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Steven Olschwanger Tips For Healthy Living Holiday PlanWith a few simple changes we can enjoy our holidays without gaining the extra pounds.

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Don’t arrive starving. Start a new tradition of family out that involves activity. Establish ground rules with yourself. Keep track everything you eat so, that you will less tempted to overeat. Eat smaller amounts of high calorie meal. Eat food whenever you feel hungry and save the calories for the food you love. 7. Talk more eat less.

Quit Smoking to lose weightIf you have finally decided to quit smoking then you won’t gain weight over the long time. You can get help and co-operation from your family, friends and doctor. Mental health professional or many FDA-approved medications can help you tailor an approach for quit smoking. Eat more vegetables and swap that alcohol or coffee for a glass of milk to avoiding your smoking triggers. Eat winter superfood sweet potatoesThese luscious orange tubers play a role in preventing cancer and heart disease and boast a wealth of phytochemicals including vitamins C and E, copper, iron , beta-carotene, foliate. Without any additional flavor enhancers and fats , roasted sweet potato is delicious. Exercise your brainAll types of exercise including weight training, ballroom dancing, swimming, walking, aerobics helps to reduce the bad effect of aging on the brain. Exercise may stimulate the body to fight against stress which is commonly occurring in the brain. Drink morning hot coffeeThe caffeine in the warming cup of morning coffee may lower the risk of mood problem, cavities, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and stimulates your nervous system and brain. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid which may improve glucose metabolism and magnesium which can enhance glucose tolerance and improve the sensitivity of insulin for preventing diabetes. Use friendly fungiThe medicinal mushroom Cordyceps may improve symptoms of bronchitis and asthma. It has been also used to enhance lung strength.

Best Wishes For Your Weight Loss Plan By Steven Olschwanger

Steven olschwanger tips for healthy living  

With a few simple changes we can enjoy our holidays without gaining the extra pounds.

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