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This article discusses the role of an anchor and how he/she is a vital element of any successful event. It confers upon the prerequisites of a good anchor and how a good anchor can add glamour to a high profile event. It discusses event hosting in Singapore and what would make one a good event host in a city like Singapore which is frequented by people of other countries as not only tourists but also for business purposes.

The Anchor Connect When you have an audience to capture at any event it is very necessary to have a seamless connect with them throughout the show right from the start to the finish. You cannot have a curtain open and then let the audience staring into a stage with nothing actually happening! Role of the anchor: An anchor or Emcee or, more commonly known as the event host, is the connecting bridge between the audience and the main event. An event host introduces one to the purpose of the event and keeps you abreast of what you are about to experience as an audience. Event hosting in Singapore would be no different when compared to anywhere else in the world. Apart from the script that they might have handy with them for the formal announcements with respect to the show, there are so many impromptu requirements that the event host needs to fulfill. It is up to the anchor to ensure that the audience is kept entertained even between the actual acts. They need to act as fillers between two acts. Link one act to another

so that none of the acts looks out of place. An event host also needs to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Say a technical hitch prevents the act on the event flow to get delayed the anchor needs to be spontaneous and smart enough to keep the audience in good humour and not let them get restless or bored. It should be done so smoothly that the audience hardly even gets to know that there is something wrong. Adding glamour Especially in places like Singapore which is a city buzzing with tourists, varied events taking place is just natural. At such places the anchor also needs to know a lot about the city and its tourist attractions. Besides being a bank of information a female event host adds glamour to any high profile event. A Singapore Event Host has to be well groomed in English as it is a language universally accepted for communication because tourists from different countries could be attending the event and he/she would need to reach to all these people with ease. It is now almost a necessity to have a known face anchoring an event to add that touch of glamour to a good event. The sphere of hosting Event hosting is not limited to only a concert or a show on stage. With marketing becoming an unavoidable feature of any business today, there are several activations and promotions happening that require the services of an anchor. Event hosting in Singapore would include mall promotions, road shows, corporate events, flash mob, launch parties, fashion shows, state events, tourism fairs and so much more. In a city like Singapore, which is often chosen by other countries to host awards function or have MICE events, it becomes very necessary to have a good host that keeps the audience or members engaged and interested. A Singapore Event Host, like any other good anchor, needs to be quick witted, spontaneous, glamorously dressed and above all requires a very good command over language with impeccable diction.

Event hosting in singapore the vital role an emcee  
Event hosting in singapore the vital role an emcee  

In the below document, we have tried to show you a role of event host/anchor/emcee. Here you can get knowledge of how he/she handle and mana...