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I. Executive Summary Our Company CreBrand, Inc is a new generation full service Advertising Agency that reaches richly diverse Asian American consumers. We stride on being direct, logical and effective with our marketing strategies. With effective research, logical planning and direct marketing, we see to it that our idea inspires, endures and delivers measurable business results.

Endless research and thorough knowledge of the Asian American way of purchasing and consumption, we believe every brand can tangibly and continually improve its performance by informing and educating in inlanguage spectrum.

Above all else, our expertise in the current Asian American market place is the ideal conduit for companies to integrate marketing solution.

Our Mission CreBrand's mission is to become the channel through which all types of products and services can reach out and form connections between US enterprises and Asian American consumers, and between Asian enterprises and the broad general market in the United States.

Our specialty is understanding and adjusting to the needs of established enterprises, devising and implementing strategies to reach our clients' goals, and establishing direct media channels that focus on and result in sales.

We make it easy for our clients, as we are the translators, directory operators, psychoanalysts, and every other necessary specialist fused into one.

Although CreBrand was recently established, we are a team of highly experienced staff members who have come from different perspectives and backgrounds. As one unit, we bring fresh and innovative ideas to our clients.


For products and services targeting Asian American consumers, or Asian products and services targeting the US market, CreBrand is the complete marketing solution.

Our Service Advertising to Asian Americans and getting them to embrace your product or service as one of their own is a task where only the believers can comprehend. We believe that true success comes from creating fully integrated communications programs, and ideal combination of sound strategy, insightful communication, effective customer management and dependable analysis.

We don't simply present your brand, “we believe” and we surround it with the opportunity to be fully accepted and be part of daily lives of Asian American culture.

Our Capabilities At CreBrand, our goal is to provide our clients with a functional strategic foundation capable of achieving and sustaining realistic business objectives. This allows for a multi-channel, multi-discipline, best for business solution and ensures strategic integrity throughout the entire process.

Our Creative Services To captivate the head and win their heart is our creative way of targeting consumers. Emotions and logic are the combination of the buying decision. We may start from the mind, but our work spreads and involves all senses which will trigger the emotions and communicate with the audience.

Our motivation always will be belief and passion. This combination will always show in our works of the companies we represent.

If we believe in the companies we represent, our audience will believe in the companies we represent with a passion.

II. Product & Service Description As a full service Advertising Agency, CreBrand, Inc. provides the following:

Corporate Identity Program

Sign System

Brand Identity Program


Logo Design

DM Collateral

Annual Report

Character Development

Sales and Marketing Brochures

Publication and Catalogue Design

Corporate / Product Brochures

Product Design

Package Design

Web Design


III. Client Experience 2000 US Census

New York Times

AIG International Services

Northwest Airlines

Asia Society



Oxford Insurance

Bank of America

Poliform USA

California State Lottery

Prudential Insurance

CJ Gourmet

Samsung America

Charles Schwab

Seagram Americas

FHI Heatยบ


Ford Tri-States Dealerships

Shiseido Cosmetics

GE Information Systems

Sony Electronics

LG Chemical

State Farm Insurance

LG InfoComm

Steinway & Sons


Today's Kitchen

Kia Motors


Korea Society


Korean Airlines


Kinetic, Inc.

WTCA Services Corp


IV. Contact CreBrand, Inc. 2 Executive Drive, Suite #535 Fort Lee, NJ 07024 Tel: 201-947-7747 Fax: 201-947-7748 E-mail:


VII. Creative Showcase-1

CLIENT: WEB2ZONE Web2Zone is the premier Cyber and Gaming Center. Funded by Samsung America, Inc. First Flagship Center Located in New York City (East Village).


VII. Creative Showcase-2

CLIENT: World Trade Centers Association


VII. Creative Showcase-3

CLIENT: World Trade Centers Association HanGawi Franchia AT&T AAIR


VII. Creative Showcase-4



VII. Creative Showcase-5

CLIENT: Ambiance Accessories / Today’s Kitchen / Barrington / MEK / AdAsia Communications / LG Intrenational


VII. Creative Showcase-6

CLIENT: New Yorker / Bully Hill / Optimum / White Water


VII. Creative Showcase-7

CLIENT: KINETIC / ColorCast Package Design


VII. Creative Showcase-8

CLIENT: KINETIC / ColorCast Package Design


CreBrand, Inc. Agency Packet  

CreBrand, Inc. Agency Packet Cre-Brand's mission is to become the conduit through which all types of products and services can reach out and...

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