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Girl one: How long are you supposed to wait? Girl 2: Well the rule is that it half of the time that you dated…depending on how the relationship ended Girl 1: But she says that it ended on a good note. (Incomprehensible mumbling) Girl 2: I’m kinda worried about her Girl 1: I know walked by her room and she was doing pushups… Girl 2: yeah she is acting weird… Girl 1: do you want to go to Taco Bell? Because we should get off here if that’s the case. Girl 2: Yeah ( Girl 1 pulls cord, bus driver stops at stop sign and opens door) Girl 1: Oh no umm can you let us off up there? (bus driver nods her head) Girl 2: so what are we going to do tonight? Girl 1: Oh I don’t know…. (walks off the bus and out of earshot)


T206 asssignment