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Steven Olschwanger Best Ways to Measure your Health and Fitness How does one measure health? A physician may measure health in terms of cholesterol, blood sugar, pressure and so on. You may also need to check the body fat percentage. It is the best indicator of health says



According to him, the best ways to measure health and fitness are Every Evening think PERF There are four things that need to be monitored every day for healthy living. They are  The amount of fruits and vegetables you included in your meal that day (Produce)

 Whether you walked or did some exercise ( Exercise)  Whether you have relaxed yourself (Relaxation)  Whether you have included fiber foods in your diet ( Fiber) If your answers are positive for all the four questions, then you are very healthy. Follow these on almost all the days and you will stay healthy throughout. Monitor your sleep You can monitor your sleep in three ways.  Do you require an alarm clock to wake up during mornings?  Do you feel drowsy in the office after lunch time?  Do you doze off shortly after eating dinner? If your answers are yes for these questions, then you need more sleep for good health. Check with your doctor about your low energy level. Calories Intake Monitor the number of calories you take in a day. When calories out exceeds calories in, weight loss occurs. If you want to lose weight, then calorie counting is the best method to measure your dietary performance. Blood pressure You can easily check the pressure of your body but it is advisable to take the help of doctors or nurses. There are electrical systems available but be sure that it is accurate before depending on them. After exercise check your heartbeat It is must to check your heart beat rate after you exercise. You can easily check by yourself, count your heartbeats for 15 seconds, then multiply that count by 4 so you will get your heart beat rate. Then take a rest for two minutes and check

again. Subtract the second number from the first. If the difference is under 55, then your heart beat rate is high and you need to consult a doctor immediately. Once you have worked out these tests, analyze each area and target on those in which you are weak. Enjoy the tests and lead a happy and healthy life! Best Wishes from



Steven olschwanger best ways to measure your health and fitness