our researchers and faculty are continually developing compelling technologies that will transform and

3    President’s Message 

improve f inancial, health care and educational systems worldwide. By directly supporting our top-ranked academic programs, students and faculty, and by helping us modernize our campus and technological capabilities and promoting our solutions-focused research enterprise, you are helping to ensure excellence in every facet of Stevens life. I want to personally thank you for doing so. As we now begin to undertake a series of long-term planning efforts and new initiatives leading up to our milestone 150th-anniversary celebration in 2020, the input, guidance and energetic participation of our friends and alumni will become more important than ever before. Please continue to reach out to us with your ideas, plans, remembrances and resources. Your investments of time, talent and financial support are extremely valuable in ensuring Stevens’ success and distinction during the coming years, not only in our tri-state region but around the globe. We are so grateful for your commitment to Stevens, and I look forward to hearing from you and celebrating the next years together as we build on the accomplishments of the past with the achievements and innovations of today. As I often say, this is an especially exciting moment for Stevens. I am so pleased that you are part of it. Sincerely,

Nariman Farvardin President, Stevens Institute of Technology


  President’s Message    4 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Edwin A. Stevens Society

The industry trailblazers, educators, policymakers, entrepreneurs and dynamic young leaders who make up the Edwin A. Stevens (EAS) Society play a uniquely important role in the life of the university. Their leadership-level gifts are the driving force of current operations, helping to fund key programs such as the S.C. Williams Library, the Stevens Scholarship Fund and Stevens Athletics, among so many other essential facets of Stevens life. Year after year, the Society’s generous donations are translated into firstrate facilities, innovative programs, cutting-edge technology and life-changing financial aid. The generosity of EAS Society members is crucial to preserving our historic traditions while providing promise of an inspired legacy for the future.

5    Edwin A. Stevens Society 


Annmarie Rizzo ’86

Founder $50,000 + 


Dr. Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr.  1966 Mr. Peter M. Brady, Jr.  1961 ∞

“The Edwin A. Stevens Society is such a diverse group.

Dr. Thomas A. Corcoran  1967

We come from all sectors of industry, from academia,

Philip P. Crowley, Esq.  1971 Dr. William R.

Cuming  1942  *  

and from government. But we share a common vision:

Ms. Betty De Pietro 

the desire to perpetuate what Edwin A. Stevens started

Dr. Nariman Farvardin 

with his extraordinary bequest and the conviction that if

Mr. Theodore S. Gellert  1936  *     +  

Mr. Sandeep Laki Mathrani  1983

we believe in giving, others will, too.

Mrs. Michelle Roscitt 


Mr. Richard R. Roscitt  1973

President's Circle $10,000-$24,999

Mr. Joseph B. Lechtanski  1972

John A. Schepisi, Esq.  1965

Ms. Gina M. Addeo  1986

Mr. Charles J. Maguire  1977

Mrs. Mary Jane Semcer 

Ms. Evelyn M. Berenbroick 

Ms. Lisa M. Mascolo  1982

Mr. Frank J. Semcer, Sr.  1965

Mr. Frederick J. Berenbroick  1959

Mr. Bruce E. McNair  1971

Mr. Peter M. Beys  1961

Mr. R. Wayne Oliver  1975

Benefactor $25,000-$49,999

Mr. David M. Bonifacic  1986

Mr. Michael F. O'Neill  1987

Mr. David P. Bencze  1970

Mr. Ronald F. Bosco  1972

Mr. Frank S. Panebianco  1976

Stephen T. Boswell, PhD, PE  1989

Dr. and Mrs. Constantin Chassapis  2004

Dr. Virginia P. Mahoney Ruesterholz  1983

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Dirkes  1920  *  

Mr. Joseph A. Colandrea  1956

Mr. Kevin Ruesterholz  1983

Mr. John "Sean" J. Hanlon IV, CFP  1980

Mr. John R. Dearborn, Jr.  1979

Ms. Annmarie Rizzo  1986

Mr. Richard D. Hetzel  1950  *  

Prof. Daniel J. DuChamp 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Lunghard  1958

Ms. Alice L. Ferriss 

Mr. A. Joseph Schneider  1946  ∞ 

Mr. Rupert Vittinghoff  1937  *  

Martin C. Fliesler, Esq.  1965

Dr. Steven Shulman  1962

Mr. James M. Weatherall  1978

Mr. David A. Haid  1957

Dr. Richard F. Spanier  1961

Dr. Maureen P. Burke Weatherall  1978

Mr. Keiichiro Hayashi 

Dr. Peter E. Stamer  1961

Mrs. Barbara G. Hess 

Mr. Harold E. Williams  1900 * 

Mr. Edward H.

Shamagasi  1975  *  


Dr. Richard Sard  1962

Mr. Edwin J. Hess  1955


  Edwin A. Stevens Society    6 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Patron $5,000-$9,999

Mr. Alfred W. Iversen  1961

Mr. Roy W. Carlson 

Mr. Charles G. Berendsen  1951 ∞ 

Mr. Joseph J. Kaminski  1960

Mr. Donald E. Daume  1967

Dr. William S. Blazowski  1968

Dr. Richard S. Magee  1963  ∞  

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. DeGraw  1957

Mr. Joseph W. Mitro  1973

Mr. George C. Denzer, Jr.  1961

Mr. Peter Bloom 


Mr. William A. Chernowetz  1971

Ms. Caroline Cresap O'Malley 

Mr. Frederick H. Dietrich  1961

Mr. William C. Pezzano  1975

Ms. Mary A. Doddy  1980 Mr. Patrick Dorywalski 


Mr. P. Brian Schoonmaker  1961 Mr. Warren J. Sweetnam  1949

Mr. Edward C. Eichhorn  1969

Dr. David P. Dixon  1972 Mr. Robert J. Doyle  1956 Mr. Kenneth A. Dunphy  1961 Mr. Robert Fairchild  1951 Dr. Richard S. Fredericks  1950

Dr. Frank L. Fernandez  1960

Fellow $2,500-$4,999

Mr. Greg R. Gianforte  1983

Mr. John J. Fitzpatrick  1984

Mr. Allen C. Anderson  1963

Mr. William C. Habert  1963

Mr. Jon R. Beveridge  1965

Ms. Angie M. Hankins, Esq.  1995

Mr. Nicholas Bush  1980

Mrs. Melissa R. Hanson Van Liew  2004

Dr. Arthur G.

Glasgow  1885 * 

Ms. Cynthia N. Graae  Mr. William D.


  +   Hay  1946 * 

Mr. Edward J.

Cann  1951 *  ∞ 

Mr. Denis A. Helm  1961

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hovey  1957

Mr. John T. Canning  1961

Mr. Daniel L. Hertz, Jr.  1952 ∞ 

Mr. Frank Ianna  1971

Mr. Ernest R. Carbone  1972

Mr. Rolf H. Hildebrandt  1969

7    Edwin A. Stevens Society 



Rob Hoar ’06

Mr. Armand Bassi, Jr.  1955


“ I had an outstanding academic experience as

an undergraduate, and I want to make sure that the students who follow me have that experience, too. By

Ms. Haley Bayer 


Mr. John Bebbington  1947 Mr. Louis G. Beffa  1940 Mr. Arthur G. Bendelius  1958  + 

Mr. Samuel J. Berkow  1988 Dr. Jasvinder Bhatia  1994

giving, Society members not only support the bottom

Mr. Farrokh K. Billimoria  1979

line, we keep Stevens on the cutting edge. We allow

Mr. Enrique L. Blanco  1972

The Innovation University to innovate. Mr. Robert J. Hoar  2006

Mr. Howard Straus  1939

Mr. George Kline 

Mr. Donald W. Suter  1971

Mr. David H. Krantz 


Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Swensen  1974

Mr. Herman J. Krieg  1961 * 

Mr. James A. Szipszky  1989

Mr. Harold W. Kruger  1952

Mrs. Diane Szipszky  1988

John J. Lipinski, Esq.  1972

Mr. Kenneth V. Tichy  1991

Dr. Thomas A. Martin  1963

Mr. Matthew Van Liew  2005

Mr. Dwight Bailey Massey  1953 ∞ 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Vitarius  1962

Mr. George B. Meyrick  1972

Mrs. Estelle Ives Zahn  1928 ∞ 

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Mitola  Dr. David Naumann 



Mrs. Lillian Chu Zawislak  2004

Mr. Bruce Blondina  1973 Ms. Claire Bloom 


Mr. Donald J. Blum  1945 ∞  Dr. Alan F. Blumberg  2011 Ms. Christine C. Booth  Mr. G. Bruce Boylan  1963 Dr. Washington Braida  Mr. Stuart L. Breslow  1998 Mr. Frederick R. Bruchbacher  1977 Dr. Leslie R. Brunell  1986 Dr. Michael S. Bruno  2001 Mrs. Trudy J. Bryson  Dr. A. Charles Buffalano  1961 + 

Member $1,000-$2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Bukowski 

Anonymous Donor 

Mr. Gerard P. Canevari  1947

Mr. John A. Abom  1965

Mr. Joseph L. Cariello  1966

Mr. John C. Rizzuto  1989

Mrs. Gina L. D'Angelo Abrams  1986

Mrs. Esther B. Carroll 

Mr. Frank Roberto  1976

Mr. Stephen P. Adik  1964

Mr. Thomas W. Casey  1970

Mr. Ronald E. Salluzzo 

Mr. Joseph T. Ambrozy  1961

Mr. Dominic L. Casulli  1957

Mr. Donald F. Sexton  1965

Mr. Roland M. Andersen  1943

Prof. Thomas M. Cattabiani  1984

Donald Silawsky, Esq.  1969 ∞ 

Mr. John R. Andrus  1953

Mr. Dennis J. Cecchini  1973

Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Smith  1961

Dr. Herbert M. Appleton, Jr.  1944

Dr. Fred I. Chasalow  1964

Mr. Robert L. Steiger  1971

Dr. Anthony L. Barrese  1970

Mrs. Madeleine P. Moore Chernesky  1988

Dr. Charles I. Petschek  1944 Mr. Evan Picoult 



  Edwin A. Stevens Society    8 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Member $1,000-$2,499 (continued)

Mr. John A. Dryzga  1985

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Grobeis 

Mr. Seongah Chin  2000

Mr. John R. Earl  1979

Dr. Paul W. Grosser  1975

Dr. Christos Christodoulatos  1991

Mr. Gene Eckel  1951 ∞ 

Mrs. Rose M. Gunther 

Mr. Vem Lun Chuang  1964

Mr. Thomas F. Errington, P.E.  1976



Mr. Kenneth R. Habermann  1948

Mr. Jeffrey Ciccone  1979

Mr. and Mrs. Christine J. Evans 

Mr. Vicente A. Citarella  1962

Dr. Hosein Fallah 

Mr. Jacob N. Halpern  1983

Mr. Stephen H. Clevett  1984

Mr. Frank M. Fawzi  1984

Mr. Reinhard Hanselka  1974

Mr. Ralph M. Cohen  1971

Ms. Igor Faynberg   + 


Thomas R. Haher, M.D.  1972

Mr. Malcolm J. Hartman  1957

Mr. Kenneth A. Collins  1987

Mr. Zef Ferreira 2000

Dr. Sophia Hassiotis 

Ms. Joanne L. Beattie Compton  1979 ∞ 

Mr. William H. Ficken  1956

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Hausmann  1961

Mr. Michael F. Connolly  1986

Mr. Valentine J. Fischer  1957

Mr. William H. Hayen, Jr.  1954

Mr. Richard A. Cornell  1973

Mr. Edwin Fitzwater  1944

Dr. Harry Heffes 

Mr. Steven E. Flicker  1981

Mr. Harold Heffner  1951

Dr. Bonnie C . Floyd 

Mr. Frank W. Henrikson  1960

Mr. Paul H. Floyd  1980

Mrs. William J. Henseler  1936 

Mr. Ernest L. Formanns  1957

Dr. Thomas O. Herrington, Jr.  1989

Mr. Richard R. Frankovic  1964

Mr. James M. Hill, Jr.  1945

Mr. Jeffrey R. Friedman  1976

Mr. Emile R. Hill  1956

Mr. Win G. R. Froehlich  1957

Dr. Richard I. Hires  1988

Mr. Steven Gachko, Jr. 

Mr. Leonard J. Hodas  1967

Mrs. Agnes Gagern  1989

Mr. Peter Hoffmeister  1961

Dean Daniel G. Gallagher 

Mr. Leon M. Hojegian  1961

Mr. Joseph Galligan 

Mr. Lawrence J. Holzenthaler  1966

Joseph J. Garvey, Esq.  1971

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hopkins 

Dr. Lawrence E. Gastwirt 

Mr. Douglas Horr 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Gleich  1943 ∞ 

Dr. Caleb B. Hurtt  1953 ∞ 

Mr. Brian Granata 

Mrs. Geoffrey S. Inman ∞

Mr. H. Russell Grander, Jr.  1952

Mr. Frank C. Jagisch  1964 ∞ 

Mrs. Robert N. Green  1950

Ms. Yuhong Jiang  1991

Col. Harvey R. Greenberg  1974

George W. Johnston, Esq.  1972

Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Greene 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Joyal 

Mr. A. Leonard Course, Jr.  1962 Dr. Stephen H. Crandall  1942 Mrs. Dawn Crouch  Mr. Robert Y. Csernica  1952 Mr. Richard H. Cunneen  1950 Mrs. Celine O. Cunningham  Ms. Dawn da Silva   + 

Mr. Vinayak Damle

Mr. Michael T. Dawson  1967 Mr. Richard J. Dell  1964 Mr. Alexander Delli Paoli  1961 Dr. Darinka Dentcheva   + 

Mr. and Mrs. John DiAndrea  + 

Prof. Dawn Digrius

Mr. Joseph G. DiPompeo  1998 Mr. Henry P. Dobbelaar, Jr.  ∞  Mr. John J. Doddy  1986 Mrs. Dawn M. Pelowitz Doherty  1986 Dr. Lisa M. Dolling  Dr. Harold Dorn  1981 * 

9    Edwin A. Stevens Society 





Dr. Dilhan M. Kalyon  1994

Mr. Homer Lowenberg  1942

Ms. Regina J. Mundekis  1986

Mr. Edward B. Kamins  1971

Mr. Paul F. Magnone  1988

Mr. George E. Murphy  1959

Mr. David J. Kamrath  1971

Mr. Robert A. Mahan  1964

Dr. Burton B. Nanus  1957

Mr. Terence Karanink  1980

Dr. Svetlana Malinovskaya 

Mr. Adrian Nash 

Dr. John J. Keating, III 

Dr. Hong Man 

Dr. Irwin Nathan  1953

Mr. Arthur V. Ketterer  1961

Mr. Jonathan A. Matos  2008

Mr. William J. Neill, Jr.  1947

Mr. Joshua Kheel  1945

Mrs. Katherine E. Freed Matos  2008

Mr. Robert H. Neill  1951

Mr. Herbert L. Kimmich  1957 ∞ 

Mrs. Ewalt Maurushat  1936

Dr. Emil C. Neu  1955

Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. Kingman 

Mr. John M. Mazzilli  1960 ∞ 

Dean Kenneth L. Nilsen 

Mr. Robert L. Klein  1942 ∞ 

Mr. John P. McCaskey 

Dr. Richard D. Noble  1968

Mr. Martin R. Klop  1958

Dr. James E. McClellan, III  1998

Mr. Luis S. Nunez  1983

Mr. Anthony J. Kosinski  1977

Mr. Austin F. McCormack, Jr.  1945 ∞ 

Mr. Jefferson J. O'Connell 

Mr. Gustav H. Koven, III  1965

Mr. Richard A. McCormack  1953

Mr. Eric G. Olsen  1977

Mr. Gregory Kramer 

Mr. Robert B. McFiggans  1956

Mr. Paulus E. R. Packbier  1986

Mr. J. Richard Kraycir  1964

Ms. Beth McGrath 

Mr. Thomas Pagano  1935 ∞ 

Mr. Vasili Krishnamurti  1974

Mr. George H. Meinschein  1978

Ms. Angela Parriott  2011

Mr. John E. Kruck  1954

Mr. Mark B. Meisels  1983

Mr. Photios T. Paulson  1959

Mr. Alfred G. Kuehn  1961

Mr. Gary W. Mello  1977

Dr. Michael Pennotti 

Mr. Richard L. Kuskin  1972

Dr. Donald N. Merino  1960 ∞ 

Mr. Charles J. Perruzzi  1963

Mr. Robert W. Lamb  1946

Mr. Nicholas M. Mestanas  1958

Mr. Raymond H. Perry, Jr.  1947

Mr. Mark I. LaRosa  1993

Dr. Jonathan K. Miller  1999

Mr. David H. Pfeffer  2009

Mr. Bernard L. Larsen  1949

Mr. Robert M. Mitrane  1979

Mr. Nicholas Phillips  1972

Mr. Victor R. Larson  1961

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Monsees  1971

Mr. Richard C. Pinto  1960

Mr. Kenneth H. Lawrence  1943

Mr. William P. Moore  1973 ∞ 

Mrs. James A. Plumstead  1948

Mr. Ronald P. LeBright  1955 ∞ 

Mr. Carlos Morandi  1984

Mr. Spyros M. Polemis  1961

Dr. William H. Ledsham  1970

Mr. Laurence D. Morda  1971

Mr. Edwin L. Post  1962

Mr. Richard M. Leichus  1962

Prof. Philippos Mordohai 

Dr. Birendra N. Pramanik  1973

Mr. James W. Lewis  1993

Mr. Thomas J. Moschello  1963

Mr. Peter T. Queenan  1972

Mr. Griffin V. Littell  1961 * 

Mr. Charles W. Mosher  1946

Mrs. Susan A. Rodrigues Quirk  1988

Mrs. Cheryl M. Muglia Lizotte  1983

Mr. Claude L. Mount  1952

Mr. Michael S. Rachlin  1951

Ms. Vernita B. Lockhart 

Mr. Richard E. Munczinski  1974

Mr. William L. Rand  1965





  Edwin A. Stevens Society    10 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Member $1,000-$2,499 (continued)

Mr. Sachin N. Shah  1989

Mr. Thomas S. Velky  1956

Dr. Harold K. Rappoport  1965

Dr. Keith G. Sheppard  1997

Dr. Thomas H. Wakeman III, Eng.Sc.D. 

Dr. Otto Raths  1957

Col. Gregory A. Siegel  1972

Mr. Robert H. Walker  1958

Edward R. Ricco, Esq.  1971

Mr. Frank R. Sileo  1957

Mr. Thomas J. Walsh  1974

Mr. Charles L. Richards  1945

Ms. Nan O. Silverman  1991

Mr. Raymond E. Weber  1961

Mr. Fred Rieger, Jr.  1946

Dr. Fernando Sisto  1962

Mr. George F. Weston  1955

Dr. Arthur B. Ritter 

Mr. Bernard Skown  2004

Mr. Edward W. Wittke, Jr.  1945

Mr. Heinz W. Ritzau  1957

Mr. Joseph C. Skroski  1958 * 

Mrs. Arthur E. Wolff  1947

Ms. Jessica Reed Roach 

Mr. Donald E. Smith  1947

Ms. Miriam Rodrigues Woodall  2002

Mr. Peter E. Rodts  1952

Mr. Watson B. Smith  1953

Mr. Scott K. Woodfield  1989

Ms. Rachele Grasso Smith  1981

Mr. Jeff C. Yuan  1989

Mr. Henry F. Snyder, Jr.  1950 ∞ 

Dr. William C. Zegel  1961

Dr. Kenneth C. Rogers  1964 Mr. Russell Rogers  Mr. Joseph G. Roosevelt  1970 Mr. Eric Rosenberg  Mr. Edward M. Rosensteel  Mr. Theodore Rothaupt  1977 Mrs. Herman J. Rother  1960 Mr. Edmund W. Ruhl, Jr.  1944 Mr. Fred G. Russenberger, Jr.  1976 Dr. Kevin M. Ryan  1996

Mr. Jeffrey B. Ziegler  1974

Mr. Arthur F. Stahl  1957 Dr. John H. Stamm  1961 Mr. Paul W. Steffen  1957 Mrs. Laura A. Steinhauser   + 

Prof. Michael Steinmann Mr. John Stevens  1972

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Stroever  1972

Mr. Peter T. Zimmermann  1961

Associate Member $50-$999  + 

Mr. Nicholas P. Albizati  2011  + 

Mr. Abel N. Alvarez  2011


Ms. Paige Armstrong  2011


Ms. Natalie A. Arndt  2008

Dr. Charles L. Suffel  1985

Mr. Alex Bachowski  2009

Mr. Pak-chung Tam  1974

Mr. Peter J. Bakarich, III  2004

Dr. Stuart K. Tewksbury 

Mr. Michael A. Bertucci  2009

Dr. and Mrs. James Tietjen 

Ms. Natalia Bilchuk  2010

Mr. Hermann S. Trabold, II  1944

Mr. Michael Bocchinfuso  2008

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Traverso  1987

Ms. Sara Budar  2011

Mr. and Mrs. Nicos L. Tsilas, Esq.  1989

Ms. Mary K. Burke  2011

Mr. Walter E. Ulrich  1968

Mr. Keith B. Cassidy  2009

Dr. John R. Schuring, Jr.  1974

Mr. Thomas A. Ursic  1973

Ms. Danielle Castioni  2011

Mr. Ernest G. Schwab  1952

Dr. David A. Vaccari 

Ms. Natalia A. Chabebe  2008

Mr. Robert G. Schwab  1960

Mr. Francis R. Varacalli, Jr.  1968

Ms. Kate Cox  2011

Mr. Albert Z. Schwartz  1967 ∞ 

Ms. Victoria Velasco  2004

Ms. Katherine Crane  2011

Mr. Neville W. Sachs  1963 Dr. Hady R. Salloum  1996 Mr. Mark L. Samolewicz  1998 Ms. Jean M. Savitsky  1985 Dr. Clifford L. Sayre, Jr.  1950 Ms. Elizabeth M. Schmalz  Mr. Arthur J. Schmidt  1968 Mr. Edward E. Schott  1952

11    Edwin A. Stevens Society 

 +   + 


 +   + 





Mr. Stephen C. Crouch  2010


Mr. Dylan P. Lupo  2011  + 

Ms. Cassidy L. DeSchryver  2011  + 

Mr. Anthony V. Shehab  2011  + 


Ms. Tenbit Shiferaw  2008

Ms. Alexandra Lyons  2011


Mr. Alexander Divinsky  2011

Mr. Brandon E. MacWhinnie  2008

Mr. Daniel A. Silva  2010

Mr. Ryan R. Donovan  2006

Mrs. Chloe B. Weck Maietta  2007

Mr. Louis C. Simons  2009

Mr. Matthew Dos Santos  2011

Mr. Art Bryan Manabat  2008

Ms. Natty Smerasuta  2011

Ms. Danielle S. Dudek  2009

Mr. Michael Manzella  2009

Ms. Laura A. Sodon  2009





Mr. Jerry A. Dutreuil  2008

Mr. Peter F. McCauley  2011

Ms. Laura E. Farrell  2010

Ms. Erin M. McDonnell  2011

Mr. Frank S. Sorrentino, IV  2008  + 

Ms. Stephanie Spelman  2011



Mr. Christopher Francis  2011  + 

Mr. Taylor Sproul  2011


Mr. Shant P. Stepanian  2006

Mr. David G. Fritsche  2008

Ms. Stephanie Ann Miller  2011

Mr. Peter J. Garafano  2009

Ms. Julia Nicole Moldovan  2009


Ms. Erica V. Mondadori  2010  + 

Mr. Michael Muchnik  2008  + 

Ms. Kathleen M. Weatherall  2008


Mr. Brandt M. Grobeis  2011

Mr. Diego S. Mugurusa  2008  + 


Mr. Hieu M. Trinh  2007


Ms. Lauren J. Griggs  2011


Mr. Christopher I. Stoddart  2011 Mr. Derek Straub  2011


Ms. Ellyn Griggs  2011



Ms. Magdalena Michniuk  2011

Ms. Emily D. Woo  2009


Mr. Brandon A. Haverberg  2009

Mr. Dipan K. Naik  2011

Ms. Katherina J. Imperial  2010

Ms. Amanda Nauman  2011

Mr. Derek J. Ives  2008

Ms. Victoria L. O'Connor  2011

Mr. Philip M. Jonat  2008

Ms. Nicole A. Ogrosso  2009

Mr. Bruce R. Jordan, Jr.  2009

Mr. Harold E. Pahlck  2010

Mr. Andrew G. Kaplan  2009

Ms. Hillary R. Paul  2010

Mr. Andrew Keane  2009

Ms. Fionuala M. Quinn  2010


Mr. Kyle Yandell  2011

 +   + 




Mr. Ethan J. Kelley  2011

Ms. Gabriella M. Reyes  2011

Mr. Matthew J. Keyser  2009

Mr. Frank Riccobono  2010  + 

Ms. Allyson G. Kingman  2011  + 


Mr. Emanuel Rios  2008

Mr. Boris A. Kocherov  2008

Mr. Thomas J. Ritter  2007

Mr. Zachary Lenz  2008

Mr. James J. Roarty  2010




Mr. Rick Leung  2011

Mr. Miroslaw Rogowski  2011  + 

Mr. David H. Leung  2011

Mr. Christopher Rosensteel   + 

Mr. Jeffrey Lichtenfeld  2011


Mr. Brett M. Lipschultz  2011  + 

Ms. Monica Louie  2011


+   + 

Mr. Piotr R. Rusinkiewicz  2010  + 

Mr. Ishtiaq Saaem  2006


Mr. Steven N. Schwartz  2011

  Edwin A. Stevens Society    12 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Legacy Society

Shortly after the end of the Civil War, Edwin A. Stevens, an engineer, inventor and entrepreneur, made a bequest that would have a lasting impact on the future of American industry and society. By donating the land and funds necessary to establish a university, Stevens and his family members not only foresaw a future of innovation and enterprise, but energetically promoted it with the founding of Stevens.of Technology. The Legacy Society was founded to recognize donors who have generously included Stevens in their estate planning through their own bequests, retirement plans and gift annuities. Members of the Legacy Society ensure a thriving future for Stevens in line with the founders’ revolutionary vision. Their gifts play a vital role in strengthening academic, scholarship and research programs, while keeping the spirit of innovation alive.

13    Legacy Society 



Legacy Society Members Mr. Karl L. Ammann  1976 Mr. William J. Ardrey, III  1960 Mrs. Rosina Ballantine  Mrs. Margaret J. Bance  1934 Mr. Jack R. Bayer  1943  *   Mr. Charles G. Berendsen  1951  ◊   Mrs. Charles W. Berghorn, Jr.  1939 Mrs. John R. Blizard  1935 Mr. Donald J. Blum  1945  ◊   Mrs. George E. Boyhan 1944

Larry Kaufman ’66 “ I believe that education is about the most important thing there is. I also believe that deserving students – people with need and ability – should never be deprived of the opportunity to earn a higher education degree. That’s why I started a scholarship fund. I want to help those students demonstrate their ability.”

Mr. Peter M. Brady, Jr. 1961 Mr. John A. Brown  1951 *  Dr. John W. Burns  1967 Mr. Dennis Buzzelli  1969 Dr. Carlyle G. Caldwell  Francis J. Cashin, P.E.  1946 Dr. Christopher L. Coccio  1963 Ms. Joanne L. Beattie Compton  1979 ◊  Dr. Thomas A. Corcoran  1967 Mr. Stephen C. Craffen  1977 Mrs. Eugene R. Crilly 1945 Mr. Stephen P. Cuff  1953 Dr. John C. Daidola  1984 Mrs. Barbara M. Day   *  Mrs. Kenneth W. De Baun  1949 Mr. Henry P. Dobbelaar, Jr. 


Mr. Robert H. Duklauer  1942 Mr. Raymond W. Durante  1950


Mr. Gene Eckel 1951 ◊ 

Mrs. Susanne Raiss Goldsmith 

Dr. Edward F. Egan  1940

Mr. Leonard A. Goldstein  1953

Mr. Charles Eisler, Jr.  1938

Mr. Frank R. Grapkowski  1973

Mr. Ronald M. Eng  1965

Mr. Alan H. Grossman  1983

Mr. John V. Ernest  1950

Mr. Richard J. Harper  1953

Mr. Edward L. Fischer  1951

Mr. John G. Hauck  1945

Mr. Malcolm C. Fraser  1951

Mr. Daniel L. Hertz, Jr.  1952 ◊ 

Mr. Donald K. Frerichs  1963

Dr. David B. Hill  1960

Cary J. Frieze, Esq. 

Dr. James L. Hodges  1961 * 

Mrs. D. Scott Gallagher  1949

Mrs. Wesley J. Howe  1943

Mr. F. Leroy Garrabrant, Jr.  1943

Dr. Caleb B. Hurtt  1953 ◊ 

Mrs. John R. Gibbs  1945

Dr. Arthur E. Imperatore  1988

Mrs. Robert P. Giblon 1936

Mrs. Geoffrey S. Inman  1951

Miss Joan C. Gilson 

Mr. G. Clark Jelliffe  1930 * 

Ms. Shirley A. Gilson   *  Mr. Nicholas L. Giuricich  1953 Mr. Joseph J. Gleich  1943 ◊ 

  Legacy Society    14 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Legacy Society Members (continued) Mrs. Frank J. Jessich  1950 Mrs. O. Frank Kattwinkel  1948 Dr. Lawrence G. Kaufman  1966 Mr. Herbert L. Kimmich  1957 ◊  Mr. Robert L. Klein  1942 ◊  Mr. Charles J. Kovarik  1955 Mrs. Chester W. Kramer  1927 Mr. M. Steven Kurtz  1943 Mr. James N. Kyriazis  1962 Mr. Robert W. Lamb  1946 ◊  Mrs. John L. Lauer  1959 Mr. Ronald P. LeBright  1955 ◊  Mr. Edward K. Lefren 1940 *  Ms. Jo Allyson Long  Dr. John J. LoPorto  1946 Dr. Stephen J. Lukasik  1987 Mr. Charles A. Macaluso  1950 Dr. Richard S. Magee  1963 ◊  Mr. Clement D. Martin  1947 Mrs. Helen M. Mason  1948 Mr. Dwight Bailey Massey  1953 ◊  Mr. Bruce A. Matern  1969 Mrs. Ewalt Maurushat  1936  ◊ 

Mr. Jerome D. Mellinger  1963  ◊ 

Ms. Linda Hawkins Nelson  1977

Mr. John M. Mazzilli  1960

Dr. Donald N. Merino  1960

Prof. Dean E. Nold  1955

Mrs. Susan Delle Cava McArdle  1981

Mr. William P. Moore 1973 ◊ 

Mr. John C. O'Keeffe 1951 * 

Mr. Austin F. McCormack, Jr.  1945 ◊ 

Mr. Michael D. Myers  1973

Mr. Thomas Pagano  1935 ◊ 

15    Legacy Society 



Edward Egan ’40

“I had a fine education that I’m very happy about, and I want to help Stevens continue its good work.” Mr. David J. Resch  1945

Mrs. E. Russell Sprague  1936

Mrs. Patricia Roben 

Mr. Robert F. Steinke  1958

Mr. Peter H. Rohr  1945

Mr. Jay W. Sturdevant  1952 * 

Mr. Frank A. Ross, Jr.  1948

Mrs. Robert C. Sturken  1940

Mr. David P. Rost  1957

Mr. Ronald S. Swade  1958

Mrs. Howard M. Sadwith  1938

Mr. Frederick E. Unfried  1965

Mr. Robert E. Salfi  1964

Mr. Marty P. Valerio 1968

Mr. Michael Sarakwash  1958 * 

Mr. Robert D. Van Buiten  1949

Mr. Charles J. Scavullo, Sr.  1950 Dr. John F. Schatmeyer  1957 Mr. A. Joseph Schneider  1946 ◊  Mr. Albert Z. Schwartz  1967 ◊  Mrs. John K. Scott  Donald Silawsky, Esq.  1969 ◊  Col. Surendra Pal Singh  1971

Mr. Donald Vinik  1949 Mr. Julian C. Webster  1943 Mr. Warren G. Wells  1942 Mr. Patrick J. Whelan  1972 Mrs. Myles Williamson 1945 Mrs. Alan C. Young  1946 Mrs. Estelle Ives Zahn  1928 ◊ 

Mr. Frederick B. Six  1966 Mrs. James A. Plumstead  1948 Mr. Joseph A.

Prestele  1949 * 

Mrs. Covert F. Smith, Jr.  1946 Mr. Henry F. Snyder, Jr.  1950 ◊ 

Mr. John Provetero  1950

Mr. John C. Spaziani  1967

Mr. Willard E. Rapp  1961

Dr. Donald P. Sposato  1963


  Legacy Society    16 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Varsity S

Throughout the 2010-2011 academic year, Stevens Athletics celebrated many remarkable successes. The Ducks finished 13th out of more than 450 colleges and universities in the Learfield Sports Division III Directors’ Cup, a prestigious award based on overall athletic success. This was the best finish in Stevens history, a testament to all the hard work put forth by the scholar-athletes, coaches, administrators and staff. Stevens also earned its first two national championship titles from the efforts of a single student: Laura Barito ’11 finished first in the nation in the 50-yard freestyle (swimming) and 400-meter hurdles (outdoor track and field). Stevens scholar-athletes continue to make a mark both on and off the field, with 24 earning All-America honors during the past year. Furthermore, the combined grade point average of Stevens’ nearly 500 scholar-athletes is consistently higher than 3.0, definitive proof that our students strive to develop both body and mind. The Varsity S Club, which supports the university’s athletic program and all its scholar-athletes, is a critical contributor to Stevens’ sports successes. Over the past several years, loyal and generous club members have helped fund a series of improvements, from the scoreboards in Canavan Arena to the new digital interactive Hall of Fame display. With their help, extensive renovations of the tennis center, the DeBaun Athletic Complex and Dobbelaar Field were made possible. Support from alumni and friends energizes the athletics program, and their contributions enrich the dynamic Stevens experience.

17    Varsity S 


Varsity S Members

GJP Camps Incorporated 

Mr. Steven Achilles  +

Mr. Brian Granata  ◊

Action Staffing Services Incorporated 

Angie M. Hankins, Esq.  1995 ◊

Mr. Thomas R. Barito 

Hoboken Masters, LLC 

Ms. Emily J. Beach  Ms. Carol Beach 


Mr. Douglas Horr  ◊


Mr. William A. Hutchinson, Jr.  1973

Dr. Ronald S. Besser 

Ms. Alexandra Jablonskyj 

Dr. Jasvinder Bhatia  1994


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Joyal  ◊ +

Mr. David M. Bonifacic  1986 ◊

Ms. Judith Katz 

Mr. G. Bruce Boylan  1963 ◊ 

Dr. Lawrence W. Kazmierczak  1993

Dr. Michael S. Bruno  2001◊

Ms. Maria E. Klose 

Ms. Patricia Burnes 

Mr. Henry G. Kopp  1955

Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Catanese 



Dr. George P. Korfiatis  1995

Ms. Sandra F. Cederroth 

Mr. Brian Lalli  2004

Mr. J. Daniel Choplin  ◊

Ms. Stephanie M. Lalli 

Ms. Jo Ann Cicchine 

Mr. Robert J. Leahy  1959

Mr. John S. Crawford 

Mr. Joseph J. Lishok, Jr.  1969

Mr. Martin Cresci 

Lockheed Martin Corporation  ◊

Ms. Dawn da Silva  ◊ Mr. Patrick Dorywalski 

Ms. Marybeth Lynch  2000 ◊

Ms. Alexandra Lyons  ◊

Mr. John A. Dryzga  1985 ◊ Ms. Danielle S. Dudek  2009


Dr. Rainer Martini  ◊

Ms. Erica N. Mehalick 

Mr. Edward C. Eichhorn  1969 ◊

Merck Company Foundation  ◊

Mr. Johannes Einarsson  1954

Dr. Donald N. Merino  1960 ◊ ∞

Mr. William P. Fitzpatrick  1989

Microsoft Corporation  ◊

Mr. Kevin R. Frei  2001

Ms. Barbara J. Migliori 

Mr. Steven Gachko, Jr.  ◊

Mr. John A. Morris  1972

Mr. Joseph Galligan  ◊

Mr. Jefferson J. O'Connell  ◊

GCA Services Group Incorporated 

Mr. Tim O'Donohue 


  Varsity S    18 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Varsity S Members (continued)

Mr. Russell Rogers  ◊

Mr. Kenneth O. Olsen  1960

Mr. J. Thomas Rose 

Mr. Frederick S. O'Neill  Mr. Corey A. Paluga 

Mr. Stephen G. Sedmak 

Ms. Leslie Ann Skurla, DMD, PA 

Mr. Edward M. Rosensteel 


Mr. Mark L. Samolewicz 

Ms. Casey Scherck  2009

Mr. Donald Parriott 

Mr. Michael R. Schinelli  2005 Ms. Elizabeth M. Schmalz 

Mr. Thomas A. Pierce  1979 Mr. Michael Pinckney 


Power-Tek Performance Gear, LLC  ◊ Ms. Fionuala M. Quinn  2010 Mr. William Reed 

19    Varsity S 



Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Smith  SODEXO Inc. & Affiliates 

Mr. Jeffrey P. Parker 

Mrs. Heather Paul 


Mr. Michael Spellman 


Mr. Joseph J. Stahley, Jr.  Mr. Paul W. Steffen  1957 ◊

Mr. Walter A. Schmidlin, Jr.  1964

Mrs. Laura A. Steinhauser ◊

Mr. A. Joseph Schneider  1946 ◊ ∞

Mr. Mark E. Swanson 

Kathy Schulz, Esq. 

Tim O'Donohue's Soccer Academy, LLC 

Mr. Robert G. Schwab  1960 ◊

Mr. Peter W. Traub 

Mr. Robert H. Seavy  1948

Nicos L. Tsilas, Esq.  1989 ◊

+ +




Ms. Mary Verga 


Mrs. Linda M. Vollkommer  2004 W. B. Engineering and Consulting, PLLC  ◊ Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wagenblast  Ms. Karen Welby 


Ms. Jean M. Welcome 


Ms. Emily D. Woo  2009 ◊ Mr. Jonathan P. Wort  1970 Mr. Raphael S. Zagury 



  Varsity S    20 

Record of Philanthropy 2011


DR. JASVINDER BHATIA ’94 Growing up in upstate New York, athletics were an essential part of life for Jasvinder “Jesse” Bhatia ’94, a member of his high school tennis team and an avid sports fan. Once accepted into Stevens’ demanding pre-med program, however, he gave up any thought of playing sports at the college level. “Knowing what the workload would be, I had no intention of participating in college athletics,” said Bhatia, who had undertaken a challenging seven-year program: completing an undergraduate degree at Stevens in three years, and then continuing on to the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) for four more years of medical training. But a casual observation – ‘I can play with these guys’ – resulted in an introduction to tennis

21    Varsity S 

coach Rich Morell and changed his Stevens experience. Bhatia joined the University’s tennis team, earned All-Conference honors twice, and was eventually selected as a co-captain. He also managed to graduate on time – with honors. Now a practicing nephrologist and an assistant professor of medicine at Boston University, Bhatia credits his experience on the tennis team as a vital component of his success in both sports and medicine. It is one of the principal reasons he generously supports the Varsity S Club, the annual giving club that helps fund the Stevens athletic program. “The fact that I had such an important outlet – let alone something I loved – turned out to be enormously beneficial,” he recalled. “It gave


“At Stevens, you never forgot the focus was academics. Sports supplemented education, but never took its place.” Dr. Jasvinder Bhatia ’94

Assistant Professor of Medicine Boston University

me perspective and discipline, and taught me important time management skills that I have used extensively in my career. I also made terrific friends.” Bhatia is thrilled to see the Stevens athletic program growing and winning national renown today, and believes “giving back to the program is what helps to build it.” He’s also pleased that the University’s new prominence in sports hasn’t altered what he calls the university’s “critical balance” of academics and extracurricular activities.

“At Stevens, you never forgot the focus was academics. Sports supplemented education, but never took its place,” he remembered. “For us, it was competitive — we won three conference championships – but not overbearing. Because of this attitude, those who participate in sports at Stevens enjoy the balance. “It is nice to be able to tell high school athletes that Stevens has a great academic program and a formidable athletic program. People really recognize the benefit of a wellrounded education.”

  Varsity S    22 

Record of Philanthropy 2011


THE TUTORING CENTER At Stevens, where students dive into challenging, fast-paced courses the moment they arrive on campus, peer-to-peer tutoring can be an academic lifeline. In 2011, a generous donation from Sandeep Mathrani ’83 allowed Stevens to take this service to a new level. With Mathrani’s gift — a significant boost in funding for campus tutors — the University was able to open its first walk-in center for peer tutoring. Centrally located in the S.C. Williams Library, the new facility substantially expands the University’s academic support system. “I started out with jobs as a dishwasher and a cashier, and then became a math tutor,” remembered Mathrani, now a Stevens Trustee and CEO of General Growth Properties Inc., a real estate investment trust that owns and manages shopping malls throughout the U.S. “I found that I really enjoyed tutoring younger kids, became friends with other math tutors, and, critically, got paid for it. This was an important part of my life for three years. It’s how I made it through school — by helping people and myself at the same time.” Indeed, Mathrani held jobs both on and off campus while earning a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s in management science in only four years. When he decided to give back to Stevens, he determined to create meaningful, well-paid work that enhanced the campus experience — while also ensuring students contributed to the University’s overall mission.

23    the Tutoring Center 

“When I thought about a gift to Stevens, the concept of shared value was important,” Mathrani said. “I wanted to support students in need of money and students in need of education.” Requests for peer tutoring at the new center begin streaming in as soon as each new semester begins. Students seeking assistance invariably include freshmen adjusting to new subjects and unfamiliar workloads — but there are also plenty of upperclassmen and graduate students looking to redouble their efforts in especially challenging courses, as well. Joseph Huyett ’14 is one of those tutors. The benefits of helping his fellow Stevens students take many forms, he explained; there are immediate successes, such as the pupil who earned an “A” in calculus during her freshman year with his help – and later became a peer tutor herself. Then there are the larger rewards. “Tutoring allows me to have a real impact on other students’ lives,” said Huyett. “And what I also love about this job is that it keeps me sharp. All of the courses I’m tutoring in are prerequisites for the ones I’m taking. Tutoring keeps me fresh while also giving me a deeper understanding of the subject matter.” “Having a walk–in center will be transformative for students’ academic life at Stevens,” concluded Laurence Russ, Dean of Undergraduate Academics. “And Sandeep’s gift has made these transformations possible.”


“When I thought about a gift to Stevens, the concept of shared value was important. I wanted to support students in need of money and students in need of education.” Sandeep Mathrani ’83

CEO of General Growth Properties Inc. Member of the Stevens Institute of Technology Board of Trustees

  the Tutoring Center    24 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Undergraduate Class Giving

Undergraduate Class Donors

1885 Class Giving: $8,409 Dr. Arthur G.


Class Giving: $100

Class Giving: $45,296

Class Participation: 50%

Class Participation: 20%

Mr. Arthur E. Wilde, Jr.

Dr. James S. Braxton

Glasgow   *  ◊   

Mr. Edmond C. Mathez   *   



Mr. Rupert Vittinghoff*   ◊   

Class Giving: $1,000

Class Giving: $20,762 Mr. Harold E.


Williams   *  ◊   

Class Participation: 30%


Mr. Thomas Pagano ∞   

Class Giving: $250

Class Participation: 40%

1920 Class Giving: $35,824 Mr. Robert F.

Dirkes   *  ◊   


Mr. Charles Eisler, Jr.   ∞   

Class Giving: $358,391

Mr. Martin A. Lobel

Class Participation: 29% Mr. William J. Axt Mr. Theodore S. Gellert    *  ◊    Mr. Fred Kasoff

25    Undergraduate Class Giving 



1939 Class Giving: $3,275

Top Twenty Classes by Giving in Fiscal Year 2011

Top Twenty Classes by Participation in Fiscal Year 2011


































Class Giving: $1,750





Class Participation: 33%

















Mr. Kenneth C. Cooper





Davis   *   





























Class Participation: 30% Mr. Virgil V. Chiavetta Mr. C. Basil Dearborn, Jr.    ◊   

Mr. Howard Straus

Mr. James E. Barta Mr. Louis G. Beffa   ◊   

Mr. William B.

Mr. Herbert Dobkin Mr. Melvin Klein

1941 Class Giving: $730 Class Participation: 29% Mr. Henry Dankenbring   *   


Mr. Richard E. Irons

Mr. Charles I. Fishkin

Class Giving: $162,677

Mr. Robert L. Klein   ◊  ∞   

Mr. Curt W. Hirsch

Class Participation: 50%

Mr. Homer Lowenberg   ◊   

Mr. Edward F. Jedziniak

Dr. Stephen H. Crandall   ◊   

Mr. Charles F. Mengers

Charles L. Scott, Esq.

Dr. William R. Cuming *   ◊   

Mr. Patrick J. Rochford

Mr. Robert H. Duklauer   ∞   

Mr. Charles H. Waugaman   *   

Mr. Carl E. Greeff

Mr. Fred H. Weber

Mr. Ludwig

Stern   *   

Mr. George Vassily


  Undergraduate Class Giving    26 

Record of Philanthropy 2011


Mr. Charles Morgan

Mr. Robert W. Seaman, Jr.    ◊   

Class Giving: $3,985

Dr. Charles I. Petschek

Mr. Walter J. Walsh

Class Participation: 41%

Mr. Edmund W. Ruhl, Jr.   ◊   

Mr. Charles R. Wellhausen

Mr. Roland M. Andersen

Mr. John Schlichting

Mr. Edward W. Wittke, Jr.   ◊   

Mr. Arthur Arguedas

Mr. G. Clinton Shay

Mr. Harold Brunton, Jr.

Mr. Robert D. Smith


Mr. William E. Caldwell, Jr.

Mr. Hermann S. Trabold, II   ◊   

Class Giving: $35,187


Class Participation: 45%

Mr. Joseph R. Casamento Mr. Edward J. English


Mr. Richard L. Albert

Mr. F. Leroy Garrabrant, Jr.   ∞   

Class Giving: $10,060

Mr. Viggo A. Blaes

Mr. Joseph J. Gleich   ◊  ∞   

Class Participation: 47%

Mr. A. Richard Boera

Mr. Harold Hoertel

Mr. Courtney D. Alvey

Mr. George A. Booth

Mr. M. Steven Kurtz   ∞   

Mr. Rudolph Bahr, Jr.

Francis J. Cashin, P.E.   ∞   

Mr. Kenneth H. Lawrence   ◊   

Mr. Donald J. Blum   ◊  ∞   

Dr. Richard A. Easterlin

Mr. W. Benton Lewis

Mr. Lester Dreyfuss

Mr. T. Richard Enright

Dr. David Okrent

Mr. Lindsay Dunham

Mr. Robert J. Farquharson, Sr.   *   

Mr. John H. Povolny

Mr. John C. Dunne

Joseph M. Fitzpatrick, Esq.

Enes   *   

Mr. Helmut E. Schrank

Mr. Ralph C.

Mr. Julian C. Webster   ∞   

Mr. Ralph O. Grubel

Mr. William D. Hay   *  ◊   

Mr. Seymour I. Gussack

Mr. Malcolm C. Hutchison, Jr.

Mr. John G. Hauck   ∞   

Mr. Frederick C. Jenkins


Mr. Robert Halstead

Class Giving: $9,350

Mr. James M. Hill, Jr.

Mr. Robert W. Lamb   ◊  ∞   

Class Participation: 45%

Mr. John Hunter

Mr. George R. Lederer

Mr. Henry H.

Anderson   *   



Mr. Joshua Kheel

Mr. George E. MacVeigh

Dr. Herbert M. Appleton, Jr.   ◊   

Dr. Richard E. Kronauer

Mr. John A. Misteli

Mr. Maurice C. Bickert

Mr. Howard W. McCall

Mr. Charles W. Mosher   ◊   

Mr. Gerald F. Brestovansky

Mr. Austin F. McCormack, Jr.   ◊  ∞   

Mr. David D. Pierson

Mr. Robert W. Davenport

Mr. Edgar A. Pittaluga

Mr. Fred Rieger, Jr.   ◊   

Mr. Edwin Fitzwater   ◊   

Mr. Charles L. Richards   ◊   

Mr. Henry J. Ritmeester, Jr.

Mr. Frederick P. Gerlinger

Dr. Nicholas J. Rose

Mr. John J. Rowan

Mr. William H. Heiser

Mr. Karl E. Schlachter

Mr. A. Joseph Schneider   ◊  ∞   

27    Undergraduate Class Giving 



Mr. Fred Schneider

Rev. Ronald H. Webb

Mr. Leon E. Sealey

Mr. Frederick R. Young

Mr. William J. Torrens



Class Giving: $2,660

Class Giving: $8,805

Class Participation: 36%

Class Participation: 59%

Mr. Robert A. Bruce


Mr. John Bebbington Mr. Robert L. Burns

Mr. Elmer H. Chamberlin Mr. George A. Erickson


Mr. Gerard P. Canevari

Mr. Daniel Haagens

Mr. John J. Crate

Mr. Kenneth R. Habermann   ◊   

Mr. John T. Crow

Mr. Anthony A. Hein

Mr. John L. Dixon

Mr. Richard S. Heiser

Mr. John C. Dodd

Mr. Howard S. Heydon

Mr. William E. Elgin

Mr. Miles Kuchar

Mr. Alfred H. Everson, Jr.

Mr. Stephen A. Mallard

Mr. Albert G. Ginouves

Mr. Charles G. Najimian

Mr. Calvin L. Kort

Mr. Kevin J. O'Neill

Mr. Leslie J. Kuzenski

Mr. Augustine M. Scutti

Mr. Charles M. Leemans

Mr. Louis L. Shook, Jr.

Mr. Robert W. Madan   *   

Mr. Curtis C. Van Valkenburgh

Mr. Clement D. Martin   ∞    Mr. William J. Neill, Jr.   ◊   


Mr. John M. Peeples

Class Giving: $10,702

Mr. John J. Brighouse

Mr. Raymond H. Perry, Jr.   ◊   

Class Participation: 37%

Mr. Vernon J. Buchanan

Rev. James F. Salmon, S.J.

Mr. Russell D. Anderson

Mr. Norman H. Chin

Mr. C. William Schenck

Mr. Joseph L. Arata

Mr. John G. Christopher

Mr. Harry J. Schneider

Mr. Charles R. Beitner

Mr. Richard B. Collins

Mr. Donald E. Smith   ◊   

Mr. Samuel A. Bjorkman   *  ∞   

Mr. Donald E. Cordell

Mr. G. Frederick Smith

Dr. Robert E. Blank

Mr. William E. Dargan

Mr. Warren L. Totten

Mr. Harry W. Bodemann

Mr. Louis C. Dunning   *   


  Undergraduate Class Giving    28 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Mr. Bernard L. Larsen   ◊   

Mr. Lloyd R. Blackledge

Mr. Alfred C. Lawson

Mr. George H. Byrne

Mr. John A. Manzo, Jr.

Mr. Walter M. Carow

Mr. William J. Moss

Mr. Richard H. Cunneen   ◊   

Mr. Harald O. Nome

Mr. Herbert W. Davis, Jr.

Mr. Robert W. Perry

Mr. Charles DiMaria

Mr. Henry W. Peterson

Mr. Edward W. Dotterweich

Mr. Harold Prashker

Mr. John J. Downey

Mr. Emil Propper

Mr. Carl C. Eckel

Mr. Frederick A. Roessle

Mr. William R. Evans

Mr. Robert F. Schneider

Mr. Philip W. Fauntleroy, III

Mr. Alfred G. Schoenbrunn

Dr. Richard S. Fredericks   ◊   

Mr. Frank T. Sherman

Mr. George S. Garbarini

Mr. Leonard S. Sloane

Mr. Herman C. Gehnrich

Mr. Frederick E. Straus

Mr. John W. Gude    ◊   

Mr. Warren J. Sweetnam

Mr. Robert A. Hanington

Mr. Robert D. Van Buiten   ∞   

Mr. John H. Helfrich

Mr. Philip A. Voltz

Mr. John W. Hermann, Jr.

Mr. Richard S. V. Wagner

Mr. Richard D. Hetzel   *  ◊   

Mr. Stuart D. Walker

Mr. Sidney Kelley, Jr.

Mr. Robert P. Webber

Mr. Richard Knoeller

Mr. Lazzaro A. Fattori

Mr. Robert J. Winklareth

Mr. Albert E. Lyons

Mr. Joseph C. Flynn

Mr. Frederick E. Winter, Jr.

Mr. Elmer D. Mannherz



Mr. Walter B. Giles Mr. Bernard Gorcey Mr. John C.

Grinwis   *   

Mr. Stephen N. Hitchcock

Mr. William F. McLaughlin


Mr. Robert A. Meyer

Class Giving: $2,534,319

Mr. John R. O'Connell

Class Participation: 31%

Mr. B. Victor Pfeiffer

Altorfer   *  ◊  ∞   

Mr. John Provetero   ∞   

Mr. Frederick A. Kaiser

Mr. Kenneth J.

Mr. Michael A. Kogan

Mr. Michael J. Arnone

Mr. William L. Quigley

Mr. Edward P. Krebs

Mr. Robert G. Barnes

Mr. James L. Rideout

29    Undergraduate Class Giving 



Mr. Gene Eckel   ◊  ∞   

Mr. Gerald Rosenberg

Mr. Bruce E. Snyder


Mr. Robert M. Schultz

Mr. Robert Fairchild

Mr. John R. Stange

Mr. Marcus J. Smith

Mr. Herbert C. Fischer

Mr. Hubert G. Stanton   *   

Mr. Henry F. Snyder, Jr.   ◊  ∞   

Mr. Malcolm C. Fraser   ∞   

Mr. Richard I. Swartz

Dr. Snowden Taylor

Mr. Stewart P. Goldie

Mr. Emil D. Tietje, Jr.

Mr. John Teufel, Jr.

Mr. John J. Grob, Jr.

Mr. Raymond E. Troeger

Mr. Warren J. Thorpe

Mr. Emmette F. Gumm

Mr. Edward Van Egri, Jr.

Mr. Paul E. Uster

Mr. Gerald S. Hall

Mr. Charles H. Wetter

Mr. Donald P. Van Court

Mr. Edward C. Havranek

Mr. Raymond W. Will


Mr. William Vande Vaarst

Mr. Harold Heffner

Mr. William A. Johnson



Mr. James F. Kearney,

Class Giving: $22,450

Mr. William N. Keller

Class Participation: 42%

Class Participation: 37%

Mr. Donald V. Landmann

Mr. Mathew P. Baines

Mr. Ernst R. Altschul

Mr. Albert F. Larmann, Jr.

Mr. James M. Barritt, Jr.

Mr. Edward Austin

Mr. Albert F. Le Breton

Mr. Howard P. Barry

Mr. Leigh K. Lydecker, Jr.

Mr. Roger E. Beutner

Mr. Charles G. Berendsen

Mr. Van Cortright Mekeel, Jr.

Mr. Carl D. Birkevaag, Jr.

Mr. John W. Bossung

Mr. Raymond K. Moessner

Mr. Thaddeus J. Boardman

Mr. Robert C. Benn    ◊  ∞   

Jr.   *   


Class Giving: $17,946

Mr. Robert E. Broderick

Mr. Robert H. Neill

Mr. Gene C. Brown

Mr. Louis A. Budell

Mr. Richard A. Nolan

Mr. Richard P. Carnevale

Capt. Hugh J. Campbell

Mr. William A. O'Connor, Jr.

Mr. Harry J. Cordle

Mr. Edward J. Cann   *  ◊  ∞   

Mr. Frederick T. Oltmann, Jr.

Mr. Robert Y. Csernica   ◊   

Mr. Louis C. Dagne

Robert T. Pearson, Esq.

Mr. William J. Davis

Mr. Walter R. Danielson, Jr.

Mr. William A. Poyner

Mr. Raymond E. Dietz    ◊   

Mr. Robert W. Davenport

Mr. Michael S. Rachlin

Mr. James A. Dillon

Mr. Charles W. Davis

Mr. Jay D. Ranlett

Mr. Louis O. Eber

Mr. Donald R. Rasmusson

Mr. Herman J. Fleischer

Mr. Edward J. Dierauf, Jr.

Mr. Richard D. Seaman, Jr.

Mr. Joseph Fugardi

Mr. Alan E. Donaldson

Dr. William A. Smith

Mr. Karl R. Goller

Mr. John W.

Desmond   *   


  Undergraduate Class Giving    30 

Record of Philanthropy 2011




Mr. H. Russell Grander, Jr.

Class Giving: $10,761

Class Giving: $5,390

Mr. Roy Gustafson

Class Participation: 24%

Class Participation: 38%

Mr. Daniel L. Hertz, Jr.

Mr. A. Larry Andrews

Mr. Alexis Ambruso

Mr. Carl H. Hevert

Mr. John R. Andrus   ◊   

Mr. Henry R. Angel

Mr. John F. Imhof

Mr. Robert W. Carlson

Mr. Robert A. Bliesmann

Mr. Charles F. Kientzler

Mr. James Csaposs

Dr. John J. Dran, Jr.

Mr. William J. Knapsack

Mr. James F. Edelmann

Mr. Johannes Einarsson

Mr. Edwin E. Kraft

Mr. Raymond Ehrenbeck

Mr. William G. Fischer, Jr.

Mr. Harold W. Kruger

Mr. Theodore Essinger

Mr. Julio A. Gatti

Mr. Robert N. Macmillan

Mr. Edmund R. Faiella

Mr. Alexander P. Gross

Mr. Malcolm B. Mansfield

Mr. Stephen V. Florkewicz

Mr. William H. Hayen, Jr.   ◊   

Mr. Leroy F. Meredith, Jr.

Mr. Joseph Galella

Mr. Robert Holmes, Jr.

Mr. Claude L. Mount

Mr. Leonard A. Goldstein   ∞   

Mr. Carl Hoogerhyde, Jr.

Mr. Ralph M. North III

Dr. Caleb B. Hurtt   ◊  ∞   

Mr. George J. Hromnak

Mr. William Kataryniak

Mr. John E. Kruck   ◊   

Mr. Hans Kulleseid

Mr. James F. Olsen

Mr. Ernest G. Schwab

Dr. Donald Malone

Mr. Eugene N. Opinante

Mr. Harold A. Stewart

Mr. Dwight Bailey Massey   ◊  ∞   

(continued)    ◊   

   ◊  ∞   




Mr. Peter E. Rodts

Mr. Edward E. Schott   ◊       ◊   


Mr. Louis L. Rizzi

Mr. Robert J. Stiefbold

Mr. Richard A. McCormack

Mr. Arlan D. Rogers

Mr. Emanuel J. Stringas

Mr. Clifton J. Miller

Mr. Justus F. Rose, Jr.

Mr. George E. Thompson

Mr. Alfred J. Munn

Mr. John P. Sanborn

Mr. Frank R. Troeger

Mr. Michael A. Napolitano

Dr. Joseph Schmid


Mr. Robert H. Wilcox

Dr. Irwin Nathan

Mr. Louis A. Sonz

Mr. Edmund B. Wilson, III

Mr. Richard G. Smith

Mr. Charles S. Swenson

Mr. Harold B. Wylie, Jr.

Mr. Stanley G. Smith

Capt. John P. Sylva

Mr. Homer G. Yeannakis

Mr. Watson B. Smith   ◊   

Mr. Richard L. Tornay

Mr. Harold J. Straut, Jr.

Mr. Raul Travieso

Mr. Albert W. Thomas

Mr. Donald P. Wahlgren

Mr. Henry J. Wuest

Mr. Kenneth C. Winfield

31    Undergraduate Class Giving 




Mr. George F. Weston   ◊   

Class Giving: $27,694

Dr. Joseph A. Wolf, Jr.

Class Participation: 37%

Mr. Lester O. Wuerfl, Jr.

Mr. Elie L. Barrieres Mr. Armand Bassi, Jr.   ◊   


Mr. Ronald A. Blair

Class Giving: $21,260

Mr. Henry W. Bried

Class Participation: 27%

Mr. Marsden B. Candler, Jr.

Mr. John V. Albano

Mr. Richard F. Cimera

Mr. James H. Beardall

Dr. Frank Cozzarelli

Mr. Joseph A. Colandrea   ◊   

Mr. Donald F. Daly

Mr. Robert J. Doyle   ◊   

Mr. Alex W. Demick

Mr. Allan G. Dunn

Dr. Robert L. Farrenkopf

Dr. Leroy E. Eckart

James J. Romano, Esq.

Mr. Stanley L. Gaines

Mr. Adolph E. Ehbrecht

Mr. Howard J. Sculthorpe

Mr. Philip Gevas

Mr. William H. Ficken   ◊   

Mr. Marc C. Trummel

Mr. Richard R. Haug

Mr. Robert F. Germain

Mr. Thomas S. Velky   ◊   

Mr. Edwin J. Hess   ◊   

Mr. Charles Gilmore

Mr. James G. Hutchinson

Mr. Laurence Gresko


Dr. Arnold J. Kelly

Mr. Richard A. Grotto

Class Giving: $39,088

Mr. Henry G. Kopp

Mr. George E. Hawkins

Class Participation: 36%

Mr. Charles J. Kovarik   ∞   

Mr. Emile R. Hill   ◊   

Mr. Ib A. Berg

Mr. Ronald P. LeBright

Mr. Walter P. Hollinger

Mr. David M. Bottomley

Mr. Auguste S. Mathey, Jr.

Richard A. Joel, Esq.

Mr. Dominic L. Casulli   ◊   

Dr. Shiro Matsuoka

Mr. Walter Johansson

Mr. David D. Caulfield

Mr. Edward J. Merrell

Mr. Albert E. Johnson

Mr. Thomas J. Celi

Col. Henry B. Mon

Mr. Bruce H. Kirk

Mr. Fred G. Coleman

Dr. Emil C. Neu   ◊   

Mr. Alan E. Lager

Mr. Kenneth J. DeGraw   ◊   

Prof. Dean E. Nold   ∞   

Mr. George C. Lane

Mr. Gerald A. Diamond

Mr. David W. Reid

Mr. Robert B. McFiggans   ◊   

Dr. Edward F. Elton

Mr. Joseph E. Scerbo

Mr. Frank D. Mollo

Mr. Dominick M. Fantozzi

Dr. J. Edward Schmidt

Mr. Robert Papen

Mr. Sebastian J. Filippone

   ◊  ∞   


  Undergraduate Class Giving    32 

Record of Philanthropy 2011



Mr. Roger A. Paquin

Mr. Ernest L. Formanns

Class Giving: $42,217

Mr. William A. Pepper

Dr. John A. Friel

Class Participation: 39%

Mr. Edward J. Rapoza

(continued)    ◊   



Mr. Win G. R. Froehlich

Mr. Arthur G. Bendelius

Mr. Richard Schubert

Mr. John T. Gallagher

Mr. Michael F. Bonner

Mr. Joseph C. Skroski   *  ◊   

Mr. David A. Haid   ◊   

Mr. John M. Boyle

Mr. Richard E. Smolen

Mr. Robert G. Bozzone

Mr. Milan M. Sowis

Mr. Malcolm J. Hartman

Mr. Anthony W. Buray

Mr. Robert F. Steinke   ∞   

Mr. John H. Hovey   ◊   

Mr. Rafael Cabrera

Mr. Raymond R. Taylor

Mr. Herbert L. Kimmich

Mr. Michael J. Cacciola

Mr. Joseph S. Tomaszek

Mr. Robert W. Lautenschlager

Mr. John C. Cutting

Mr. Robert H. Walker   ◊   

Mr. Charles W. Lewis, Jr.

Mr. George P. Eckert

Mr. Peter Zanetich

Mr. Edward A. Mayer

Mr. Joseph N. Faillace

Mr. Albert N. Molinari

Dr. Lawrence A. Ferrari


Dr. I. Larry Morris

Mr. Martin A. Geisel   *   

Class Giving: $11,798

Dr. Burton B. Nanus

Mr. Richard W. Gerstle

Class Participation: 30%

Mr. Joseph Nunes

Mr. Frank R. Gianforte

Dr. Roman I. Andrushkiw

Dr. Herbert O. Goller

Mr. Anthony J. Arturi

Mr. Nelson F. Gravenstede

Dr. Ronald Baenninger

Mr. Heinz W. Ritzau

Mr. Alan Greiner

Mr. Arnold C. Bahnsen, Jr.

Mr. David P. Rost   ∞   

Mr. Joel R. Hemsley

Mr. Robert W. Bahrey

Mr. Frank R. Sileo

Rev. Kenneth B. Hickey, Jr.

Mr. George N. Bellucci

Mr. George W. Sorenson

Mr. John R. Jacobsen

Mr. Frederick J. Berenbroick   ◊   

Mr. Arthur F. Stahl   ◊   

Capt. Edward F. Jaekle, Jr.

Mr. Roger T. Bergquist

Mr. Paul W. Steffen   ◊   

Mr. Martin R. Klop   ◊   

Mr. George F. Bonnici

Mr. Edward J. Swihura

Mr. Joseph W. Kozler

Mr. Leslie L. Christopher

Mr. George A. Tompkins, Jr.

Mr. Stephen G. Krehley

Mr. John S. Cvicker

Mr. Robert G. Vautin, Jr.

Dr. Robert J. Kwik

Mr. Eugene K. Diebold

Mr. William Wojciechowski

Mr. C. Thomas Lunghard   ◊   

Mr. George L. Finley

Mr. Alexander R. McKeen

Mr. Robert G. Francis

Mr. Nicholas M. Mestanas   ◊   

Mr. Jeffrey M. Golden

Mr. Roger J. Hampson    ◊   

   ◊  ∞   



Dr. Otto Raths

Mr. Robert H. Reinert    ◊   


33    Undergraduate Class Giving 



Mr. George M. Gordon, Jr.


Mr. Patrick Napoli

Mr. Richard A. Koch

Class Giving: $22,863

Mr. Kenneth O. Olsen

Dr. John P. Larmann

Class Participation: 28%

Mr. Donald J. Oseroff

Mr. Ronald B. Laurence

Mr. George G. Allaria

Mr. Robert W. E. Peterson

Mr. Robert J. Leahy

Mr. Benton J. Bartlett

Mr. Janez Puc

Mr. Bela G. Liptak

Mr. Arthur J. Bedder

Mr. Carmen J. Raffa

Mr. David P. Minchin

Mr. John R. Boerlin

Mr. Robert G. Schwab   ◊   

Mr. John F. Monahan

Mr. Nicholas E. Boglivi

Mr. Frank J. Scornavacca

Mr. Gilbert F. Morin

Mr. Michael Bojcik, Jr.

Joseph M. Seventko, M.D.

Mr. John F. Morris

Mr. Andrew A. Bradick

Mr. John P. Slattery

Mr. George E. Murphy   ◊   

Mr. John M. Bugeja

Mr. Warren E. Smith   *   

Mr. Photios T. Paulson   ◊   

Dr. Victor D. Cohen

Mr. Walter E. Sproul

Mr. Arthur L. Querns

Mr. Michael Danon

Mr. Andrew L. Straut

Mr. John L. Quinn

Mr. Joseph Elchak

Mr. David T. Teschner

Mr. Edward R. Ranuska

Dr. John C. Feggeler

Mr. Edward M. Ulicki    ◊   

Mr. Felix Z. Sachs

Dr. Frank L. Fernandez

Mr. Michael T. Venus

Mr. Leonard F. Sanders

Lt. Col. Franklin A. Forsberg

Mr. Paul W. von Hardenberg

Mr. Klaus Stanglmayr

Dr. John B. Gerrish

Mr. Kenneth A. Zahm

Mr. Ernest H. Staudt

Mr. John A. Gerstle

Mr. Alonso S. Taylor

Mr. Louis C. Holzberger, Jr.


Mr. William R. Teller

Mr. Joseph J. Kaminski   ◊   

Class Giving: $150,329

Dr. John J. Ucci

Mr. Gerald M. Kanischak

Class Participation: 46%

Mr. Louis F. Veprek

Mr. Robert E. Koudelka

Mr. Robert H. Acker

Dr. David J. Vezzetti

Mr. Veikko Laakso

Mr. Joseph T. Ambrozy   ◊   

Mr. Chester Vincentz, Jr.

Mr. Edward G. Luxford

Mr. Albert P. Baxter

Mr. Mervyn D. Weich

Mr. Henry W. Mahler

Mr. Peter M. Beys   ◊   

Mr. Peter H. Zavattaro

Mr. John M. Mazzilli   ◊  ∞   

Mr. Peter M. Brady, Jr.   ◊   

Dr. Donald N. Merino   ◊  ∞   

Dr. A. Charles Buffalano   ◊   

Mr. Alfred P. Meyer

Mr. John T. Canning   ◊

Dr. Melvyn W. Moore

Mr. Peter Capofreddi

Mr. Thomas E. Muldowney

Mr. Thomas J. Coates



  Undergraduate Class Giving    34 

Record of Philanthropy 2011



Mr. P. Brian Schoonmaker   ◊   

Dr. Guenter W. Gross

   ◊  +   

Mr. Alan C. Smith

Mr. Thomas T. Guidera

   ◊  +   

Mr. Frederick H. Dietrich

Dr. Richard F. Spanier   ◊   

Mr. Martin A. Jackson

Mr. Eugene J. Domaleski

Mr. G. William Spisak, Jr.

Mr. Gene Josephs

Mr. Kenneth A. Dunphy   ◊   

Dr. Peter E. Stamer   ◊   

Dr. Juris E. Kaugerts

Mr. George C. Denzer, Jr.



Mr. Alfred H. Filskov, Jr.

Dr. John H. Stamm

Dr. Raymond L. Kent

Mr. Gary M. Fitton

Mr. Arthur R. Stappenbeck

Mr. Philip B. Kimball

Mr. Robert G. Steeneck

Mr. Leon C. Kirschner


Mr. Paul J. Hausmann


Mr. Denis A. Helm   ◊   

Mr. Charles H. Stengel

Mr. Michael L. Kolcun

Mr. Robert D. Hills, Jr.

Mr. W. Anthony Stevens

Mr. William H. Kowenhoven

Mr. Peter Hoffmeister   ◊   

Mr. William A. Triquart

Mr. James N. Kyriazis   ∞   

Mr. Leon M. Hojegian   ◊   

Mr. William J. Ullrich

Mr. Richard M. Leichus   ◊   

Mr. Alfred W. Iversen   ◊   

Mr. Richard P. Walters

Robert H. Lerman, M.D.    ◊   

Mr. Laurence J. Johnson

Mr. Raymond E. Weber

Mr. John J. Lupi

Dr. Frederick A. Keller, Jr.

Mr. Robert W. Willis

Mr. Wayne J. Martin

Mr. Arthur V. Ketterer

Mr. Roy A. Zangrando

Mr. Carl H. Mitchell

Mr. Wayne Knapp

Dr. William C. Zegel   ◊   


Mr. Robert C. Mitchell    ◊  +  

Mr. Anthony Koestler

Mr. Peter T. Zimmermann

Mr. Herman J. Krieg   *  ◊   

Mr. Joseph M. Muskin Mr. William T. O'Hara

Mr. Alfred G. Kuehn


Mr. Michael R. Pellet

Mr. Victor R. Larson   ◊   

Class Giving: $28,982

Mr. Frank J. Perrotta

Class Participation: 36%

Mr. Robert L. Plecs

Mr. Francis J. Leonard

Mr. Carl F. Andren

Mr. Edwin L. Post   ◊   

Mr. Griffin V. Littell   *  ◊   

Mr. Manfred M. Augenstein

Mr. Paul H. Rank, Jr.

Mr. Edward J. Messikian

Mr. Emmett G. Barnes

Dr. Richard Sard   ◊   

Dr. George L. Mina

Mr. William E. Bellars

Dr. Steven Shulman   ◊   

Mr. Richard E. Morgan

Mr. James W. Canfield

   ◊  +   

Mr. Laurence S. Lee    +   

Mr. Alexander G. Snowden, III    ◊   

Mr. David M. Newirth

Mr. Vicente A. Citarella

Mr. Thomas G. Tredinnick

Mr. Thomas M. Petersen

Mr. A. Leonard Course, Jr.   ◊   

Mr. Thomas Y. Wong

Mr. Spyros M. Polemis

Mr. John C. Eilertsen, Sr.

Mr. John M. Zupko, Jr.

Dr. Dennis M. Romain

Mr. Robert E. Froehlich


35    Undergraduate Class Giving 




Mr. Ronald B. Krauth

Dr. William Stenger    ◊  ∞   

Class Giving: $25,320

Dr. Richard S. Magee

Mr. Richard J. Stomber

Class Participation: 43%

Peter D. Manahan, Esq.

Mr. Robert C. Thierfelder


Mr. Allen C. Anderson

Dr. Laurence S. Mannis

Mr. Gary J. Urban

Mr. Vincent T. Baldassari

Dr. Donald G. Margotta

Mr. Irving Usner

Mr. Michael A. Balik

Mr. Walter J. Markowski

Robert J. Van Der Wall, Esq.

Mr. Richard C. Benner

Mr. Peter Marra

Mr. Joseph T. Viravec    ◊   

Mr. Carl L. Benson

Dr. Thomas A. Martin

Mr. Thomas P. Bentey

Mr. Erich R. Mertz

Dr. Peter Wu

Mr. G. Bruce Boylan

Mr. John T. Morrow


Mr. Robert H. Cameron

Mr. Thomas J. Moschello   ◊   

Class Giving: $16,140

Mr. James R. Caratozzolo

Richard A. Moss, M.D.

Class Participation: 25%

Mr. Lawrence M. Carter

Mr. John A. Mountford, Jr.

Mr. Stephen P. Adik   ◊   

Mr. John A. Carulli

Mr. William E. Musser

Mr. Carlo U. Alfare

Mr. John J. Cienki

Mr. Gabor L. Nadasdy

Dr. Peter H. Astor

Mr. Steven B. Conklin

Mr. Julius J. Nagy

Mr. Allan C. Barry

J. Robert Dailey, Esq.

Mr. Earl H. Novendstern

Mr. Robert C. Bracalente

Dr. Hal Daume

Mr. John Palladino

Bernard A. Callen, Esq.

Mr. V. Richard De Tingo

Mr. George M. Palmgren

Mr. Donald L. Chappa

Mr. Stephen J. DeMay

Mr. Charles J. Perruzzi   ◊   

Dr. Fred I. Chasalow   ◊   

Mr. Thomas E. Fern

Mr. Richard R. Phillips

Mr. James L. Foley

Mr. Joseph T. Polyniak

Mr. Richard C. Fremgen

Mr. William A. Proskow

Dr. Joseph U. Grauman

Mr. John E. Quigley

Mr. William C. Habert   ◊   

Mr. Robert A. Reale

Mr. Harry Hajinlian, Jr.

Mr. Neville W. Sachs   ◊   

Mr. Glenn T. Halsey

Mr. Anthony M. Santos

Mr. Jeffrey Hoyt

Dr. Roger C. Sanwald

Dr. Michael L. Ioffredo

Dr. Walter R. Sieling

Mr. Paul E. Kilgus

Dr. Richard S. Silberglitt

Mr. William W. Knowles

Mr. George L. Sommers



  Undergraduate Class Giving    36 

Record of Philanthropy 2011



Mr. David A. Perlmutter

Dr. William S. Mason


Mr. Vem Lun Chuang

Mr. John H. Powers, Jr.

Mr. William B. Maxwell

Mr. Patrick J. Colletti

Mr. Kurt E. Putz, Jr.

Dr. James R. McCoy

Mr. Richard H. Connelly

Mr. Anthony Rosati

Mr. James J. Moleta

Mr. Daniel J. Courain

Mr. Walter A. Schmidlin, Jr.

Mr. William A. Dean

Mr. Joseph T. Weber, Jr.


Mr. Richard J. Dell

Mr. Frederick E. Zierold

Dr. William J. Dellner

Mr. David O. Munson Mr. Robert J. O'Leary Mr. Paul R. Peacock Dr. James D. Petke

Dr. Joseph J. Dudis


Mr. Mirko I. Fatovich

Class Giving: $154,385

Mr. Richard R. Frankovic   ◊   

Class Participation: 27%

Dr. George P. Prans

Mr. Frederick M. Fritz, Jr.

Mr. John A. Abom   ◊   

Dr. Harold K. Rappoport   ◊   

Karl Auerbach, M.D.

Dr. Robert M. Reithner, Jr.

Dr. William M. Berg

Dr. Vasilis E. Riginos

Mr. Jon R. Beveridge   ◊   

Mr. Ernest B. Rockwood

Mr. Robert E. Braine

Mr. Raymond C. Rossi, P.E.

Mr. Robert C. Carruth

Mr. Norman A. Samurin

Mr. Dennis E. Curtin

John A. Schepisi, Esq.

Dr. Lawrence W. Grunberger Mr. Kenneth Harms Mr. Fred A. Horowitz    ◊   

Mr. Frank C. Jagisch Dr. Peter A. Jansson Mr. Paul V. Jordan Mr. David J. Kalisch

Mr. Kenneth M. Kempner Mr. Steven J. Kieley Mr. Frederick C. Kopper Mr. J. Richard Kraycir   ◊    Dr. Bruce A. Lages Mr. Robert A. Mahan   ◊    Mr. Donald N. Malone Mr. Craig A. Marshall Mr. Thomas McKimm Dr. Leonard A. Miller Dr. Anthony D. Novaco Mr. Eugene M. Orosz

37    Undergraduate Class Giving 

Mr. Nicholas A. D'Agosto, III Mr. Walter B. Denmead Mr. Raphael G. Fariello    ◊   

Martin C. Fliesler, Esq. Mr. Lloyd A. Freese Mr. Robert C. Fuge Dr. George W. Greene

Mr. John R. Harpootlian

Mr. Tullio L. Pitaro

Mr. Joseph W. Scott, Jr. Mr. Frank J. Semcer, Sr.   ◊    Mr. Donald F. Sexton   ◊    Mr. Gerard C. Stocker Mr. Siegfried L. Stockinger Dr. John F. Thielke Mr. William P. Tootill, Jr.

Mr. Richard R. Hulbert

Mr. Thomas C. Trainor

Mr. Richard S. Hutton

Mr. W. Howard Trowbridge, Jr.   *   

Mr. Alan A. Janosy

Mr. George R. White

Mr. George E. King Mr. Gustav H. Koven, III   ◊   




Mr. Richard G. Muller

Mr. Peter J. Gollobin

Class Giving: $65,871

Dr. Andrew V. Nowak

Mr. John W. Heitmann

Class Participation: 28%

Mr. Gerard W. Osborne

Mr. Leonard J. Hodas   ◊   

Dr. Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr.   ◊   

Mr. Robert Pease

Mr. Richard A. Hrusovsky

Dr. Robert J. Baptista

Mr. Alfred O. Peters

Mr. Robert M. Kopki

Mr. Michael J. Brier

Mr. Joseph L. Pratt

Mr. Martin L. Leutgeb

Mr. Philip H. Brower

Mr. Edmond Preti

Mr. W. Neill Myers

Mr. Joseph L. Cariello   ◊   

Mr. Charles F. Sack, Jr.

Mr. Ronald F. Parisi

Mr. David M. Chiarello

Mr. Warren W. Sedran

Mr. Thomas M. Pate

Mr. Robert D. Ciardi

Mr. Richard W. Seeley

Dr. Alex Pavlak

Mr. Gerald W. Clearwater

Mr. Armin M. Steuber, Jr.

Mr. Robert F. Payne

Mr. Charles M. Costanzo

Mr. Ernest H. Stones, Jr.

Mr. Robert Pokorny

Dr. James W. Suzansky

Mr. Donald F. Roswell

Mr. Robert J. Taggart

Mr. David M. Sandford

Mr. John D. Talbot

Mr. Albert Z. Schwartz   ◊  ∞   

Mr. Theodore J. Urbanik, Jr.

Dr. John J. Sheridan III

Mr. Peter D. Walsh

Dr. Timothy P. Smirnoff

Dr. Roger M. Wartell

Mr. John J. Spaanderman

Mr. John D. Whitehead

Mr. Richard L. Stanley

Dr. Philip S. Crooke, III Mr. Robert J. Dalie Mr. Robert A. Dent Mr. Joseph J. Golmanavich Mr. Andrew J. Gorun Mr. Douglas A. Gottschalk Mr. John F. Greenip, Jr. Dr. John C. Gudat Mr. Edward G. Kammerer Mr. George R. Henry Mr. Stephen T. Hoagland Mr. Ronald L. Hollmann Mr. Lawrence J. Holzenthaler   ◊    Mr. Michael J. Horn Dr. Lawrence G. Kaufman   ∞    Mr. Michael J. Kochamba Mr. Ernesto D. Macias Dr. Richard Magno

Mr. Wayne H. Steadman


Mr. Gary R. Stein

Class Giving: $128,342

Mr. Alden W. Wangner

Class Participation: 19%

Mr. William H. Wills, Jr.

Mr. Charles Balas, Jr. Mr. Harold L. Borzone


Mr. Richard V. Bronk

Class Giving: $15,895

Dr. John W. Burns   ∞   

Class Participation: 23%

Dr. Thomas A. Corcoran   ◊   

Mr. William G. Barker

Mr. George E. Cornelius, Jr.

Dr. William S. Blazowski   ◊   

Mr. Donald E. Daume   ◊   

Mr. Frank W. Brice, Jr.

Mr. Michael T. Dawson   ◊   

Mr. Steven M. Brown

Mr. Arthur T. Mendez


  Undergraduate Class Giving    38 

Record of Philanthropy 2011



Mr. Arthur J. Sullivan

Mr. James R. Griggs

Mr. Charles J. Coccaro

Mr. Frederick J. Swanson

Mr. John Hack

Mr. Raoul S. DuBrul

Mr. Merrill G. Thor

Mr. Robert R. Hartwig    ◊   

Mr. William D. Ellis

Mr. Walter E. Ulrich

Mr. Alphonse M. Esposito

Mr. Marty P. Valerio   ∞   

Maj. Everett W. Heinonen Dr. Raymond C. Heitmann    ◊   

Mr. Jerry E. Fewkes

Mr. Francis R. Varacalli, Jr.

Mr. Rolf H. Hildebrandt   ◊   

Mr. Bruce Freimark

Mr. Michael T. Vecchio

Mr. Ronald C. Hipperling

Mr. George Garance

Mr. Neal R. Webster

Mr. Alan M. Huffenus

Mr. William Glasofer

Mr. David E. Weinreich

Mr. Donald W. Kane

Mr. Russell J. Grant

Mr. Daniel P. Weintraub

Donald J. Kennedy, M.D.

Mr. Karl J. Hemmerich

Dr. Anthony Wereta, Jr.

Mr. Joseph J. Lishok, Jr.

Mr. Richard Hooker, III

Mr. Irwin S. Wolosky

Mr. Thomas H. Lovdal

Mr. J. Andre Jackson, Jr.

Mr. Stanley E. Zaffos

Mr. Douglas S. MacTavish

Mr. Robert S. Kovarcik

Mr. Gilbert J. Muller


Mr. Donald E. North

Mr. George Macdonald Leask

Class Giving: $14,519

Mr. Donald B. Okerson

Mr. John R. LePage

Class Participation: 21%

Mr. Frank R. Parker, III

Mr. William L. Luckert

Mr. Arthur V. Bedrosian

Mr. Louis M. Colonna-Romano

Mr. James C. Macellaro

Mr. Robert V. Benazzi

Mr. Woodrow C. Ross

Mr. Michael D. Masi

Mr. Walter R. Campbell, Jr.

Mr. Charles P. Rusowicz

Mr. John N. McCormack, Jr.

Mr. Vincent A. Carucci

Mr. John J. Saltamach

Mr. William T. McShea, III

Mr. Albert J. Domanico

Mr. Francis L. Schurgot, Jr.

Mr. Melvin E. Murphy, III

Mr. Richard L. Eckes

Mr. Helmer Semjonovs

Dr. Richard D. Noble

Mr. Robert A. Eddy

Donald Silawsky, Esq.   ◊  ∞   

Mr. Joseph L. Passetti

Mr. Edward C. Eichhorn   ◊   

Mr. John M. Strelitz

Mr. Joseph O. Polazzi

Mr. Joel L. Ekhaus

Mr. Michael W. Urbanek

Mr. Arthur J. Schmidt   ◊   

Mr. Dennis A. Erdman

Mr. David L. Vercollone

Mr. Kenneth S. Sek

Mr. David J. Feingold

Mr. Leonard T. Skoblar

Mr. Frank X. Foederl

Mr. Eric D. Stewart

Mr. Thomas J. Folk

Mr. J. Thomas Stypinski

Mr. C. Bruce Gambardella

Mr. Walter J. Kulpa    +   


39    Undergraduate Class Giving 




Mr. Russell M. Gorog

Mr. Scott R. Osborne

Class Giving: $48,524

Mr. Edward Gregory

Dr. Anthony J. Polak

Class Participation: 20%

Mr. Bruce D. Hacker

Mr. Robert J. Reed

Dr. Samuel M. Allen

Dr. Martin Herzlinger

Mr. Joseph G. Roosevelt   ◊   

Dr. Anthony L. Barrese   ◊   

Mr. Erick J. Hjembo

Dr. Hendrick W. Ruck

Mr. David P. Bencze   ◊   

Dr. Eric A. Holwitt

Mr. John Scarmalis

Rev. Dr. Richard A. Bennett

Mr. Andrew S. Hornick

Mr. Gerald W. Schirra

Mr. John W. Bolland

Mr. John J. Hughes

Mr. James C. Schneider

Mr. Howard S. Brecher

Mr. Carl M. Kaminski

Mr. Ero C. Selander

Mr. James V. Cancelosi

Mr. Ronald M. Kravetz

Peter R. Shearer, Esq.    ◊   

Mr. Thomas W. Casey

Dr. William H. Ledsham

Mr. Arnold P. Silverman

Rev. Gabriel B. Costa

Mr. Marcus F. Levin

Mr. Rudolf Turner

Mr. Francis T. Coulter, Jr.

Mr. William H. Love

Mr. Stanley A. Urbanik

Mr. Anthony J. Cusanelli

Mr. Michael Luwish

Mr. Jonathan P. Wort

Dr. Louis F. V. DeChiaro

Mr. Frank J. Malvezzi

Dr. Thomas L. Dresner

Mr. Stanley A. McLeroy

Mr. Peter R. Goldbrunner

Mr. John R. O'Donovan


  Undergraduate Class Giving    40 

Record of Philanthropy 2011


Mr. Robert D. Parisi

Mr. Richard W. Bradshaw

Class Giving: $113,317

Dr. Michael A. Pelizzari

Mr. Robin C. Braun

Class Participation: 19%

Mr. Raymond F. Plitnick

Mr. Ernest R. Carbone   ◊   

Mr. Vincent J. Agamennone

Edward R. Ricco, Esq.   ◊   

Mr. John E. Curry

Mr. Glenn A. Babcock

Mr. Barry E. Rittberg

Mr. Anthony B. Dargis

Mr. Daniel G. Bagnell

Mr. Alan T. Rush

Dr. David P. Dixon   ◊   

Mr. William R. Buntemeyer

Mr. Roger W. Schatel

Mr. Stephen M. Doyle

Mr. William A. Chernowetz   ◊   

Mr. Richard W. Schueller

Mr. Thomas P. Gajewski

Dr. Ned E. Cipollini

Mr. Ronald A. Semian

Mr. John F. Garibaldi

Mr. Ralph M. Cohen   ◊   

Dr. Daniel G. Shimshak

Mr. Frederick W. Geissler

Philip P. Crowley, Esq.   ◊   

Mr. Wayne J. Skocypec

Thomas J. Germinario, Esq.

Mr. Vincent A. Di Palma

Dr. Victor J. Skowronski

Mr. Thomas J. H. Glassen


Mr. Michael J. Ferriola Mr. Brian G. J. Fitzpatrick Joseph J. Garvey, Esq.   ◊    Mr. Stanley D. Hutchings    ◊   

Mr. Frank Ianna

Mr. Edward B. Kamins   ◊    Mr. David J. Kamrath   ◊    Mr. Bruce P. Kraeuter Mr. Lee G. Kvidahl Mr. Christos H. Kyriakou Mr. Richard J. Lepucki Mr. Steven Loprete Mr. Bruce E. McNair   ◊    Mr. Peter J. Mikan Mr. Wayne R. Monsees   ◊    Mr. Laurence D. Morda   ◊    Mr. James F. Morris Mr. Robert J. Munczinski Col. Daniel J. Murawinski

41    Undergraduate Class Giving 

Mr. Stanley J. Solowski, Jr. Mr. Mitchell J. Stanko    ◊   

Mr. Robert L. Steiger

Mr. William F. Stengle Mr. Donald W. Suter   ◊    Mr. Vincent J. Truncellito Mr. Eugene J. Vater, Jr. Mr. Richard J. Voegele Mr. Gary W. Warner

1972 Class Giving: $49,495 Class Participation: 27% Mr. Michael F. Appuliese John R. Bach, M.D. Mr. Dennis G. Barnett Mr. Eugene H. Behnke Mr. Enrique L. Blanco   ◊    Mr. Ronald F. Bosco   ◊   

Mr. William Landau Mr. Robert E. Grunstra Thomas R. Haher, M.D.   ◊    Mr. Christ P. Haritos Mr. Herbert Jacobi George W. Johnston, Esq.   ◊    Dr. David S. Kashdan Mr. Robert W. Kuehn Mr. Richard L. Kuskin   ◊    Mr. Robert L. Kwolyk Mr. Theopolis G. Lawrence   +   

Mr. Joseph B. Lechtanski   ◊ Rev. James V. Liberatore John J. Lipinski, Esq.   ◊    Mr. Thomas C. Lubas Mr. Glenn J. Luzzi Mr. Gregory Majewski Mr. William J. Marlow Mr. Leonard Metzger



Mr. George B. Meyrick   ◊    Mr. Gabriel T. Mobayed Mr. Raymond J. Mongillo Mr. John A. Morris Mr. Donald E. Moser Mr. William J. O'Sullivan Mr. Gary R. Pannone Mr. Richard G. Peer Mr. Edward W. Peterhoff Mr. Nicholas Phillips   ◊    Mr. Peter T. Queenan   ◊    Mr. Michael A. Radoslovich Mr. Joseph L. Reichardt


Mr. Ron Harris

Mr. Werner J. Reinartz

Class Giving: $126,175

Mr. Edward F. Hrinewski, Jr.

Mr. Joseph F. Rizzo

Class Participation: 19%

Mr. William A. Hutchinson, Jr.

Mr. Paul J. Scagnelli

Mr. Dennis J. Anthony

Mr. Walter M. Jazwa

Mr. Bruce E. Schuckman

Mr. Peter A. Bernasconi

Mr. William C. Kottke

Mr. Donald R. Seminara

Mr. Bruce Blondina   ◊   

Mr. Stephen P. Kozakewich

Col. Gregory A. Siegel   ◊   

Mr. Thomas M. Brechka

Eli F. Lizza, M.D.

Mr. Michael P. Stegura

Mr. Stephen A. Bryk

Mr. John J. Madaras

Mr. John Stevens   ◊   

Mr. Dennis J. Cecchini   ◊   

Mr. Donald T. Milkavich

Mr. Bruce W. Stroever

Mr. Gerardo J. Chirico

Mr. Harvey A. Millman

Mr. Kenneth P. Sussmann

Mr. Steven H. Cist


Mr. Joseph W. Mitro   ◊       ◊   

Mr. Donald A. Szczepanski

Mr. Richard A. Cornell

Mr. Stephen J. Toth, P.E.

Mr. Lawrence De Rose, Jr.

Mr. Robert M. Tringali

Mr. Robert F. Eng

Mr. Timothy M. Utter

Mr. William J. Engel Mr. Frank J. Goldmann Mr. Edwin J. Goodwin, III Mr. Frank R. Grapkowski   ∞   

Mr. William P. Moore   ◊  ∞    Mr. Dwight S. Musgrave Dr. Laurence J. Nummy Mr. Brian C. Preston Mr. Ronald A. Rego Mr. Richard R. Roscitt   ◊   

Mr. William D. Gustafson


  Undergraduate Class Giving    42 

Record of Philanthropy 2011



Mr. Mark S. Kaufman

Mr. Fred W. Runge

Class Giving: $16,120

Mr. Henry M. Krafft

Mr. Larry S. Samberg

Class Participation: 20%

Maj. Philip W. Linke

Mr. George A. Shaffer, III

Mr. George P. Baechtle

Mr. Michael P. Liva

Mr. Eric B. Svenson, Jr.

Mr. George S. Bilinski

Mr. Mark P. Lutz

Mr. Raymond W. Tucker, Jr.

Mr. Gary S. Bloomquist

Mr. Philip E. Mercurio

Mr. Thomas A. Ursic   ◊   

Mr. Robert E. Byrne

Mr. Joseph S. Miles

Mr. Frederick H. Vanderbeek, Jr.

Mr. Edward M. Clark

Mr. Stephen Misilo

Mr. James N. Wallin

Mr. Henry P. Clark, III

Mr. Richard E. Munczinski   ◊   

Mr. John M. Wimmer

Mr. John J. Colonna-Romano

Mr. John H. Munson

Mr. John V. Wright

Mr. Gregory Gemgnani

Mr. Richard Obarowski

Mr. George J. Young, Jr.

Mr. Paul M. Goldstein

Mr. John Parlapiano   ◊   

Mr. Samuel N. Kleinberg

Col. Harvey R. Greenberg   ◊   

Mr. Robert A. Pedevillano

Mr. Frank A. Guazzo

Mr. Eduardo Rios

Mr. Reinhard Hanselka   ◊   

Lt. Col. Samuel A. Robinson, Jr.

Mr. John A. Hummer

Mr. Vincent M. Rubino

Mr. Peter R. Isolde

Mr. Robert D. Schell


43    Undergraduate Class Giving 



Dr. John R. Schuring, Jr.   ◊   

Mr. Joseph A. Krieger

Mr. Sheldon E. Davis

Mr. Ronald M. Shapiro

Mr. Hugh W. Kutz

Mr. Alan J. Dopart

Mr. W. Scott Simmons

Mr. Scott L. Lail

Mr. Leopold J. Feliu, Jr.

Mr. Michael E. Soltys

Mr. Lloyd E. Levy

Mr. Howard J. Force, Jr.

Mr. Winchester Sun

Mr. Patrick T. Lipka    ◊   

Robert D. Glazer, M.D.    ◊   

Mr. J. Scott Swensen

Mr. R. Wayne Oliver

Mr. Glenn W. Grabinsky

Mr. Pak-chung Tam   ◊   

Mr. Wayne F. Marquino

Mr. Robert L. Grenz

Mr. Joseph M. Terlizzi

Mr. Erik L. Mathieson

Mr. Alfred A. Gunther

Mr. Robert E. Thoelen, Jr.

Mr. Robert A. Mc Lane, Jr.

Mr. John R. Harner

Mr. August J. Morris

Rev. Philip F. A. Latronico

Ms. Deborah F. Naas O'Rourke

Mr. Stephan M. Linkel

Mr. William G. Newman, Jr.

Mrs. Caryn L. Lubowicki Pace

Mr. William C. Pezzano   ◊   

Mr. Donald M. Lynch


Mr. Robert M. Roller

Mr. Michael J. Martorano

Class Giving: $27,125

Mr. William J. Rooney

Mr. Michael J. Masterson

Class Participation: 18%

Mr. Daniel G. Scheffer

Mr. John P. Mazurana

Mr. Bruce A. Baker

Mr. Michael K. Scruggs

Mr. Dino Mirkovic

Mr. Julius A. Ballanco

Mr. Todd M. Sommer

Mr. Eugene J. M. Murphy, Jr.

Mr. Erik R. Borgen-Larssen, Jr.

Mr. Dominic R. Tondo

Mr. Paul F. Nowicki

Mr. Thomas G. Bruce

Mr. Terrence J. Turgyan

Mr. David A. Overland

Mr. Thomas W. Buroojy

Lt. Col. Joseph Zlotkowski

Mr. Frank S. Panebianco   ◊


Mr. Thomas J. Walsh

Mr. Jeffrey B. Ziegler   ◊       ◊   

Mr. Vasili Krishnamurti

Rev. Edward J. Casey


Mr. Robert J. Ritchie

Mr. Paul Demyanovich


Mr. Frank Roberto   ◊   

Dr. David M. Drummer

Class Giving: $17,875

Mr. Fred G. Russenberger, Jr.   ◊   

Mr. Michael J. Engel

Class Participation: 20%

Mr. Robert W. Scheulen

Mr. Charles P. Erwetowski

Mr. Robert Cairone

Mr. Allen W. Schrumpf

Mr. Dennis J. Flora

Mr. Corrado A. Amato

Mr. Michael Stefiniw

Dr. James A. Greer

Mr. William F. Baade

Mr. Walter S. Steinle, Jr.

Dr. Paul W. Grosser   ◊   

Mr. Bruce A. Barnaba

Mrs. Luisa A. Torres-Josan Overland

Dr. Mark J. Hirsch

Mr. David B. Cadamuro

Mr. James J. Toth, III

Maj. Edward B. Janeczko, Jr.

Ms. Mary A. Calandriello

Mr. Kenneth D. Wahl



  Undergraduate Class Giving    44 

Record of Philanthropy 2011




Mr. Calvin Kinsel, Jr.    ◊   

Mr. Anthony J. Kosinski

Class Giving: $20,070

Mr. Michael Kosusko

Class Participation: 15%

Mr. Thomas F. Errington, P.E.   ◊   

Mr. Jack M. Lowenstein

Mr. John L. Andrews, Jr.

Mr. Charles J. Maguire   ◊   

Dr. Maureen P. Burke Weatherall   ◊   


Mrs. June C. Markkanen Amariuta

Mrs. Anne Catena

Mr. Gary W. Mello   ◊   

Mr. Michael J. Chodnicki

Mr. Kenneth W. Miller

Mr. James T. Daly

Mr. Robert M. Miller

Rev. Robert J. DeGray, Jr.

Mr. Raymond Ng

Mr. Lawrence J. Garrison

Mr. Raymond J. Nierstedt

Mr. William J. Habermann

Mr. Dennis Weinstein Mr. John R. Zaccaria

Class Giving: $23,555 Class Participation: 22% Dr. Henry E. Arakelian Mr. Peter Attas Ms. Susan I. Barbash Mr. David Beckman Mr. Frank Behnke Mr. William Bertelli Mr. John Bieger Mr. Frederick R. Bruchbacher   ◊    Mr. Patrick Burt Mr. Philip S. Buzzerio Mr. Jorge L. Cardenas Mr. Richard Catena Dr. Edward S. Chornoboy Mr. Gary C. Da Giau Mr. Pier E. de Jong Mr. Christopher Ferreri Mr. Eric L. Four Mr. Allen Gennaro Mr. William G. Gerken Mr. Charles M. Goldfarb



Mr. Eric G. Olsen

Mr. John T. Jarboe

Mr. Peter E. Oppen

Mr. James E. Krzanowski

Ms. Dawn M. Ortell

Mr. Abby S. Mayer

Ms. Camille Peplowski McQueen

Mr. George H. Meinschein   ◊   

Maj. Paul A. Porzio

Mr. Kevin J. Murphy

Mr. William Pyontek

Mr. George R. Ollwerther    ◊   

Mr. Theodore Rothaupt

Mr. Frank Policastro

Mr. Robert Ruginis

Mr. Jeffrey M. Pryblick

Mr. R. Gordon Schaubhut

Mr. Thomas J. Regan

Mr. John W. Senkewicz

Mr. Craig J. Rolwood

Mr. John J. Talarico

Mr. Marcel F. Simon

Mr. Frederick M. Teskin

Mr. Stephen M. Smith

Mr. Michael W. Wernicki

Mrs. Nancy L. Trutt Breitweiser

Mr. David A. Wright

Mr. James M. Weatherall   ◊    Mr. Robert C. White Mr. Yohan A. F. Williams Dr. Steven D. Young

Mr. Jack Y. Gong Mr. Robert J. Harkins, Jr. Mr. Jeffrey A. Iapicco

45    Undergraduate Class Giving 




Mr. Philip G. Moreira

Class Giving: $19,520

Mr. Michael J. Morgan

Class Participation: 19%

Mr. Arnold M. Morris

Mr. Stephen M. Barresi

Mr. Victor F. Pianese

Ms. Joanne L. Beattie Compton   ◊  ∞   

Mr. Thomas A. Pierce

Mr. Gary A. Bullman

Dr. Alex C. Sacharoff

Mr. William J. Butler

Mr. Anthony Shupenko, Jr., P.E.

Ms. Rochelle A. Chernikoff

Mr. Daniel F. Taft

Mr. Jeffrey Ciccone   ◊   

Mr. Thomas M. Terris

Mr. Thomas J. Conroy

Mr. Robert M. Vigilant

Dean Constantine, Esq.

Mr. James D. Waterman

Mr. John T. Costantino

Mr. William C. Wirz


Mr. Phuong T. Dang Mr. John R. Dearborn, Jr.   ◊   


Mr. John R. Earl   ◊   

Class Giving: $44,385

Mr. Eugene V. Farrell, Jr.

Class Participation: 17%

Ms. Doreen Y. Foster

Ms. Ruth Mattelson Adelman

Mr. Carl R. Geiling

Judith A. Bryngil, Esq.

Mrs. Evelyn M. Gouveia Skiendziel

Mr. Nicholas Bush   ◊   

Mr. John E. Hannig

Mr. Ricardo M. Castro, Jr.

Mr. Anthony G. Hutchinson

Mr. Daniel J. Hawkins

Dr. Philip A. Cobb

Mr. Douglas J. Jackson

Mr. Howard H. Heller

Mr. Dimitrios Demetriou

Leonard N. Jenkins, P.E.

Mr. Jesse E. Hykes

Ms. Mary A. Doddy   ◊   

Mr. Terence Karanink   ◊   

Mr. Theodore W. Koch

Mr. John J. Dwyer, Jr.

Dr. Douglas J. Koch

Mr. Bogdan Korszen

Mr. Paul H. Floyd   ◊   

Mr. Thomas J. Kohli

Mr. Charles L. Liss

Mr. James S. Fraser

Mr. Stephen R. Larcara

Ms. Marilyn A. Mathieson Brock

Mr. George Halfinger, Jr.

Col. Michael B. Leahy, Jr.

Mr. Scott S. Mc Laughlin

Mr. Donald M. Hamadyk

Mr. Terrence McGovern

Mr. Edward Merenda

Mr. John "Sean" J. Hanlon IV, CFP   ◊   

Maj. Stephen W. Novicki

Mr. William R. Miller

Mr. Robert S. Henderson

Dr. Julian S. Osinski

Mr. Robert M. Mitrane   ◊   

Mr. Steven E. Huettner

Mrs. Lorraine A. Reinhardt Rolwood


  Undergraduate Class Giving    46 

Record of Philanthropy 2011


Mr. Steven E. Flicker   ◊   


Ms. Vivette G. M. Ricketts

Mr. Claude M. Gentil

Class Giving: $14,630

Mr. Anthony Rodrigues, Jr.

Mr. Christopher J. Gerdes

Class Participation: 14%

Mr. Edward Rodriguez

Ms. Joann G. Gherardi Lyons

Mr. Nils H. Bergstrom

Mr. Walter V. Siedlecki

Ms. Rachele Grasso Smith   ◊   

Mr. Bryan N. S. Bier

Mr. Victor J. Skiendziel

Mr. Theodore R. Ivers, III

Mr. Brad L. Brech

Ms. Rebecca E. Sommer Battye

Mr. Gary E. Jeger

Mr. William L. Brown

Alan J. Sori, M.D.

Mr. Scott L. Kelly

Mr. Bruce Bumble

Mr. Michael P. Tippner

Mr. Peter A. LaChance

Mr. Eric C. Bush

Mr. Rene Pasumbal Tolentino

Mr. Gregory Lane

Mrs. Robin L. Schwier Cabanas

Mr. Steven R. Wightman

Mr. Jerome P. Linden

Mr. John C. Clenance

Mr. Charles J. Yanulevich

Mr. David A. Lundgren

Mr. Franco Di Croce

Mr. Kevin P. Zagorda

Mrs. Gaye M. Marino Margiatto

Mr. Peter M. DiPierro

Mr. John R. Zetterstrom

Mr. David E. Martin

Mr. James G. Flaherty

Mr. Kirk D. McLachlan

Mr. Craig P. Fowler


Mr. Mark R. Nuiver

Mr. Kevin J. Gearity

Class Giving: $7,596

Ms. Karen M. O'Donnell Jones

Mr. William F. Gerding

Class Participation: 17%

Dr. George P. Papaioannou

Mr. Thomas A. Gorman, III

Mr. Andrew F. Ambrose

Ms. Nancy J. Pizzino Cirasa

Mr. Fred A. Grigni, Jr.

Mr. Albert G. Baetz

Mr. Lawrence Raniere

Mrs. Elvira Perelberg Gurevich

Mr. Anthony M. Bazzini

Mr. David L. Ritter

Mr. Seth G. Jakel

Mr. Kenneth A. Bird

Mrs. Gloria M. Ron-Fornes Gomes

Mr. Thomas P. Kazazes

Mrs. Lori C. McGill

Mr. Michael W. Schack

Mr. Andre V. M. Khachatourians

Mr. Jose Gerardo Bravo Blasini

Ms. Susan J. Sherman

Mr. Gregg L. Lehmberg

Ms. Marianna Buzzerio

Mr. George Szeman

Ms. Lisa M. Mascolo   ◊

Mr. James J. Tague, Jr.

Mr. Peter S. Mathieu

Mr. Claudio G. Tarabocchia

Mrs. Virginia C. Casazza Paine

Mr. James V. Dagostino

Mr. Edward Tremko

Mr. Robert W. Paine, Jr.

Mr. Joseph M. Duke

Mr. Peter Tymus

Mr. John K. Principe

Mr. Jean-Paul P. Durand

Mr. Erik A. J. Vikjaer

Mrs. Mary J. Zurlo Rafanelli

Mr. Douglas N. Ericson

Mr. Angel Zayas

Mr. John J. Reilly



Ms. Mary Calabrese

Mr. Glenn F. Cipriani    +   



Mr. Ron J. Ripperger

47    Undergraduate Class Giving 



Mr. John S. Robison

Mrs. Analina Garcia DiPierro    ◊   


Mr. George D. Roussey

Mr. Greg R. Gianforte

Class Giving: $12,430

Mr. Paul Selzam

Mr. Mark J. Glowacki

Class Participation: 13%

Mr. Sofokles Sam Sophokleous

Mr. Raymond A. Hromada

Mr. Daniel T. Belenets

Ms. Susan Thomas Straus

Mr. John P. Hurley

Mr. Angel J. Cabello, Jr.

Dr. Timothy J. Taylor

Mr. Daniel P. Johnson

Mr. Rafael E. Cabrera

Nanette M. Semrau Thomas, Esq.

Mrs. Anne M. Klingenberger McGrath

Prof. Thomas M. Cattabiani   ◊   

Mr. Le C. Vuong

Mrs. Kathy M. Laino Millstein

Mr. Stephen P. Ceglio

Mr. Matthew F. Welch

Mr. Andrew T. Lee

Mrs. Hyung Sook Cho Kim

Mrs. Betty J. Shinn Wells

Dr. Virginia P. Mahoney Ruesterholz   ◊   

Mr. Frank W. Cihos

Mr. Dean A. Martinelli

Mr. Stephen H. Clevett   ◊   


Mr. Sandeep Laki Mathrani   ◊   

Mr. Lawrence S. Comella

Class Giving: $225,836

Mr. Kevin J. McKiernan

Ms. Joan M. Dougan Murphy

Class Participation: 18%



Mr. Mark B. Meisels

Ms. Cindy L. Epsaro

Mr. Jorge Alderete

Mrs. Cheryl M. Muglia Lizotte   ◊   

Mr. Frank M. Fawzi   ◊   

Mr. Adalberto M. Alonso

Mr. Mark G. Nickson

Mr. John J. Fitzpatrick   ◊   

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bing von Autenried

Mrs. Judith A. Niedzwiecki Pinsky

Mr. Thomas G. Flaherty



Ms. Carol A. Boylan Cochran

Mr. Luis S. Nunez

Mrs. Anna M. Frary Ting

Mrs. Lori A. Britton Cherone

Mrs. Tina M. Pagnozzi Morgan

Mrs. Ruth E. Gehler Calas

Mrs. Linda G. Burgermeister Smith

Mr. Ronald M. Panicucci

Mr. Michael J. Giambalvo

Dr. John D. Carpinelli

Mrs. Maria J. Riadigos Sheptock

Mr. Todd A. Glenn

Mr. Alvaro C. Castroagudin

Mr. Kevin Ruesterholz   ◊   

Mr. Vincent Hunt

Dr. Lisa E. Chirlian

Mr. Robert M. Schetlick

Mr. Joseph Iscaro, Jr.

Mr. Mark O. Chodnowsky

Mr. Michael Seifert

Mrs. Janine G. Whitken

Mr. James P. S. Coyle

Mr. Petrus J. J. van Caulil

Mrs. Jacqueline M. Koffer Andrus

Mr. Michael G. Cullen

Mr. Paul H. von Autenried

Mrs. Laura A. Kruchas Neumeister



Mr. Gregory A. Davis

Ms. Joanne M. LaMonaca McDermott

Mr. James J. DeCristo

Mr. David C. Lapier

Mr. J. Grant Elman

Mr. Michael O. Lee

Mrs. Eleni Emmanuelidis Coyle

Ms. Joy Marie Lisa De Block

Capt. Alfred O. Gaiser

Mr. Stephen A. Mack


  Undergraduate Class Giving    48 

Record of Philanthropy 2011



Mr. Ahmed H. Khan

Mr. Michael J. Darata

Mr. Keith J. McDermott

Mrs. Hyun Ae Helen Kim Meharg

Mr. Franco Dichio

Mr. Stephen A. Meyer

Lt. Col. Arnold E. M. Lee

Mr. John J. Doddy   ◊   

Mr. Steven K. Nadler

Mr. Douglas A. Lemenze

Mr. Scott A. Fagen

Mr. David E. Martineau

Mr. Thomas J. Fay

Mr. Michael L. Rendas

Mr. Thomas J. Monaco

Mr. Anthony D. Fea

Mr. Clifford A. Roberts

Mrs. Patricia A. Mulvanerton McLaughlin

Mr. Chris R. Franklin

Dr. David Rosendale

Mr. Brian P. Murphy

Michael R. Friscia, Esq.

Mr. Juan C. Sanchez

Mr. James L. Ottowitz, Jr.

Ms. Patricia A. Giuttari Hopkins

Mr. Scott D. Sellers

Mr. Christopher E. Riviello

Mr. Thomas Jankoski

Mr. Charles W. Snyder

Ms. Jean M. Savitsky ◊

Mr. Adam J. Kaletski

Mr. John E. Yavorski

Mr. Jonathan D. Scheuch

Mrs. Denise Kalinski Uminski

David T. Shoneman, Esq.

Mr. Robert Leslie


Mr. Kenneth J. Simone

Mr. Robert P. Malupin

Class Giving: $5,610

Mr. Emil F. Stefanacci

Ms. Regina J. Mundekis   ◊   

Class Participation: 11%

Mr. Frank J. Stulb, Jr.

Mr. Eugene D. Nenortas

Mr. Daniel Bachenheimer

Mrs. June A. Weiman DeSalvio

Mr. Robert G. Nicholas

Mr. Jacob B. Barth

Mrs. ToyKen Yee Hemmerling

Mrs. Mary A. Nolan Fragale


Mr. Alan M. Pinsky




Mr. Karl C. Bierdumpfel

Mr. Vincent T. Oakley

Mr. Gregory E. Bischer


Mr. Paulus E. R. Packbier   ◊   

Mrs. Diane E. Borge McCabe

Class Giving: $45,510

Mrs. Dawn M. Pelowitz Doherty   ◊   

Mr. Michael B. Botyrius

Class Participation: 13%

Mr. Richard D. Phillips

Mr. Robert S. Burgermeister

Ms. Gina M. Addeo   ◊   

Mr. Michael Piepoli

Ms. Agnes M. Chisholm

Mr. Saleel V. Awsare

Mr. Bernard M. Spang

Mrs. Theresa M. Cummings Ito

Mr. David M. Bonifacic   ◊   

Mr. Kenneth C. Sparano

Mr. John A. Dryzga   ◊   

Mrs. Jennifer L. Bowers Cerequas

Mrs. Alice H. Tam

Ms. Christine E. Flynn Collister

Dr. Leslie R. Brunell   ◊   

Mr. Stephen M. Terlizzi

Mr. Roger P. Gallo

Mr. Stephen J. Buce

Ms. Donna L. Urstadt

Mr. Stephen F. X. Heck

Mr. Richard D. Buchanan



Mr. Michael J. Vala


Mr. Barry T. Heidke

Mr. Michael F. Connolly

Mr. William Hom

Mr. George Cray

Mr. Theodore J. Vickery, Jr. Mr. Gerard Wahl    ◊   

Mrs. Gina L. D'Angelo Abrams

49    Undergraduate Class Giving 






Class Giving: $14,870

Class Giving: $7,600

Class Giving: $17,851

Class Participation: 11%

Class Participation: 10%

Class Participation: 11%

Ms. Sharyn M. Belle

Mrs. Gretel E. Anderson Lumley

Mr. Peter G. Baracskai

Mr. James E. Bizarro

Col. John A. Cherrey

Mr. Jeffrey S. Biskowitz

Mr. Gregg T. Borek

Ms. Elizabeth W. C. Chiu

Mr. Paul J. Crooker

Mr. Nicholas V. Chilelli

Dr. Timothy J. Dalton

Mr. William P. Fitzpatrick

Ms. Mylene Delgado

Mr. James F. Durcan, Jr.

Mr. Christopher J. Frank

Mr. John S. Guh

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Farrell Pallone

Mrs. Agnes Gagern   ◊   

Silvia Hoyo Fresco, M.D.

Neil P. Ferraro, Esq.

Mr. Subhendu Ghosh

Mr. Neeraj Khanna

Mr. Brian M. Flynn

Mrs. Maria D. Ramirez Gonzalez

Mr. James O'Neil

Ms. Lydia D. Geer

Dr. Thomas O. Herrington, Jr.   ◊   

Mr. Michael F. O'Neill   ◊   

Mr. Peter J. Harris

Mr. Clifford J. Huie

Mr. Dale Patnaude

Mr. John B. Hoover

Mr. Gary E. Kellstrom, Jr.

Mrs. Caroline Pawlowski Tischbein

Mr. Christopher P. Horan

Mrs. Regina T. Ferraro Papini

Mrs. Nina M. Petruso Hilyard

Mr. Joakim M. Krell

Mrs. Vibhuti S. Amin Patel

Mr. Stephen W. Quirk

Mr. Frank J. Lauria

Mr. Michael D. Rastelli

Mrs. Patricia Lees Chilelli

Kevin C. Reilly, Sr., M.D.

Mr. Paul F. Magnone   ◊   

Mr. John F. Rytel

Mr. Douglas M. Mason

Mr. Charles A. Saylor

Mrs. Madeleine P. Moore Chernesky   ◊   

Mrs. Meimee Tam Persau

Mr. Paul A. Porter

Mr. James P. Traverso   ◊   

Mrs. Susan A. Rodrigues Quirk   ◊   

Mr. Jay S. Viszoki

Ms. Deborah M. Takash

Mr. Thomas J. Walker

Mr. Edward J. Traina, Jr.

Mr. John L. Wuestneck, P.E., P.P.

Mr. Andreas L. Viru

Ms. Soraya M. Zahedi

Mr. Edward K. Wilson, III

Mr. Paul J. Zanella

Mr. Michael O. Young


Mr. Michael E. Zimak


Ms. Maureen E. Connors    ◊  +   

Mr. Kenneth A. Collins


  Undergraduate Class Giving    50 

Record of Philanthropy 2011


(continued)    ◊   

Dr. Timothy M. Phelan

Mrs. Linda M. Pagan Sullivan


Steven R. Tombalakian, Esq.

Class Giving: $2,930

Mr. John C. Rizzuto   ◊   

Class Participation: 7%

Mr. Sachin N. Shah   ◊   


David L. Cargille, Esq.

Mr. James A. Szipszky   ◊   

Class Giving: $5,880

Mr. Michael A. Cocca

Lt. Col. Bob F. Thoens

Class Participation: 7%

Laurie S. Jacobovitz Crittenden, Esq.

Mr. Andrew Tom

Dr. Kathryn D. Abel

Mr. Steve V. Grgas

Mr. Christopher X. Candreva

Mr. Peter S. Ko

Mr. Arturo C. Tumbokon, Jr.

Mr. Daniel Y. Goldberg

Mr. Mark I. LaRosa   ◊   

Mr. Mark L. Weber

Mr. Vijay K. Kanchi

Mr. James W. Lewis   ◊   

Mr. Scott K. Woodfield   ◊   

Mr. Angel L. Morales, Jr.

Mr. Eric M. Monte

Mr. Gaurav K. Patel

Mr. Daniel F. Pav

Mr. Christopher L. Sallay

Mr. Prashant Shah


Mrs. Holly N. Roeck Savoia

Mr. Kaihan R. Siddiqui

Class Giving: $1,284

Mrs. Tuyet-Hanh T. Nguyen Schnell

Mr. Howard A. Smith


Nicos L. Tsilas, Esq.



Mr. Jeff C. Yuan


   ◊  +   


Class Participation: 8%

Ms. Nan O. Silverman

Ms. Joelle M. Hinds Ware

Ms. Lauren M. Bradford

Mrs. Joann Pachana Somerville

Mrs. SaraJane Gibson Weinstein

Mrs. Diane L. Henderson Buchan

Mr. Fernando L. Sumaza

Mr. Paul C. Coughlan

Mr. Manoj M. Thomas    +   



Mr. Michael T. Dechiara

Mr. Kenneth V. Tichy

Class Giving: $1,375

Mr. Kyle E. Gehan

Mr. Manoj Viswambharan

Class Participation: 2%

Mr. M. Evan Kass

Mr. Biagio Agostinelli

Mr. James J. Marussich


Dr. Jasvinder Bhatia   ◊   

Mr. W. Michael McGonegal

Class Giving: $985

Mr. Anit G. Lulla

Mr. Prashant Mehrotra

Class Participation: 4%

Mr. Mark C. Manz

Mr. Dennis E. Mejia

Ms. Laura A. Dudes

Mr. Vikas Marria

Dr. Timothy A. D. Paglione

Mr. Paul D. Mininni

Mr. Kraig H. Pelkey

Mr. Michael F. Percarpio

Ms. Huynh Nga T. Nguyen Rajgarhia

Mr. Vincent Pizzolato

Ms. Hui T. Ren

Dr. John B. Pormann

Mr. Robert A. Shovan

Ms. Elizabeth E. Truffa Mr. Kailin L. Tu

51    Undergraduate Class Giving 





Class Giving: $3,313

Class Giving: $1,306

Class Participation: 4%

Class Participation: 3%

Mr. Mitchell S. Albala

Mr. Joseph G. DiPompeo   ◊   

Mr. Davis W. Edwards

Ms. Jennifer S. Garner

Mr. A. Anthony Garaguso

Mr. Gregory G. Green

Angie M. Hankins, Esq.   ◊   

Mr. Christopher M. Rodricks

Thomas H. Pae, M.D.

Mr. Franklin Romero

Mr. Michael Roberts

Ms. Tina M. Zottoli



Class Giving: $500

Class Giving: $940


Class Participation: 3%

Class Participation: 3%

Class Giving: $1,135

Mr. Paz Efrat

Mr. Michael Chin

Class Participation: 6%

Ms. Valerie R. Mercer Mis

Dr. Jonathan K. Miller   ◊   

Mr. Alberto A. Aguero

Mr. Jonathan M. Mis

Ms. Agathi Nicolaou

Mr. Mark R. Biamonte

Mr. Lorenzo Rizzi

Mr. William E. O'Malley

Mr. Jamaal O. Bourgeois

Mr. Eric D. Powell

Ms. Samantha Bruno


Mr. David E. Smith

Mr. Kevin R. Frei

Class Giving: $1,043

Mr. Aristides Staikos

Mr. Peter E. Hauge

Class Participation: 5%

Mrs. Aileen F. Tang Zierold

Mr. Jie Hu

   +       +   



Mr. Alvin G. Chen

Mr. John J. Krachtus

Ms. Susan L. Cockburn


Mr. Uzoma A. Onunkwo

Dr. Dolores Gomez Kowalski

Class Giving: $940

Mr. Jay P. Rhine

Mr. Steve S. Lavdas

Class Participation: 3%

Ms. Martha P. Torres

Ms. Erin P. McKenna

Mr. Zef J. Ferreira ◊

Ms. Maria D. Trujillo

Mr. Brendan C. Norton

Mr. Lawrence W. Grone

Matthew S. Viscito, M.D.

Mr. Peter J. Pereira

Mr. Marc L. Hourican

Michael T. Zoppo, Esq.

Mr. Kirit R. Sarvaiya

Mrs. Patricia M. Clinton Luke

Dr. Kristen Stewart Maynard

Ms. Marybeth Lynch




   +       +   

Mr. Amit Rawal


  Undergraduate Class Giving    52 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

2002 Class Giving: $2,745 Class Participation: 5% Mr. Amir S. Ahmadi    +   

Mr. Akim J. Brewley

Mr. Christopher W. Draper Ms. Malgorzata Z. Figus Mr. Philip H. Frank Christina M. Pisani Ligas, M.D.    +   

Mr. Jesse O'Brien

Ms. Mercedes M. Ogando    +   

Mr. Joshua B. Reimer    +   

Mr. David L. Riley

Mr. John F. Sharobiem Ms. Dorothy A. Sippo Ms. Miriam Rodrigues Woodall   ◊  

2003    +   

Class Giving: $914

Ms. Grace I. Paet

Ms. Dominique D. Gonzalez

Class Participation: 4%

Mr. Steven Primiano

Mrs. Megan Petersen Handeland


Mr. Henry Yang

Mr. Michael J. Bixler    +   

Mrs. Melissa R. Hanson Van Liew   ◊    Mr. Mark T. Harris, Jr.

Ms. Stacey M. Bock


Mr. David R. Harvey

Class Giving: $5,609

Dr. Carlton R. Hoyt

Mrs. Katie E. Stoddard Duty

Class Participation: 10%

Mr. Giuseppe Incitti

Mr. Jason R. Edelman

Ms. Ciara A. Agresti

Mr. Ian Koelliker

Mr. Joseph P. Holko

Ms. Yohanna K. Ayala

Mr. Brian Lalli

Mrs. Wendy M. Hosier

Mr. Peter J. Bakarich, III   ◊   

Mrs. Grace H. Lee

Ms. Jennifer Hsiao

Ms. Jessica R. Cruz

Ms. Jolyn T. Litcher

Ms. Mi W. Hwang


Mr. Louis F. Della Serra

Mr. Gregory Malloy

Dr. Moiz M. Mustafa

Ms. Allison R. Donnelly

Mr. Alexander Maroulis

Mr. Michael N. Campbell    +   

Ms. Naomi M. Chin


53    Undergraduate Class Giving 



   +       +   





Mr. Stephen G. McGovern

Mrs. Ann Marie S. Guanlao McCaughey

Mr. Paul Rea

Mr. Domenic B. Menafra

Mr. Marvin S. Mondesir

Mr. Ishtiaq Saaem   ◊

Mr. Philip S. Merola

Mr. Edward C. Morrison




Ms. Mary R. Schurgot

Mr. William J. Munley

Mr. Cesar I. Rondon

Mr. Michael P. Segali

Ms. Juliet Pullis

Ms. Emily C. Schlipf

Mr. John A. Shilkoski

Mr. Frederic Rassam

Ms. Suma Sreepada

Mr. Ryan M. Stellar

Mrs. Grishma J. Rana Sharma

Mr. Gregory Suhok

Mr. Shant P. Stepanian   ◊   

Ms. Juliya Shulman

Mr. Manuel Toledo

Mr. Pak To c. Tang

Mr. Gregory J. Smith

Mr. Matthew Van Liew   ◊   

Mr. Todd Robert Van Aken

Mr. Michael B. Sumulong

Mr. Hesham W. H. Wahba

Mr. Ali Hussein Virani

Mr. Adam Yoda

Mr. Nicholas P. Willox



Mr. Adam Winters

Class Giving: $7,565

Class Giving: $1,925

Mrs. Lillian Chu Zawislak   ◊   

Class Participation: 9%

Class Participation: 8%




Mr. Eli M. Szus


Ms. Michelle K. Tan Ms. Victoria Velasco   ◊       +   

Mr. Ilya Chalyt


Mr. K. Edward Aguilar

Mrs. Neha Desai

Mr. Michael D. Amato

Class Giving: $1,780

Mr. Ryan R. Donovan   ◊   

Ms. Farishta Anwar

Class Participation: 8%

Mr. Sheelpan K. Doshi

Mr. Francis J. Battersby

Ms. Katherine Calvay

Ms. Siobhan T. Forino

Ms. Megan A. Caldeira

Mr. Michael J. Carrano

Mr. Robert J. Hoar   ◊   

Ms. Michele Carunchio

Ms. Andrea Chimel

Mr. George D. Karounis

Mr. Victor R. Cordero

Mr. Christian R Latoja

Mr. Andre J. Fontanella






Miss Lisa Cho


Mr. James F. DeMarco Mr. Jeffrey J. Drobik

Mrs. Brooke A. Johnson Dubinski Mr. Andrew L. Dullas    +   

Mr. Daniel A. Juell

Mrs. Alison E. Tietjen Karounis Mr. Joseph A. Martin Mrs. Catherine M. Cummings Maslowski

Mr. Anthony Latona Mr. Eric P. Lenge Mr. Justin M. McKnight Mr. Brad J. Miller Mr. Neil Valji Mori Mr. Joel M. Perez Mr. Anthony Thomas Piccolo Ms. Jessica Pruzinsky

Mr. John M. Frega    +   

Mr. Derreck Jack Fuschino    +   

Mr. Liu Gao

Ms. Maia Hadidi Ms. Colleen R. Kirk    +   

Mr. Nikit Manoj Kothari Mr. Stephen E. Lapitka

Mrs. Chloe B. Weck Maietta   ◊   


  Undergraduate Class Giving    54 

Record of Philanthropy 2011



Mr. Gerardo Moreno Mr. Thomas J. Ritter   ◊   



Ms. Subah Gupta

Ms. Vandita K. Shah



Mr. Ian Handel

Ms. Tenbit Shiferaw   ◊

Mr. Adam C. Hecht

Mr. Rajwinder Singh   ◊




Ms. Melissa D. Scott

Ms. Leigh Shahbazian Mr. Hieu M. Trinh   ◊   

Mr. Matthew N. Hochberger

Mr. Frank S. Sorrentino IV   ◊   

Mr. Derek J. Ives   ◊   

Mr. Jason S. Stultz

Mr. Michael J. Ivey

Mrs. Ashley L. Steimle Tiseo

Mr. Philip M. Jonat   ◊   

Mr. Emmanuel A. Trillana

   +       +   





Mr. Ketul M. Kamdar

Mr. Mark E. Vizthum


Class Giving: $10,385

Mr. David T. Kandl

Mr. James S. Waterman

Class Participation: 18%

Mr. Paul D. Kazalski

Ms. Kathleen M. Weatherall   ◊      +   


Mr. Boris A. Kocherov   ◊


Ms. Rebecca Kolberg


Mr. Zachary Lenz   ◊   

Class Giving: $6,712

Ms. Kathryn D. Abuan Ms. Amanda M. Allen


Mr. Mohamed A. Amin

Class Participation: 11%

Mr. Christopher E. Leonor

Ms. Cecilia P. Arias

   ◊  +   


Mr. Brandon E. MacWhinnie

Mr. Alex Bachowski   ◊   


Mr. Art Bryan Manabat   ◊   

Ms. Lauren Balinski

Ms. Natalie A. Arndt   ◊

Ms. Michelle M. Attilio


Mr. Ryan Bennick    +   

Ms. Mickalene N. Biltz


Mr. Ryan M. Birkenstock

Mr. Michael Bocchinfuso   ◊       +   

Mr. Joseph M. Brigante Mr. Jason P. Bulaclac


Mr. Brandon P. Butch


Mr. James J. Caposello

Ms. Natalia A. Chabebe   ◊    Ms. Caryn L. Connolly    +   

Mr. David L. D'Amato


Mr. William Eric Masol

Ms. Whitney A. Bender

Mrs. Katherine E. Freed Matos   ◊   

Mr. Michael A. Bertucci   ◊   

Mr. Jonathan A. Matos   ◊   

Ms. Rachel A. Cannell

Mr. Eric McCormick

Mr. Michael T. Cannito

   +       +   

Mr. Michael Muchnik   ◊


Mr. Keith B. Cassidy   ◊   

Mr. Diego S. Mugurusa   ◊   

Mr. Andrew J Cranford


Ms. Danielle S. Dudek   ◊   

Ms. Maria Olaechea


Mr. Matthew V. Paragano    +   

Ms. Neesha M. Patel



Ms. Adrienne G. Quiray

Mr. James M. Grillo


Mr. Raymond C. Reyes   +   

Ms. Emily C. Freier   +   

Mr. David G. Fritsche   ◊

   +      +   

Mr. Brandon A. Haverberg   ◊ Mr. Bruce R. Jordan, Jr.   ◊   

Mr. Emanuel Rios   ◊

Mr. Andrew G. Kaplan   ◊   

Ms. Maria E. Rodriguez

Mr. David F. Katusa


Ms. Ami K. Shah

55    Undergraduate Class Giving 

Mr. John J Frustaci Mr. Peter J. Garafano   ◊   


Mr. Jerry A. Dutreuil   ◊

Mr. Matthew T. Fata

Mr. Scott L. Picerno

Mr. Randal E Reiman


Mr. Arturo F. Dizon


Mr. Andrew Keane   ◊    *DECEASED  ◊EAS  ∞LEGACY  +NEW DONOR



Ms. Mary K. Kelly    ◊   

Class Giving: $2,145

Mr. Matthew J. Keyser


Mr. Javier J. Kienzle

Class Participation: 9%

Ms. Jenna N. Leder

Mr. John M. Bertoli



Mr. Matthew D. Legath

Ms. Natalia Bilchuk   ◊   

Mr. Michael Manzella   ◊   

Mr. George Blazeski

Ms. Dominique L. Maratta

Ms. Anna Centola


Ms. Jessica Megill

Mr. Patrick R. Conrad

Mr. Thomas L. Merriam

Mr. Stephen C. Crouch   ◊



Ms. Julia Nicole Moldovan   ◊

Ms. Gabrielle H. Czernik

Ms. Nicole A. Ogrosso   ◊   

Mr. J. Wesley Eberlin



Ms. Ali Palen

Ms. Laura E. Farrell   ◊   

Ms. Eileen Parra

Ms. Neha M. Govil

Mr. Ronen T. Peled

Ms. Cassandra M. Habura

Mr. David H. Pfeffer   ◊   

Ms. Katherina J. Imperial   ◊   

Ms. Kerri Polidore

Ms. Vaida Jakimaviciute

   +       +   


Mr. Brian M. Quintin



Mr. Roman Malantchouk

Mr. John D. Reger

Mr. Michael J. Malter

Ms. Rebecca E. Ryba

Mr. Anthony Mancini

Ms. Casey Scherck

Mr. Justin K. McSheehy

Ms. Allison Shields

Mr. Nicholas J. Mindos

Mr. Louis C. Simons   ◊   

Ms. Erica V. Mondadori   ◊   

Mr. Eric M. Savino

Ms. Stephanie R. Smith

Mr. Harold E. Pahlck   ◊   

Mr. Andrew P. Scagnelli

Ms. Laura A. Sodon   ◊   

Ms. Hillary R. Paul   ◊   

Ms. Natalie R. Schloeder



   +       +   


Ms. Melanie F. Volk

Ms. Amanda G. Petrocelli

Ms. Emily D. Woo   ◊   

Ms. Fionuala M. Quinn   ◊


Mr. Daniel A. Silva   ◊       +   

Mr. Brian Skocypec


Ms. Alexis H. Sowuleski


Mr. Michael D. Tolerico

Mr. Mark A. Rasulo   ◊


Mr. Frank Riccobono

Mr. James J. Roarty   ◊   

Mr. Stanley J. Valvis    ◊   

Mr. Piotr R. Rusinkiewicz    +   

Mr. Timothy M. Sande



Ms. Beatrice A. Wilson Mr. Stephen J. Yanczura

  Undergraduate Class Giving    56 

Record of Philanthropy 2011


MAUREEN WEATHERALL ’78 Maureen Weatherall ’78, Vice President of University Administration & Enrollment at Stevens since 2001, was a sophomore at a girls’ high school when she first learned the University had broken with its centuryold tradition and begun admitting women. She was undaunted by the prospect of being a pioneer. Once on campus, however, Weatherall admits she grappled with a demanding academic program and the occasional male who didn’t “get” the new admissions policy. But the camaraderie of her fellow classmates and the talented assistance of faculty mentors helped her quickly adjust. “There was such incredible warmth there, and so many people who really touched my life,” she remembered, recalling such influences as Richard Everson, then dean of student life, who “knew everyone on campus and really worked with all of us to maximize our strengths,” and former director of the music program (and Stevens’ first co-ed Glee Club) Bill Ondrick. Those experiences made a lasting impression, and the importance of providing students with a rich campus life has never

57    Undergraduate Class Giving 

been lost on Weatherall during her long career at Stevens. Her family’s philanthropy also reflects this desire: Weatherall and her husband, Jim Weatherall ’78, now give to a variety of campus programs ranging from athletics to scholarship funds. “Student life is such a key element in building campus spirit,” she observed. “All you have to do is walk around and see the kids in their Ducks t-shirts. They support each other, and it goes beyond the varsity teams.” A vibrant campus community is also useful in recruiting better and more diverse students nationwide, added Weatherall — who has since watched her two children, Katie ‘08 (a bachelor’s degree) and Jim ‘09 (a Ph.D.), graduate from Stevens. In addition, two of the Weatheralls’ nieces graduated from Stevens — and a nephew is currently enrolled. “The reason Jim and I give is that we’re able to see the direct impact it has on students’ lives, and what a difference it makes,” she concluded. “We see it in campus life, in classrooms and in the scholarships that make it possible for students to come here.”


“The reason (we) give is that we’re able to see the direct impact it has on students’ lives…in campus life, in classrooms and in the scholarships that make it possible for students to come here.” Maureen Weatherall ’78

Vice President, University Administration and Enrollment

  Undergraduate Class Giving    58 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Graduate Class Giving Graduate Class Donors

1948 Mr. George Ingram, Jr. Mr. Robert H. Seavy

1949 Mr. Ernest G. Crane, Jr.

1950 Dr. Clifford L. Sayre, Jr. ◊  Mr. E. Leonard Schork

1951 Mr. John W. Kelly  *   Dr. Lawrence W. Ward Mr. John G. Ziemann

1952 Mr. Philip H. Garver Mr. Immanuel Lichtenstein Dr. Albert Strumpf

1953 Mr. Harold A. Behnken Mr. George H. Dittmeier Mr. Arnold Schindel



Mr. Jerome J. Fruchtmann

Mr. Max Birnbaum

Mr. Allen F. Maxfield

Mr. William A. Monsees

Mr. Francis C. O'Hern, Jr.

Mr. Charles J. Weizenecker

Mr. George W. Perkins Mr. Bernard N. Slade


Mr. Laurence G. Taber * 

Mr. Valentine J. Fischer ◊  Mr. Charles Folkman


Mr. Clifford F. Lindholm, II

Mr. John K. Bates, Jr. Mr. Robert E. Dudley, Sr. * 


Mr. Hayden E. Gallagher

Mr. Sidney S. Jacobson

Dr. William C. Struning

Jerome Kronfeld, Esq. Mr. Richard R. Sillan

59    Graduate Class Giving 






Mr. Delbert J. Cragle

Mr. Uwe G. Grapengeter

Ms. Maureen A. Gillen Chan

Mr. Daniel R. Sidoti

Mr. John Kurilec

Mr. William G. Deehan  ◊  ∞ 

Mr. Arthur R. Tuppen

Mr. Jerome D. Mellinger

Dr. Donald P. Gurney, Jr.

Mr. Manfred K. Walther

Mr. Robert M. Milligan

Dr. Charles J. Henry

Mr. Francis M. Slattery

Mr. William Jewett

Mr. William E. Tosko

Mr. Robert W. Lindner



Mr. William L. Rand ◊ 

Mr. Daniel J. DeLuca Mr. Frank W. Henrikson ◊ 


Mr. John Rennie

Mr. Burton Kidorf

Mr. Joseph L. Giunta

Ms. Sheila Rabinowitz Smith

Mr. Richard C. Pinto ◊ 

Dr. Suei-Rong Huang

Mr. John J. Tracy

Mr. John R. Redmond

Sang Ki Lee, Esq.

Mr. Philip H. Wright

Mr. George C. Parowski

1961 Mr. Alexander Delli Paoli ◊  Mr. Willard E. Rapp ∞  Mr. Walter F. Stephan

1962 Dr. Burton L. Bauman Mr. Allen Chin Mr. Charles C. Cullari Mr. M. Di Carlo-Cottone Mr. John T. Sutton Mr. Arthur J. Vitarius ◊ 


  Graduate Class Giving    60 

Record of Philanthropy 2011




Mr. R. Barry Bischoff

Mr. Joseph A. Ackilli

Mr. Ralph E. Johnson

Mr. Richard Saul Denby

Mr. James P. Bailey

Dr. Jan M. Niemiec, Sr.

Mr. Robert F. Martina

Mr. Om Prakash Chopra

Mrs. Joanne M. Ramsey

Mr. Matthew Rolnick

Dr. Ashok Rajeshvar Deshmukh

Ms. Cherry Tom

Mr. John W. Russell

Dr. Robert A. Peters

Mr. William F. Yonkers

Mr. Douglas S. Potter

Dr. Richard H. Guilfoyle


Dr. Harris C. Rawicz

Ms. Lynn C. Kelley

Mrs. Jean C. Bonney

Mr. Peter A. Woog

Dr. Suphan Kovenklioglu

Mr. Edward R. Clark

Mr. John E. Michelsen

Mr. Allan M. Cox, Jr.


Mr. Richard H. Darwent

Dr. Stephen B. Adams

Dr. Aristotle Papayoanou  + 

Mr. James W. Galvin

Dr. Yunn Hui Chiang

Mr. Robert G. Keane, Jr.

Eric S. Englestein, M.D.

Mr. Eugene C. Menne

Ms. Elizabeth F. Ernst

Frederick H. Mircoff, Esq.

Mr. Thomas J. Leathem

Mr. Willis C. Pierce

Mr. Prabodh U. Shah

Mrs. Patricia A. Tann Pilkington Dr. John H. Whipple

Mrs. Audrey L. Piotrowski Mr. Peter T. Regan, Jr.


Mr. Ranbir S. Sethi

Dr. Judy P. Boehlert

Dr. Thomas Spencer, III

Dr. James W. Brown, III

Mr. Dale L. Thomas

Dr. Joseph D. Domine

Mr. Martin A. Vallent

Mr. Lewis D. Fishberg Mr. George D. H. Hertzberg Dr. Ron-Ho Robert Ni Mr. Brett M. Nordgren Mr. Peter H. Schlereth

61    Graduate Class Giving 






Dr. Richard H. Guilfoyle

Mr. Gerard D. Cravello

Mr. Jeffrey R. Friedman ◊ 

Ms. Lynn C. Kelley

Mr. Khalaf H. Hirmina

Dr. Roberto Macchia  + 

Dr. Suphan Kovenklioglu

Mr. Victor J. Margevich

Mr. John E. Michelsen

Mr. August Olivier

Dr. Aristotle Papayoanou

Mr. Robert F. Perricelli


Mrs. Patricia A. Tann Pilkington

Mr. Robert E. Regna

Ms. Linda M. Baliman

Dr. John H. Whipple

Mr. J. Andrew Robbins

Mr. Brian J. Duffy

Mr. Thomas E. Sharp

Mr. Patrick M. Mazzeo

Mr. Irving H. Weisman

Ms. Linda Hawkins Nelson ∞ 

1973 Ms. Mary E. Beszterczei

Mr. Henry J. Olsen

Brother Robert Edward Novak, CFC

Dr. Rao S. Bezwada


Dr. James V. Peters

Mr. Stephen G. Fogle

Mr. William J. Benson

Mr. Lawrence R. Urban

Mr. Richard F. Graveman

Ms. Mary Ann Dudak

Dr. Daniel Van Haften

Dr. John J. Knab

Mr. Edward A. Muserlian ◊ 

Mr. Hormoz Nozari


Mr. Paul La Verne Sautter

Mr. Eugene M. Pedoto

Rev. Charles F. Smarsh

Mr. Michael L. Sande

Mr. William M. Weibel

Mr. Edward H. Shamagasi *  ◊ 

Dr. Birendra N. Pramanik 

Mr. Maung Hla Win


  Graduate Class Giving    62 

Record of Philanthropy 2011




Dr. Howard A. Alex

Dr. Jeffrey Chen

Mr. Robert E. Behringer

Mr. John M. Cholin

Mr. James A. Frasca

Dr. Zbigniew R. Bogdanowicz

Kathryn L. Johnson, M.D.

Mr. Alexander Gutkin

Mr. Leonard W. Heflich

Mrs. Anne Pida Mellen

Mr. Anthony Hume

Dr. Lynne L. Doty



Mr. Peter A. Rienzi

Ms. Louise F. McGovern

Mr. Peter R. Valeri

Mr. Paul B. Passero


Mr. Steven A. Rosenberg

Dr. Lynne L. Doty

Mr. Farrokh K. Billimoria ◊ 



Allan A. Fanucci, Esq.

Mr. Joseph A. Anzalone

Mr. Kenneth H. Fisher

Ms. Shirley J. Skillman

Dr. Christopher J. Asakiewicz

Ms. Stacy G. Fishkin

Dr. Margarita Beltran Sori

Mr. Randall G. Banton

Mr. Ray-Shyang Liao

Ms. Tina C. Vogler

Mr. Alan H. Grossman ∞ 

Dr. Paul H. Miller

Mr. Jacob N. Halpern ◊ 

Mr. Howard G. Page


Mr. Tung-Chao Han

Mr. Willis B. Roe

Mr. John C. Cronin, Jr.

Mr. Charles F. Huettner

Ms. Lynne L. Rogerson

Mr. Jon N. Elzey

Mrs. Ann Ballou Stallard Sobine

Ms. Arlene F. Strege

Dr. Edmond W. Israelski

Dr. Marilyn Verna Taggart

Mrs. Nalini Praba Uhrig

Mr. Jay P. Kamdar

Mr. Eric S. Wetzel

Mr. James H. Remer

Dr. Anthony Zinsser


1988  + 

Mr. Samuel J. Berkow ◊ 

Mr. Robert A. Strutzel


Ms. Patricia J. Corvini

Dr. John C. Daidola ∞ 

Ms. Catherine J. Newman

Mr. Roy D. Odhner

Mr. Robert L. DeBiase

Mr. James Potechin

Dr. James K. Steadman

Ms. Janet M. Giuffrida

Mr. Robert P. Santangelo

Mr. Cornelius B. Young, Jr.

Mr. Jain-Yih Hwang



Mr. Andrew S. Zahn


Mr. Steven H. Jansson Mr. Carlos Morandi ◊  Dr. William E. Quinn Mr. Arthur J. Wilton

63    Graduate Class Giving 



1989 Mrs. Ann L. Bonanni Stephen T. Boswell, PhD, PE ◊  Mr. Paul H. Feinberg Mr. Benjamin L. Mayer Mrs. Rebecca Hurt Sadowski Dr. Paula A. Schlesinger Mr. Richard J. Smolucha

1990 Mr. Peter R. Busch Dr. Richard J. Czernik Mr. Michaele J. Esposito Mr. Chia Hsiung Mr. Kenneth E. Politz

1991 Mr. John V. Briel Dr. Christos Christodoulatos ◊  Mr. David J. Furtzaig Ms. Yuhong Jiang ◊  Mr. Edward P. Manning Mr. Richard H. Nogay Ms. Catherine L. Rooney

1992 Ms. Michele B. Graziul Mr. Michael D. Mulroe Mr. David M. Romanelli Ms. Emily Rueda + 

Mrs. Carolyn M. Neu Sabo  Mr. Karl J. Tyminski


  Graduate Class Giving    64 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

1993 Mr. Aris P. Athens  + 


Dr. Hady R. Salloum ◊ 

Mr. William K. Chan

Mrs. Kathryn M. Taylor

Mr. Joseph Darmiento

Mr. Mark J. Hufe

Mr. Gregory M. Durant

Mr. Alen Kirkorian

Dr. Lawrence W. Kazmierczak

Ms. Alice M. McNally

Dr. Kathleen P. Kingston



Mr. Paul J. DaGraca  + 

Mr. Appavu S. Prakasam

Dr. Keith K. Morgan

Mr. R. Felix DeSouza Mr. Walter T. McKenna, II


Mr. Frank Panzarino

Mrs. Margaret P. Dowling

Ms. Victoria L. Quarles

Mr. Kevin B. Carr

Ms. Yuping Li

Mr. Leopold R. Strecker

Mr. Spiridon I. Dongaris

Mr. John E. Marriott

Mr. Theodore C. Drzala

Mr. Louis J. Monaco


Mr. David J. Hinshaw

Mr. Ronald J. Piazza

Mr. Stuart L. Breslow ◊ 

Mr. Vyomesh C. Mehta

Mr. Robert B. Robinson

Ms. Ingrid Burke

Mr. Jonathon M. Tobias

Dr. Kevin M. Ryan ◊ 

Mr. Woodrow K. Evans, III


65    Graduate Class Giving 



Mr. Richard J. Fiorella

Mr. James J. Schneidmuller


Mr. Deivasigamani Guruswamy

Mr. Gregory H. Selverian

Mr. Felice Armenio

Ms. Su-Nin Liu-Stenger

Mr. Kenneth C. C. Yeh

Mr. Steven A. Khan



Dr. Behzad D. Mottahed

Mr. Michael R. Schinelli

Mrs. Sonya Y. Muhammad


Mr. Joseph Paszek

Mr. Markquzee Benton  

2006 + 

Mr. Dipak J. Patel

Dr. Michael S. Bruno

Mr. Mark L. Samolewicz ◊ 

Ms. Monica L. Mei 

Mr. Kevin Michael Prudente

Mr. Wayne G. Wiebe

Ms. Sandra Speizer

Mr. Kenneth Thomas Ross


Mr. John D. Petersen 

Dr. William Truran



Dr. Joni K. Al-Hihi


Mr. Paul J. Amico

Mr. Jaroslaw A. Lewkowski

Mr. Douglas J. Bruckman

Ms. Katherine Regan


Mr. Paul Corrao

Mrs. Susan E. Lemma Weisman

Mr. Charles M. Neiss 



Mr. James Jay Marsh

+  + 

Mr. Matthew J. Kilpatrick, III

Ms. Alexandra P. Padilla 

Mr. Christopher L. Kulp


Dr. Victor Lifton

Mr. Kevin Allen Beckles


Ms. Ann E. Miner

Ms. Janet W. Kolb

Ms. Anniyea Jaffa 

Ms. Diane T. Pietrodangelo

Mr. Ramon M. Medina

Mr. Mitchell Wierman 

Mr. Vikram Rao

Mr. Louis S. Olenick

Mr. Andrew J. Steffen

Mr. Michael S. Ricker


+  + 

2010  + 

Ms. Heather Renee Kraemer



Ms. Patricia M. Bataille  ◊  + 

Mr. Ayush Mathur  + 

Mr. Thomas A. Curry

Mr. Seongah Chin

Mr. Jian Deng

Mr. Bernard D. DeMarinis

Mrs. Raquel Hughes Robinson

Mr. Steven R. DeNicola

Mr. Robert F. Sikorski


Mr. Daniel J. Kline Mr. Scott P. Macaulay  + 

Mr. Ricardo E. Sabat


  Graduate Class Giving    66 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Senior Class Gift

Even before receiving their diplomas, Stevens seniors start thinking like alumni. In a longstanding tradition, they begin to make this important transition by planning a gift for their alma mater. The process begins early in their senior year, and continues until the gift’s implementation a year after graduation. After considering several compelling options, the Class of 2011 voted to replace the walkway between the S.C. Williams Library and Wittpenn Walk with a new one that will both improve the campus and give a nod to the class. “We saw the need for a new walkway and the opportunity to do something new there,” said Lauren Griggs ’11, a member of the Senior Class Gift Committee. “This is a great way to beautify the campus and make a lasting impact at the same time. The students who participate will have their names inscribed on paving stones for all to see.” The gift committee established a campaign and began raising money months before commencement. After graduation, alumni are still actively donating, even as they settle into new jobs and cities. Griggs, who now works for Integra Life Sciences, a medical device maker, called the senior class gift “a great way to begin paying back for all of the opportunities we were given. I certainly feel that I owe a lot.”

67    Senior Class Gift 



Senior Class Gift Donors



Mr. Ethan J. Kelley  2011 ◊ 

Ms. Natty Smerasuta  2011 ◊   + 

Ms. Allyson G. Kingman   2011 ◊ 


Mr. Nicholas P. Albizati  2011 ◊ 



Mr. Taylor Sproul   2011 ◊ 

Mr. Rick Leung  2011 ◊ 


Mr. Abel N. Alvarez  2011 ◊ 


Ms. Isabel M. Anderson   2011 ◊ 


Mr. Christopher I. Stoddart  2011 ◊ 

Mr. David H. Leung  2011 ◊ 




Ms. Paige Armstrong  2011 ◊   + 

Ms. Sara Budar  2011 ◊ 


Ms. Stephanie Spelman  2011 ◊ 

Mr. Jeffrey Lichtenfeld  2011 ◊ 

Mr. Derek Straub  2011 ◊ 

Ms. Arlene Lichtenfeld   2011 +  ◊ 

Mr. Kyle Yandell  2011 ◊ 



Mr. Brett M. Lipschultz  2011 ◊ 


Ms. Mary K. Burke   2011 ◊ 

Mr. Dylan P. Lupo   2011 ◊ 

Mr. Christopher Byrne  2011 +  ◊ 


Ms. Erin M. McDonnell  2011 ◊ 


Mr. Keith B. Cassidy  2009


Ms. Magdalena Michniuk   2011 ◊ 


Ms. Danielle Castioni  2011 ◊ 


Ms. Stephanie Ann Miller  2011 ◊ 

 ◊  + 

Ms. Kate Cox   2011

Mr. Sean J. Mullaney  2011 +  ◊ 

 ◊  + 

Ms Katherine Crane  2011

Mr. Dipan K. Naik   2011 ◊ 

Ms. Dawn da Silva ◊    


 ◊  + 

Ms. Cassidy L. DeSchryver  2011

 ◊  + 

Mr. Alexander Divinsky   2011

 ◊  + 

Mr Matthew Dos Santos  2011  ◊  + 

Christopher Francis  2011

Ms. Amanda Nauman   2011 ◊ 

Ms. Victoria L. O'Connor  2011 ◊   + 

Ms. Angela Parriott  2011 ◊ 

Mr. David H. Pfeffer  2009 ◊   + 

Ms. Gabriella M. Reyes   2011 ◊ 


Ms. Ellyn Griggs  2011 ◊ 


Mr. Miroslaw Rogowski  2011 ◊   ◊  + 

Ms. Lauren J. Griggs  2011

Mr. Steven N. Schwartz   2011 ◊   + 

Mr. Brandt M. Grobeis  2011 ◊ 



Mr. Anthony V. Shehab  2011 ◊ 

  Senior Class Gift    68 

Record of Philanthropy 2011


Telethon participants for Fall 2010

For the students who gather for six-week stretches each fall and spring in a room stacked with telephones, call lists and fortifying snacks, the Stevens Telethon is so much more than a friendly competition over nightly fundraising tallies. The donations are, of course, critical, and help pay for everything from state-of-the-art classrooms and labs to financial aid. But what draws student volunteers back year after year are the absorbing exchanges they have with alumni whose colorful accounts of their own Stevens years bring the university’s past to life. In turn, current students get to impress alumni with their modern-day exploits in fields such as nanotechnology, quantitative finance and cybersecurity. These conversations often end, students say, with a mutual “Wow!” Thank you to all the wonderful students who make each Telethon a success.

69    Telethon 

Sheila Ahmady

Civil Engineering


Cris Belfer

Biomedical Engineering


Vinod Borsadiya

M.S. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Carolyn Brady

Biomedical Engineering


John A. Burnett

Engineering Management


(Tommy) Chi-Hsiang Chu Electrical Engineering


Meghan Collins

Art and Technology


Nathanael Cox

Electrical Engineering


Sam Gleit

Quantitative Finance


Teresa Igler

Biomedical Engineering


Garrett Joyal

Biomedical Engineering


Harsha Kamath

M.E. Chemical Engineering


Eric Kane

Business and Technology


Kevin Konen

Business and Technology


Rutu Modi

Engineering Management


Gabriella Reyes

Biomedical Engineering


Laurence Singh

Mechanical Engineering


Salvatore Siragusa

Computer Science


Ami Shah

M.S. Engineering Management 2011

Eric Shaw

Cyber Security


Christina A. Tsui

Business and Technology


Sungyop Whang

Mechanical Engineering


John Wright

Chemical Engineering


Rob Zuilkowski

Mechanical Engineering



Carolyn Brady ’13

Telethon participants for Spring 2011 Cris Belfer

Biomedical Engineering


Carolyn Brady

Biomedical Engineering


Emily Brandsdorfer

Mechanical Engineering


William Capon

Mechanical Engineering


Nathanael Cox

Electrical Engineering


David Cristofalo

Chemical Engineering


Srishti Dalani

Information Systems


Nicholas Guarriello

Business & Technology


Jonathon Hart Welles

Mechanical Engineering


Brian Juzefyk

Mechanical Engineering


Eric Kane

Business and Technology


Darshan Kariappa

M.E. Microelectronics and Photonics


Jeffrey Miscione

Civil Engineering


Rutu Modi

B.E. Engineering Management (BE) 2011; (MS) 2013

Jeffrey Pass

Mechanical Engineering


Gabriella Reyes

Biomedical Engineering


Eric Shaw

Cyber Security


Salvatore Siragusa

Computer Science


Prasad Sonawane

Pharmaceutical Management


Ana Toledo

Chemical Biology


Justin Ure

Engineering Management


Rob Zuilkowski

Mechanical Engineering



“I really like talking to alumni. They’re

so proud of their alma mater and their degrees. But they’re also really curious about Stevens today, especially about all of the newer programs. I often spend five minutes explaining what I do as a biomedical engineering major and what I will be able to do with my degree when I graduate. It’s incredibly nice at the end to hear them say, ‘Congrats for choosing Stevens. You made a great choice.’

  Telethon    70 

Record of Philanthropy 2011


Estate of Kenneth J. Altorfer 1950   ◊  ∞  +   Estate of Samuel Bjorkman  ◊  +   Estate of Edward J. Cann 1951 ◊  +   Estate of Elsa Creaser  ◊  +   Estate of Robert F. Dirkes 1920 ◊  +   Estate of Marie M. Doherty  ◊  +   Estate of George E. Frederick, Jr.  ◊  +   Estate of Theodore Gellert 1936

◊  +  

Estate of Arthur G. Glasgow 1885  ◊  +   Estate of Richard D. Hetzel ◊  +   Estate of Edward Shamagasi   ◊  +   Est. of Rupert and Jean E. Vittinghoff Trust  ◊  +   Estate of Harold E. Williams 1900  ◊  +   Estate of Blanche P. Zahn  +  

71    Bequests 



Honoraria Dr. Kathryn D. Abel  1991 Mrs. Helen C. Abel  Mr. John P. McCaskey  Ms. Patricia J. Corvini  1988 Mr. Evan Picoult  ◊   Mr. Jonathan B. Gabel  Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. David H. Smith  Ms. Yuping Lee 1996 Mr. David H. Smith Mr. Herbert R. Otto  1938 Mrs. Herbert R. Otto  1938


  Honoraria    72 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

In Memoriam Dr. Ajay K. Bose  1963

Dr. James R. McCoy  1965

Mr. Madhav Narhar Damle  1970 Mr. Vinayak Damle   1965  ◊  +  

Mr. Joseph A. De Felice  1948

Mrs. Joseph A. De Felice  1948  ◊  +     

Mr. Roger J. De Pietro  1977 Mr. Reginald W. Bateman Ms. June Carol Berry Ms. Betty DiPietro Mr. and Mrs. John P. Titus, M.D.  +    

Dr. Donald P. Ferriss  1950

Ms. Alice L. Ferriss  1950  ◊    

Mr. Paul H. Flynn  1939 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Hinkel  +   Ms. Joanne Mortimer  +   Mr. A. Joseph Schneider  1946  ◊  ∞   Mr. Edward W. Wittke, Jr.  1945  ◊    

Mr. Gustav G. Freygang, Jr.  1935

Walter Henry Freygang Foundation  ◊    

Mr. Harry W. Gilson  1906 Miss Joan C. Gilson  ∞    

Mr. William J. Henseler  1936

Mrs. William J. Henseler  1936  ◊    

Mr. Geoffrey S. Inman  1951 Mrs. Geoffrey S. Inman   ◊     

Mr. Val H. Massar, Sr.  Mosho  +  

Mrs. Miriam UPS Parcel Service  +   Ms. Alice Lynn Todd  +    

73    In Memoriam 

Prof. William F. Ondrick  1974 Mr. Donald F. Sexton  1965  ◊    

Mr. Ronald W. Penney  1941 Mr. Henry Dankenbring 1941  *    

Mr. Fernando S. Polvani  1931 Mr. Doland G. Polvani  +    

Mr. Robert E. Poole  1924 Ms. Diana

Morison  +    

Mr. Warren R. Raviola  1948 Ms. Barbara Harris  +   ICG Commerce  +   Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Willmann  +    

Mr. Arthur E. Wolff  1947

Mrs. Arthur E. Wolff  1947  ◊    

Mr. Roger L. Youse  1954 Ms. Joan A. Scott  +  



Parents Mrs. Helen C. Abel Mr. Dan Bacalla Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Badach  +   Ms. Josefina Baez  +   Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Biscottini  +   Ms. Leonora Borzillo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Bukowski   ◊  +   Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carpinella  +   Mr. Ngai C. Chan  +   Mrs. Dawn Crouch  ◊   Mr. Joseph M. Crusco  +   Mr. and Mrs. Martin De Rise Mr. and Mrs. John DiAndrea  ◊  +   Mr. and Mrs. Christine J. Evans  ◊  +   Mr. Charles J. Favia Mr. and Mrs. George Filosa  +   Ms. Priscilla R. Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Franks  +  

Ms. Stephanie M. Lalli

Mr. Richard Ranalli  +  

Ms. Nancy Freitag  +  

Ms. Arlene Lichtenfeld  +  

Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Renner  +  

Ms. Vernita B. Lockhart  ◊  

Ms. Mi Sook Roh

Ms. Leslee Mataras  +  

Mr. Edward M. Rosensteel  ◊  +  

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Hoffmann  +  

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McManamy  +  

Ms. Elizabeth M. Schmalz  ◊  +  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hopkins  ◊  +  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Munt, Jr.  +  

Ms. Teresa Sinclair  ◊  +  

Ms. Linda Murphy  +  

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Smith  +  

Mrs. Heather Paul

Ms. Rose B. Smith  +  

Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. Kingman

Mr. Michael Pinckney  +  

Mrs. Laura A. Steinhauser  ◊  +  

Ms. Rita Kron

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Proos  +  

Mr. and Mrs. George Werner  ◊  +  


Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Grobeis Mr. and Mrs. William T.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

Hayes  +  

Joyal  ◊  +  

Ms. Karen L. Katz  +     ◊  


  Parents    74 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Individuals Mr. Steven Achilles  +  

Mr. Juan V. Agosto   +   Mr. Joseph S. Alu  +   Ms. Isabel M. Anderson  +   Mr. Tim P. Andreacci  +   Mr. David L. Andrews  +   Anonymous Donor  ◊   Mr. Richard E. Antes  +   Mr. Mark R. Arcuri   +   Ms. Monica Arencibia  +   Ms. Linda S. Auge  +   Mr. Philip A. Avello  +   Mr. Roger Lee Ayotte  +   Mr. Thomas R. Barito Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mr. Christopher S.

Barrett  +  

Basile  +  

Mr. Reginald W. Bateman  +   Ms. Emily J. Beach Ms. Carol


Beach  +  

Ms. Linda Beirne   +   Mr. Bradley C. Benham Evelyn M. Berenbroick  ◊   Dr. Richard S. Berkof Ms. June Carol Berry  +   Dr. Ronald S. Besser Mr. Peter Bloom  ◊  +   Ms. Claire Bloom   ◊  +   Ms. Christine C. Booth  ◊   Mr. Jay Bowsher  +  

75    Individuals 

Dr. Washington Braida   ◊  

Ms. Sandra F. Cederroth

Mr. Javier Brion   +  

Mr. Thomas J. Chamberlain  +  

Mr. Joseph Brodeth

Ms. Maureen Chancellor  +  

Mrs. Trudy J. Bryson  ◊  

Ms. Jo Ann Cicchine

Ms. Stephanie N. Budar  +  

Ms. Joan M. Cila  +  

Ms. Patricia Burnes

Mr. John W. Cleveland  +  

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Byron

Ms. Janet O'Connor Cornell  +  

Mr. James M. Calamia

Ms. Susan Covey  +  

Dr. Carlyle G. Caldwell  ∞  

Ms. Barbara R. Covey  +  

Mr. Roy W. Carlson   ◊  

Mr. Paul C. Cox  +  

Mrs. Esther B. Carroll  ◊  

Mrs. Patricia Childs Crane

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Casper   +  

Mr. John S. Crawford

Mr. Judi Casper  +  

Mr. Martin Cresci

Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Catanese  +  

Ms. Barbara A. Cresci  +  

Dr. Ronald Cauchard

Mr. John M. Culloty  +  

Mr. Robert Cece  +  

Ms. Patricia A. Culver  +  



June N. Cunneen Mrs. Celine O. Cunningham  ◊   Ms. Dawn da Silva  ◊   Ms. Barbara B. Daly  +   Mr. Vinayak Damle  ◊  +   Mrs. Joseph A. De Felice Ms. Betty De Pietro  ◊   Mr. Richard A. Debuke   +   Ms. Annette DeFonzo  +   Mr. and Mrs. Raymond DeFranco Mr. Nick DeMarco  +   Dr. Darinka Dentcheva   ◊   Mr. Richard J. Devlin Mr. Carol Ann Devlin  +   Ms. Leslie Paskowitz Devlin  +  

Mr. Richard J. Dupras  +  

Mr. Carl P. Fortuna  +  

Ms. Thelma R. Di Pasca  +  

Ms. Lynn S. Welsh Emmolo  +  

Ms. Camille Frasco   +  

Ms. Patricia J. Diaks   +  

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Eudy  +  

Mr. Steven Gachko, Jr.  ◊  

Mrs. Thorn W. Dickinson

Mrs. Helen R. Fakundiny  +  

Dean Daniel G. Gallagher   ◊  

Prof. Dawn Digrius   ◊  +  

Dr. Hosein Fallah  ◊  

Mr. Joseph Galligan  ◊  

Mr. Richard Dilouie  +  

Dr. Marian Farag  +  

Mrs. Arthur E. Gardner, Jr.  +  

Mr. Donald N. Dinallo   +  

Dr. Nariman Farvardin  ◊  

Dr. Lawrence E. Gastwirt   ◊  

Mrs. Robert F. Dirkes  *  ◊  

Mrs. Hoveida Farvardin  ◊  

Mrs. Karen G. Gennaro

Faynberg  ◊  +  

Ms. Margaret A. Giaccio  +  

Mr. Henry P. Dobbelaar, Jr.  ◊  ∞  

Ms. Igor

Marie M. Doherty   *  ◊  

Ms. Karen Felch  +  

Ms. Joan C. Gilson  ∞  

Mr. James M. Dolan   +  

Ms. Alice L. Ferriss  ◊  

Ms. Sarah S. Ginebaugh  +  

Dr. Lisa M. Dolling  ◊  

Mr. John Ferrugiaro  +  

Shirley Ringelheim Gleich  ◊  +  

Mr. Brian Donahue  +  

Ms. Jill S. Fitch  +  

Ms. Cynthia N. Graae  ◊  

Mr. Peter Dorne, A.I.A., PA  +  

Ms. Kathryn A. Fitzpatrick   +  

Mr. Brian Granata  ◊  

Mr. Patrick Dorywalski  ◊  

Bonnie C. Floyd, DMD, Jr., M.D.  ◊  

Mrs. Robert N. Green  ◊  

Ms. Skeeter Dorywalski-Boren   +  

Ms. Lisa Fodero  +  

Mr. Randy L. Greene  ◊  

Prof. Daniel J. DuChamp  ◊  +  

Ms. Rene L. Ford   +  

Mr. John Dunn  +  

Mr. Richard M. Formica


  Individuals    76 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Individuals (continued) Mr. Thomas K. Griffiths  +   Mrs. Rose M. Gunther  ◊   Ms. Isaura Guzman  +   Dr. Hamid Hadim Mr. Thomas Hagan  +   Ms. Amanda Harms   +   Ms. Barbara Harris   +   Dr. Sophia Hassiotis  ◊   Mr. Keiichiro Hayashi   ◊   Dr. Harry Heffes  ◊   Mr. John Helou   +   Mrs. William J. Henseler   ◊   Ms. Lisa Hershey Barbara G. Hess  ◊   Ms. Paula L. Hessler  +  

Mrs. Kathleen M. Kilderry

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Long  +  

Mr. Robert Heyliger  +  

Mr. George Kline   ◊  

Mr. Richard L. Magan  +  

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Hinkel  +  

Ms. Maria E. Klose   +  

Mr. Thomas W. Mailey  +  

Mr. Douglas Horr   ◊  

Ms. Jwona Kowalska   +  

Dr. Svetlana Malinovskaya  ◊  

Mr. Benjamin T. Hu   +  

Mr. Gregory Kramer   ◊  

Dr. Hong Man  ◊  

Mrs. Geoffrey S. Inman  ◊  

Mr. David H. Krantz  ◊  +  

Ms. Edna Manlove   +  

Ms. Alexandra Jablonskyj

Ms. Barbara Kuberski  +  

Dr. Rainer Martini

Ms. Amy Jenner   +  

Ms. Tara O'Brien Kulas

Mr. and Mrs. S. Maselli

Joseph R. Daly Foundation  ◊  

Ms. Anita Lang

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Massar  +  

Mr. R. Kahn   +  

Ms. Dorothy Lata   +  

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Massar   +  

Ms. Mary Ann Karam   +  

Mrs. John L. Lauer

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Massar   +  

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Karl

Ms. Georgette L. Laurita

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Massar   +  

Ms. Judith Katz  +  

Ms. Donna L. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Mattana  +  

Dr. John J. Keating, III   ◊  

Mr. Woosung Lee  +  

Mrs. Ewalt Maurushat  ◊  

Mr. Craig Leopold  +  

Mr. John P. McCaskey  ◊  

Mr. Richard A. Lisbon   +  

Ms. Maureen McGovern  +  

Mr. Paul L. Kelly  +   Mr. Teegan L. Kelly  +  

77    Individuals 



Ms. Beth McGrath   ◊   Mr. Kevin McHugh   +   Ms. Elizabeth Mckee  +   Mr. Michael F.

McKenna  +  

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Mclaughlin  +   Ms. Erica N. Mehalick Ms. Carole Michaels  +   Mrs. Maurice Michiels Ms. Barbara J. Migliori Mr. Marion A. Mihalker  +   Mr. Steven Mirsky  +   Dr. and Mrs. Joe

Mitola  ◊  +  

Mr. Steve R. Moore   +   Prof. Philippos Mordohai   ◊   Ms. Diana Morison  +   Ms. Joanne Mortimer  +  


Ms. Anne Marie Moschello

Mr. Slavko Popovich  +  

Mrs. Miriam Mosho  +  

Ms. Lorrie E. Potter  +  

Ms. Margaret Mosomillo  +  

Ms. Barbara Prall  +  

Mr. Ramond J. Muir   +  

Mr. Charles A. Prall  +  

Mrs. Aida Murphy

Dr. Marehalli G. Prasad

Dr. Ann Murphy

Ms. Christine L. Pratte  +  

Mr. Adrian Nash  ◊  +  

Mr. Peter K. Radtke  +  

Ms. D'arcy Natale

Ms. Eileen Rafferty  +  

Dr. David Naumann  ◊  +  

Patricia K. Rasmusson

Mrs. Debi Newirth  +  

Mr. William Reed   +  

Dean Kenneth L. Nilsen  ◊  

Ms. Bethany Reeves   +  

Ms. Lisa J. Nolan

Mr. Kevin R. Reich   +  

Mr. Jefferson J. O'Connell   ◊  

Ms. Susan G. Reich   +  

Mr. Tim O'Donohue

Mr. Matthew Rennie   +  

Ms. Caroline Cresap O'Malley   ◊  +  

Ms. Genevieve A. Riccardi  +  

Mr. Frederick S. O'Neill

Mr. Vincent E. Ridge  +  

Mrs. Herbert R. Otto

Ms. Brenda Lee Ripley

Ms. Robin M. Paladino   +  

Dr. Arthur B. Ritter  ◊  

Mr. Corey A. Paluga  +  

Ms. Annmarie Rizzo  1986  ◊  

Mr. Jeffrey P. Parker

Ms. Jessica Reed Roach  ◊  

Mr. Merve Parris   +  

Mr. Russell Rogers  ◊  

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Pearson

Mr. J. Thomas Rose

Mr. Maichkel

Peck  +  

Mr. George S. Rose   +  


Dr. Michael Pennotti

Mr. Eric Rosenberg   ◊  

Mr. Phillip E. Pfeifer

Ms. Teri L. Roth   +  

Mr. Evan Picoult

  ◊  +  

Mrs. Herman J. Rother   ◊  

Ms. Nora Ann Pio   +  

Mr. Theodore Rotwitt, Jr.

Ms. Cynthia J. Plotzker  +   Mrs. James A.

Plumstead  ◊  +  

Ms. Susanne Poirier  +   Mr. Doland G. Polvani

Ms. Brenda A. Russo  +   Mr. Tom Saley  +   Ms. Stephanie Saley  +  


Ms. Mallory A. Poole  +  

  Individuals    78 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Individuals (continued) Mr. Ronald E. Salluzzo

Ms. Jean M. Savitsky  1985  ◊   Ms. Joan P. Schenck  +   Ms. Marianne Schimelfenig  +   Ms. Michelle Schleibaum Mr. Philip V. Schneider  +   Peggy Schreck, DMD Ms. Kathleen Schuckers  +   Kathy Schulz, Esq. Ms. Joan A. Scott  +   Ms. Diane Scrudato   +   Mr. Stephen G. Sedmak   +   Mr. Scott Seldeen  +   Mary Jane Semcer  ◊   Ms. Nicole R. Serino  +   Ms. Pamela Shaffer Mr. Joseph Shelton   +   Mr. Ulli Sherer  +   Ms. S. A. Shubeck  +   Mr. David G. Simmons Ms. Leslie Ann Skurla, DMD, PA Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Skurla   +   Mr. David H. Smith Ms. Sharon S. Smith  +   Ms. Genevieve A. Smith  +  

79    Individuals 

Mrs. Barbara Smolucha   +   Mrs. Joyce H. Snyder  +   Mr. Richard C. Spanvill  +   Mr. Michael Spellman  +   Ms. Denise Cornin Splain   +   Mr. William K. Stahl Mr. Joseph J. Stahley, Jr. Prof. Michael Steinmann  ◊  +   Ms. Donna Lee Stone Mr. John Stone   +   Mr. Glenn W. Street  +   Mr. Mark E. Swanson  +   Mrs. Rita Taravella  +   Ms. Mary-Ellyn Tarzy Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Tedesco  +   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Tessitore   +   Dr. Stuart K. Tewksbury  ◊   Mr. Dennis Thompson  +   Dr. and Mrs. James Tietjen   ◊   Mr. and Mrs. John P. Titus, M.D.   +   Ms. Alice Lynn Todd  +  

Mrs. Janet Vilardo-Farrell   +  

Mr. Peter W. Traub   +  

Ms. Sharon Vining  +  

Mr. Joseph F. Trendy  +  

Barbara Joyce Vitarius  ◊  

Ms. Anna Ullman  +  

Mrs. William J. Von Der Heide

Dr. David A. Vaccari  ◊  

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wagenblast

Ms. Mary Verga   +  

Ms. Constance L. Wagner  +   Mr. David P. Wainwright



Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Wainwright   +  

Mr. Mark A. Wasserman   +  

Mr. Thomas A. Wescott, D.D.S.   +  

Dr. Thomas H. Wakeman III, Eng.Sc.D.   ◊  

Ms. Deanna Waybright  +  

Mrs. Allison M. Wickershiem

Ms. Margaret A.

Wallach  +  

Mr. Thomas M.

Weber  +  

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Willmann  +  

Mr. Daniel J. Walsh  +  

Mr. Richard J. Weisman

Mrs. Arthur E. Wolff  ◊  

Ms. Patricia M. Walter  +  

Ms. Karen Welby  +  

Mr. Raphael S. Zagury   +  

Mr. William W. Ward, Jr.   +  

Ms. Barbara J. Welcome  +  

Mrs. Estelle Ives Zahn  ◊  ∞  

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Warren

Ms. Jean M. Welcome  +  

Mrs. Blanche P. Zahn  *  +  


  Individuals    80 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Corporations 1st in Coffee, LLC   +  

A. Cunningham and Company Absolute Fencing Gear Inc. Academy Services Inc. Action Staffing Services Inc. Active Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, P.A. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AEP Service Corporation Aetna Inc. Agilent Technologies Inc. Air Liquide America Corporation Air Products and Chemicals Inc. Akshar Sub Inc. Alcoa Foundation All Service Garage Doors  +  

AT&T Company

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Automatic Data Processing Inc.

Bryant Staffing Corporation

BAE Systems North America Inc.

Candor Luxury Homes, LLC

Bank of America Corporation

Cardinal Health Inc.

Bechtel Group Inc.

Carpet et cetera, Inc.  +  

Becton Dickinson and Company

Cars R. Us Inc.  +  

Bethlehem Sporting Goods

Celgene Corporation

Betsy Schmalz Ferguson & Associates, LLC   +  

Center for Sports Medicine, LLC   +  

Bezwada Biomedical, LLC

Charon Planning Corporation

AMI Services, Inc.  +  

Bill’s Auto Tech., Inc.  +  

Chevron Corporation

Andren Software Company

Binsky & Snyder, LLC   +  

Chrin Brothers, Inc.  +  

Angelo’s Soccer Corner  +  

Birdsall Services Group

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.

Boeing Company

CME Associates

Apple Food Services New Jersey  +  

Boswell Engineering Inc.

Coca-Cola Company


Brisea International Development, Inc.  +  

Colgate-Palmolive Company

AllianceBernstein, LP Altria Group Inc. Amb U Car, Inc.  +   American DG Energy Inc.  +   American Eagle.Com Inc. American Electric Power Company Inc. American Express Company American International Group Inc. Amgen Inc.

81    Corporations 



Elkin/Sobolta and Associates

Growing Tree Children’s Academy  +  

EVCO Mechanical Corporation  +  

Halliburton Company

ExxonMobil Corporation

Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.  +  

FactSet Research Systems Inc.  +   Fardale Enterprises, LLC


Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation Hanlon Investment Management, Inc.

Feigus Office Furniture  +  

Haven Savings Bank

Fidelity Investments

Hewlett-Packard Company

FieldTurf USA Inc.

Hoboken Masters, LLC

Foreign Tire Sales, Fred C. Church Fromuth

Inc.  +  

Hoboken Physical Therapy, LLC

Insurance  +  

Hobtal Inc.

Tennis  +  

Hoffmann-LaRoche Inc.

Gartner Group Inc.

Honeywell Hometown Solutions

Garvey, Ballou and Rogalski

Honeywell Inc.

GCA Services Group Inc.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

GenCorp Foundation Inc.

IBM Corporation

General Growth

Properties  +  

ICG Commerce  +  

General Electric Company

IEC Electronics Corp.  +  

Genworth Financial Inc.

Ingersoll-Rand Company

Gerhart Electric, Inc.  +  

IPS - Integrated Project Services, Inc.  +  

Get Ahead Sports, LLC

Islas -  +  

GJP Camps Inc.

ITT Corporation Financial Resource Center

GMA Electrical Corporation

Ivy Rehab  +  

Goldcon, Inc.  +  

Jim Luongo Construction Inc.

Goldman Sachs and Company

Donnelly Construction Inc.

John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Golf Row Enterprises

Johnny on the Spot, Inc.  +  

Dow Chemical Company

Google Inc.

Comerro, Coppa Architects, PC. Con Edison Inc. ConocoPhillips Petroleum Company Consolidated Health Plans Inc. Fleet Feet Sports Dearborn Construction Company Deutsche Bank

America  +  

Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies

Dow Jones and Company Inc.

Gorcey Plumbing & Heating

Eagle Equipment Corporation

Grandstand Sports & Memorabil Inc.  +  

East Coast Spine, Joint & Sports Medicine

Granite Const. Northeast,

Eaton Corporation

Grant Thornton, LLP

EJ Del Monte Corp. Hotel Div.  +  

Granta Design Limited  +  

Eler Limited

Graver Technologies Inc.


Inc.  +  

Inc.  +  

Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. JPMorgan Chase & Co. Just Give  +   Lockheed Martin Corporation L’Oréal USA Products Inc.

  Corporations    82 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Corporations (continued) LucidMedia  +  

Lynnhaven Financial Group, Inc.  +   M/E Engineering, P.C.  +   Margherita’s Pizzeria and Cafe Inc. Meadowlands Plaza Hotel III Inc. Merck & Co., Inc. Merrill Lynch Inc. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company MFAC, LLC   +   Micro Stamping Corporation Microsoft Corporation Mindray North America  +   Mobil Inc. Moldamatic, LLC Monroe 33 Tennis, Basketball and Sports Center

Morgan Stanley and Company Inc. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Motorola, Inc.

Pella Windows and Doors Pennsylvania Power & Light Company Pershing, LLC Pfizer, Inc. Pharmacia Retiree Corporation Phelly Materials, Inc.  +   Power-Tek Performance Gear, LLC Premier Energy Group, LLC   +   Prestige Engineering, Inc. Prudential Financial Corporation PSEG Company QuotaCrush  +   Radio Club of America Inc. Railroad Construction Company Inc. Raytheon Company RDO Induction, LLC   +   Rho Chapter House Corporation Rolferry’s Imprint Specialties Inc. Safe Flight Instrument

Corp.  +  


Mr. J. Daniel Choplin

Schepisi & McLaughlin, P.A.

MTM Resources Inc.  +  

Schering-Plough Corp.

MVP Team Gear, LLC

Science Applications International Corporation

National Bank of Greece

Sealed Air Corporation

North Eastern Hardwood Floors Inc.

Seals Eastern Incorporation

Northern Trust Company

Shell Oil Company

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Shop Rite Inserra Supermarkets  +  

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Shotmeyer Brothers Fuel Company, LLC

OneMarketData LLC

Shupenko Engineering Inc.

P. W. C. Corporation

Siemens Corporation, Global Shared Services

P. W. Grosser Consulting Engineer

SimplexGrinnell  +  

Pearson Partners Inc.  +  

SODEXO Inc. & Affiliates

83    Corporations 

Southern New Jersey Steel Company Starlite Electric, LLC   +   Stat - Tech Surgical Supply Company Structural Workshop, LLC Sun Chemical Corporation T.H. Lovdal and Company Limited Taylor & Francis Group, LLC Techne & Associates Inc.  +   Telcordia Technologies The Delta Airlines, Inc. The Frank McBride Company Inc. The P&G Company The PNC Financial Services Group This Is It! StageWorks, LLC   +   Thomas Associates Inc.



Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.  +  

W. B. Engineering and Consulting, PLLC

Tim O’Donohue’s Soccer Academy, LLC   +  

Wade Clark Mulcahy

Triboro Hardware & Supply Corp.  +  

Wallace, Roberts & Todd, LLC

Tripwire, Inc.  +  

Waste Management Inc.

Tucceri Tavern Inc.

Wayasons Inc.

TYCO Electronics

Willowridge Partners Inc.

UBS Financial Services Inc.

Winning Strategies

United Parcel Service, Inc.

Wytech Industries, Inc.  +  

United Technologies Corp.

Xerox Corporation

United Technologies Corporation United Way of New York City University Health Plan Inc. USG Corporation Verisk Analytics  +   Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod  +  


  Corporations    84 

Record of Philanthropy 2011


John P. and Charlene D. McCaskey Foundation

The Roscitt Family Foundation

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

The UPS Foundation

Aetna Foundation

Kaminski Foundation

The Wesley J. Howe Foundation

Alcoa Foundation

Karen G. and Allen M. Gennaro Foundation

The William Brown Foundation

Anheuser-Busch Foundation

Koven Foundation

The Wright Family Foundation

Armour-Lewis Family Foundation

Mathew P. Baines Living Trust  +  

The S.R. Mathrani Family Foundation  +  

Arthur and Barbara Vitarius Foundation Inc.

McFiggans Family Charitable Fund

Thomas and Harriett Tarzy Charitable Trust

AT&T Foundation

Merck Company Foundation

Tikun Olam Fund

AXA Foundation

Michiels Family Trust  +  

Unilever United States Foundation

Ayco Charitable Foundation

Miller Family Trust  +  

Barbara and Richard Smolucha

Mobil Foundation Incorporated

University of Maryland Foundation, Inc.  +  

Motorola Foundation

USG Foundation

Donald Parriott Family Foundation

Verizon Foundation

Pfizer Foundation

Walter Henry Freygang Foundation

Cisco Systems Foundation

New York Community Trust

William and Kathleen Blazowski

Corning Incorporated Foundation

Northrop Gruman Foundation

Chartitable Gift Fund

Dale and Jo Ann Thomas Charitable Fund,

Paul and Bonnie Floyd Fund

William R. and Ruth D. Cuming

Prudential Foundation

Charitable Foundation

David P. and Arlene M. Bencze Trust  +  

PSEG Foundation

Yahoo Foundation

Dennis E. and L. Jean Curtin Fund

R. Frankovic Family Fund

Dow Chemical Company Foundation

Rasmusson Family Fund

Dr. Robert S. and Sheila Smith Fund

RGS Group, LLC

Emigrant Savings Bank

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Estate of Marie M. Doherty  +  

Schwab Charitable Fund

ExxonMobil Foundation

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Struning Living Trust  +  

Fleming/Marlow Family Fund  +  

The Alex & Bonnie Pavlak Charitable Fund

General Electric Foundation

The Daidola Foundation

Gerondelis Foundation Incorporated  +  

The Delta Airlines Foundation

Gianforte Family Charitable Trust

The Ed and Barbara Hess Gift Foundation

Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice

The Joseph R. Daly Foundation

Independent College Fund of New Jersey

The Lawrence and Sheri Babbio Foundation

Charitable Gift Fund  +   Charles and Elaine Petschek Philanthropic Fund

MMS '67

85    Foundations 




Organizations Stevens Metropolitan Club Sigma Phi Epsilon Gamma Delta of Sigma Nu Fraternity   +   Khoda  +   Delta Tau Delta Fraternity   +   Hoboken Ski Club   +   M.T.H.S. Mustang Athletic Association   +  


  Organizations    86 

Record of Philanthropy 2011

Office of Development Directory Edward C. Eichhorn Vice President for Development 201.216.5219 Dawn da Silva Assistant Vice President for Development 201.216.5521 Greg Kramer Assistant Vice President for Corporate & Foundation Relations 201.216.5164 Amy Krause Assistant Vice President for Research and Prospect Management 201.216.5226 Brooke Alper Gift Officer 201.216.3335 Gilian Brannan Director of Stewardship 201.216.5243

87    Office of Development Directory 

Zef Ferreira Director of Reunion Giving & Regional Programming 201.216.5247 Michael Governor Director of Planned Giving 201.216.8967 Paul Karr Communications Writer and Content Manager 201.216.3358 Sarah Lacz Associate Director 201.216.3347 Stephanie Medianka Assistant Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations 201.216.3338 Mary Rediger Administrative Assistant 201.216.5214

Lisa Rigoux-Hoppe Gift Accounting Associate 201.216.5225 Jason Rodriguez Graphic Designer 201.216.3326 Lauren Sampson Director of Annual Giving 201.216.5682 Michelle Schleibaum Associate Director 201.216.5495 Michael Trapani Assistant Director of Annual Giving 201.216.3329 Carol Wickham Administrative Assistant 201.216.5241 Claudette Williams Manager, Annual Giving 201.216.5149

Thank You

Stevens Institute of Technology would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your support during the 2010-2011 giving year. Your generosity helped meet the increasing need for student scholarships, enabled enrichment of our academic and cocurricular programs, and provided important support for enhanced teaching and research opportunities for our renowned faculty. Stevens continues to flourish due to the continued support of alumni, parents and friends. We greatly appreciate your ongoing loyalty and commitment.

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Record of Philanthropy - Fiscal Year 2011  
Record of Philanthropy - Fiscal Year 2011  

The donor book, showcasing contributors to Stevens Institute of Technology over the course of the 2011 fiscal year.