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and you thought lewis capaldi was big... this is callum beattie

graduation meal for six at HARD ROCK CAFE graduation meal for six at crowne plaza £100 mccall’s kilt hire Declan McKenna Arielle Free Liz Bonnin Joesef Craig Hill Kelsey de Almeida


Grad Menu 24 June to 3 July 10 min walk from Glasgow Uni

bovinerestaurant.com 0141 341 6540



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Priscilla Queen of the Desert


Three friends, one a transsexual and the other two drag queens, enjoy adventure searching for love and revealing deep secrets as they travel across Australia, entertaining homophobes and enthusiasts. With LGBTQ+ posters on nearly every High School classroom wall nobody on the planet should be confused about the main characters of this show. Colour and flamboyance are their raison d’aitre so expect a lively night with some great boogie songs including It’s Raining Men, I Will Survive, Hot Stuff, Finally, Boogie Wonderland, Go West, and I Love The Nightlife.



o KING’S Theatre, April 27 – May 2.

Sweat It Festival SO what are they offering at the Sweat It Festival? Blast 30-minute sessions to try out new classes, a spin studio, activity zones that can be booked throughout the day, a cooking demo area with new recipes and cooking tips, a yoga den, master classes in pilates and massage and

Yungblud NO, it’s not a vampire convention for children, Yungblud is actually acclaimed singer-songwriter Dominic Harrison in disguise. A disguise which relies heavily on dark eyeliner and dramatic facial expressions! The sexually fluid star’s current world tour pitches up at Glasgow Barras for two nights in May and we strongly suggest you catch them now if only so you can tell your mates you saw them before they went MASSIVE. o BARROWLAND Ballroom, May 22 & 23. four

a Chewin The Fat area where you can listen to some wellbeing and general happiness advice. I’d like to rename it Sweat, Eat, Chill & Spill. I can whip up some book titles too if you’d like? No? Anyone? o The Arches, May 10.

spring in the city

SUSIE DANIELS’ GUIDE TO what’s on in glasgow & edinburgh

Sophia & Cinzia

THE best bathroom development since the U-bend, Sophia Tuxford & Cinzia Baylis-Zullo are taking their podcast series on the road. The ‘Girls Bathroom’ stars have made it their mission to help find solutions to the problems of every young adult in the country, whether that be issues with love lives, friendships or whatever else you might be facing right now. Expect laughter, tears, girl chat and gossip when the ‘lifelong besties’ pitch up in the West End. o Oran Mor, May 20.

Coffee Festival HONESTLY, where would we be without those magical roasted beans and their associated properties? Late-night essay-writing sessions? No chance. Exam revision until 4am? Forget it. Coffee – and more accurately the concentration-boosting caffeine contained within – has been

Play Expo Like a bit of gaming do you? Well how about some tournaments, retro consoles, board games, classic pinball machines, indie and modern games, cosplay and merch? This expo offers real people to

good to us and we should pay our respects by checking out the festival dedicated to its powers. Around 55 exhibitors will be there with demonstrations, interactive workshops and a range of other features among the aromatic attractions. o THE Briggait, May 2-3.

speak to outside about how to spend more time inside...unless you’re on the move, gaming on your mobile. o Braehead Arena, June 13 – 14. five







The Book of Mormon

Ross Noble: Humournoid THE best description of mind-boggling comedian Ross Noble can be found in the title of any of his shows; Mindblender, Noodlemeister, Tangentleman. The Geordie genius analyses, deconstructs and goes deeper into the thought process and meaning behind things while going off at the wackiest tangents that make your brain ache and your sides split with laughter.

“There’s never a dull moment when Ross is around” a relative probably said when he was growing up. Be prepared for a thought and mind-bending rollercoaster of laughs from the guy who never fails to deliver.

WITH issues such as HIV/Aids, female genital mutilation, religion and oppression the award-winning show, The Book of Mormon, is a surefire laugh-a-minute musical comedy. The music and lyrics are by Trey Parker, Matt Stone (of animated series South Park fame) and Robert Lopez, who co-wrote the musical Avenue Q. The story follows two missionaries as they attempt to preach the faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to the inhabitants of a remote Ugandan village. The earnest young men find themselves challenged by the lack of interest from the locals. o PLAYHOUSE, June 17 – July 4.

o FESTIVAL Theatre, May 10.

Beltane Fire Festival WHILST the simultaneous sparking of a few thousand Swan Vestas matches wouldn’t generally be encouraged in our major cities, the Beltane Fire Festival shows how such a spectacular flame show can be enjoyed responsibly. Expect to look on in awe as the May Queen and Green Man lead a cavalcade of characters in a procession which culminates in the lighting of a bonfire to signify the inception of summer. Oooh, warm glows. o Calton Hill, April 30.

Dead by Dawn

SCARY Movie 3 just not, um, scary enough for you? Then try sitting through a screening or two during the Dead by Dawn film festival. Dead by Dawn returns to Filmhouse “with a tempting line-up of dark delights guaranteed to give you goose-bumps on your goose-bumps!” Horror genre hero Mick Garris – of Sleepwalkers and Fear Itself fame – is this year’s guest of honour DBD thrives on wild and unique films that unsettle and disturb us...or maybe just make us laugh at very wrong things.


o FILMHOUSE, April 23-26.


Stand Up Horror

IT’S a monthly event where actor, writer and tour guide Alex Staniforth invents a horror story every night. The audience get to decide what the characters do, find and sometimes even love (in a horror story – go figure?!). Fielding suggestions from the audience, Alex promises to ad lib a tale of terror and laughter so expect gory-tell tales and don’t forget to look round your shoulder as you’ll be sitting in ‘Scotland’s most haunted pub’ (spine-chilling music) Mwahaha.” o THE Banshee, From April 4.

Music from GoT, Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit Game of Thrones’ colossal popularity makes it the most talked-about TV show to date, in the galaxy. The series has won 38 Emmy Awards (and counting) so the music should be instantly recognisable. Most of the eerie, magnificent score

was composed in 2011 by Ramin Djawadi for a small string ensemble. Following the success of the next six seasons the music budget increased, allowing Djawadi to create ever more emphatic pieces for large orchestras. So with some extra cymbals the

small screen adaptation of George R.R Martin’s series of fantasy novels can be heard in all its glory. There will also be music from The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. o

USHER Hall, June 11.



No sex please, I’m a comedian KELSEY DE Almeida played the Free Fringe last year in an Edinburgh basement bar to 25 very tightly-packed Fringe-goers. He’s now ready to take fee-paying comedy lovers by storm discussing what he loves not to do best – sex. Kelsey explains to Susie Daniels why you’ll never find him swimming in a Glasgow street puddle at 3am…

Your Fringe show last year was entitled ‘I’m Very Different People’. What was it about? Essentially it’s about someone that doesn’t fit in. A lot of people identify with that. Talking about that taboo of not having sex before marriage. I had a 16-year-old boy watch my preview. He said, ‘the show was brilliant, so cool. I get badly bullied at school about that fact I’ve not had sex.’ No one’s ever called me cool. I told him to follow me on Instagram. He did. His name was Drongfighter94. I thought, C’mon mate, you’re not helping yourself.’ You’re a practising Christian and as mentioned, part of your stand-up talks about abstaining from sex before marriage. How does that go down with the rest of the audience? People are always a bit shocked that I’m a Christian. I swear for a start. I see if I can play with that. It’s so abnormal to have this lifestyle. It is a strange job. You have a microphone and you’re telling people, strangers, you don’t have sex. If I was an accountant in an office making these comments, making people uncomfortable telling people I’m celibate, I’d be arrested. ANY other things you abstain from? I don’t drink alcohol. That’s a personal choice. At the church I go to some people drink. Why don’t I drink? Alcohol could lead to sinful behaviour. It’s just personal preference. I’m a control freak. If I go out and get drunk I’d become vulnerable or my drink could get spiked. I don’t miss it because I’ve never done it. People argue when they’re eight

drunk. Maybe it just stems from my mum having house parties in the Nineties and my parents would get embarrassingly drunk. It’s me thinking, ‘that’s not how I want to look’. The whole, ‘let’s go clubbing and meet a partner’ or you see the state of drooling idiots trying to do a front crawl in a puddle at 3am. I don’t want to be that guy on the bus with his head asleep in a kebab.

were about 60 people who turned up. (laughs) Pretty decent. It went downhill from there.

What will be your new material for this year’s Fringe? I want to talk about my parents being atheists. It’s a curveball. I grew up in a household with no religion. I was happy to go to a religious Church of England school. I took religion up as a subject and went to a lunchtime club. The main question I asked myself was, ‘where will the bullies not be at lunchtime?’ I was a quiet class clown whispering comebacks to my teacher.

AS a Christian, what are your views on homosexuality? I would always prefer to stand at the side of a gay atheist than a homophobic Christian. If we truly believe there’s a higher power that created everyone then how can we say that the people he created are wrong?

WHY did you get into comedy? I got a letter through the post for a local comedy competition which said, ‘Do you think you’re funny?’ and I emailed them. I was 19. I took it like a binding contract when they put my name down. It was in a studio of a theatre, around a 3,000-seater and there

What’s the worst heckle you’ve had? I get a lot of homophobic heckles because I come across as camp. One person once shouted out, ‘I’ve seen you on Grindr’. I shouted back, ‘Mate, if I saw you on Grindr I’d remember it.’

YOU are a winner of the Southend Comedy Festival. What’s the smallest venue you’ve ever played? The smallest place I played? I’ve done a gig in Edinburgh to three people. It was kind of awkward. You get to go to places you’d never venture to. I went to Topsham (Devon) in the middle of nowhere. I got there a bit late and the crowd were raucous. Someone head-butted someone and the crowd were arguing with each other. I got on stage and said to one of the guys that was arguing to another across the room, ‘do you know him?’ It turns out everyone in the audience knew each other. I’m London born and bred and it’s against the law for people to know other people! (laughs) Have you seen Netflix’s The Messiah? If you were the Messiah what’s the first thing you’d do? I would turn up at a church on Christmas Day, stroll in to the back and say, ‘told you I’d be back.’ I’d go to all the people who are strongly atheist and say, ‘what is it about me not being real…?’ I’d also pose in Madame Tussaud’s for a bit.


in Glas

All inclusive rent from £139pw

Fully secure with 24/7 on-site support

Free Wi-Fi in all rooms

All our rooms and studios are en suite

2 months ago

“Excellent location, really friendly staff and cozy rooms. Fantastic staff. If I lived again in Glasgow, I would opt back to these places without hesitation.”

derwentstudents.com/hyndland Derwent Facilities Management Ltd (trading as Derwent Students) is registered in the Scottish Letting Agent Register. Registration number: LARN1911002



1. DO take a decent amount of cash as Thailand, especially the islands, is a cash-based society. The local ATMs charge £5 for using their service. 2. Don’t be afraid to haggle prices down but do be considerate. Street market sellers enjoy some friendly negotiation but don’t push too hard. 3. do bring good insect repellent and garlic tablets. Those bugs rest for no one. 4. Don’t forget your sun cream even if the sun’s not out! Lindsay and I believed the myth that the UV rays couldn’t get us through the clouds and we paid the price. 5. GO for less than 30 days if you don’t want to get a visa. Visas aren’t required for trips under 30 days. 6. DO be wary when discussing the monarchy. Thailand has strict laws about this. 7. DO be careful of street food. Although it can be delicious and it is part of the experience, select your vendor wisely as both Lindsay and I developed the Thai Tummy on the first night. 8. DO dress appropriately. If you’re travelling during rainy season pack a light rain jacket and umbrella! If you plan on visiting temples, make sure you have a long skirt/trousers and a t-shirt that covers your shoulders. 9. DO take advice from other travellers you meet along the way. They might have just left the place you plan to go next, meaning they have the most up to date information about it.

10. DON’T be scared! I read lots of horror stories before I went and worried about it all for nothing. Thailand has some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, don’t waste your holiday holding yourself back. You’re only young once! ten

l Emerald Pool

THE old town of Krabi is beautiful and there’s an abundance of things to do but we spent most of our time in Ao Nang as it’s located near the beach and offers a better night life (lots of party hostels here). Ao Nang beach isn’t the most spectacular but, it gets the job done and there’s plenty of markets in the area, great for counterfeit shopping. There are plenty of island-hopping tours here too but due to limited time, we ended up taking a long boat to

r o F i a h T To WITH studying, working part-time, gaining experience related to my degree, doing extra-curriculars and seeing friends and family, getting away can be difficult. But we are rewarded with a 3/4-month summer break and I’ve used that time to travel. I’m ELLEIS PETERS and here’s my guide to Thailand...

Krabi Railay Beach. Railay beach is an incredible little slice of Krabi filled with themed caves (even one dedicated to Penis’, don’t ask me…), restaurants, a spa, rock climbing and more. You can stay on Railay beach but keep in mind you have to transport your cases/ bags via long boat and I won’t lie, it’s a bumpy ride. Railay offered the best scenery in Krabi. The surrounding beaches are gorgeous, there are so many themed hut bars and

we saw so much wildlife (lizards, monkeys and crabs carrying seashells), it really was like something straight out of a postcard! We went to the cheapest but still delicious breakfast place every day called Saad’s Kitchen, just across from Pop In Hostel. It’s run by the friendliest husband and wife so please go if you have the chance! Other things we wish we had time for were; climbing Tup Keak, Tonsai Beach and the Emerald Pool (as the name suggests, this pool is a gorgeous turquoise colour perfect for both swimming and getting amazing photos!)



ONE major benefit of travelling to Thailand is that it’s cheap – and it’s even cheaper during our summer because this is their ‘off-season’ or ‘rain-season’. This just means you’re sort-of guaranteed a little spot of rain each day but luckily, it won’t hurt you! I went with my flatmate Lindsay and our flights cost around £500 each Glasgow – Bangkok in August 2019, if you go at New Year, they cost more than double this. Hostels didn’t cost more than £11 a night and it’s best not to book in advance as you get much cheaper prices on the day and some deals aren’t advertised online. Going during off season means you’re guaranteed to find a hostel as the islands aren’t as busy, it also reduces the prices of activities as vendors want your business. Our daily spending was between £20-£40, depending on activities. Do your research and make sure you have enough money to last you. Domestic flights are also really cheap, around £20£40. Everything included, 3.5 weeks cost me around £1600 in total.

l Krabi



Koh Phi Phi

l Koh Phi Phi

l Elleis and Lindsay on Kho Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi was one of my favourite spots. It’s a small, intimate island almost completely pedestrianised with a yellow brick road… like something straight out a movie. The people here are lovely and the food is first class. Try some traditional Thai cuisine such as Pad Thai for main and Mango Sticky Rice for dessert. I highly recommend the boat tours here as Phi Phi is surrounded by micro islands. We took our tour via speedboat and booked our tour at an operator by the beach but the prices are the same at every stand around the island. Our tour went to Monkey Beach (yes real monkeys), the famous Maya Bay (as seen in ‘The Beach’), Pileh Lagoon and more. This half day tour cost about £35 and included snorkelling. The viewpoint on Koh Phi Phi is a must see, but please wear suitable shoes and take water…I learned the hard way. We somehow managed to take the back road up the hill, through the jungle but it was totally worth the near death experience. This is the spot where my 2014 tumblr dreams came to life and Lindsay and I got the perfect ‘BFFL’ picture.


l Grand Palace, Bangkok

After speaking with other travellers, it was apparent that people either love or hate Bangkok… and we loved it. The hustle and bustle of this concrete jungle was a nice reminder of home. Bangkok offers some amazing shopping experiences, shopping malls like MBK, street markets like Chatuchak Weekend Market and even floating markets like Taling Chan Market. Other things to tick off the list are twelve

the Grand Palace, the sky train, night boat tours along the river, lady boy shows and all the temples! The party scene is centred around Khoa San Road where you can dance, eat and shop all on the same street. Similar to the walking street in Patong, it can be quite intimidating as people do harass you and we found a lot touched us here (just on the shoulders, asking us to go to bars etc). As a treat, we stayed in the most gorgeous Airbnb for only £25 a night,

rooftop pool included! Bangkok has the second highest growth rate for Airbnb listings in the world, so make the most of it! There are tonnes of sky bars which will ensure you get the perfect skyline shots. Bangkok also has an Uber-like taxi service, an app called Grab. It’s a great way to get around the city, it’s safe and ensures you aren’t cheated out of money from scamming taxi drivers as the price is confirmed before you ride.

Have you got a problem with alcohol? “Only YOU can decide”

If drinking has cost you more than money and you believe you may have a problem?

We are here to help…

Alcoholics Anonymous National Helpline: 0800 917 7650 www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk

Alcoholics Anonymous has over 4,440 Groups throughout Great Britain, designed to help those with a drinking problem. Through mutual support, sufferers assist each other in coping with their problem. There are no fees for membership of Alcoholics Anonymous and anonymity is carefully preserved.

Calls will be kept strictly confidential For information: PO Box 1, 10 Toft Green, YORK YO1 7NJ Tel: 01904 644 026

travel l Patong Elephant Sanctuary

Patong was one of my favourite places but so many people we met hated it, it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. Bangla Road is one of the main attractions in Patong, it’s very much the party zone. This walking street comes alive when the sun sets; it’s rich with clubs,

Koh Phangan KOH Phangan is Thailand’s party island. Home to the original Full Moon Party, it’s a must if you’re looking to cut some shapes and get loose during your trip. We went to the Half Moon Festival which is pretty different from the Full Moon Party as instead of being one big party on the beach, it takes place in the jungle and has 3 stages. Each stage is dedicated to a different genre of music, one for trance, another for techno and lastly, R&B/Hip Hop. One stage is a graffitied cave, the others are all lit up, there’s tribal murals everywhere, fire dancers, huge plastic trees all lit up, UV paint spots and more. During the rainy season Koh Phangan can be pretty quiet except when the Full Moon/ Half Moon parties are on. Good Time Hostel is a great place to stay here, the reps are so friendly, they serve cheap food and they have so many facilities (pool, hammocks, a double swing for you and a friends insta pic on the beach). Koh Phangan also offers a Wipeout type assault course called The Challenge, waterfalls, scuba diving and so many beaches. fourteen

bars, restaurants, street performers, street food and more. Thailand is famous for its full moon parties and although Phuket isn’t the home of the full moon party, they do host one every Saturday. With your full moon party ticket, you get free entry to this private beach the next day which I highly recom-


mend. The beach is really well looked after, not as busy as Patong Beach and it has plenty of cute Instagram spots (rocks, swings & daybeds). We also visited an Elephant sanctuary here, this was a truly breathtaking experience and Phuket/ Patong have a handful of sanctuaries that you can visit.

Koh Tao

KOH Tao has an abundance of breathtaking beaches and tonnes of amazing restaurants situated right by them. The nightlife is also good, we attended the Koh Tao Pub Crawl and were pleasantly surprised by the turnout, especially as it was off-season. The crawl costs about £10 and you get a free bucket (a vodka drink in a sand castle bucket, the Thailand tourists’ favourite bar glass), a t-shirt, a pool party, a fire show and a lady boy show! It was well worth the money and

we met so many people, the crawl is always busy so it’s perfect for solo travellers too. Koh Tao also boasts amazing cooking classes, boat tours, viewpoints and every corner hosts another scuba diving school. The harbour area is where all the souvenir, clothing and trinket shops are. The trip from Koh Tao to Bangkok takes around 11hrs by boat and bus. We booked it on 12go.asia which I strongly recommend you use.

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FILMS WONDER WOMAN 1984 Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Robin Wright. Release Date: June 5. Wonder Woman is back on our screens this year for what is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Wonder Woman 1984 is the sequel to the 2017 box office success Wonder Woman and will continue the story of the Amazon warrior (played by Gal Gadot). This time around she will be confronting villainess Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) who possesses super-human strength and agility. Our heroine also reuinites with past love, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), despite his supposed death in the first instalment. So, if another superhero movie is just what you’re after, this is one to book.

SPRING/SUMMER can present a dilemma – not only is it the chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine but it’s also that time of the year that calls you to the cinema with many of the biggest and most anticipated movies being released around this time. So, for 2020, here are just a few of the films luring you into theatres this season. RACHEL SALVETA guides you through...


the woman in the window Starring: Amy Adams, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore, Anthony Mackie. Release Date: May 15. IF you’re looking for something a little darker and more edge of your seat vibes then this is the one for you. The Woman in the Window is a psychological thriller about an agoraphobic woman, Dr Anna Fox (Amy Adams) who witnesses the murder of her friend across the street. However all is not what it sixteen

seems and perhaps it is Anna’s medication playing tricks on her mind. Based on the 2017 bestselling novel of the same name by A.J Finn, this plot, reminiscent of Rear Window, looks set to take your mind on a wild ride and it’s definitely one to mark in the calendar for any thriller fans.

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Florence Pugh, O-T Fagbenie, Rachel Weisz. Release Date: May 1. 2020 will see Black Widow take the spotlight in the Marvel universe following on from the success of other character studies including Thor, Iron Man and Captain America. Scarlett Johansson will continue her run of playing highly trained former-KGB assassin and member of the Avengers, Natasha Romanoff. The movie will take place after the events of Captain America: Civil War and will see Romanoff on the run and forced to confront her past.


in the heights Starring: Anthony Ramos, Corey Hawkins, Leslie Grace, Melissa Barrera, Olga Merediz. Release Date: August 7. Based on the original Broadway musical from the mastermind behind Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, In the Heights follows the lives of several characters in a Latino neighbourhood of New York City over the course of three days. The musical, which won four Tony awards in 2008, is now being adapted by Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu, a seemingly perfect fit for another story about reclaiming your heritage. Get ready for an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza all the way from Broadway. A powerful and affecting plot to get excited about.



Starring: Paul Rudd, Finn Wolfhard, Dan Aykroyd. Release Date: July 10. It’s been 30 years since the original Ghostbusters graced our screens but they are back and this time they’ve added Paul Rudd to the mix. Ghostbusters: Afterlife is the sequel to the original franchise, unrelated to the all-female remake of 2016, and follows a single mother and her kids who discover a connection to the original Ghostbusters and their grandfather’s secret legacy. Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard plays one of the kids while the original cast reprise their roles.



Starring: Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Christoph Waltz, Rami Malek, Ana de Armas. RELEASE DATE: April 2. James Bond returns to our screens with another helping of 007 adventure. Daniel Craig will return for his fifth and final turn as the legendary secret agent. The 25th instalment, from True Detec-

tive director Cary Joji Fukunaga, sees Bond recruited to rescue a kidnapped scientist, leading to a hunt for a mysterious villain (played by Rami Malek) who is in possession of dangerous new


technology. Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge joins writing forces with Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and director Cary Joji Fukunaga, hopefully adding some more wit to the proceedings. Starring: Jamie Foxx, Daveed Diggs, Tina Fey, Questlove, Phylicia Rashad. Release Date: June 19. WHAT year would be complete without a helping from Pixar? This time it comes in the form of Soul, a story about a jazz-loving teacher whose soul is separated from his body during an accident. It is then transported to a training centre for newer souls that are about to enter the bodies of newborn babies. Jamie Foxx voices Joe Gardner and Tina Fey plays 22, a soul that has been trapped for three years in a seminar, and now has a dim view of life. Soul is the first Pixar movie to feature a black lead character.

Starring: Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Val Kilmer. IT could be said that 2020 is the year of the remake with yet another 80s movie making a comeback. When you think of Tom Cruise in his prime, Top Gun is usually what springs to mind, so it’ll certainly be interesting seeing him donning that navy uniform once again as the beloved character, Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell. We are now 30 years on in his career and while still going strong, we see him training new graduates – one of whom is the son of Maverick’s late friend and wing man Lt. Nick Bradshaw, aka “Goose” – for a specialised mission. As Maverick tries to dodge advancement in rank that would ground him, he faces an internal battle between past and present. eighteen


Release Date: July 17.

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I’m doing this the hard way Callum beattie’S no stranger to grafting. Even when he was playing Glastonbury he was still touting to fans to come and watch his gig. He may have supported some of the biggest names in music but you can still catch him busking in Edinburgh. Susie Daniels chats to Callum about why he won’t wait for recognition to come knocking on his door and how his recent music video had him in floods of tears...

Anything exciting happen when you were touring in the US recently? I was walking down the street in New Orleans with $40 in my pocket about to get a dollar burger from Macdonald’s when this guy in a BMX bike rides up with his hand in his pocket. I thought, ‘here we go’. He said, ‘I’ve just got out of prison here’ and showed me his prison tatts – I think that was to look tough – and said, ‘Give me your money’. I said, ‘listen mate, I’ve got $40, I’m about to buy a Maccy D, why don’t you let me buy you one, and he did! I wasn’t going to look tough with my tatts. I’ve got a few but they’re stars and sh*t though with my accent I think he sh*t himself because it sounds unpredictable. (laughs) I think it’s cause all Scots are painted out to be bad in soaps so they think we’re hard. WHILE you were in Memphis you stood in the same spot Elvis recorded his first song. How did that feel? At 8am I used to blast Elvis songs and my dad would take me to a pub on Sunday and at 10years-old I’d place an upturned ashtray on the floor for tips, shake my leg, have a wee lip tilt and sing, ‘All Shook Up’ and other Elvis songs. I remember my dad encouraging me. You just get addicted to it! IN the video for Some Heroes Don’t Wear Capes, released in December, you invited your dad to sit at a table with you and be filmed as he heard the song for

the first time about how inspirational he had been. Sounds poetic and yet brutal to be so exposed. Why did you do that? That song opened a can of worms for me. I thought, if I’m gonna be that open and write a song and let people know about my insecurities, I’ve come this far, I’m not gonna do a sh*t video with someone famous. I had the idea of letting my dad hear the song for the first time facing me. The first 45 seconds I sat down and it was a bit awkward. I felt grateful and didn’t have any bad thoughts of my childhood but out of nowhere it became this heavy mental breakdown and tears. We had to chop up the video as it was a bit heavy for the viewers. My dad’s a shy and quiet man. He said, ‘I didn’t realise you had all that hurt and anger’. I wanted him to have something special to remember.

random nice things like hand a bottle of water to a jogger but they looked at it as if to say, ‘is this spiked?’ I was giving homeless people socks. Once people get into it loads of people appreciated it and it made them smile. It made me feel great. People that give money to homeless people, they are doing it for them but also for themselves. It releases endorphins, makes them feel good and it’s good karma! I like being nice to people. Me and my dad went to Romania for the weekend a few weeks ago. There were so many poor people and lots of homelessness. My dad was leaving a couple of quid under people’s heads as they slept rough. There should be a national, ‘Nice Things Day’ that you have to do every year before you hit 20-years-old. Like conscription!

THE lyric lets listeners know you were from a single-parent background, brought up by your dad. How did that come about? My mum decided when I was younger she didn’t want to be around. She wasn’t happy. I was eight years old. For the first few years of her leaving I had abandonment issues and resentment. Seeing my dad upset, it always bothered me. I have a sister and brother but I was the youngest. I get on very well with my mum now.

How’s life going for you? Any collaborations and do you write your own music? I write most of my songs and I write for other artists. I’ve written for Sigma, High Contrast and a couple of German artists. (laughs) All the sh*t songs I give to everyone else and I keep the best for me.

IN the ‘Talk About Love’ music video, released last month and filmed in New York, you are giving away ‘Free Hugs’. How did that work out for you? Folk were looking at me like I was no right in the head. On the first day I did

YOUR debut album is out in May. You’ve been recording at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool. What was that like? It’s where The Smiths recorded and Stereophonics and Coldplay recorded their first and second album there. I recorded with the same producer as Coldplay for most of the tracks on my debut album! I asked him if I could send a couple of songs and he said twenty-one

he’d love me to. I also recorded in a studio in Leith owned by the guitarist from Idlewild. HOW long did it take to produce your album? It’s been 15 years in the making to the point where I wanted to record an album. In terms of recording it took two years. I’ve done a lot of touring. I can’t wait to let people hear it! YOU have a very calm and confident aura in all your music videos. Is that what you’re always like? I probably don’t look nervous but inside I’m sh***ing myself most of the time. You’re from East Lothian but grew up singing from a young age in Edinburgh. What was it like growing up playing music there? I used to play in pubs. In a Leith bar called the Lock Inn. I played every Friday night. There were the usual punters who had problems with drink and had to


drink through straws because their hands would shake if they picked up the glass. There was a local woman who came in, sat down and opened her legs. She wore no pants. She was the local prostitute. Next door there was a Chinese takeaway and one of the drivers got punched outside the pub and died. That was the sort of gig I grew up singing in. That was my apprenticeship. It was brutal. IS Easter Road a football song? No. It was all about playing in that bar and the people you’d meet. I didn’t write it to be a football song. I wrote about where I grew up. It wasn’t perfect. You’re back busking in Edinburgh. Why still busk? I’m not the type of person to sit and wait for a Graham Norton Show offer. (laughs) I’m not taking any chances. Jools Holland (show) would be unbelievable or the US James Corden show!

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87 Saltmarket

552 5599


You’ve played Glastonbury. What was that like? I was playing the acoustic stage. I was on tour and turned up on Friday night at 11.30pm in pitch dark. I thought artists had a camping area but the only place we could find to pitch our tent was next to the toilets. It was f***ing stinking. I was with my dad and I’m struggling to put the pole through shouting, ‘dad’ and he’s nowhere to be seen. He’s down the hill with his phone in the air watching Radiohead. I wasn’t playing til Sunday so it was a big build up. I started singing ‘Some Hero’s on stage and started greetin’. I saw Jimmy Carr at the front of the crowd as I was on some list as hot tip singers to watch out for. I was walking round the crowd beforehand saying, ‘I’m playing on the acoustic stage, come over and see me’ to everyone.


Callum Beattie plays Edinburgh The Caves on April 9 and Glasgow King Tut’s on April 10.



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A graduation meal + fizz for you and FIVE friends at Crowne Plaza Hotel Glasgow

Head to our Facebook page, LIKE Student Rag Magazine, SHARE our competition post and TAG a friend to be in with a chance of winning.

THE Crowne Plaza Hotel Glasgow has teamed up with Student Rag magazine to offer you the chance to win a graduation meal for you and FIVE friends! To help you celebrate in style, Crowne Plaza Glasgow will serve up their sensational graduation set menu package, which consists of a threecourse meal each PLUS TWO bottles of Prosecco for you to share. Closing date April 27



FreeSTYLE ARIELLE Free presents on BBC Radio One, on the Love Song TV dating programme and presented Love Island: The Morning After podcast. But there’s still something the Glasgow girl, who’s hosting BBC One’s Big Weekend in Dundee in May, desperately wants to do. Dundee expects to see cracking performances from Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Camilla Cabello and…Arielle Free as she storms the Calvin Harris stage. Susie Daniels finds out why...

WHO are you most looking forward to seeing on stage at BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend in Dundee? It’s a running joke in the radio station because I’m obsessed with Calvin Harris but haven’t seen him since T in the Park. I’m going to campaign to have an interview with him on stage. You know what Scotland’s like with homegrown talent so the crowd will go wild for him. HAVE you ever been to Dundee before? If so, what are your memories of the city? I went when I was 11 years old to see Craig David. That’s showing my age! I DJ’d at Fat Sam’s. I went for the Carnival 56 Festival when The Charlatans and Rudimental were playing. I hosted the stage. It was amazing. WHAT will you be doing at the Big Weekend? We haven’t been told what we’re doing yet. All the performances will be on BBC iPlayer. There are so many people on site and we have to get them out of their comfort zone. I’ll presumably be staying in a hotel and getting the train up with around 50 other people so that will be carnage. Friday I think I’m DJing on the dance stage. DID you get to go to the BBC Big Weekend in Glasgow Green six years ago? Funnily enough I entered the ballot but couldn’t get tickets then I got asked to DJ in the city centre for the Big Weekend unofficial party kick off. I knew a few people that were going to the twenty-four

Big Weekend and I was like (sad tone), ‘bye guys, have a nice weekend’. WHERE in Scotland are you from and where do you live now? I grew up in Glasgow and went to Knightswood Secondary and trained to dance at the Dance

School of Scotland in Knightswood. I live in London now and went to uni there. There wasn’t a whole bunch of work in Scotland in the media then. I’m now working back here thanks to the BBC Scotland channel and Love Song, the dating show I present. ARE you finding your 4-6am Friday and Saturday 5-7am radio slots difficult? I love it! I’m tired when I get up but I still get that pinching moment. I’ve filmed mid-week and been on set at 6am before doing anti-social hours so it’s not unusual for me. I’ve never struggled with it. I usually take myself to bed at 9pm. I’ll clear my diary on a Saturday if I’m tired. WHAT’S the oddest interview you’ve ever had? The weirdest one was when I was interviewing Lewis Capaldi in a virtual reality interview. We were meant to be talking about his music but ended up (laughs) speaking for 15 minutes about thunder jobbies! It was one of my favourite and funniest interviews. The best was when I recently got to interview Renee Zellweger. She’d just won a BAFTA and was as high as a kite. She was wonderful and animated and giggling. I fell in love with her. I always loved Bridget Jones but Renee is a bad ass. It was meant to be one question but she let it go on for five minutes.


Graduation Special Page 1


ple’s lives. So, milestone in most peo Graduating is a big what to get a friend or family member w kno celebrate the it can be hard to r wish list) as a gift to (or what to add to you the balance between sentimental and find to ing Try big day. not easy. original is definitely HANNAH AHMED has got you covered... Worry not, because

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G R A D U AT I O N BALLS The Glasgow Marriott Hotel is the perfect venue for your graduation celebration. With a range of function suites that can hold from 100 to 550 guests for a banquet, and a spacious private bar perfect for your arrival drinks, we guarantee to deliver the glam and glitzy evening that is a must for any graduation celebration. Our all-inclusive graduation packages have got it covered so you can rest assured that every detail is catered for. For a set price per person, you can offer guests a 3-course dinner, along with centrepieces and chair covers to help create an unforgettable night. Take the first step towards planning the perfect party. Contact our Events team on 0141 226 1514, or via email at glasgow.events@marriotthotels.co.uk, for more information or to check availability.

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GRADUATION SPECIAL Keep calm and graduate THE Graduation Ceremony is one of the last big events in student life, and is a huge, traditional celebration of your achievements as an academic. Some people don’t care much for it, but others see it as the terrifying last hurdle before the inevitable transition into adulthood. Really, there’s no need to panic. Graduation is exciting, but you may not be so excited about the prospect of leaving university.

What to Wear Your university or college will have a dress code for your graduation, which you’ll be able to find online. This usually comprises of a dark suit or tux for men and a blouse and dark skirt for women. If you are or were a member of the armed services, you also have the option to wear your military uniform under your gown. It’s a good idea if you’re wearing a blouse to make sure it has buttons on it, as this will give you something to attach your graduation hood to. It’s also wise to have some safety pins to hand, as you may need something to keep your hood or gown in place in case it slips off. Light make-up is advised in case your ceremony gets a bit warm – there’s noth-

ing worse than going on stage to receive your degree with your heavy eyeliner slowly making its way down your face towards your chin. Sensible footwear is an absolute must. If you elect to wear heels, make sure they’re heels you can walk in. You don’t want to trip in your heels going to accept your degree and end up taking a tumble in front of all your fellow students – very embarrassing! You don’t need to dress up for your graduation ceremony. Remember you’ll have your gown on, so dress smart but comfortable. Many universities will not allow you to go to your graduation ceremony wearing jeans or trainers, so avoid wearing those at all costs.

Graduation Special Page 8

It’s ok to be freaked out by the future; the future is scary. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by thoughts of what you’re going to do when you leave university, or any uncertainty that lies in your future. Your graduation is a celebration, and you should celebrate. You’ll have lots of time to worry later, but for now, take a day to enjoy yourself and revel in your achievements. KATIE CAMPBELL presents a guide that will help you keep your cool at your graduation.


Friends & Family Your graduation ceremony is likely to be the first time your parents will be with you at university for an extended period of time. Remember that you’ve been there for a few years and are likely all-too familiar with the university’s layout, but your family are not. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions and chaperone your parents around

for the day. They’ll want to see the place you’ve been spending so much time over the past few years, so indulge them for at least a little while. Be prepared also to pose for a lot of photos with your family and answer calls from far-flung relatives wanting to wish you well. Your family will likely be very excited all day, and want to get involved in

proceedings as much as possible by talking to the faculty and your university friends. That’s the lovely thing about your graduation – it’s the day when these three aspects of your life will come together and merge. On the other hand, this may well be the last time you are together at university with the friends you made there, so be sure

to spend as much time as you can allow soaking in the last of your time there together. After graduation, you’ll still see each other, but your lives may be moving in different directions away from university. Remember, however, that like you they will also need time with their family, so plan accordingly.

The Ceremony The ceremony is, of course, the most important part of your graduation. It’s where you receive a tangible copy of your degree in front of all your friends and family. It’s best to know beforehand where you and your family are sitting, and the times for both the guests to be seated and the ceremony starting. The ceremony takes quite a long time, so it’s a good idea to have a big lunch before you go in. There’s also a pretty good chance that you’ll be having some alcohol at your graduation ceremony, and it’s not wise to drink on an empty stomach. Above all else, remember that the ceremony is a celebration of your achievements at college or university. Everyone there – your parents,

the university’s faculty and your fellow students – are immensely proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself. So enjoy yourself. Accept your degree

with a smile, and think of all the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead of you, and of all the great times you’ve had at college or uni.

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BOOK YOUR NIGHT WITH US AND GO OUT IN STYLE. If you’re planning a graduation celebration, Crowne Plaza Glasgow is the perfect venue for you. We’ll do everything we can to ensure all of your guests have a night to remember!

OUR SPECIAL PACKAGE INCLUDES: - Event room hire with dancefloor - Red carpet arrival - Bubbly reception - Luxury three course dinner with tea/coffee & petit fours - Black table linen and chair covers - Candelabra centerpieces - Personalised menus and place cards

£33.50pp Minimum numbers - Castle suite 80 // Argyll suite 150 Why not add on: -

Canapés on arrival Wine with your meal Midnight munchies Photographer / Photobooth LED dancefloor / LED letters

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*Terms and conditions apply. For more details and to check availability, contact the Conference and Events Office.

GRADUATION SPECIAL When it’s Over When the ceremony’s finished, you will likely want to celebrate in style. You may not have eaten in a while, so a celebratory dinner with family or friends might seem like a great idea. There’s a possibility that you might even be invited to eat with your old faculty, which would be a lovely last-hurrah to your college or university career. Like the ceremony, this day is all about you. If you want to spend it eating in a fancy restaurant or going clubbing with friends, it’s completely up to you. Just remember that it’s a celebration for you, so you should celebrate however you see fit. Don’t worry about doing anything too fancy with your friends if you want – you have your graduate ball to look forward to, where you can dress up to the nines and have a great night with your college or uni pals.



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sunday times top 100 places to eat in the uk

“everything that arrives is just what you hope it’ll be” marina o’loughlin the sunday times


Duck Club open 7 days from 8am for early breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner as well as coffee, cakes, pastries, beer, wine and gin anytime. just 2 minutes’ walk from byres road and less than 5 minutes in a taxi to the hydro, duck club is right in the heart of partick, offering an alternative to finnieston in relaxed, informal environment open to all.

rated 9.5/10 (joanna blythman, the sunday herald) one of the top 100 places to eat in the uk (the sunday times) winner of best neighbourhood restaurant (the list)


0141 334 9909

27 hyndland street, mansfield park, partick g11 5qf

follow duck club on social media for more information


GRADUATION SPECIAL Get into position WE don’t want the money, money money...although it would be sweet to buy or rent a flat, buy a car, pay for transport and eat at some fancy restaurants from time to time. So though the focus should be


on a job we enjoy and that we can excel in, a decent wage wouldn’t go amiss. Don’t forget, there’s always that SAAS loan to pay off too! According to the latest data from CV-Library, certain indus-

tries offer far higher salaries for graduate roles than others including IT, engineering and property. SUSIE DANIELS has checked out some of the highest paying industries for graduate jobs on your behalf...


THE most obvious examples of IT jobs include developer, programmer, analyst, web designer and consultant. Jobs in IT aren’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s an ever-expanding industry. Every so often you’ll probably need a refresher course to keep up to date with what’s new in the world of technology. Good to know, for those of you looking for a more flexible lifestyle, that IT consultants with several years of experience may also do freelance work.

Property £24,382.35

Most of you are unconsciously clued up about the property industry from a young age thanks to that good old family board game Monopoly (other games are available but not as good). It’s all about making money from land and buildings whether it’s a block of flats, house or farmland. Opporutnities include surveyor, planner, architect and estate agent. Other organisations that deal with large amounts of real estate also hire property professionals. These include retail chains, as well as infrastructure companies such as Network Rail.

Engineering £24,785.71 Engineering really is such a wide-ranging industry and can allow you to travel anywhere in the world, even to Space! Jobs include aerospace engineer (see!), civil engineer, mechanical engineer and structural engineer.

The oil and gas industry may, in the near future, reach a finite amount of resources but the demand for renewables are rising exponentially and the need for housing, infrastructure, roads and modernised transport links will always be there.

Graduation Special Page 14

MARWA EBRAHIM Atypical Cosmetics University of Glasgow & The Glasgow School of Art

Get your business off to a flying start with Converge the leading entrepreneurship programme Company for staff, students Creators & W and recent graduates across Scotland’s universities. Lorna Paul Giraffe Health 2017 Social Enterprise Winner

Company Creators & World Changers - Monday 6 April (12 noon)

Deadline for entries



Find us on:

Find us on:

GRADUATION SPECIAL Consultancy £24,250.00 A consultant provides ideas, methodology, instructions, proposals or anything that they can offer to the client as solutions to problems or ideas for improvements. They might also simply offer information needed to help a client in decision-making or advancing the business. A placement consultancy or a recruitment firm acts as a link between the compa-

nies that offer jobs in various areas and the job-seekers. They act as a guide to the job-seeker to guide them with their career prospect. Nice to know you’d eventually be helping other graduates out who are in the same boat you are at the moment! There are also careers in strategy, operations, financial advisory, human resources and risk & compliance consulting.

Sales £23,117.19 THERE are routes into sales for university graduates with any degree subject, although relevant qualifications are preferred for some positions, particularly within medical or technical sales. Sales executives are the key point of contact between an organisation and its clients. Their job includes answering queries, offering advice and introducing new products or services. Typical employers of sales executives are manufacturers, service industries, retailers, industrial organisations and charities.

Marketing £22,145.26 The Ceremony Ball 2020! Graduation

Plan the biggest party of the academic year at The National Piping Centre. Our events team will help you have the best Grad Ball ever, with all the touches you need for your special night. For more information go to: www.thepipingcentre.co.uk/hire or call: 0141 353 5551

Marketing executives work closely with their colleagues in advertising, market research, production, sales and distribution. Think of them as the essential cog in the company wheel. They are responsible for analysing and investigating price, demand and competition, devising and presenting ideas and strategies, promotional

activities, compiling and distributing financial and statistical information. They might also assist with organising events and product exhibitions, monitoring performance and managing campaigns on social media. Opportunities for promotion are excellent in this industry – normally into senior marketing roles or related employment areas.

Graduation Special Page 16



GRADUATION SET MENU PACKAGE 3 course meal + glass of Prosecco £30 per person Book now!

0141 353 8790 www.hardrockcafe.com/location/glasgow #HardRockCafe | hardrockcafe.com Glasgow | 179 Buchanan Street | +44 141 353 8790 ©2020 Hard Rock International (USA), Inc. All rights reserved.


Her answer has been to develop algorithms and devices to help automate production. Every bottle is made specifically for every person that orders it. This is done using a customisation platform that records customer factors and then uses an algorithm to identify the best ingredients for that customer before making their bespoke product. Her biggest motivation is being able to create positive change among those suffering from skin allergies. The US, UK and Europe, are Marwa’s main target markets for further growth, while the company will also explore IP licensing to other firms.


aving a skin allergy might not sound like the worst affliction you can suffer – until you are introduced to the traditional and inconvenient world of cosmetics. Founder of Atypical Cosmetics, Marwa Ebrahim, struggled for many years to find products that would work for her. Eventually that frustration led to a decision: to make these products for herself. Since January 2018, Marwa has been developing an online customer skincare customisation service that allows customers to customise their skincare based on factors such as lifestyle, skin goals, skin type, pollution levels where they live, climate and allergies, if they have them. But creating bespoke skincare products made for every individual is a tall order.

The people who cared about me kept asking if going to business was the right thing. Stay persistent. People will tell you to go get a real job!

l Marwa Ebrahim

Converge is Scotland’s leading entrepreneurial programme for the Higher Education sector. Converge helps academic entrepreneurs like Marwa Ebrahim and Vicky Hamilton to turn their business ideas into business reality by providing bespoke business training, tailored support and game-changing cash prizes to springboard their ventures. Here, they share their stories with SUSIE DANIELS...

Success on Bended Knee

l Vicky Hamilton

has spent the last six years building a team of three, embracing the challenges of running a business and securing sufficient private investor backing to expand. It’s been hard, says Vicky, to sell into the retail market and negotiate with big players on contracts or logistics. But that learning curve has paid off with Recoil moving into the US market, and plans are also afoot for the introduction of three new products. The biggest source of pride, however, has been the knowledge that customers have been able to continue making a living in the trades they love, thanks to Vicky’s product.

I’ve created something that genuinely helps somebody else. It really gives you the validation and belief that you have something you can really take forward Graduation Special Page 18


icky Hamilton’s joiner father challenged her to solve his arthritis problem at work – and she responded by forming an award-winning company specialising in impact absorbing kneepads that help tradespeople carry out their job in comfort. Recoil Kneepads began life in 2012 when Vicky was a product design student with a cardboard prototype and two business start-up competition victories under her belt. The sheer amount of positive feedback she received gave Vicky faith in the viability of her idea – so much so that she



Pet project is s t e e r t s e h t g n hitti THIS year Dundee’s streets will welcome their first StreetVet following on from Glasgow’s set up last year. StreetVet is a charity dedicated to offering free veterinary check-ups, help and advice to homeless pet owners. Glaswegian StreetVet Jade Statt, who co-founded the charity, shares some home truths with Susie Daniels about people and their pets who live rough on the streets... Why did you start StreetVet? I was born in Glasgow and studied at Glasgow’s School of Veterinary Medicine. I graduated in 2002. I always wanted to volunteer in this country but I found you could always volunteer abroad through the Worldwide Veterinary Service so you could sign up and go to somewhere like Fiji but there was nothing here. In 2016 I saw a guy with his dog in London. I was incredibly concerned as his dog had bad skin. My own dog had been very ill during that time. He’d had malignant cancer and later passed away. Being a vet, with all my knowledge and expertise,


I felt incredibly powerless. I thought, how would I feel if I was that homeless person not able to do anything to help their pet. I heard about Joshua Coombes, the person who travels round the world cutting homeless people’s hair for free. He has this movement, ‘Do Something For Nothing’. I met him in London and said, ‘I want to do what you do but as a vet’. Up until last year I was a vet and doing StreetVet in my spare time. WHY is StreetVet important to homeless people? It works the way it does because you have a relationship with people. You meet at the same place and the same time every week. The owners are usually going to somewhere like the soup kitchen. It ends up becoming quite social.

The dogs don’t need to be checked every week so they actually become the best checked pets ever. WHY don’t homeless people take their pets to the vet? People who live rough can maybe feel intimidated, maybe they can’t afford to get there or they have mental health problems or being confined in smaller spaces isn’t possible for them. Maybe they think they’ll be judged. Also, you have to prove your homeless as anyone could walk into a vet’s and say that. They won’t have proof or benefits or anything like that. IN the UK, how many pets are there sleeping rough with owners? It’s difficult to quantify. There’s been figures published saying that 25% of people who are homeless


l StreetVet co-founder Jade Statt


have dogs. That’s an American-based study. I’ve checked over 3,500 dogs since we started. DO you still work full-time as a vet? We won £100,000 through a competition, voted by the public, run by the Animal Friends Insurance for pets. It’s not until you work in a charity that you realise it’s an unrestricted funding. I quit my vet job and am now paid by StreetVet as a charity. In April last year Glasgow opened its first StreetVet. We put an Amazon wish list up for every city and people have donated toys, collars and things like a buggy so an elderly homeless person can push her dog around. DO you need volunteers? Yes. Everybody that volunteers for StreetVet is qualified. They need to offer a minimum two hours of their time per month. In terms of non-veterinary volunteers, for insurance purposes we can’t offer actual vet work but the biggest thing volunteers can help with is funding. We have fundraising kits, posters, collections boxes for vet practices. There is a Golden Giving on our web page and a Climb A Mountain for StreetVet. The power of people has kept us where we are. It’s the small things that make the biggest difference.

What’s the saddest thing you’ve seen? It can take a few weeks for owners to trust you. I’ve taken blood from a dog before in Oxford Street and helped an owner get into hospital. These things are life-saving. We had an owner whose dog, a Staffy named Stella, was hit by a train. Stella was in a tent with the owner and ran out. She had to have her eye removed and leg amputated. The owner was beside himself upset because he had never been without her. I’m pleased to say they’re now back to together and Stella’s okay. IS there anything similar to StreetVet? Trusty Paws in Glasgow is a student-led clinic run through Glasgow Vet School. They offer indoors clinics one a month. The beauty of doing something weekly is we can follow-up. We collaborate with Trusty Paws. ANY other pets homeless people have? A lot of cats, a rabbit and in Norwich a ferret! SHOULD you give a homeless person money? It’s really a personal thing. We say to our volunteers that’s not what they’re there to do. People get really hung up about how they should approach

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someone on the street, what should they say? A lot of people who sleep rough haven’t spoken to someone for a day or two. We have an owner who’s lactose intolerant and people stop to give him a coffee. He’s not ungrateful, he just can’t drink it. We ask members of the public to do Xmas cards for people, to give a Greggs or Costa Coffee voucher. It empowers them because they can purchase drink and food for themselves. ARE dogs allowed in homeless shelters and what other problems do homeless people face in order to keep their pets? Having a dog on the street cost you because you can’t get into a hostel. Some people don’t want to leave their pet to go to the toilet, a store, hospital or rehab. What assumptions do people make about homeless people? The automatic assumption is they are on drugs or are alcoholics. Yes, a lot of people are. They are surrounded by that world and they can’t get out and can’t get the support. I don’t like to judge what people should or shouldn’t do. Who am I to judge?

Closing date April 30.


t s a l o t t l i Craig’s k its ARE there any off lim topics on stage? political y ver n I’ve never bee talk or personal. I wouldn’t I’ve nevabout my personal life. edian. er been that kind of com I know People always think if in the them I’ll pick on them that. audience but I don’t do when It’s so much more fun auI choose someone in the tion rma dience with limited info w kno and I’m just getting to them. I’m a Would you ever do Celebrity or Strictly? ebrity. I I wouldn’t do I’m A Cel mouth. wouldn’t put bugs in my I would be sick! the I would do Strictly for dancing and the joy. l. It’s It’s a really different skil just fun and glamorous. I’d of a bit be myself and have a laugh. ws Your first comedy shoe Floor were on the BBC’s ‘Liv le, Show’ with Frankie Boy ppenSte Reverend Obbediah and y wolfe III, Bob Doolall years Miles Jupp around 20 ? like t ago. What was tha TV so It’s very rare you’d do . You had early on in your career down to narrow your material k, to one subject each wee like for example, on a topic weddings. team, the for You had to write ry week. change and edit it eve so the I wanted it to be funny good. programme would be each We all knew and liked portive other and were very sup close of each other. It was as job. as I got to a nine to five spaI would be reading new sday I pers on Monday and Tue and ing would be in a room writ ing it. Thursday I was perform to It took me a long time years en improvise – around sev most and weirdly it’s what I’m known for.


AT THE tender age of 10 years old Scottish comedian Craig Hill displayed his winning talent, performing as a Seventies jazz singer in an East Kilbride talent contest. The Queen Margaret University drama graduate has been swinging his trademark kilts on stages throughout the world ever since though there’s still cabaret and panto on his bucket list to tick off. Craig tells Susie Daniels why he has a friend to thank for his enduring success… DID you start off ner vously shaking when you first stepped on stage? I was always more exc and buzzed up. I say to ited young comedians, ‘look forw ard still care a lot but I just to it’. I don’t get nervous. YOUR trademark out fit kilt. Is that your favour is a ite item of clothing? I don’t wear a kilt in ‘rea remember having a Xm l’ life! I as party and I thought, ‘I can’t wea kilt’. It’s an important par r a t of me getting into character. I’ve worn kilts on stage for 21 years. YOUR show always has an injection of camp – is that you or the character? My comedy is always Scottish first and camp second. You kind of become an exaggerated version of yourself. I come from East Kilb ride and I never really had any problems in schools. I moved to Edinburgh to study dra ma and didn’t come out until I was 19 years old. What better place to come out than there! Who’s young and fres the comedy circuit righh on t I’m touring and never now? in comedy clubs when I’m not performing, so I don’t ofte to see other comedians’ n get shows. Daniel Sloss and I hav e the

very dark same agent. He takes m funny. subjects and makes the en. driv He’s very talented and a real The comedy circuit has during lly sense of family especia rd wei the festivals. It’s really festival in when I do the comedy Australia. you You see all the people family a know over there. It’s like network. well Sasha Baron Cohen, tator Dic known for Borat, The ed in and Ali G, recently act on Netthe serious dram Spy flix. Is serious acting something you’ve considered given your drama training background? I would absolutely love to do something like that. I’ve played a Glasgow barman in a short film. I would really enjoy being an actor. Comedy took me back to literally theatre theatre going to all the that d venues. I never realise would happen. into What first lured you you e comedy and who wer influenced by? ting I had no intention of get e min into comedy. A friend of Gilded the at was a press officer a gig. Balloon. She booked meny and I said to her, ‘I’m not fun said, ‘I not a comedian’ but she think you are’.


ANY superstitions or req before going on stage? uests I do have a strict routine and warm-up. If I’m doing a show in a theatre at 8pm I arri ve at 4pm. I quite enjoy being in the space. You arrive in an unfam space doing a familiar iliar job to know everyone in the getting so the audience are comtheatre ing into your space. I go through every line on stage before I do the sho think it’s because I trai w. I ned as an actor to always be pre par fastidious and religious ed. I’m about it. SO you’ve got a tigh t set? Yes, I’ve got a tight set. I think that should be the title of my new touring show. Starting out, what was the toughest thing to learn or overcome? It’s really important to gigs that are a little bit have sh* on. It’s really important t early to get back on the horse, as my agent would say, as quick as you can. What’s your advice to students planning to become comedians? Say yes to everything early on. I travelled for very fou hours to Manchester to r show for practically no do a money and sometimes losing mo I stayed overnight. I did ney if bars in Paisley early on rough career. I didn’t know the in my scary places when I saidy were yes. What’s been the ‘pin ch yourself’ moment of your car I never expected to per eer? the Sydney Opera Hou form at se. I was told I’d be doing it and thought, ‘it’s just 5 minutes’ but I thought I would do the never main stage. The acoustics were am azing because it’s really for ope Even though it was only ra. five minutes it’s a moment I’ll never forget.


Craig Hill performs at the Ayr Gaiety The Saturday 28th March atre on .



s o r e Z & Heroes THE artwork for Declan McKenna’s second album was taken at a fairground, catching captivating motion shots on the waltzer. His music videos and artwork are a fusion of great creative vision and the most exciting and individual music to surface for some time. So it’s with great anticipation that fans await his second album, Zeros. Susie Daniels talks to Declan about collaborations with music buddy Sam Fender and the fear that the end is nigh. Beautiful Faces has traces of Bowie, Jarvis Cocker and Blur. Is that flattering and whose music has influenced you? That’s fine. When I started out I would have had more of a problem with those comparisons. There’s no such thing as an original piece of art, we’re all influenced by something. One of the biggest influences is Bob Dylan in the sense of narrative in my songs. YOU like a bit of glitter on your face and have the glam rock look in Beautiful Faces. Do you wish you’d been around during that era? I don’t think there’s a set look I have. As a performer I want to be as expressive as possible. I guess the look is quite Bowie, T Rex, St Vincent though sometimes I want to be quite casual. It’s important when you’re performing. When you’re making art you can’t reject emotions. I have a lot of influence and am helped stylistically. I’m into stage fashion. MOST of your music videos like Brazil, Brew and British Bombs are very arty. Brew was a Girls in Film production who work with those who identify as female or non-binary. What was the reasoning behind working with them? The opportunity came about, it sounded good and there was a budget for it. It was like an additional side project as Brew had already been released. I try and find cool people to work with. I’m not a film-maker so it’s important to collaborate with people whose work you like. With British Bombs I kind of left it to Ed Bulmer, an artist whose work I’m into. For Beautiful Faces I worked with fifty

artist Will Hooper. I’m working with him on my next music video. WHAT’S Rapture, a song from your latest album Zeros, about? There’s a lot of talk about the end of the world. The way it was predicted thousands of years ago – fire, floods. Those things are happening now. I like the idea of dogmatic belief that it’s coming to an end. There is a very present anxiety. With the age of social media there is constant fear. I do worry about how humanity can adapt to the future. The world is changing at a rate quicker than we are evolving. A lot of people my age worry about the state of everything. YOU have a lot of political opinions. Do you ever see yourself as the Greta Thunberg of the political world? I don’t see myself as the biggest talker. Something about her, she has a way with words. I have attitudes to certain things and a platform to talk about it. I can be more confident but it’s not always easy to be vulnerable with your opinions. WHAT’S on your mind that you’re going to transform into music? The next record

l Zeros album cover


in the


is going to get more and more personal writing about people. I like the idea of the concept record – a person in mind for three songs and tell a story. I’ve got a lot of songs written already. ANY collaborations in the pipeline? I collaborated with Soren Bryce (American electronic indie pop musician) in Nashville. She’s an old friend of mine from touring and she does vocals and strings in Zeros. I’ve talked briefly with Trevor Horn. That would be cool working with old fella legends. I’m keen to work with Sam Fender, he’s one of my mates. I’m also keen to work with [rapper, songwriter, producer] Osquello. A FEW years ago you were introduced to the music of a 13-year old artist who had written a song called Ocean Eyes. That singer was Billy Eilish. Does her meteoric rise open your mind to the possibilities in music? You just never know what’s going to happen. I’m happy where I am now. Just enjoy the moment and not pin my hopes on any pipe dream. So many people have connected with Billy Eilish that I don’t know anyone else who could have had that approach to a record. It’s such a fresh simple way and feels really of the time and timeless. WHAT song/s are you most excited about in Zero? I love Life on Earth. You take into account that people will sing along to your songs. I’ve been working on trying to mirror and reflect suburban world in the song. One that’s ever-changing.

3 course meal & glass of prosecco


Contact Sam/Fran for bookings on

0141 332 7013

www.culcuil.com Social - @CulCuil 84-86 West Nile Street, Glasgow



l All images courtesy of BBC.


Time to make our planet centre stage TV presenter and wild animal biologist Liz Bonnin brings her award-winning BBC show to life when Planet Earth II in Concert comes to Glasgow. Experience dramatic ultra-high definition footage from the programme on a gigantic LED screen accompanied by Interstellar and Dark Knight composer Hans Zimmer’s beautiful score, performed live by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Liz talks to SUSIE DANIELS...

WHEN we watch the animals’ lives played to music it becomes a narrative and a drama. Is that the best way for it to be engaging? It’s part of the experience. It’s a partnership made in heaven with Hans Zimmer. WILL there be a message on the environment at the Planet Earth talk? There will be a message on the environment. We must do more. We as a people do love this planet. This tour is playing an important role in celebrating the beauty of the planet. I absolutely will incorporate some gentle reminders to make sure it doesn’t disappear. This is paradise. We don’t need paradise in the afterlife. YOUR interests have involved the environment for years but the environment is a particular sexy topic right now. Why do you think that is? It’s a funny one to say the issues of the environment are popular now. This is about a certain time in our history to a point we can feel the

climate change. It’s kind of our Western way of living coming back to bite us in the proverbial. The kids are scared of our future. As an adult I’m embarrassed about it. On the plus side we’re all waking up to it, even economists and business traders. As much as human beings can be horrendous and focus on monetary gain we can also be outstanding. WHAT is the biggest thing that you, me and everyone can do individually to help? I’m like a dog with a bone with plastic pollution. It’s all the same issues stemming from big industries. They’re all connected. Change your toothbrush, your deodorant, we don’t need to buy it in plastic or in cardboard packaging. Bring a reusable coffee cup with you. Say to retailers, ‘we don’t want to buy your throw away culture’. Take anything you buy in packaging and return it to the store. These marches everyone is doing have been incredibly powerful. Extinction Rebellion looked at our history back

to the suffragette movement so they know it works. This along with writing letters to MPs to ban plastic and to do more on carbon emissions will make a difference. Write letters to your MP saying this and press send every week on your computer. As a student you can make a difference. WHAT do you think of zoos in today’s society – a place for children to learn or an unnecessary cage for animals? I studied a Masters at the Zoological Society in London. I made a programme for Horizon on the future of zoos. What does the science say about polar bears, big cats and other types of animals needing a large living space? We now have proved they don’t thrive in a captive population. White elephants don’t thrive. The opposite, they die out. Zoos can have a role in education where there are small enclosures for a few tiny fifty-three

mammals who do okay and interconnectivity works in a tiny ecosystem. The trade-off is how much an animal is suffering? It’s not enough to have zoos just so kids can say they have seen animals with their own eyes. YOUR background is as a biochemist and wild animal biologist. You studied biochemistry at Trinity College, Dublin. Do you remember why you followed on with your degree in wild animal biology and conservation? Totally! I grew up in the south of France on a hillside in Nice. We had two dogs and there was hedgehogs, snails and spiders. Nature was working its magic on me. I was impassioned and won over.


YOU hosted gadget shows, science shows and animal shows. Where do you feel most at home? In the company of nature. We were filming in Botswana on a story about zebras. We saw a herd of elephants at a watering hole and we turned off our jeep engine and spent two hours while the sun turned purple just watching these two baby elephants with tears in our eyes. Everything in my body and soul was being warmed. Noone spoke and we just started up the engine and drove off. I went to Detroit Zoo and during the making of a programme the director let his elephants go and decided to give them to a sanctuary. On another programme we were in the Galapagos in a research vessel

1,000 metres beneath the waves and it felt like I was an astronaut of earth’s innerspace. There are still some places to discover and understand. THE 70s and 80s were about rewarding Miss World types for looks and aesthetics. Do you think there should be award ceremonies highlighting science and technology? I will start one with you! We need a Telefon for the planet. We need to celebrate conservationists working day and night like superheroes to save our animals.


Planet Earth II Live in Concert is on Saturday 4th April Glasgow SSE Hydro Arena.

Quarriers are currently recruiting Support Workers in your area.

• £9.25 per hour (plus benefits) • No previous experience required • Full training provided • Offering flexibility around studies



VOLUNTEER AT AN EVENT Cancer Research UK participants raise £70 million at over 400 events each year including Race for Life, marathons and more.

this is for you if:

YOUR volunteering adventure starts here. Use your spare time to prep for the world of work whilst making a difference, enhancing your CV, skills and networks, and enjoying the ‘feel good factor’ of helping out.


You want to learn more about event management with frontline hands on experience You’d like to& intnetworks & interpersonal a Pyour Pienewdevelop lay,meet Pskills, people and volunteer with friends You’RE great at using your initiative to seize opportunities and overcome obstacles that can occur on event day

THINGS YOU MIGHT HELP WITH: General event day tasks such as setting up marquees, banners, registering participants and marshalling Ensuring events run smoothly and helping with key aspects of delivery e.g. health & safety, media etc Cheering, supporting and congratulating participants with medals, goody bags and photo opportunities


volunteerING IN OUR SHOPS this is for you if:

You see your future self in fashion, retail, sales or merchandising and would like frontline experience You want to gain transferrable skills like team work, commercial awareness and develop your interpersonal skills You’re an aspiring stylist/fashion student who loves to grab a bargain on a student budget!

VOLUNTEERING With fun and flexible opportunities to fit around your studies, find the perfect role to fill your free time. SUSIE DANIELS has a look at some of the opportunities on offer as a volunteer for Cancer Research UK...

starts here

JOIN YOUR LOCAL FUNDRAISING GROUP Volunteers from all walks of life form local fundraising groups – so join the fundraising force that

raises over £10 million every year – or start your own to support CRUK alongside your studies.

this is for you if: You’re interested in working in the charity sector and/ or events, project management, PR or hospitality You’re an organised and self-motivated team player with good comms skills who loves planning & socials You’d like to build or boost your employability portfolio with real examples of what you can achieve

CRUK high street and superstores generate almost £29m for life-saving cancer research… and now you can be part of it too.

THINGS YOU MIGHT HELP WITH: Serving customers, till work, customer service, sorting donated items, pricing and helping with our ebay Hub Working on eye-catching window and shop displays and helping to keep the store as attractive as possible Creative in-store fundraising activity and supporting with the shop’s social media account and regional PR

THINGS YOU MIGHT HELP WITH: Planning & coordinating fundraising activities plus thinking creatively to identify new ideas/opportunities Communicating and relationship building plus PR and marketing for fundraising events in your area Logistical arrangements for fundraising activity such as administration, budgeting/forecasting, health & safety



CAMPAIGN FOR US Cancer Research UK Campaigns Ambassadors save lives by persuading politicians to support better cancer policies on things like cancer prevention, early diagnosis, science research and access to treatments.

l Ryan Devlin

this is for you if: You’re interested in campaigning, lobbying or politics You’re a determined & resilient, organised self-starter You want to evoke change & learn how politics work

THINGS YOU MIGHT HELP WITH: Collecting petition signatures & sharing our messages Writing to and meeting with your local politicians Feeding back local government information to CRUK

“ My name’s Amy. I couldn’t stop” on my own. ” MY name is Amy and I’m an alcoholic. I don’t remember my first drink – sometime in my teens, just something sessions, clothes customisation everyone else was doing. of my mind. Gradually every– day became Like shopping? and much more including the For years I drank socially. That con- Like discounts? like the one before myself that The most anticipated Student chance–topromising win a car, and an after tinued into my marriage; when I was today would be the day I would change Night in Glasgow is back with a party at The Shimmy Club. pregnant, I gave up my job and retired to things. bang at Buchanan Galleries on It only happens once a year, be a mum. I knew I couldn’t stop my own. Friday 25 September, offering so don’t misson out! Suddenly my work life disappeared. I My husband arranged methe tonight? attend a excellent discounts of Can’t makefor it on was stuck in the suburbsstudents and feeling treatment centre. stayed for sevenGallerweeks up to 30% off brands including Don’t Iworry – Buchanan alone. andFred they taught me about theofillness of H&M,inadeRiver Island, Levi’s, ies offers a range excellent I began increasingly to feel alcoholism and that there was a way Perry, Oasis, Mandiscounts, just for students,out all quate, a failure, depressed and Warehouse, very, based on the twelve step programme of go and Boux Avenue. year round. From 15% off in very lonely. Alcoholics Anonymous. Doors open at 7.30pm and Quiz to 20% off in Levi’s, check It occurred to me one evening to have going to my local AA meeting. close at 10pm, giving youI started two out www.buchanangalleries. a glass of Sherry at 6pm while cooking I wanted the sober women in the and a half hours to shop your what co.uk/offers/student-discounts dinner. heart out and see whatmeeting else is had.to see them all and save some For the first time, it wasn’t a social They seemed content and happy to be going cash. drink but purely to change the on. way I felt. sober. AndIifhad you pre-register at www. With over 80 stores, BuA few weeks later, I realised I’ve made good and long-lasting friends, buchanangalleries.com/student, chanan Galleries offers the drunk half a bottle the night before. shared common bond, we can trustWith not slight only willshock you securea your best shopping in Glasgow. I remember to this day the each place, butand you’ll also get fast other. everything you need under one and thinking I should control this tracktoentry on the night and be roof, from fashion brands and tucked the thought carefully the back in with a chance to win a £500 makeup to technology and gifts Buchanan Galleries gift card to and gadgets, the centre is a To find out more about Alcoholics Anonymous and our services, please spend on the night. one stop shop - nocall matter what well ashelpline shopping, you’re looking for. ourAs national onthere 0800will 917 7650 be bars and DJs, freebies, comoffers the best shopping in or visit www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk petitions, complimentary styling Glasgow, with over 80 stores



Volunteering as a Campaigns Ambassador has given me a broader perspective on the world, healthcare, and the profession that I want to enter. The role is incredibly flexible and the best part is the wonderful community of dedicated, passionate people I get to meet. Volunteering is what you make of it – it can be an hour a day, a week, a month, and you would still be contributing to that ultimate goal of beating cancer. Ultimately, it is up to you to see what you can do, and what difference you can make with a single act.

– Ryan Devlin, Student at Edinburgh University Winner of the Cancer Research UK Flame of Hope award for ‘Young Volunteer of the Year’

Find further details of your nearest shops, fundraising groups, campaigns teams and events to volunteer with today at cruk.org/studentvolunteer

I AM wearing a suit, cuff-links and polished shoes. I look like someone preparing notes for a meeting – little does anyone know the clothes mask my truth. I am an alcoholic. Nobody forced a drink down my throat. I didn’t choose to be an alcoholic. The only reason I knew there was a problem was that I knew that I couldn’t stop drinking. I was irresponsible, paranoid, angry, fearful, bitter and dishonest. I would engineer rows with my wife to justify storming out and not coming back. My head would race, I could see only negatives. Drink was not my problem – living was. I treated my condition with alcohol. It worked through university and my burgeoning career. I had just been head hunted, but at all times I had to drink. Six months later I was sacked. I am a lawyer. I did a job for a man who was working with social services. He was sober through AA. He didn’t drink. He could cope. Like the swan on the surface, I looked ok. Inside where nobody

I’m Paul. I don’t need to drink.

sees, I felt dead. I did something I never thought I could do. I called him and asked for help. I went to my first AA meeting in 2000. Today I don’t want or need to drink; today, I am part of the world. The prison in which my soul was held has gone. I am free to enjoy and see the world. I try to live a good life today. If drink is causing you a problem, give AA a go. You have got nothing to lose.



What will happen when I meet with a mental health first aider? FIRST of all they will ask you how you are feeling and what it is that is troubling you and then they will listen to you. This is your opportunity to explain anything about your mental health that is worrying you. They will ask you some questions to find out whether your mental health is putting you at serious risk. Then, they

will help you to consider coping strategies and techniques that you think will help you in the short term until you find professional help, how to access that, if needed. They will also help you consider some self-help measures you also might find helpful in the long-term.

keep it in mind THE University of Glasgow, as part of its Mental Health Action Plan, undertook to develop a holistic, multistranded approach to employee and student mental health and wellbeing. One of the agreed strands was the introduction of Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid training for a core number of employees, to raise awareness of mental health issues and create a point of contact for initial assistance and guidance to professional help, for those staff and students seeking help for poor mental health.

How can i find my nearest mental health first aider? YOU may have a local dedicated mental health first aider, in which case your Institute or Service will have publicised this. Alternatively, you will find a list of all trained mental health first aiders who have volunteered to join the SMHFA Network at https:// www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/health/ You may contact any of the Mental Health First Aiders listed on the network, and are not restricted to those within your local area, but we recommend selecting one fairly close to your usual base at the University for ease of access. Please bear in mind that all the Mental Health First Aiders are volunteers, and have other roles, therefore your first choice may not always be available. In this case please do not give up, try other First Aiders on the list. They all want to help.



What is mental health first aid? NHS Scotland describes Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA) as being “like any other type of first aid, the help given to a person before appropriate professional help or treatment can be obtained. The main difference is that it is the initial support for someone who needs support for a mental health issue rather than a physical one” Like first aiders, mental health first aiders aim to: • Preserve life • Prevent deterioration of mental health – by providing help • Promote recovery – i.e. support the first steps to regaining good mental health • Provide comfort, to a person in distress

Is this a confidential service? YES . No personal details will be shared from your meeting with a Mental Health First Aider. They will note some details, such as the type of issue you are dealing with, and of any advice or guidance they have given you, so that the University can monitor any

emerging trends across the campus and where they need to focus their efforts to best respond to particular issues. Please note that a First Aider will not promise secrecy if it emerges during your conversation that there is risk to life, yours or others.

Do I have to tell my course supervisor I have spoken to a mental health first aider? NOT if you don’t want to, but we would recommend that if you do feel able to discuss your mental health with your course supervisor/adviser of studies, it may be helpful.

As well as: • Promoting understanding of mental health issues It is important to appreciate that mental health first aid is not designed to treat or offer long-term support for mental health issues, but to help an individual through the immediate distress and assist and guide them to appropriate professional help.

They are then better able to help you, maybe by adjusting your study patterns for a period of time while you are recovering from a period or episode of poor mental health.

CE Safety are a leading provider of health and safety training for mental health first aiders.




AVING TO hide your music award in case your mates lob it out of a window might be very rock and roll but Scottish singer Joesef says he’s more of a Motown fan at heart. The young, soulful artist from Glasgow’s East End has the voice of an angel reminiscent of Sam Smith and in his other songs of chillax soulstress Erykah Badu. He thanks his mum wholeheartedly for the influence...though he’d never say so at an awards ceremony! Joesef says: “My music influence is mostly thanks to my mum. You soak up what you listen to. She played Al Green, the Mamas and Papas, and Aretha Franklin in the house. Big harmonies and big soul sounds. “I was obsessed with playing music when I was growing up. I had an insatiable thirst for music. “I liked Britney Spears amazing pop songs and I listened to The Cure. I listened to jazz too. Musicians like Chet Baker. “I like very Motown sounds. Sad lyrics but an upbeat tempo.(laughs) If my mum had been into heavy metal I would have probably been into that instead!” Joesef showcased his songs on BBC introducing last year and by the end of the year he’d won Best Breakthrough Award at the Scottish Music Awards. He says: “I thanked my manager. If it’d never been for him it would never have happened. I wouldn’t thank my mum in front of everyone, that’s just too much. I wouldn’t want to be like, ‘thanks mum’.(laughs) “I keep my award hidden, not on a shelf in my house. I’m scared if I had a party my mates would throw it out of the window!” HE has the voice of an angel and the lifetsyle of a party aniJoesef acknowledges that most listeners mal but sensational singer Joesef’s beginning to realise that who turn up to hear him sing are surprised his most priceless asset is his voice . at first by the sound he produces in contrast So the self-confessed ‘party boy’ might be putting the skids to the way he looks or speaks. on all nighters and switching to some classical music and “People say I look working class,” he gym gear to tone down his party lifetsyle and tone his body smiles. “They accept me, though when they and mind instead. Susie Daniels finds out more... first hear me speak on stage before I sing they think, ‘who the f*ck is that c*nt?”’ he 25-year-old has been living by himself for a few years after his mum was ‘buggin me to get the f*ck out the door,’ he laughs. “I couldnae stay with my mum again. Her house is too clean. She was like, ‘you cannae get anything on the couch, no crumbs on the bed…’ “I’m enjoying my own space, having parties and boozing. I’m just a young guy. I don’t drink as much as some. It’s not as if scheme, does music. I sang in school Nothing mental, just very minimal.” The I’m doing it excessively. self-confessed uni drop-out says he “It’s part of our culture though this a wee bit but only ‘cos I didn’t play any wasn’t taking life too seriously up until year I’ve been more conscious of what instruments and I wanted to go on a last year. I’m doing. If you go out drinking it affects school trip. He say: “I was messing about working your voice. “The pupils studying music were doing in a bar. I was quite academic at school. “The anxiety that comes with a hangothat so I thought, ‘I’ll sing and get on I went to college to do Sound Engineerver is just too much. I don’t want to f*ck that trip’. They were all very encouring but dropped out after a couple of it up for myself. I’ve been going to the aging at school about my singing but I months. I did Marketing at university for gym lately to keep fit. didn’t bother.” six months but hated it and dropped out. “I like listening to classical music too. “The only thing I’ve ever loved is It’s very calming listening Joesef plays La Belle Angele, sixty-two to sleep ones like Debussy. music. Nobody where I live, in my Edinburgh on May 1.


Awards just go out the window o

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Student Rag Issue 36  

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Student Rag Issue 36  

Scotland's best student publication