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 8 years of average lifespan of metropolitan trees.  260 pounds oxygen generated by each tree annually.  People can save $2.1 billion behind heating and cooling  Trees can increase property value 5-20%.  Northern Red Oak can live to be 300-500 years old.

 Seedling – growing or developing trees  Sapling – young, speedy growing trees  Maturity – fully developed trees in mature stage  Old age – trees that stop growing and producing seeds and pollen





Monthly or as needed

Sapling Maturity Old Age

•Safety •Aesthetics •Increase sunlight and airflow


Annually or as needed

Seedling Sapling Maturity Old Age

•Weed control •Soil insulation and aeration •Better overall tree health

Every 2 years


•Healthy growth •Great nutrient absorption •Feeding of beneficial fungi & microorganisms

Cabling and fencing

As needed

Seedling Old age

•Directional growth •Safety •Support for unstable trunk or branches

Cabling and fencing

As needed

Old age

•Safety •Aesthetics

Deep-Root fertilization


To know some facts about trees  

This presentation will help you to know some facts about trees. It is really interesting while you have a garden in your backyard. Get some...