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ACN French National Event in Toulouse On September 7 & 8th, ACN Representatives in France were invited to attend a special National Training Event in Toulouse. This two day training event featured numerous distinguished speakers including ACN Circle of Champions members Simon Abboud from Canada, alongside Dominique Cano-Flores, NassimKebbi and Samuel Houles from France. Also speaking during the event were Senior Vice Presidents Françoise Monfray and GéraldVignault, alongside several Regional Vice Presidents, including: Jean-Luc Beille, Michel Destruel,Sébastien Merlo and Eddy Romil. Many Regional Directors were also invited to address the crowd, including: FrédéricBoiley,KévinJouanny, Thomas Crouzilles,Stéphane Dos Santos,ChadliMekid,FrédéricGoupil,KinsyRomil, Dani Dos Santos,CélineBordenave& José Angel LoriganosCastano. Here are some of the Success Stories of theCircle of Champions speakers: Dominique Cano-Flores: Whoever said acting on instinct is overrated! Dominique Cano-Flores knew that he was going to achieve great success with ACN when he joined in 2004. In fact it didn't take very long at all for Dominique to establish himself in the ACN family. “It is strange but the day I was introduced to ACN, I had the feeling this was my chance!” Being in business for himself most of his life, Dominique was always open to new ventures, in particular ones with a commendable earning potential. This dynamic and successful entrepreneur owned two clothing shops and a restaurant but often thought to himself, ”There must be more to life than working 15 hour days!” When a childhood friend approached him about ACN, Dominique realised this was exactly the type of opportunity he was looking for. It all began for Dominique as an ACN customer but after becoming acquainted with the term “network marketing” and understanding the business as a whole, he looked at the Opportunity differently. Coming from a small village in France, he was not very familiar with network marketing but he went for it full speed. “I thought the concept was fantastic and I started without hesitation. I very confident I would be successful with ACN”. These days Dominique is living his dream of financial freedom with more time to do the things he enjoys. NassimKebbi: NassimKebbi never would have guessed that one day he would have the professional and financial freedom to live the life he once dreamed for himself when he was first introduced to ACN. He worked tirelessly since the age of 17 in a number of different industries but primarily as an air conditioning technician which he did for almost ten

years. He felt, however, that the hours were very long and the work was unfulfilling with little prospect for professional or personal growth. With no concept of the network marketing industry or what it entailed, a young lady invited Nassim to a Business Opportunity meeting in France. He was somewhat skeptical at first as this was a completely new industry to him, but he later attended a training event in Paris which cemented his desire to become an Independent Representative and embark on a new chapter in his professional life. During this training in Paris he felt he could see the big picture of the company and the Opportunity it provided with very minimal upfront investment. Setting his own hours and working alongside a team with similar interests were just some of the advantages he saw that encouraged him to quit his job after 4 months and be fully devoted to building his business with ACN. He also saw the possibility of expanding his organisation outside of France which greatly appealed to him, as ACN was already operating in more than twenty countries on four continents. “With ACN, no one cared about my educational background, religion or whether I had any previous experience in the industry. I was able to start my own business just like everyone else and no one was attempting to limit my ambitions.” Not only did ACN provide Nassim with the vehicle to attain professional and financial success, but on a personal level it has also significantly impacted his life. “Within four years of joining ACN it has completely changed my life. Now I have friends from all over the world and I travel frequently which I enjoy. I learned to push myself to reach my goals and manage a growing international business. Furthermore, the girl who initially introduced me to ACN became my partner in business as well as in life, we are now getting married!” The next ACN International Training Event will be held in Barcelona from October 4-6, 2013. For more information visit

Acn french national event in toulouse  

Whoever said acting on instinct is overrated! Dominique Cano-Flores knew that he was going to achieve great success with ACN when he joined...

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