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Steven Olschwanger Healthy Low Calorie Foods Calorie is the unit of measurement of Energy. If the food we intake contains more calories, then it will release a large amount of energy when burnt. The main key to reduce the body weight is intake of lower calories foods. Steven Olschwanger has listed some of the lower calories foods for those people who want to reduce weight safely.

Food #1: Nuts and seeds In order to boost the protein level in the body, eat small unsalted serving. This food however is rich in nutrients. Food #2: Dairy Product Cheese, Low fat milk are some of the good examples for dairy products rich in protein. However, it is high in fat so it should be consumed moderately.

Food #3: Vegetables Vegetables contain high protein and low fat. They are right choice for low calorie diets. Do check whether your diet is rich in vegetables before eating. You can also add spinach which is also rich in protein. Food #4: Oatmeal for breakfast By having oatmeal for breakfast, you can easily save 200 – 300 calories in the process. It is also one of the lower calorie foods. Prefer home cooked meals as they are healthier. Food #5: Food swap Forget juice and go for real fruit as juice contain some additives, preservatives which are not good for health. Juice produces rapid spikes in blood glucose because of the lack of fiber it contains. Real fruit contains all the merits of juice and it is rich in fiber which helps to digest the food easily and slowly. Food #6: Swap beef for fish Another quick swap is having fish in the place of beef. Fish is the best option for higher protein intake. Fish has the option of lowering the calories and also it is fat free so it is the best for the people who want to lose weight quickly and safely. These few tips can make losing weight a bit easier. There is no need to change the food for weight loss just change the calorie content by substituting lower calorie foods for higher calorie foods. Best wishes from Steven Olschwanger for healthy weight loss using low calorie foods!!!

Steven olschwanger healthy low calorie foods Vegetables contain high protein and low fat. They are right choice for low...

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