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Steven Mark Olschwanger Weight Loss Tips 1) Healthy food: If you are trying to reduce weight eat health food. Don’t skip meals, if you do so your metabolism will be lowered and fat will start storing in your body. Skipping meals is a wrong and bad idea. The more you skip meals the more you will become fat. So eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits more and keep your metabolism static. Proper nutrition is more important for weight loss. 2) Drink more water: Water is a medicine for everything especially for those who try to reduce weight. Water protects from dehydration. Enough amount of water is needed for the fat burning process. If the body didn’t get enough amount of water then the process of fat burning slows down. So drink plenty of water. 3) Exercise Exercise is as important as following diet. When diet helps in maintaining the health exercise helps in reducing extra calories. Workout more than you eat so that fat will burn and weight will reduce. 4) Sleep Sleeping is more important for those who try to reduce weight. Sleep re-energizes the body. A study tells that who sleeps less weights more. Less sleep tempts to eat more and eat more unhealthy food. Those who sleeps less weighs more than who sleeps well. So sleep a lot so that the body will re-energize and your health will be stable. 5) Snacks Some may think that to lose weight snacks must not be eaten but that is not the truth. Eating healthy snacks is also good for dieters. But snacks with low fat must be eaten. This helps in preventing from low blood sugar, so that fat will not be stayed in the body. 6) Breakfast Breakfast is the most important for all and especially those who try to reduce weight. It must not be skipped. Breakfast energize the body the whole day. If you skip the breakfast then it’s hard to reduce the weight. Breakfast prevents from weight gain. It is more important in activating the metabolism than any other diet plan. Finally, be healthily live happily By

Steven Mark Olschwanger .

Steven mark olschwanger weight loss tips