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Property Management Unprecedented To The Smokies!

Awesome Smokies Getaways (866) 800-4595

FANATICAL SERVICE We'd like to introduce you to our unprecedented level of Smokies Area Property Management, where your overnight accommodation will be appreciated and overseen just as if it were our very own. Our property owners are considered part of our "Awesome Smokies Getaways Family", and we will leave 'no stone unturned' when it comes to overseeing

your lifelong investment. We strive to know that Every single property owner and Every single perspective vacationer is of utmost importance to us! Founder / Owner Bill Morgan personally oversees and establishes principles of a level of Guest and Property Owner SerPage 2

FANATICAL SERVICE vice that EXCEEDS expectations. Every day since the birth of Awesome Smokies Getaways has been used to perfect our business, fine-tune operations, all while developing a HUGE customer base of extremely loyal vacationing Guests AND Property Owners. Fanatical Guest / Owner Service is not our is our BUSINESS! Our extreme focus on Guest / Owner Service is complemented by our level of housekeeping services as well as maintenance and PREVENTATIVE maintenance services. There are other very fine accommodations providers in our Smokies Area, and we thrive on the competition, but there is one particular area that Awesome Smokies Getaways excels far and above any and all other accommodations providers in our Smokies Area, and that is in ADVERTISING AND MARKETING!

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ADVERTISING / MARKETING We have entered into an agreement with , the Smokies premier Internet information provider, offering more company owned Smokies Specific content than every Smokies Specific Chamber of Commerce, Department of Tourisms, Smokies Por-

tals Company Owned content -> PUT TOGETHER! You will find Awesome Smokies Getaways exposure on over 28,000 pages (which include 50,000+ photos) of Smokies exhaustive coverage that only provides. With a track record exceeding ONE

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ADVERTISING / MARKETING MILLION PAGEVIEWS PER MONTH provides YOU our property owners, unprecedented Smokies exposure, just one click away from any of the one million+ page views, and no other Smokies accommodation provider can claim this. Awesome Smokies Getaways branding is exhaustive, and YOUR overnight accommodator deserves nothing less than this exposure that ONLY Awesome Smokies Getaways can provide, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Seeing IS believing! Just go to ANY page within the THOUSANDS of pages at and see the exposure of Awesome Smokies Getaways, WEB-mercials, or, better yet, SEARCH at the top of any page for a popular keyword like PIGEON FORGE CABINS or SMOKIES CABIN, PIGEON FORGE, WEARS VALLEY or ____ and see the unprecedented exposure YOUR overnight rental could be receiving!!!

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STATE-OF-THE-ART WEBSITE Awesome Smokies Getaways does not stop there, we also provide a state-of-the-art internet experience unprecedented anywhere throughout the Smokies! Our new

(being implemented daily) web coverage provides the EASIEST online reservations available, but it does not stop there. We also provide UNPRECEDENTED INTERACTION for each Page 6

STATE-OF-THE-ART WEBSITE of our accommodations, offering MANY different areas of functionality, including DETAILED descriptions of every rental EMPHASIZING ALL the personal touches YOU have invested in for YOUR accommodation, showing EVERY room, amenity, and reason WHY each perspective vacationer should choose YOUR accommodation! We also provide a VIDEO of every rental, as well as functionality you will not find at ANY other accommodations provider, the ability to click on and look out windows and see ACTUAL VIEWS, click on doorways and go room-to-room, go out on a deck and look around, just as if we TRANSPORTED the perspective Vacationer...RIGHT INSIDE YOUR ACCOMMODATION!

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WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? FINALLY all the special touches, amenities, and unique reasons for someone to choose YOUR rental....WILL NOW BE OBVIOUS! Never again will you invest hard-earned dollars into your accommodation, while the perspective Vacationer has NO IDEA these special touches even exist!

Our web coverage also has technical support 'built-in' for our employees to offer 'hands-on expert support' for each aspect of your accommodation, with model numbers and manufactures manuals at their fingertips, to just being able to 'walk-through' a Guests experiencing difficulty being unfamiliar with a particular amenity or appliance, insuring that their stay is the UTMOST it can be, to provide every opportunity for Page 8

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? each Guest to FALL IN LOVE with YOUR accommodation, to return to it (and RECOMMEND it to OTHERS) time and time again! Check our website often as we reveal even MORE functionality we will provide, to you AND the perspective Guests, frequently, call us toll free today at (866) 800-4595, and get YOUR accommodation on-board as soon as possible, and become a FAMILY MEMBER at YOUR Awesome Smokies Getaways!!!

156 Pocahontas Trail Pontotoc, MS 38863-8004 (866) 850-4595

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Awesome Smokies Getaways Management  

Awesome Smokies Getaways Overnight Rental Program

Awesome Smokies Getaways Management  

Awesome Smokies Getaways Overnight Rental Program