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Steven Olschwanger Consequences of Excess Body Fat Are you overweight? Then you want to probably lose some weight says

Steven Olschwanger.

But you have to burn fat for that and not

muscles. Reduction of excess body fats results in maintaining good health. It helps in avoiding diseases like

 Heart disease Body fat is closely related to many heart diseases. Excess weight puts too much pressure on your heart. So the heart has to work twice more than the normal to pump blood to lungs and other parts of the body. This in turn reduces your breathing rate. And as a result, the heart gets enlarged. This causes high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. Sometimes, it can cause life threatening problems like death.

 Diabetes There is a complete balance between body fat, blood sugar level and the hormone called insulin. The blood sugar when it reaches the excess level, it gets stored in the vital organs like liver and they convert it into fat as soon as possible. Diabetes is considered as the most dreadful disease since it can cause kidney failure, blindness, amputation and even death.  Cancer Steven has researched a link between excess body fat and chemicals causing cancer. He says that overweight women can get affected easily from breast cancer and uterine cancer. Similarly, overweight men can get colon and prostate cancer.  Gull bladder disease  Osteoarthritis This disease is common among obese people since they are overweight. And they bear a strain in their joints which leads to this disease.  Stroke  Gastro-intestinal disease

Steven Olschwanger is a writer and internet marketer. He enjoys giving advice and helping people with rapid weight loss and high calorie foods etc. Be aware of the risks of fats getting collected in your body. If you do this, then a healthy lifestyle is waiting for you!!

Steven olschwanger consequences of excess body fat  

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