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In the not so distant future a zombie outbreak has wiped out nearly half the population of the United States. A zombie, once known as JONATHAN who was a neural surgeon, gets shot in the head in just the right spot to make him regain partial control of his mind wakes up in an abandoned house when no memory of what has happened. Jonathan regains his composure and goes outside to see that the city is in ruin and there is no one in sight. Out of concern for his family and in hopes of finding answers Jonathan begins running down the street in the direction of his home. Once at his home Jonathan begins searching for signs of his family, only to stumble across a note describing the location of a nearby safe house. Jonathan begins getting ready to head out to join his family when he sees his reflection in the bathroom mirror and realizes what has happened to him. Out of anger and terror Jonathan tears apart the house. When his rage has finally subsided Jonathan decides to head to the safe house anyways to see if he can find his family. As Jonathan is following the instructions in the note to find the safe house he becomes overwhelmed with a desire to feed on human flesh but he is able to suppress the cannibalistic thoughts for now. Jonathan figures that he can suppress his hunger with regular food so he begins going house to house in search of something to sustain him. In one of the houses Jonathan finds a help. When the door is unlocked he is who screams at his face and slams the is able to convince Paul that he will

locked door and calls out for greeted by a young man, PAUL, door. After some time Jonathan not harm him and lets him in.

Once inside the house Jonathan explains his story to Paul who sits in amazement and listens, hardly able to believe what he is hearing. After hearing Jonathan’s story Paul makes him a small meal with what he has to spare. While Jonathan ravages the food the voice in his head crying for human flesh grows louder and louder. Try as he might, and fighting as hard as he can to stop himself, Jonathan cannot help but tackle Paul and feast upon him. A few hours later Jonathan is still in Paul’s house in disbelief over what he had just done. Looking at his bloodstained hands and Paul’s corpse slowly starting to come to life Jonathan begins to realize that no matter how much control he thinks he has over himself he is still a monster. After coming to the conclusion that there is no changing him Jonathan sets out again to find his family but this time instead of trying to reunite with them he just wants to make sure that they are still alive before he ends his horrible nightmare.

Once Jonathan sets out to find the safe house he makes a promise to himself that he will not attack one of his fellow humans ever again. As Jonathan is reassuring himself he begins to hear the voice in his head growing louder demanding food, but Jonathan decides to stay away from the houses until he finds the safe house. As the sun begins to rise on a new day Jonathan finally reaches the safe house and begins checking around to see if he can find his family, while remaining a safe distance for both his and the people in the safe house’s protection. After spending several minutes outside the safe house looking for solace Jonathan finally finds what he is looking for he can see his wife KAREN and his daughter LILY, along with several others, in the window of the house. Out of pure joy Jonathan stands up and begins yelling. Jonathan is overcome with happiness to find that his family has made it and is safe. In all of the commotion Jonathan fails to notice the glimmer of metal in the window and his body hits the ground hard. Karen succeed, where the first person that shot Jonathan failed, in killing the zombie that she will never know was her husband.


Once at his home Jonathan begins searching for signs of his family, only to stumble across a note describing the location of a nearby safe h...